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I hope you enjoy this....
He walks into the room wondering where she was. All of a sudden he is pushed from behind and lands face first on the bed. The attack was so sudden he couldn’t even put his hands out to break his fall. A weight lands on his back, as he starts to struggle then he feels warm breath on his ear
“Don’t move.” the voice whispers.
He freezes, not exactly sure who it was. Could it be her? He tries to turn his head to the side to see but the voice, so soft and unrecognizable is nothing but a warm moist breeze across his ear…
”Don’t move.” The voice issues the command again.
He stops. Two hands slide up each of his arms and slowly push them up. The weight on his back shifts forward and he knows he could throw it off but strangely he doesn’t move. The hands continue to guide his arms up, the weight on his back shifts more, the hands caress his wrists and suddenly cuffs are clamped on. His heart speeds up…what’s going on here…what is she doing?? He turns his head again to ask what the fuck is going on, when the voice, that warm voice says
“Don’t move, don’t make me tell you again.”
He opens his mouth to speak but the voice breathes in his ear “Don’t speak unless I tell you to.” He is stunned.

He is stretched out on his stomach across the bed. Since he just got done jogging he is only wearing his gym shorts, his shirt, shoes and socks were abandoned by the door when he came in. His wrists are cuffed so that he can barely move. She, no someone, is sitting on his back, breathing commands into his ear…and he likes it. He can’t wait to see what comes next.
The voice says “On your knees.”
He contemplates this…with his wrists cuffed he doesn’t think he can get up on his knees. He has taken too long to do as The Voice commands “You disappoint me, such a simple command and yet you fail to follow it. You must be punished.” He sucked in his breath strangely afraid but turned on too…what was she doing to him? What was she going to do to him?
“On your knees” The voice breathes into his ear.
He immediately begins struggling up on his knees. The weight lifts from his back, The Voice has moved. Due to the cuffs his arms are spread up and out on the bed so as he works himself up on his knees he is left in a supplicant position with his chest down on the bed but his ass up in the air. He wonders what comes next but before he could finish his thought something strikes him on his ass…it stings but didn’t really hurt. *Crack* another hit, harder this time. *Crack* a third hit, he cries out in surprise and maybe a bit of pain. It stops, as sudden as it starts. A hand gently caresses and rubs where the hits landed. It feels divine.
The Voice says “Stretch back out on your stomach.”
He complies quickly with this command. Suddenly arms reach around him and grab the waist band of his shorts...they are slowly worked down his legs along with his underwear. He is left naked, cuffed on his stomach, his ass stinging and still wondering who The Voice is. Despite all of this, he has a raging hard on.

With his hard on pushing against the bed and no clue what’s coming next, he starts to turn his head, to just get a glimpse…
”Do I need to punish you again? Do not move.” The voice whispers.
He stops no hesitation. “Back up on your knees”
He gets back up on his knees.
“Spread your legs” He spreads his legs. “Oh my….someone appears to like this.” The Voice says.
She is speaking louder but still breathy and he is not certain it’s her or not…but if it’s not her, who could it be? A cool hand brushes his balls and he sucks in a breath…cool fingers glide up his shaft. A hand grasps him and strokes him, once…twice…and is gone. He feels something soft and light across his back. It tickles but it also makes him hotter. What is that?? He does not move, he barely breathes. Slowly the soft feeling moves from his back to his shoulder and up his arms. He can see that it is a short crop with feathers attached on the end. The feathers over his skin make him break out in goose bumps, but he doesn’t move. Slowly, oh so slowly, the feathers make their way back down his arms, across his cheek, down his neck and across his back. As they caress down his ass and across his balls, he gasps and moans. *Crack* the crop hits the back of his thighs and stings. The feather immediately moves over the spot, soothing the sting. “Did I tell you to speak or make noise?” The Voice queries.
Should he answer or not…he takes the chance. “No”
”No what?” He can hear the smile in her voice.
“Um…No ma’am?” *Crack* Another sting across his thighs and then the feathers.
“No what?” The Voice asks again.
“No…um…Master?” *Crack* Another lash and more feathers.
“No what?” The voice asks again.
It finally clicks for him…”No Mistress” he replies and waits for the stinging lash again…it doesn’t come. Instead he feels the cool fingers glide over his calves and up his legs until they are gently stroking his hanging sac.
“You can be taught.” The Voice says “So what shall I teach you next?”

