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The start of a new life
Author's note: I really don't think anyone missed me but i do want anyone who reads this to take this into suggestion,
the authors on this website do not care about their grammer most of the time. So it would please most writers if the
readers were just reading and not completely critisising their work it takes time to do some of these things, so when
you can't understand what you are reading that might be the authors fault, but not all of us on this site are born
novelists. Seeing this I would hope you start to see these stories differently.

Now to my story:)

This note first will be about the actual text, I want to try my hand at combining a couple of animes I have been
watching and really liked together, not the actual charecters, but the story concept. Therefore if you happen to
know what either one of these are, shout out and you can even say an idea I could actually consider, but here are
a few things i will not, pregnancy, death, creulty, and so on, Now the real story.

The Clean slate: Chapter 1

"This train ride is getting boring, are we almost there?" Neisa said. My twelve year old sister said, needless
to say she is definately the more annoying of my two younger sisters. And if anything she was only going to get worse,
especially with this move away from my parents. My name is Kazuro Doshin, a sixteen year old going to be junior in
high school, my middle sister Serian barely fourteen, is way to shy. If anyone she didn't know were to approach her she would
instantly freak out and run away from them. She is the main cause of our move away from Sacromento, the school bullies would
always pick on her, and they started spreading rumors that she was a slut and that the reason she didn't talk to anyone was
because she would have to take in more guys.

And that is why we are moving to Nalec, a small country town in Washington. And still in oregon we still had quite
a while before we got to central washington. "No we aren't we still have one more nights stay on the train until we are
where we need to go." I replied to her question with a sigh. She groaned in boredom, but we were all bored. It was
only six thirty an hour till dinner. And I couldn't wait for a home cooked meal either, not that the train food
wasn't good it was just like eating out everyday, and the grease was starting to make me nosious. When we get
to Nalec, we were going to be staying in a japanese entertainment store with a buisness associate of my dad's.
It sounded good to me, I love anime and mangas.

"IIII'MMMMMM BOOOORRRRRED!" Neisa cried out annoyingly.

"Play one of your video games." I told her.

"I don't want to, I want to read." she replied, and seriously whoever thought of a little girl with that much
energy who wanted to read instead of play? Weird right?

"Get one of your books out of your bag then." I gestured towards her "Bag O Fun".

"I already read those though!" Holy Crap! There had to be like six thick books in there!
Willingly I went through our luggage looking for another book or a newspaper or something. Since Serian and I
shared our non clothes box I didn't think she would mind letting Neisa borrow a book, after all she seemed pretty
absorbed into the game on her phone, headphones and all. I picked up one that said My new Onee-chan (Japanese for brother)
and it had a picture of a little girl getting a piggyback ride from what was probably her older brother based on the
title. So I thought it looked childish enough so I handed it to her.

I got a small "Thank you" from Neisa and she instantly quieted down. I really should have paid attention when my
parents said not to judge a book by it's cover, because that was about to seriously come back and bite me in the ass.
And if she can read six books in like two days imagine how much she could read in about two hours. After watching a
episode of one of my own shows, it was about dinner time, thankfully tonight was soup, thank god something not smothered
in grease. I went to grab our tray with our stuff on it.

Since we were all starving we all dug in right away, well except for Neisa, even though she was holding and reading the
book with one hand and eating her soup with the other. And after we were all done we each continued doing what we were
doing before dinner. Since ten was the lights out time for our train, sometime before ten we each individually got up to
ready for bed, we made Neisa go first, and I volunteered to go last. When I got back from changing Serian was searching
in our bag intently for something, as I approached our booth Serian asked "Hey K, I'm missing a book, did you happen to
see it?"

"Uh, I let Neisa read one why?" Apparently this was the wrong answer, because she isntantly looked up very panicked and said "WHAT!?"

We simultaniously turned to Neisa just in time to shakely take her thumb off the last page, lower the book enough to see her terrified
face and close the book.

Chapter 2

Serian instantly reached out for the book threw it in our bag, and held the terrified girl consolingly.
"Ummm, what the hell kind of a book was that?" I asked as calm as I could. Obviously dreading having to answer
Serian said, "A-a n-not child appropriate one."

I instantly went crazy,"What the hell were you doing bringing a book like that?!"

Trying to console Neisa as well I reached out to her and asked her if she was okay. Instantly she freaked out screamed "GET AWAY FROM ME!" and
backed into the furthest corner in the booth. Serian went over to console her some more, while she looked at me terrified.
Trying to fix this, since I was the one who gave her the book, I asked her what she was really afraid of.

"I-I-I don't want you to do what he did to her to me." Taking a very educated guess I could assume I know what she is talking
About. "You won't have to worry I wouldn't do that to you." I tried to assure her. "H-How can I know you won't?" But I don't blame her,
some books can be pretty graphic. "Well, how do you want me to prove to you that I won't?"

Taking a moment to think she came up with the answer "K-Kiss Serian." At the same time we both said "What?" in
disbeleif. "W-Whenever they were about to do something they always kissed first, if you do it exactly as I say and don't do that,
Then I-I'll beleive you." Now we were the ones who were scared, this isn't good, but if we didn't do it we would start
our new life with a traumatized sister.

"Ok." Serian said calmly, still debating what to do, I decided that one small embarrasing moment now is better than a whole
bunch of larger ones later on when Neisa starts screaming. And luckily we didn't have to worry about anyone seeing us,
since we bought tickets at the last minute, we got dumped in the last car of the train, all by ourselves. So I said "Ok how you say and until you say,
as long as it will make you happy."

