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I greatly appreciated the comments from part 1, so please continue giving me your feedback and suggestions. For those who haven't read the first part, I recommend that you do before reading this part. And of course happy jacking/jilling, enjoy!
About 15 minutes later she called out to me from her room and asked "could we go to main street and get some ice cream?". Well I never turn down a potential for ice cream so I responded with an "okay, we'll leave in about 20 minutes to catch the next train", and I went to my room to get changed. I figured I can check out my Facebook while Jessica gets dressed, but she got dressed very quickly and called out to me to meet her in the living room. I got dressed and headed to the living room; half way down the stairs I saw her standing next to the door in cloths that I had never seen her wear before. A pair of faded short shorts that ended just at the bottom of her butt, revealing the maximum amount of her long, luscious, smooth legs and a low cut white tank top and white push up bra that squeezed about a quarter of her breasts out of her top.

As I finished the final steps of the stairs she ran to me and hugged my left arm, squeezing her body to mine and said "hurry up, we're gonna miss the train". I was quite flustered and felt a little twitch in my pants, but managed a smile and headed for the door. As we arrived at the train station and waited for the train all I can think about was what my sister was doing, but I just dismissed it as childish cuteness. The train arrived and it was full of people, when we entered I felt like a sardine. My sister had her back to the train door and her front squashed onto mine, as my back was against some other passenger. I tried not to look down, but couldn't help myself; her cleavage was amazingly deep and smooth, it looked so tasty I began to salivate. All of a sudden she bent her leg at the knee and rested it underneath my crotch, which made my cock jump. She must have felt my reaction because when I looked at her with surprise she gave me this excitingly wild look that came with a wicked smirk.

I didn't know exactly how to react but was luck that our stop had come and we would be getting off. We left the train station and arrived at the ice cream parlor rather quickly, when we got inside Jessica ran in front of in search of a enticing flavor. However as she bent forward to look at the various favors I found what enticed me; her shorts rode up slightly revealing more of her delectable, round, toned ass. I couldn't stop staring when the ice cream guy asked me, with a smirk "what flavor would you like", and I hurriedly said cookies n' cream on a cone (my usual). Jessica ordered strawberry bubblegum, also on a cone; I paid the man took our cones and headed out.

As we walked out Jessica excitedly said "Thanks!!!" and took her ice cream cone and started to enjoy it as we walked back to the train station. As we waited for the train Jessica decided to sit on a bench, and I stood in front of her. As I looked onto her she held her cone with both hands and started to lick the ice cream part of her cone with long slow strokes then looked up at me, I immediately looked away and began to eat my ice cream.

By the time I finished eating my cone the train had arrived, I threw out the wrapper that was around the cone and called for my sister to board the train. However it was just as packed as when we came and I was stuck in the same position with my sister glued right to me, except that she was still eating her ice cream. Her ice cream was starting to melt and a rather large drop dripped down the cone and landed on her right boob. She looked me in the eyes and then with a finger scooped it up, raised the finger to her mouth and slowly smeared the drop into her tongue, closing her lips around her finger and pulling it out with a very faint "pop". Now because I was wearing a pair of denim shorts my penis could only get a semi-erection going (which kind hurt),however I did feel a little wetness at the point where the tip of my penis meet my thigh (which I presumed was precum).

A couple of minutes later we arrived at our stop and left the train station; we started the short walk home. Walking home I thought over what Jessica had been doing and decided that she was teasing me on purpose for some reason, but I had no idea how to confront her. We entered the house, Jessica went up to her room and I went to the kitchen to get some water to cool my thoughts down, I even splashed some onto my face.

I headed up the stairs to my room to change; when I was about to enter my room I heard a familiar squealing sound come out of Jessica's room. I decided that I needed to confront Jessica and put an end to this, as it was really getting to me. I knocked on the door to her room, a couple of seconds later she said "come in", I opened the door and entered. She was sitting on the edge of the bed her face a bit red, her hands seemed wet and the tasty smell of sex filled the room.

I sat next to her (her body glistening with sweat) and said "listen, I know that you have been trying to provoke me, but why?", she didn't respond."Your antics have been causing me a lot of pain!" I said almost yelling, this time she looked at me and said "but you said its normal to touch yourself when you feel...excited, why don't you do that to feel better". "I can't because your my sister, I shouldn't get... horny from you" I responded strongly. At this point she formed a sad, ashamed and guilty look on her face and said "I only wanted to make you feel better by being sexy for you since you made me feel so much better after I talked to you about Tommy. Besides maybe it is normal that you get horny looking at me since it just happens" and then she started to weep silently.

