Derek deviates from the straight and narrow
Derek was a senior in high school and as popular as they come. He was 6' tall, slender, and muscular with short, dark brown hair and hazel eyes. He was handsome, but not rugged-looking. The girls swooned over him, and he had had plenty of girlfriends. The guys liked him because he was athletic, but not a jock, and his disposition was essentially gentle and kind, but he could also have fun with the best of them. The school year started as usual, but something began to change for Derek after about two months, and it involved Cooper.

Cooper was a junior and openly gay. At 5'3”, he was short for his age and skinny with dark hair that came to the bottom of his ears. He had piercing, cat-like green eyes with long, dark eyelashes and delicate features. Derek first noticed him when some other students were picking on him in the hall and stopped to tell them to knock it off. His eyes were strangely drawn to him, observing his feminine build, slender fingers, smooth complexion and full lips. Derek decided that he wasn't handsome or cute; he was pretty, very pretty.

“Thanks,” Cooper said, beaming a smile that showed perfect, snow-white teeth. “They're just a bunch of jerks,” Derek said. “Oh, it's all right. I'm used to it,” Cooper replied in his soft voice, absent the stereotypical lisp. As he turned and walked away, Derek couldn't help but see his firm, round bubble-butt. “What the fuck!” thought Derek. “Why are you looking at his ass?” He shook it off and went to class.

Since they were in different grades, they had no classes together, so Derek only saw Cooper in passing. When they did meet, however, he found himself staring at him. He eyed him from head to toe, but was always drawn to that pretty face and, when their eyes ever met, he quickly looked away.

As time went on, Derek's thoughts continued to drift to Cooper, but didn't know why, and it was beginning to disturb him. Cooper was on the swim team, and Derek found himself deliberately going to swim meets just to see him. He gazed at his slender body, smooth, hairless skin, and the small bulge and firm ass accentuated by his tight, red speedo.

It was starting to make him crazy, and he needed to figure it out. He certainly wasn't gay, or even bi for that matter, but he finally had to admit to himself that he wanted to fuck that pretty boy. Derek didn't know if Cooper had a lover or not, nor did he care. He didn't love him; he just wanted to fuck him. It was pure lust. Try as he might to put the thought out of his head, he couldn't do it. There was something magnetic about him that Derek had no explanation for.

Cooper was a math wizard, already taking senior-level courses. Derek was average in math, but approached Cooper one day as school let out. “Hey, Cooper!” he yelled. “What's up?” he asked. “Well, I hate to admit it, but I really suck at math. Any chance you could help me out? “ Derek lied. “Sure, I'd be glad to,” Cooper replied. “That would be great. Maybe you could come over to my house,” he said. They compared addresses and found that Cooper lived only about a mile from his house, an easy bicycle ride away.

Derek was waiting in the living room for Cooper's arrival, and his pulse quickened when he heard the doorbell ring. He went to the door and greeted him with a smile. “Take your shoes off and come on in,” he said. Derek led the way into the living room where he stopped, turned around, and looked directly into his bright, green eyes. “I have to tell you the truth. I don't need help with math,” he said. Looking confused, Cooper asked, “then why am I here?” Cutting right to the chase, Derek boldly said, “because I want to fuck you.” Cooper's heart nearly stopped. Here he was, standing in front of one of the most popular and sought-after guys in school who just told him that he wanted to fuck him. It was beyond his wildest dreams.

Derek didn't wait for any response, but lowered his zipper and pulled his already semi-stiff, circumcised cock through his fly. Cooper stared in amazement, still not believing this was really happening, but quickly dropped to his knees, taking his cock into his hand. Gently, slowly he stroked the shaft, watching it swell to its full 8”. He savored the hot cock, feeling the smooth skin move as he slid his hand up and down.

Seeing a large drop of pre-cum oozing from his slit, he lapped it up with his tongue, then continued to flick the tip of his tongue around the swollen cock head. Cooper slid just the head into his mouth and began to suck while still teasing it with his tongue. Derek groaned and put his hands on Cooper's shoulders. Derek had had plenty of blow jobs before, but knowing it was a guy's mouth on his cock made it even more erotic, every nerve in his body now on fire. Cooper took more of his dick into his mouth, slowly working his way down until he had the entire thing in his mouth and his nose was rubbing against his crotch.

This wasn't the first rodeo for Cooper, so deep-throating was no problem. He continued to move up and down the engorged rod, taking all of it until he backed off about halfway to increase his suction. He tightly held Derek's aching dick in his right hand and gently moved his left hand into his fly, carefully pulling out his balls. He sucked with a passion as he caressed the smooth bag and fondled his balls. “Oh, shit!” Derek moaned. “Suck me!”

Cooper slid his mouth off of his cock and began to slowly lick his way down the shaft. Once at the base, he ran his tongue over the silky bag and gently sucked on one of his balls while stroking his cock with increased speed. After sucking both of his balls, he kissed his way back up to the head, where he teased the underside with his tongue, licking off another huge drop of pre-cum.

