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Second strike at poetry, as always comment
I was young then, peaking in the physical form
Girls took notice as I did with them
Me and one shared glances and gentle conversation
Traded glances and obvious lust lead to a beautiful venture

On my bed wrestling two friends on the verge of adulthood
Wrestling turns to fondling and glance turn to gazes
I go in for a gentle kiss aiming for her lips
It lands on her neck and a moan erupts

Her hand roams down and finds my bulge
It grows by the touch of her soft skin
Intertwined in a tumble of lust
Our destination in sight and engines on full tow

She removes her under garment as I remove mine
She put herself on top of me and lays on my chest
I slowly insert myself into her
I feel her soft breath on my neck as she moans

I pick up pace slightly all the time kissing her clavicle
She continues to moan softly and sweetly
Sounds of passion fill the room
Sounds that fuel me and ignite us both

My rhythm increases with her moaning
We both know that soon we both will explode with pleasure
So I kiss her neck harder than before and let go
As I did so did she, and we both knew this was it, love

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2012-11-24 03:15:40
you really sholud tell your wife. I don't think you actually really sholud be married. honestly, divorce is probably best. you like the game. be single and play it with people on that level. don't mess with the married. and that girl, if unhappy, sholud find her way out. why can't you find the independence out of marriage and lead life a little less hurtful for others. you and the other girl can be together if you both leave. she's not happy. you're not being fair to your wife and it looks like this wasn't the first time. I don't know if she's done the same, looks like she knew your game, but despite that it doesn't look like it's fair whether she was a little okay with it, not okay with it or for it. if you have kids or don't, doesn't matter, really sholud look to separate and leave. the love honestly isn't strong for you all and sounds like you're all just spreading stds. your marriages both sound like shams, that all four of you don't mind messing around. sounds just like signed pap


2012-10-29 02:46:54
Good. Its not a song, buddy, it doesnt need rhythm and 95% of rhyming poetry is cheap.

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2012-10-02 11:17:45
dude, just stop writing poetry. your shitter than shite itself! no rythem what so ever...


2012-09-04 18:27:54
I really enjoyed that. It was erotic but no to heavy. A light a refreshing way to combine two of man's greatest arts together.

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2012-08-25 09:43:13

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