At this point I felt like an asshole for making her cry, so I leaned in and gave her a strong deep hug and told her she doesn't need to cry. Being so close to her warm, sweaty body combined with the heavenly scent of the room caused my dick to start inflating. She noticed this and said "see, I didn't even do anything and your getting hard, that means it must be natural", "but it causes me pain" I responded. After a moment of silence she said "then I'll help you take care of it", I was flabbergasted and said "no, we can't your my sister, that's incest", "no its not, it's not sex, just relief from pain" she responded.

Weakening I said "still it's wrong", Jessica noticed my withdrawal and said "don't worry just lay back and I'll do everything, if you still don't like it I'll stop... I just want to pay you back for making me feel better". With that she gently pushed me on my back onto the bed, then sat on my lap and started to undo the buckle of my belt. After fumbling with it for a minute she got it open and unzipped my shorts; then she gently placed her hand on my ragging hardon through my boxers causing it to twitch and send a pulse of pure pleasure throughout my body. She stopped after feeling the twitch, but resumed after a couple of seconds. She started to gently glide her fingers over my dick through my boxer (it felt like heaven); she stopped at the base of my shaft and grasped it firmly, undid the button of my boxers with her free hand and pulled my pulsing penis out into the air.

She just stared at it for a while than she began to slowly slide her clenched hand up and down the length of my shaft. Now my penis had grown to the largest size I had ever seen it about 6.5 to 7 inches long, so she started using both hands clenched onto my shaft gliding up and down slowly (I still wasn't complaining). Within about 2 minutes of this I started forming a huge puddle of precum on the tip of my penis, she stopped one hand and touched the precum with her finger. She pulled her finger away and it started to form a long string; after stretching it to just in front of her eyes the string broke leaving some residue on the tip of her finger which she realized was very sticky and slippery. Through all this her other hand was still pumping my dick and helping to form more precum, which she proceeded to smear all other the head of my penis, messaging it. This caused me to moan even more, which she noticed and started to pump her fist faster and with a firmer grip. Within seconds I was on the edge and said "Jess... I'm gonna cum", to this she started pumping at her fastest. I let out a strong groan and exploded with the strongest orgasm I've ever had, as if a lightning bolt of pleasure surged through me starting at my penis and spreading to the rest of my body. I let out rope after rope of thick cum from my pulsating penis, the first of which landed on her left cheek, the second on her right breast, some on her thigh and the rest on my boxers, stomach and a lot all over her hand. I felt like I had released a gallon of cum and was exhausted; when I recovered I looked at her still sitting on my lap she was smelling the cum on her hand, then she lightly tasted it with the tip of her tongue. When she saw me looking at her she blushed and said "I was just curious cause most girls at school say its disgusting", "well is it" I replied, to which she simply licked one of her cum covered fingers and smiled.

Then she asked "well, did you enjoy it... or do you still think it was bad", "it was the best feeling I ever had, thanks... you're the best Jess" I replied with a smile. We kinda just sat there looking at each other smiling for a while when I remembered that mom and dad might be home soon. I told Jessica "we should prob go clean up before mom and dad come home and see us... by the way what happened should stay between the two of us only...okay", to which she said "I promise, only the two of us will know, and ya we should go get cleaned".

As I walked to the bathroom my cell phone started to ring, I answered the call to my dad's voice. He asked "Hey John, how are you and your sister", "were fine" I replied (finer than you think) "when are you and mom coming back" I continued. "Your aunt's health took a turn for the worse, so we brought her to a hospital . We're going to stay the night with her, since her husband won't be back from his trip till the early morning". "Damn that really sucks, I hope aunt Victoria gets better" I replied, then my dad said "listen, you're going to be in charge while we are away. Be good to your little sister, there is left over pizza in the fridge, so feed yourselves.". "Don't worry dad, we'll be okay" I responded, "okay, I'll see you tomorrow morning then, goodbye" he ended, I said good bye and hung up.

With this bit of bad news (for aunt Victoria's sake) came a bit of good news, as the fact that I would be with Jessica in the house by ourselves all night got me very excited. So I quickly walked over to the bathroom Jessica was in and saw her adjusting the water temperature of the shower. I walked in and with a sly voice asked her "so, do you want me to come in with you and clean your back as a sorry for getting you dirty", she looked at me slightly surprised and said "of course not you crazy, mom and dad will be home any minute now". I informed her of dad's phone call and a huge grin immediately formed on her beautiful face, then excitedly said "but you have to clean it well!".

