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14 year old Tamara's first sexual experience
Hi guys, this is my first story, its pure fantasy and includes a mix of
all things that i like. The first chapter is a little long and more of an
introduction but there is some sex too. I hope you enjoy and criticism
good or bad is welcome.

Tamara Beckworth was 14 years old, it was 2 months until her 15th
birthday. She was quite small at 5'4 and slim of figure, although her
boobs had just started to grow, and fast too. She was now already a
34C and seemed to be getting bigger by the day. She thought she
had average looks, round face, big brown eyes to go with her brown
hair and a fairly full mouth. She'd never recieved that much attention
from boys until only recently and as such had never had any sexual
experiences apart from a kiss with a boy in her class a few weeks
ago. All that was about to change after today.

Tamara woke up in the 4 bedroom house she lived in with her dad,
mum and younger brother at 9am on a Saturday. Her Grandad also
lived with them but in a sperate area with his own kitchen and
bathroom. He pretty much spent most his time there save when he
joined the whole family for Sunday lunch or one of them decided to
pay him a visit. They were generally a pretty respected family, both
kids doing well at school and both parents having full time jobs.

Tamara had no school that day and had decided to go shopping with
some of her friends in town. It was a bus ride away as she lived in a
small village but the nearest town was only a ten minute drive.
Stretching and yawning the young girl happily bound out of her bed
grabbed a towl from the back of her chair and headed towards the
bathroom. On the way she bumped into her brother who was just
leaving the bathroom.

"Morning shit face" she said with a big smile on her face.

"Morning cock breath" her brother John joked back "why you so
happy this morning?"

John was 13 and full of himself, but Tamara liked him a lot and they
got on very well. They had the same sense of humour and enjoyed
teasing each other. John was fairly tall for his age, already towering
over his older sister. He played sports so was growing strong quickly
and had caught the attention of several local girls.

"Heading into town in a bit with some friends to do some shopping, i
cant wait!" she responded.

"Ah right, well have fun and while your out you might want to buy
some new bras for those bad boys" he said pointing at her tits.

Tamara looks down and sees her pajama top open and her boobs
spilling out of her too small bra. "Shit John your such a pervert!" she
says seriously and starts to cover up.

"No im a boy and your huge tits were staring me in the face, what am
i s'pose to do?" he asks.

"hmm i guess, but they aren't that big.. are they?" she says now
holding her boobs in both hands, lifting them up and down slowly.
Tamara knows that this will probably turn her brother on a bit but
she's in a playful mood and doesnt see too much harm in it. She may
have never had sex before but she still knew what boys were like and
it was fun to tease her little brother.

"ah shit sis your killing me" John says. Watching his sister hold her
tits like that was really turning him on but he didnt want to let his
sister see him with a boner right there in the hall way. "im outta here,
seeya, and if you see your hot friend Katy tell her i say whatsssuuuup
ok haha"

"Yeah sure, like she'd ever go out with a runt like you, you must be
crazy" Tamara teases back before turning round and strolling to the

"well that's her loss, she dont know what she's missing!" John shouts
out after her with a rude smirk on his face. As John watches her go,
her pert ass wiggling like crazy, he thinks to himself "Damn that girl
is hot, if only she wasnt my sister".

Tamara showered and went back to her room to get dressed. Picking
out a knee length flowery dress and a cute pair of shoes she lays
them out on her bed. She likes to look good but doesnt generally
dress like a slut like some of her friends. Picking out a matching pair
of bra and panties she slips the panties up over her slim legs and
puts on the bra. Looking herself up and down in a full length mirror
she could see her brother was right, her boobs really were falling out
of her bra, "time to buy a bigger size obviously" she thinks. She puts
on her dress which is also starting to stretch around her bust and
slips on her shoes. Quickly brushing her hair and applying a small
amount of makeup she heads downstairs to the kitchen.

"Hi Daddy" Tamara says as she enters the kitchen.

Jeff looks up from reading his paper and looks at his daughter.
"Morning sweetie, how are you today?" Jeff is 40 years old, fit and
trim and down with the kids, or at least he likes to think he is.

"Im good Daddy, just off out, going shopping with the girls" Tamara
replies. She leans against the sink and chats to her dad for a few
minutes. She loves her dad and always has some spare time for him.

