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In space no one can hear you scream. Allison, is on a mission in space to check out a blackhole eating a star and to get readings. However, a creature capable of living in a blackhole waits to pounce on the ship.
Allison looked out of the ships window with her hand behind her back smartly.
The ship she was on wasn't a large ship, but niether was it small. It was a research vessal that didn't require much of a crew. The fourty foot long vessal was piloted by her and her new partner named henry.
Henry was a bright scientist, like her, but he had no respect for regulations and he kept hitting on her, also against regulations.
Space had always seemed vast. Always more to explore and always more to see. She was always excited to explore it. As of now they were scanning a star being eaten by a black hole. They were a safe distance away. However if they did get too close the would surely be dead. They would get sucked up, just like the star. Scans of a star usually took quite a few hours. Eaten stars required a further distance, so it took usually a day or two. Also depending on how big the star was.
"Quite the view." Henry said behind her,
She smiled, "Yeah, it's crazy that black holes can do such wonders." she reponded in amazment,
"I was talking about your ass." he said, a grin on his face,
She spun around with an angered expression.
The women with Arab heritage lifted her hand to slap the man like many times before, but then stopped,
"What?" he asked a bit confused,
"You know... It's not even worth it anymore." she said before walking away,
"You might want a guy like me to protect you." 
She turned around skeptically, "Protect me? Out here? From what?" she asked as if he was dumb.
"The creature." he said confidiently looking at his nails, scratching the surface of one with his thumb nail.
"What creature?" she asked not believing a word,
"Well, a few years back, a doctor named Darren Monroe was wanted for his genetic testing. So to help himself get away, he came out here, with a ship like ours, and he tried hiding behind the dying star. He was hoping enough radiation was coming off the star to block heat sigs. Well, federation marines didn't buy it. They saw him and went after his ship. His ship however started going towards the blackhole. Eye witness' claim to have seen a jelly like hand flop on the window. A creature he created had escaped. The ship plummeted into the blackhole... They say the creature was able to escape and it prowls around here. That's why a bunch of ships have gone missing around this area."
"Even if that story is true, nothing gets past a blackhole. Especially if your in it's pull. The reason why ships have been going missing is because they have been going to far num-nuts." she said angerily as she stormed off.
Henry tilted his head, staring at her ass as she walked off. He smiled seeing her sexy strut. Her round apple ass popping up and down as she walked.
Her waist was smaller then her ass. He loved to stare at her full, carmel colored lips. Her alluring hazel eyes that drew ones attention wildly.

Atoms fired from the black hole. Faster then the speed of light could ever hope to reach. The trillions upon trillions of the smallest atoms started recombining and reconstructing into a large blob. The thing hit the ship in less then a second. The light blue slime lerched across the hull of the ship. It slowly began to turn back into it's atoms as it found a riveted side of the hull. It slowly sunk into the ship.
The ooze plopped into the middle of a hallway. Starting to slide to the front of the ship. 

Henry smiled at himself in a small mirror he brought along. 
"She'll come around... She has to. Look at me." he said at the controls of the ship.
He stood up turning around to head to his room. He stopped and gasped seeing Allison in front of him.
"How are the scans?" she asked.
"Fine, there at eighty percent completion." 
"Anything abnormal?"
"Well, I think the scanner my be off a bit, it showed some type of energy escape from the balck hole. May have been some spit up if the stars too big for it to swallow all."
"Maybe," she said, "I'll check the scanners again, see if anything is wrong." she confirmed as Henry slid past, his hand brushing her ass, she turned to him with a glare,
"Honest mistake." he said with a cute smile.
He kept walking.
She rolled her eyes sitting down. She looked at the consol and lifted a small tool over it scanning the scanners.

Henry walked down the hall witha genuine smile on his face remembering how her butt felt in those skin tight pants they had to wear. He saw something suddenly drip in front of him. He looked down. He saw a drip of something he didn't reconise. He knelt to the floor and swabbed it up with one finger. 
It was thick. Some sort of slime. He looked up as an entire blob of ooze collapsed on him. 
He tried to scream for help as the ooze turned white. But his screams didn't make it past the ooze. He cried out harder when his flesh began to hurt. He realized his clothes were gone and his flesh began to turn red. The entire ooze turned red as the creature digested the man in a matter of seconds. A little bigger now the ooze slid down the hall again.