With that she started to take off her clothes as I intently watched; first came off her socks as she bent forward giving me a clear view of her round tight butt. Then she unbuttoned the front of her short shorts and started to pull them down her long smooth legs all the while still bent forward, now her ass was covered in a thin pair of cotton panties making it look all the much cuter. As she finished taking off her short shorts, she kinda stuck her butt up in the air making it look that much more fuckable, and quickly pulled off her panties exposing her asshole and pussy. Of course my dick was rock hard and pulsing at the sight of her juicy pink holes just calling to be eaten. Then she turned around in a twirl and started to pull her tank top over her head; I looked at her from top to bottom focusing at her clean shaven pussy. All of a sudden I heard her say "John, wake up, stop staring, and get undressed" as she unclipped her bra and tossed it with the rest of her clothes, releasing her wonderfully round and smooth breasts. I still wasn't able to move from the sight of her beautiful body, as I have never seen my sister fully naked up close (or any girl for that matter). She got impatient and started to unclip my belt and unzip my shorts, she pulled them down with my boxers in one swift pull releasing my ragging hardon, then said with impatience "get undressed already". I quickly took off the rest of my clothes, threw them in a heap next to hers and followed her into the shower and under the water.

She stood with her back to me and lifted her long hair over her shoulders, turned her head to me and said with a smile "well, start cleaning". With that I stepped forward and squeezed a liberal amount of body wash over her shoulders, I started to spread it all over her neck, shoulders and back as it lathered up. Then I began to gently massage her neck, slowly moving down to her shoulders and then the whole of her back. Meanwhile my hardon had been resting between the crack of her irresistibly cute butt, as the soapy water fell onto it and made things slippery I began to subconsciously thrust my hips back and forth adding to both of our horniness.

As I finished lathering her back I moved onto her sides and belly, which were very toned (probably thanks to all that track she did). As I moved my hands up the front of her body I squeezed her closer to me squashing my dick between the two of us, and continued to thrust practically fucking her ass crack and the small of her back. My hands had reached her tits and I began with a firm squeeze, forcing a soft moan from her lips; I gripped her nipples with my thumbs and forefingers and gently rolled them like beads causing her to squeal out a much sharper moan. As I continued my assault on her breasts she began to rub her velvet pussy lips. I let my right hand slide from her right breast to the cheeks of her ass as I massaged them, while my left still worked on her tits. I pushed my fingers between her ass cheeks and started to rub her pink asshole, which forced a surprised but very pleased moan that made my dick jump. I let my fingers slide down her smooth ass and between her thighs as I found the beginning of her vagina and started to rub the soapy water all over her crotch, my left hand still all over her breasts. She began to moan continually as her breathing became irregular and rapid, "ohh ya... don't stop, don't stop, don't stop" is all she said.

But I did stop, only to run my hands down and up her perfect legs, held her at the waist turned her around to face me and dove my head into her crotch. I began to lick her pussy lips from the very bottom all the way to her clit ending with a light flick, which caused her to shiver and let out quite a loud moan. She pushed her pelvis higher up giving me greater access to her cunt, as I used my fingers to further separate her pink pussy lips and shoved my tongue into her, tongue fucking her. She was leaking pussy juice onto my tongue and I was lapping it all up as it had a deliciously salty and sweet taste and an unforgettable aroma. Then I began to push one of my fingers into her tight canal, and boy was it tight, just squeezing my finger. As I finger fucked her and let my tongue lose on her clit she went crazy, just yelling out moans and "ooooo... don't stop, please don't stops". Then she tensed up, her breathing became very shallow and rapid, began to shiver and let out many small moans as she orgasmed, sending out jet after jet of her delicious cum all over my mouth and face, which I happily licked up and enjoyed. Then she became very limp and practically collapsed right on top of me, her breathing still labored.

A moment later she stood up and said "wow, I had never cum like that... Thanks, you were wonderful", as I stood up she noticed how engorged my dick was and said "before we finish our shower, let me clean you up as well". She leaned forward her lips touching mine, then as we started to kiss she thrust her tongue into my mouth and began to explore it. I responded by pushing her tongue with mine back into her mouth and started to explore her mouth myself. As we were in this deep and passionate kiss she let her right hand slide down from my waist and firmly grabbed my pulsing cock; then as she broke our kiss she looked me in the eyes and said "ummm, I taste pretty good don't I", "delicious" I responded.

She sat on her knees my dick mere inches from her mouth, and began with a soft lick of the tip of my cock head as she slowly pumped her fist up and down the length of my shaft. Her other hand found my nuts and started to massage them softly, as she repeatedly licked the length of my dick; I was now the one making soft moans. All of a sudden she wrapped her lips around my cock head and began to twirl her tongue all over it concentrating on the underside. Then she proceeded to bob her head up and down my shaft; at first she was only able to go half way but after some practice she was going about three quarters of the way down. I was getting very close and couldn't control myself, so I grabbed the back of her head and started to thrust my pelvis into her face as I face fucked her until she had taken the entire length of my cock into her mouth and down her throat. "I yelled I'm gonna cum" and began to pull out, but she grabbed onto my butt and pulled me back into her throat. Then a pulsing sensation of pleasure broke through my body and with each pulse a stream of cum flew from my dick and down my sister's throat. She was able to swallow the first two shots but then her mouth began to fill as I shot stream after stream of cum into her mouth, she tried to swallow in time but couldn't keep up as her mouth began to overflow and cum leaked from the seal between her lips and my cock and down her chin.