They chat about a few things until Tamara looks at her watch and
sees that she is running later than she thought "Ok well i better get
going Daddy, i dont want to be late"

"Ok honey, i hope you have a good time, and here, buy yourself
something nice" Jeff gets out his wallet, opens it up and hands her
some notes.

Tamara walks over and takes what he offers. "Fifty pounds? Oh Daddy
thank you!!" she squeels and jumps into Jeffs lap, kissing his face and
hugging him tight "Thank you so much Daddy, love you!" she hugs
him again, jumps off his lap and skips out the door " see you

Jeff watches her leave, her pert ass wiggling and the feeling of having
her pressed tightly up against him fresh in his mind "Damn that girls
getting hot, if only she..."

Tamara leaves her house and heads to the bus stop, she's due to
meet her friends in half an hour so she hopes a bus is along soon. As
she nears the bus stop her heart drops. She reads the sign -BUS
"Damn" she thinks, "Il have to walk, i can be there in half an hour if i
walk fast". Thinking quickly she sets off and heads towards a short
cut she knows through the surrounding woodland. Picking her way
through the trail she is soon deep in the undergrowth but walks fast,
confident of her way having walked this way many times. Suddenly
she hears voices up ahead, male voices. Going more slowly she
continues until the path opens up into a clearing and then splits into
several pathways. The foliage all around is full and lush it being

She can hear the voices quite clearly now, one in particular, getting
closer and closer, her heart beats a little faster, then suddenly a boy
crashes through the undergrowth right infront of her.

"Tammy!" he yells "what are you doing here!?"

Her heart relaxes, she knows this boy "Oh hey Dan, you scared the
shit out of me just then, what the hell are you doing?"

"Sorry Tammy, didnt mean to scare you" he smiles "me and some of
the lads are building a woodland house type thing just down there"
he points" until Andy started throwing moss and shit at me, i was
running to get away, hey do you wana come have a look, its pretty

Tamara looks at him and thinks, Dan is very cute, a few years older
than her he lives nearby and shes known him for years, and also had
a crush on him for the last two. Knowing she should really be
heading off to meet her friends she struggles with the choice. She'd
love to hang out with Dan for a while. "i know i'll text my friends, say
il be an hour late or so and go with Dan for a bit"

"I'd love to Dan, so what exactly are you making back there?" she

Dan high fives himself in his mind, since Tamara had gotten tits over
the last few months she'd suddenly become a lot more attractive to
him. He'd been waiting for an opportunity to get her alone and see
how far he could go with her for weeks. He knew she had a crush on
him so was confident he'd get at least a feel of her huge tits,
hopefully a lot more. He leads her into the undergrowth and they are
soon in another clearing. This one is a lot more secluded from the
main pathways and fairly overgrown. Tamara looks around. The boys
had managed to construct quite an impressive wooden hut inbetween
three trees, their trunks ideally placed to build the hut around, planks
and logs had been used to make walls and leafy tree branches the

Two other boys stood around the hut, she knew them both but not as
well as Dan. Andy was 17 and his brother Carl was 19.

"So here it is Tammy, what do you think?" Dan said to Tamara
beaming with pride "me, Andy and Carl have spent ages building it,
we even found an old sofa that we've put inside, go in and have a

Tamara thought the hut looked pretty cool and they really had spent
a long time on it. She walked towards the entrance and looked at the
brothers as she passed, they both looked her up and down with open
lust. She suddenly felt very self conscious and wrapped her arms
around herself. Entering the hut she looks around, it was a lot bigger
than it looked from the outside and there was indeed an old sofa to
one side with a clean sheet thrown over it, to make it look a bit more
presentable she guessed.

She suddenly felt someone come up behind her, then hands on her
shoulders and a voice in her ear "So? What do you think?"

"Its really cool, you've done it up really nice Dan" she says feeling his
hands slide down her arms and rest on her hips. This sends a shiver
down her spine. She really likes Dan and to have him so close made
her feel dizzy. His hands now went round to her stomach and came
to rest just below her boobs.

"Im glad you like it Tammy, dont tell the others but secretly i wanted
to make it just for you"

"Really?!" she says in disbelief and turned around quickly to look at
him. She did this so rapidly Dans hands stayed where they were but
ended up cupping her tits. They both looked at each other in
surprise, Tamara because this was the first time she'd had her boobs
held like this and she felt herself becoming aroused, and Dan
because he'd never expected to get this far so quick!