Allison went back to her room and laid down on her bed.
Her uniform, a skin tight latex outfit, hugged her body snuggly. The black uniform showed he body perfectly, which she didn't really like seeing as her butt was big and her thighs were fairly shapely, and her tits were a large C-cup.
She was always the center of attention.
The ooze began to slide under her door as she slowly began to drift to sleep.
The ooze surrounded her bed and slowly climbed it. It was soon on the bed surface perfectly around her body.
It slowly began to cover her clothes only. The ooze turned white as her clothes disolved then turned back to blue when they were all gone.
Allisons eyes suddenly shot open feeling the warm wet squishiness of the ooze. He looked down and screamed trying to stand up. But the ooze held her body down as her limbs flailed about. He gasped in disbelief when she felt the ooze press against her pussy lips and seemingly vibrate. She cried out an uncontroled moan of pleasure as the slime began to vibrate around her nipples. The slime slowly rose around her neck. She didn't know why but she felt lips on her neck, kissing and sucking. She began to moan out loud. Her hand running through her black silky hair. Her mouth open and moaning. She felt the slime solidify at her juicy wet folds. She gasped in utter pleasure when the slime slid inside of her. They vibrating on her clit never ceased. A phallus of slime touched her lips. She slowly began to suck upon the tip of the solid phallus. Two more went between her hands. He began to jerk them off. She felt her tits being squeezed together as another one of these phallus' went between her tits, sliding back and forth.
She moaned nonstop as her body rocked around. Her liked how the slime felt on her body. She gyrated her pelvis.
The slime suddenly shifted. She was flipped onto her knees and forearms. The ooze holding her arms and legs in place. Some slowly slid up her thighs, some slid up her arms. Another rose from the ground and towards her mouth. She slowly opened her mouth and shut her eyes. Her tongue slowly reached out to meet the slime. Her tongue touched the slime. It slid on her tongue and felt the soft insides of her mouth. She began to suck on the ooze. The ooze gripped around her tits and began to titfuck her again. Her pussy began to leak she was so wet. The ooze sucked up every drop. The slime covered her butt. 
She felt pressure on her butt. The ooze was squeezing it. She moaned softly. It then solidified and teased her folds. She moaned louder as she screamed for it in her mind. The phallus then went forward inbetween her fold. She went forward moaning sweetly.
Her moist pussy leaked. 
It then solidified aroun her ass.
It's swirled around her tight little asshole. 
She didn't even notice, she did however notice the pleasure that came from it.
The phallus slowly inched foward, and started to slide in.
Her eyes popped open then. Her body came forward to try and stop it, but she only managed to deepthroat the slime.
The ooze slid into her asshole and then really started reaming her body. Her entire body rocked back and forth as her eyes fluttered back in pleasure. The slime came out from her mouth as she cried out moaning. The slime made tentrils that lifted above her. Then then whipped her ass cheeks.
An orgasm washed over her again. Her pussy gushed as it was absorbed by the ooze.
She moaned hard. She loved how they whipped her.
"Yes!" she cried as it whipped her again.
She suddenly felt something wet inside her pussy.
She cried another orgasm actually enjoying them inside her tight little asshole. She screamed an orgasm when it came inside her ass. She then saw something on her desk.
A sonic grenade. The widows in the ship were shatter proof. There was ni way this thing was going to let her live. She knew she had to escape. If not she could die trying.
For now however.
She rolled one her back as she spead the slime acros her body.
"Feels so good." she said with a smile.
Ashe felt the slime still in her asshole, and lifting her crack. The slime squeezed her tits and butt. Her hands slowly slid up her bed. She suddenyl turned over and snatched the grenade. She grabbed it and twisted it. The ooze balled up and lifted to decend on her. She stuck it inside the ooze and rolled off her bed as the ooze made an inhuman cry of somesort. The sonic grenade exploded. She covered her ears to brace for it. Even though it wouldn't have helped. But the sounds of the grenade was absorbed. She didn't hearing anything from it. The ooze was splattered all over the walls and seemed ten times smaller.
She didn't have time to wonder. She stood up and ran. The naked woman sprinted down the hall.

The ooze slowly started to recombine it's self. The sonic boom had blown it's atoms apart and made it have to recover. 
The ooze was sliding down the hall quickly after that. It felt her heat and went after her.

Allison ran and ran. She got to the back where the escape pods were jumping into one. She pulled a lever down as the ooze lerched up. The door shut. The ooze began to leak through the outerlayer. She suddenly shot off. The ooze stayed on the out layer of the ship. She looked back to the ship as it began to decend into the black hole. She saw a man like ooze at the window.
"Doctor Monroe? He didn't have a creature escape... He turned into the creature."
The Doctor read her expression like a book. He smiled that not only had someone escaped, but they figured him out. 

He entered the drive core and swallowed it. He started to suck up the energy of the ship. He needed it, that plus some of the star that will get eaten. He needed the energy to fire out at the next ship that comes by. He smiled.
She was fun.

The Midnight ShadeReport

2017-06-09 03:53:23
Scientist have recently created a sounds that moves faster then light. Long wave frequentcies that have small wave frequentcies lying within the long wave one.

anonymous readerReport

2013-07-05 02:16:21

Oh, and midnight... I highly doubt that those particles moved FTL, there are too many variables too really tell though, though how something that is moving slower than light, smashing into something, and having that something go FTL, seems a little far fetched to me...

anonymous readerReport

2012-09-15 17:51:56
excellent story (sorry i got cut off)

question though. she didn't know her crewmate was dead, but she decided to ditch him and let him fall in a black hole. why?

anonymous readerReport

2012-09-15 17:50:52
clearly Tachyons haven't been brought up so far, and Gamma radiation. both are faster than light.


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2012-09-01 12:54:44
why the hell does anyone care it's FICTION

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