As my orgasm subsided I pulled my now semi-erect cock out of her mouth, she looked up to me and opened her mouth to show me the cum she had stored and with one gulp she swallowed it all down. Then she squeezed the last bit of cum out of my cock to form a small bead at the tip, leaned forward and licked it up. She stood up and said "we should probably finish up, I'm starting to prune", and with that we finished our shower, dried up and left for our rooms to get dressed.

As we got dressed I realized that it was already 10pm, so I went over to Jessica's room and said "I'm going to heat up some of that pizza, so when you're done come down to eat", she said "okay" in a cute girlish voice and I left for the kitchen. I took the pizza out of the fridge placed it in an aluminum pan, covered it with foil and put it in the oven at 400 degrees (Fahrenheit, about 200 Celsius). Then I went over to the TV to find something to watch, I kept on flipping through the dirt until I found the movie Bruce All Mighty (I had never seen it, but I'd watch any comedy with Jim Carrey in it). Moments later Jessica walked into the living room and plopped down onto the couch right next to me. She was wearing an oversized baby blue T-shirt that covered her down to mid-thigh and a pair of baby blue cotton panties (which I caught a glimpse of when she sat down and her shirt rode up a bit). I left her watching the movie and went to get the pizza. I brought the pizza over and gave her a slice, took a slice to myself and we both began to eat. We had a lot of fun watching the movie, eating and chatting; we had finished eating and Jessica laid her head onto my shoulder as we continued the movie. By the time the movie had finished it was midnight and Jessica was fast asleep, so decided to carry her up to her bed and go to sleep myself.

I sat down on the edge of her bed and placed her in the center and just stared at her beauty for a minute, she then turned onto her side with her back to me. This caused her shirt to raise up and completely reveal her cute panty clad butt, I couldn't help but touch it. This woke her up, as she said in a lightly sleepy voice "your still not tired", I said "I guess not", to which she responded with a little giggle "I'll be the judge of that". She turned to me and cupped my crotch with her hand, I was sporting a growing hardon which became rock hard in her hand, "I guess not too" she said and pulled me down onto the bed. We both began to quickly take off our clothes, we were naked in about 5 seconds. She hugged me close to her body as my dick rested between her thighs and pussy and we started to kiss while I squeezed her ass with my hands. I could feel the heat from her pussy on my dick, she was also getting very wet which made my dick very slippery, I couldn't help but begin to thrust between her thighs and pussy. With each thrust I pressed my pelvis into her clit, making her wetter and hornier.

Then without a warning she took my dick in her hand and slipped it into her pussy, I froze not sure of how to proceed and just stared into her lust filled eyes. At this point only the head of my dick was in her, but the feeling of her velvety walls clamping down on it was amazing. She leaned in for a very passionate kiss and thrust her pelvis closer to mine forcing my dick about half way into her moist canal. She was extremely tight, and the feeling of her warm lubricated walls sucking on my dick combined with our passionate kiss convinced me to push further until I was completely inside of her. I just stayed there motionless until we both got used to the feeling; then I started to slowly pull out, until only the head of my penis was inside of her, and slowly reentered her again and again. She began to moan very softly now; I turned her onto her back, my dick still buried in her, and continued to thrust missionary style, only faster. Now she moaned loudly with each in-thrust, making me go even more wild and start to thrust into her pussy as fast as I can; I pounded our pelvis's together, her pussy juices making squishing noises around my dick.

At this point her moans had turned into desperate screams of pleasure; "don't stop, please don't stop... I'mm gonna cummmmmm" was the last thing she said before her body arched, became rigid and started to shake, her eyes closed shut and her breathing became choppy and short. She was cumming, her pussy released wave after wave of pussy juice all over my raging cock and onto both our pelvis's and thighs. Her canal became much tighter and started to milk my cock with intense vigor; I couldn't hold myself anymore and with a series of strong grunts sent jet after jet of cum smashing into her cervix. It was such an intense pleasure, like I've never felt before, as her pussy walls continued to stroke my cock, even as I came. As both of our orgasms subsided we hugged even closer, my dick still being milked inside of her. We fell asleep in each other's arms, totally spent from the day's activities.

The end of part 2... to be continued...

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