Dan instinctively began to grab Tamara's tits harder, feeling the
weight and roundness of them, he quickly realises these were the
nicest tits he'd ever seen, and he'd had some experience already at
17. Tamara moans softly as her boobs are groped harder and she
feels her nipples harden. His strong hands on her soft flesh and the
sensations it was causing her make her feel amazing and increasingly
horny. She cant believe her first sexual experience is with this really
cute guy, shes wanted this for so long. Then Dan leans down and
kisses her and it all reaches another level for her.

Dan kissed her hard, he was so horny his cock felt like it was bursting out of his jeans. Her tits were amazing, he grabbed them
roughly as he slid his tongue into her mouth, she moans into him
again and he kisses her long and hard. Biting her lower lip softly he
pulls her tight against him with her boobs and thrusts his hard cock
against her.

Tamara felt his huge bulge and realsed that his penis was hard and
what more rubbing against her. Her boobs were beginning to hurt a
little with Dans hard mauling and the thing pressing against her
scared her a little. Yet she was torn, these were new feelings for her
and she was excited, plus she was sopping wet between her legs and
felt a tingle down there like it needed to be scratched. But it all
seemed to be happening just a little too fast.

Dan breaks the kiss off and stands there looking at her, she was
obviously turned on and a little unsure at the same time. Her big tits
heaved in his hands, her lips were parted, eyes half closed yet her eye
brows drawn down in some confusion.

"i want to see your tits" Dan says.

Tamara hesitates, shes torn again between going and staying, yet the
exitement of it all wins her over, she says slowly "ok ...just for a bit
Dan, but firstly where are the other two? I dont want them to see"

"Dont worry i sent them away its cool, just me and you baby"

"Ok then, hold on" Tamara reaches behind her back and finds the
buttons to the back of her dress, she carefully undoes them, all the
while stretching her dress tightly across her boobs giving Dan a good
look at what he's about to see. Eventually she had them undone and
slides her dress down over her shoulders, her bra clad boobs pop
out. She lifts them up and down a little like she did for her brother
earlier in the day. Dan licks his lips, his cock growing even harder if
that was possible. Tamara's tits were very big for her age and very
firm and round, he could see her hard nipples poking through her

"Take your bra off too Tammy" Dan orders her.

She bites her lip unsure " Dan i dont really want to"

"Please Tammy, i really like you, dont you like me too?"

Tamara thought about it, she did really like him too and she did want
to make him happy, maybe he would want to be her boyfriend if she
gave him what he wanted, plus from what some of the girls at school
were saying she seemed to be missing out on a lot of stuff involving
boys, even if she was just 14. "Maybe just let him see my boobs then,
for a bit, then i'l go" she thought to herself.

She reaches behind her again and unclasps her bra, it was so tight on
her it nearly flew off it fell away so quickly. Dan looks at the most
amazing tits he has ever seen, full and frim, soft yet taught. He
watches as Tamara pushes them up and together in a very sexy way.
This was all too much for Dan, he lunges at her and grabs the flesh
of her tits, they feel amazing, so big and full. She gasps in suprise
but Dan kisses her again before she can protest. As they kiss
passionately Tamara losses herself in the moment, her nipples are
rock hard and Dans hands caressing the soft flesh of her tits are
making her moan in pleasure. With her eyes closed she does not see
Dan begin to undo his jeans until she hears them fall to the floor.
She feels Dan grab her hand and pull it towards him, then it hits
something hard and she knows it must be his cock. Its like a steel
rod underneath his boxer shorts. She cant believe how hard and hot
it is. He rubs her hand on it and she realises what he wants. As he
kisses and grabs her tits she begins to rub his cock. It feels really big
to her and even though this was a little further than she wanted she
could tell she was making him really happy and so she carried on.

Dan was breathing hard, her hand felt great touching his cock, so
good infact he had to make a conscious effort not to come.
Tamnara absently wonders if her brothers cock was like this one
"where the hell did that come from" she thought. Then suddenly she
was brought back to reality when she feels herself being pushed back
gently. She walks back as Dan directs and feels the back of her legs
hit the couch. Falling down she sits on the edge of it. Opening her
eyes finally she finds herself staring straight at Dans hard, pulsating
cock, bobbing inches from her face.