He is panting and replies “Anything…everything, Mistress”
A soft laugh reaches his ears. “So eager” The Voice breathes in surprise.
The next thing he knows a soft cloth mask is placed over his eyes and the elastic band is placed behind his head. He thinks he is wearing a sleeping mask and can effectively see nothing.
“What now, Mistress?” he asks. *Crack* A lash across his ass this time, no feathers this time to sooth the sting. *Crack* Another, harder lash *Crack* *Crack* He moans in pain. *Crack* and finally the feathers.
“I did not give you leave to speak.” The Voice says. He opens his mouth to apologize but bites his tongue and says nothing. She must be watching him
“Very good, learn the rules quick and this will be more pleasurable for you.” The Voice advises him.
A cool hand gently rubs a warm liquid across his stinging cheeks.
“This is baby oil and will sooth the ache.” The Voice tells him.
The hand strokes all over his ass and a finger gently slips down his crack, it is slick from the baby oil. It gently slides down to his sac. A warm hand grasps his sac and squeezes gently, oh so gently and rolls his balls around in her palm. The oiled hand glides up over his shaft and rubs her silky fingers around the head of his cock. He is leaking pre-cum and she slides her fingers through it and strokes his shaft up and down, squeezing a bit harder and harder with each stroke. He feels his balls draw up and knows he is about to have one of the best orgasms of his life….then she stops. Nothing….the hand is gone.

He is frozen on the edge, if she would just touch him he would go off, but it is as if she has just disappeared. No touch, no sound and because of the mask, no sight. After what feels like an eternity
“You do not get to cum unless I permit it. Nod if you understand.”
He nods. He is so hard, like iron…if he could only rub on the mattress he could get off and it would be better. He tries to subtly lower himself down to ease the ache in his balls. *Crack* *Crack* Crack* Three hard lashes in a row, two on his ass and one on his thighs.
“I said not to move.” The Voice purrs. The feathers are back. “Did you think training would be easy?”
He realizes she has asked a question and says “No Mistress.”
Again with the silence, he is starting to wonder if she has left when the bed dips down in front of him. A leg falls over one shoulder and then the other. His breath quickens. He is not sure what comes next.
The Voice comes from in front of him. “I am going to move down and you are going to eat my pussy. You will follow my directions and if I cum, you will be rewarded.” She didn’t ask a questions, so he doesn’t answer.
“Very good.” The Voice says. “Do you understand my directions?”
“Yes, Mistress” He replies
“Repeat them” The Voice says.
“You are going to scoot down and I will eat your pussy. I will do what you say and if you cum, I will be rewarded.” He replies.
He waits, her legs are still thrown over his shoulders and he can smell her arousal…slowly he feels the bed move and lifts his head. Her pussy is right under his mouth and nose, he can sense it. However, he doesn’t move. He waits.
The Voice says “Now.” And he goes.
He dips his head down and runs his tongue up her slit, this lets him know where everything is, since he is blindfolded. He doesn’t feel any pubic hair so he knows she is clean shaven. He nuzzles his face against her pussy and forces his tongue into her slit. He laves her until he finds that magic spot. His tongue flicks out and teases the tiny nub. She moans and writhes beneath his mouth. He know he will make her cum and be rewarded. He sticks his tongue out as far as it will go and rams it into her entrance while the very tip of his nose gently brushes her clit. He wishes it were his dick he was ramming in her. He has never been so hard in his life. She starts to push against his tongue, trying to fuck his tongue. He starts laving her clit again and the commands start “Suck it.”
He opens his mouth and gently sucks her clit into his mouth, he sucks a bit harder and harder still. She moans and pants against him.
“Stop and lick me”
He does, he runs his tongue from one end of her slit to the other. He just licks her, gently probing her opening.
“Tongue fuck me” she demands.
Immediately he impales her with his tongue. He rams his tongue in as far as he can and rotates it. She is panting faster and faster, rubbing harder and harder against his face. Suddenly she clenches, he can feel it around his tongue and she explodes in his mouth, on his face.
“Eat it” she screams.
And eat it he does. He continues to lick her until the quaking aftershocks have quieted. “Mmmm….you have earned a reward.” She says.