Derek was going wild and moved his hands onto Cooper's head, pulling it down onto him. Sensing the cue, Cooper started to suck his cock with a vengeance, his saliva drooling out of his mouth and down the shaft onto his balls. Derek's breathing grew ragged. He held his head firmly in his hands and thrust in time with Cooper's up-and-down sucking until he couldn't stand it any longer.

“Ooooohhhhh! Take it all!” Derek gasped, bucking his hips and blasting seven shots of thick sperm into his pretty boy's mouth. Cooper didn't miss a beat, sucking and swallowing every drop, only letting his cock slip from his mouth after he was sure that Derek's balls were completely drained. Cooper stood up and Derek pulled him into his chest, using him for balance, afraid he might fall over because he had cum so hard. Panting, Derek held him closely, which Cooper loved. He desperately needed to kiss Derek, but knew that wasn't what he wanted.

Derek's cock rose quickly as he held Cooper tight against him, then separated and took his hand, leading him to his bedroom. There, Cooper stood motionless as Derek yanked off his shirt, then peeled off his jeans and boxers at the same time. Finally pulling off his socks and throwing them aside, he stood naked before him with his raging hard-on and balls in overdrive refilling his sac with cum. Cooper nearly fainted as his eyes slowly wandered over the gorgeous, muscular body that he hadn't dared to think for even one moment could be his.

Derek lowered himself to the bed, sliding up on his back and propping two pillows against the headboard. He put his left arm behind his head and smiled, running his right hand over his smooth chest. Cooper slowly began to open his shirt one button at a time, keeping his eyes locked onto Derek's. Methodically, he worked his way down until it was open, then pulled his arms out of it revealing his hairless chest. He dangled the shirt in his right hand for a few seconds, then let it drop to the floor. He opened the snap on his jeans and slowly lowered the zipper. Taking the top in his hands, he pushed his pants down to just below his white cotton briefs, still keeping his eyes locked on Derek's. Tilting his head slightly to one side, he smiled coyly and pulled them to his ankles, stepping out and kicking them aside. He then took each sock off, dropping them to the floor with exaggerated slowness.

“That little tease,” Derek thought as his right hand moved from rubbing his chest to his aching cock. Cooper turned his back to him, and pulled his briefs down below his firm buns, turning his head to regain eye contact. He finally pulled off his briefs and spread his cute, little cheeks to expose his tiny asshole. Cooper knew that he was driving Derek mad and enjoyed every second of it. Turning around to face him, Derek looked at his small, cut dick below a little bush of dark hair. He wasn't interested in his cock, but that smooth, young body, those beautiful eyes and wicked smile nearly made Derek blow his load right then.

Cooper approached the bed and ran his delicate hands from Derek's knees to his crotch, caressing his inner thighs. He climbed onto the bed and moved up to begin kissing his chest, flicking his tongue around his hard nipples. Derek had never had anyone touch his nipples before, and gasped as he gently sucked them. Cooper yearned to kiss his lips, but was afraid that would ruin everything, so he continued to kiss and lick his way over his chest and stomach, finally taking his stiff cock into his hand. Using the tip of his index finger, he rubbed the big glob of pre-cum drooling from the slit around the head and smeared the excess on his own asshole.

Cooper got to his knees, straddling him. Although he loved pussy, Derek had always wanted to fuck a tight ass, but none of his girlfriends had ever let him. Holding his cock in his right hand, Cooper slowly lowered himself down until the glistening head was rubbing against his hole. He teased him by rubbing the tip around his smooth, hairless crack, then sat back with one steady motion, taking Derek's entire cock into his ass.

“Mmmmmmm,” Derek groaned as he felt his bone surrounded by his hot body. He knew that Cooper wasn't a virgin, but couldn't believe how tight it was. Cooper slowly began to ride up and down the hard member, squeezing it with his muscles. As he picked up his pace, Derek grabbed his little hips. “Oh, fuck!” he moaned as he began to thrust into the tight chute, finally timing them with Cooper's lunges, who locked eyes with him.

“Oh yes, Derek, fuck me, fuck me!” Cooper panted as the speed and intensity increased. Derek was lost in passion. He wanted to talk dirty to Cooper, but couldn't form the words, his mind overcome with pleasure. He closed his eyes and continued to shove his ramrod faster and faster into the pretty boy butt, finally pulling him hard against his chest and holding him tightly. His body convulsed as he arched his back. “Oa, oa, oa!” he grunted with each volley of boiling cum that he shot into him. “Yes, yes, yes!” Cooper hissed between clenched teeth as his prostate was rammed and he felt the hot cream pour into him.

Totally spent, but with his cock still inside him, Derek continued to hold Cooper close to him as he slowly regained his mind. “Do you want me to be your bitch?” he cooed softly. “Oh yes, I want you to be my boy bitch, and mine alone,” said Derek lustfully. He leaned down and gave him a tiny kiss on the lips, sending Cooper into the clouds.

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