Dan decides he wants to see how far he can take this, he grabs her
head and rubs her surprised looking face all over his freshly released

"Dan stop, what are you doing?" she manages to yell.

"Tammy baby, you wana be with me right, well i really like you, so
just so long as you make me happy why not be with you right? So
come on, do as i say, im not going to fuck you honestly" Dan says to

Tamara looks up at him, he's got a lustful look in his eyes and she
realises he's not going to stop this anytime soon if she doesnt do
something for him, and he did say he wouldnt fuck her, she wasnt
even entirely sure what that involved although obviously had a fair

"If your not going to fuck me what do you want then?" she asks.

"Open your mouth" he demands.

Hesitating slightly Tamara slowly opens her mouth. Dan moves his
cock towards it.

"I want you to suck my cock ok, stick out your tongue"

Tamara does as he asks. Dan grabs his hard cock and rubs it along
her tongue, he cant believe his luck. He's managed to get this hot
little big titted 14 year old to suck him off, "wait till the boys hear
about this" he thinks to himself.
He slaps his cock on Tamara's mouth and face and watches the look
in her eyes, he can see she doesnt particularly like it but will do it
anyway to make him happy. He pushes his cock deeper into her
mouth now and starts to pump back and forth.

"suck it into your mouth when i push it in and push with your tongue
when i pull it out ok"

Tamara nods her head and does as he says. Feeling his hands
strongly gripping the sides of her head and his big hard cock fucking
her mouth like this makes her feel trapped and feeling controlled.
Dan loves the sight of his big cock sliding in and out of her sweet little
mouth, its the best blowjob he's ever had. Dan fucks her mouth
harder and Tamaras eyes start to tear up, he's hurting her now. Her
tits bounce up and down as Dan really goes for it, ramming his cock
in and out of her little mouth. He doesnt try and force it down her
throat, just putting as much cock in her mouth as he can, in and out,
fast and hard. The sight of her, eyes wide, fear on her face, big tits
hanging and swaying as he fucks her mouth fast bring Dan closer
and closer to cumming.

"Tammy im going to cum in your mouth soon, now be a good girl
and swallow everything i give you, dont spill one drop" Dan

Tamara isnt quite sure what is going to happen but she tries to nod
yes and grabs hold of Dans thighs. She tries to stop him fucking her
mouth quite so hard but he is relentless so she tries to bare up as
best she can. The cock fucking her mouth picks up speed, she moans
loudly trying to tell Dan to slow down but her mouth is full and his
hands are holding her head as tight as a vice.

"OOhhhh fuck yes take it you bitch take my load right in your mouth!"
Dan shouts at her.

He can feel his come ready to unleash into Tamaras mouth as he
fucks her face widly, he can feel her struggle but he doesnt care, all
he wants is to bust his nut right down her throat. And then it
happens, he lunges one last time and starts to unload in her mouth.
The first shot goes straight down her throat, Tamara coughs a little
then instinctively raises the back of her tongue. The next shot of the
hot, salty liquid hits her tongue and pools there, followed by another
torrent and another.. Dan pulls his cock from her mouth and shoots
another load on her tongue and finally two more smaller bursts over
her face.

"Fuck yeah that was good, dammmnnn!" he says. He'd never come so
hard or so much. Smiling at her he rubs his still hard cock over her
face smearing the cum over her cheeks and nose. Her mouth is still
open he sees and full of cum.

"Swallow whats in your mouth Tammy, theres a good girl"

Tamara slowly closes her mouth and swallows his cum. It feels thick
and tastes salty. Shes surprised that she doesnt actually mind the
taste too much and shes proud of herself for making Dan happy and
managing to swallow most of his cum, she can feel the rest of it on
her face. Imagining what she must look like, her 14 year old self,
sitting on the edge of the sofa, boobs out and face covered in cum,
turns her on "What a slut i must look like!" she thinks, she'd never
expected this to turn her on so much.

Looking up at Dan she wonders what will happen next, then she
notices something behind him, she screams.

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Can you please write a sequel to this I really want to read the rest 😗😙😫

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