A reward? He wonders what that will mean.
“Lay back down on your stomach.” The Voice says.
He doesn’t even hesitate now; he just complies as quickly as he can. As he slides down the bed, his erection painfully pokes into the mattress. He resists the urge to grind his hips into the bed, but it’s hard to do. After a moment he feels something cool and slick sliding up his leg and across his ass and over his back. He can’t tell what it is. It seems to be a smooth rope of some kind…with knots in it, but smoother? He just can’t tell. Eventually they stop and The Voice is back.
“You did well.”
He says nothing, doesn’t even move. The knotted rope is now coiled up on his back, not moving.
“You have pleased me greatly.” The Voice purrs. “I will now reward you.”
He didn’t think it was possible but his cock grows even harder, he is anticipating a similar act. He is thinking of warm lips on his engorged cock, it’s almost enough to make him cum right then. Slowly the rope on this back uncoils, it seems warmer from lying on his skin.
“Back up on your knees.” The Voice says.
He assumes the position he is becoming accustomed to. He does not spread his knees; he waits to see if she will tell him to.
“Very good. Now spread your legs, boy.” The Voice tells him.
He slowly works his legs apart. Immediately he feels her hands rubbing over his ass. She seems to be rubbing lotion or oil on him. He stifles a groan. The hands work down to his sac hanging, so heavy. She grasps him in both hands, hands that are warm from the lotion or oil and slowly massages his balls between her palms. The sensation is so extraordinary, he can barely breathe, but he knows he can’t let go until she says so. One hand works it way further between his legs and grabs his cock. It’s oil, he thinks, it smooth and silky. She starts pumping her hand up and down his cock. Her other hand slides back to his ass crack and she runs a finger back and forth across his asshole. The fist around his cock starts to slow down and the finger at his ass starts to poke. He is lost in a sea of sensations and can barely remember his own name. The oil coated finger slowly slips into his ass, not much, just up to the first knuckle, and then it’s pulled out. The slow finger exploration of his ass resumes. The fist grabbing his cock, still slowly pumps away. All of a sudden, there is a pressure and a brief pain and something is in is ass.
“Do you know what that is?” The Voice asks.
“N-N-No” He stammers breathlessly.
“These are anal beads. I will slowly work them into your ass. This is your reward.” She tells him.
He can’t even think, the pressure then the relief as the next bead slides in is an indescribable feeling. The feeling of the beads pressing against nerves he never knew he had are sending shooting sensation straight to his balls. Suddenly everything stops. He listens, and hears her panting behind him.
“Now here comes your reward…don’t cum until I say.” She grasps his cock hard and starts pumping him fast, at the same time she starts pulling the beads out of his ass. As she pulls them out, she counts.
And a bead pops out, rubbing against his oversensitive nerves, the fist grips harder and pumps up and down.
Another bead slides out. He has never felt like this before. He needs to cum so bad, it’s borderline pain and pleasure.
“Three, Two.”
Two beads come out in quick succession. He groans, he can’t help it. He is going to bust. She is still gripping his dick, pumping him faster and faster. Sensation is gathering at the base of his spine, shooting out to his balls and up his shaft. He is going to blow. All of a sudden she yells…”ONE….Do it now!!”
And he does, he cums so hard and long he thinks he’s going to pass out. As the jizz flies from his cock, she keeps pumping him until he is dry. He is gasping and panting and realized that he has never cum like that in his life. He also realizes that he is still cuffed and unbelievably he is still hard.

He blinks and realizes that he has fallen over on his side. He is not sure but he may have dozed off for a few minutes. The next thing he realizes is that the blind fold is gone; he must have dozed off…or perhaps passed out and someone removed it. Regardless of how powerful that orgasm was, he is still insanely turned on. While his cock is not as massively hard and throbbing as it had been, it is still plenty hard. His skin feels alive and tingly in a way he has never experienced before. Slowly he realizes that he smells a cigarette burning. He starts to move his head to trace the source of the smoke but stops. He doesn’t know if he is allowed to move yet. He can’t believe how much seems to have changed in so little time. It’s like a switch was flipped in his head and now he craves her commands.
“You can move, as much as your manacles allow.” The Voice says on an exhale of smoke.
He lifts his head and sees her. She is sitting in the chair by his closet, it is in shadows and she is wearing a black domino mask, a corset that pushes her breasts up so far that it seems like they are spilling out…and a black garter without any panties. A pair of thigh high stockings and boots are abandoned by the bedroom door. He looks back at her. Her hair is piled on top of her head and wisps are floating around her neck.
“How did you like your introduction, boy?” She asks.
He is speechless, he can not put into words about how he feels about what just happened. She doesn’t seem to be in a hurry to hear he thinks about his answer. Shame, joy, guilt, arousal, excitement…he feels them all but doesn’t know how to present his answer. “Well?” The Voice draws out.
He simply replies “I like my introduction, Mistress.”
“Good answer, boy. Are you ready for your next lesson?” She asks.
“Yes, Mistress.” He says with immense excitement. At this statement, she stands up and picks up a bag from the floor at the side of the bed. He had not seen it sitting down there. She empties the bag on the bedside table. There are various sorts of items in it….tubes of cream and oils, condoms, crops and small whips, things that look like clamps, ropes and zip ties, masks and ear plugs, and several dildos in so many sizes. He glances at the items arrayed on the table and then looks at her….eyes wide, breath panting.
“I will not cause you permanent damage.” She says to him. “This is for your pleasure as much as it is mine. If you are close to reaching your threshold, simply say Pillow. If you are pushed up to or past your threshold, simply say Blanket. I will stop. Do you understand?”
“Yes.” He says.
Almost faster than his eyes can track she snatches a crop off of the table and brings it down on top of his thigh *Crack* *Crack* She leans over him and whispers
“Yes, what?”
He whimpers it hurt where she hit him; it appears that play time is over. He swallows and replies “Yes, Mistress.”
“Very good. Are you ready to continue?” She asks him.
He sits silent for a minute, really thinking about this. He glances at the table and the various items on it. He looks at her, holding the crop in one hand and tapping it against her other palm. Is this really what he wants? Is this something he can follow thru with? He realizes that the next words out of his mouth could change his life forever……
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