"T-Thanks, ok so Kazuro, you have to lay on your bed," Oh crap I could already tell how this was going to turn out. "And Serian you get on top of him."
Needless to say I was more than a little uncomfortable. Laying on my back with a girl, even my sister, this good looking sitting on my lap with C-cups
waving in my face, well, let's just say that the embarrasment in this situation went from little to almost max. Serian said "O-Ok waiting on your

"Ok then, oh and one more thing not pecks, like boyfreind and girlfreind." Oh great as if this wasn't bad enough. "Okay start!" As well as I could
Without poking my sister, I pushed and kept myself up and met her above me, and we started what was a beautiful thing, even in these
circumstances, and the longer it took place for some reason, the hotter it was, and the more we both got into it, and Neisa really needed to say stop
about now, even though part of me was really hoping she didn't. I barely opened one eye to check on her, and to make sure we weren't
traumatizing her more or something. And when I did, I knew I had been played this whole time, she wasn't wearing a shirt or bra, and for a twelve
year old she had a nice b-cupped chest. And suddenly she dissapeared and Serian collapsed on top of me and that happening mashed our parts into eachother.

I forced myself out of the kiss, even though I could have kept going for a long time and then both of the girls stood up next to eachother, Serian
started to remove her upper clothing as well, trying as best as I could to cover my eyes and my crotch I said "Okay what the hell?" then Neisa pounced onto my chest
making me look move my hands towards my chest. Suddenly out of breath I forced a glance at both of my sisters and was stunned wordlessly because of their
beautiful chests, and it became harder and harder to rationally think. Neisa was the first to start explaining "Well duh I was never really scared, I'm
not that sheltered, you should know how society works now dummy."

Me:"B-But why-"

Serian:"Of course this has been our plan all day, even from the book why do you think that was the first one you found?"

Me:"So why do you two want to do this?"

Neisa:"Because we don't know if there will be any chances to "expirement" in our new town." I looked over to Serian who was now completely nude, she had
a small tuft of peach colored hair that was hypnotizing me. Then she started to move around where I couldn't see her behind Neisa. Then Neisa lifted herself
above my chest to take off her bottoms. And even though she may not have had as much hair she was just as beautiful. And while she was doing this I saw what
Serian was up to, and she grabbed behind Neisa and made me join the club. That is the no pants club, and after mine where off she went up close.

She said "Wow it was like this before and I'm suprised it didn't break through our clothes earlier!" She grabbed it with one hand so she could
balance with the other, "Man I didn't know they could be this stiff, and if I didn't know any better I'd say you're okay with being tricked." Serian started
to rub me up and down as Neisa sat back down on my chest and I could feel her puffy lips pushing against me. "Wow," Serian again "It's throbbing a lot.
I myself actually don't know why she was so impressed with it, I was only about seven and a half long, and two inches around, but then again I don't know
what it is exactly that girls look for in that, but right now I didn't care, I was feeling way to good to care.

Neisa had been looking behind her at my penis, and it turned me on more the way they were fawning over it like that. But I've had enough of just
sitting around I wanted to have fun, I pulled Neisa down to me much to her shock, and so that her breasts were hovering right over my face, and they were
nice and perky. I automatticaly put her left nipple in my mouth so I could lick around it and her areola, which were nice and puffy not small. I massaged
her other one with my left hand, leaving my right hand empty for a moment. "Ohhhh, YES! play with my titties Kazuro, ohh yea that feels really good!" Neisa
was moaning in pleasure stricken bliss. My free hand grabbed her ass, carressing it to bring her even more pleasure.

"Well you two look like you're having a lot of fun." I had almost forgotten about Serian, had she not been giving me that delightful handjob that is.
Looking at us with a huge grin made me want to let her in on the fun. I lifted Neisa off of my chest for the time being much to her dismay. I told Serian
to flip where she was and Neisa go where she was. So now Serian's pussy is directly above my mouth and Neisa is where Serian was moments ago. I told
the girls to lick my cock at the same time and then I will do something new. They did as they were told and now I was feeling much better than before,
while Serians hand is still wrapped around my cock and they were both licking where I was exposed. Then I stuck my toungue into Serians very moist
and tight cunt hole. She was moaning while licking my dick with Neisa, and come to think of it I was moaning a bit too.

Using one of my hands to play with her clitoris, I started to lick faster, and the taste was fantastic. I stopped for a moment to tell Neisa to
rub her own pussy while she was licking, and that she did. Now all three of us were moaning louder and more, we were all near realease. At that moment I
slid my toungue in really fast while pressing her clit, she had to stop all together while she orgasmed, and her hand tightened its grasp on me, sending
me over the edge and right as I said "I'M CUMMING!" Neisa slid her mouth over the head of my prick, I started to unload all my pent up cum. Honestly
I don't think she was ready for so much, and my first shot made her orgasm and she moaned over the head. After the first three she removed her mouth and the
last few shots went all over the two, on their faces and in their hair.

I think we were all tired after that, so after we all cleaned up as best we could, we went to lay down, since we only had two booths, usually the
two girls slept in one, but Neisa pressed herself up against me instead, "Thank you for being such a great brother.", so I guess shyness and annoyingness
weren't an issue anymore.

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