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Part 3 of Facefucked, Nathan and Austin lay down the rules for the week
I awoke to the creaking of Nathan's steps as two tall, beautiful boys made their way downstairs. I sat up on his couch and licked my lips, the bitterness of our previous concoction still lingering on my tongue. They both entered the room already shirtless and pulling at their belts. I got to my knees excitedly, eager to continue my fulfillment of the bet. Nathan was the first to get his belt off, and he stepped forward as he dropped his boxers to his ankles.

I flipped my tousled blonde bangs out of my eyes and lifted Nathan's dick up with my tongue, before bobbing my head forward and filling the room with a loud slurp. I felt him stiffen ever so slightly in my mouth, and continued sucking. My eyes worked their way up his body, following the trail of hair from his pelvis up to his stomach. I soaked in every detail of his chiseled hips, my eyes tracing the V-shape of where his flat abs met his pelvis. I felt myself hardening and quickly slid down the thin boxers around my waist.

I glanced up, hoping to see the same look of pleasure on Nathan's face as I had seen just hours before. I was met, however, with a blinding flash, disorienting me and knocking me out of my rhythm. When my vision returned moments later, I saw Austin leaning over Nathan's shoulder, both of them grinning at the screen on Austin's iPhone.

When I realized he had snapped a photo of me in my vulnerable position, I tried to pull away from Nathan, only to feel his hand grip the back of my head and shove my face into his crotch. My lips touched into his pubes, and I could do nothing but stare upwards as he held my head in place.

Austin finally turned his phone around, and confirmed my fears. My own bright blue eyes stared back at me almost innocently from his brightly lit screen, as I saw my lips stretched around Nathan's cock.

"Well, we definitely wouldn't want this getting out, would we?" Austin taunted. I was in disbelief. No one could see that picture, or my reputation around school would be ruined. "Tell you what, I'll make you a deal." I knew there would be a catch coming. "You have to keep up your end of the bet, and be our slave for the rest of Spring Break. You will do what we want, when we want, and with whomever we want you to do it with. If you can be an obedient little cumslave, maybe I won't send this picture around campus. Does that sound like a good deal to you?"

I had to agree, lest my reputation be soiled around school. Not that I would have turned them down anyway, serving these two studs would be a fantasy-come-true. I bobbed my head up and down in agreement, my nose scratching against Nathan's pubes.

"I'm sorry, what was that? I think the proper response was, 'Yes master, I'll swallow your cum whenever you ask.'"

I tried to utter "Yes master" through Nathan's thick cock, but all that escaped was pathetic gurgling. Saliva dripped down Nathan's balls and off my chin. Nathan's grip on the back of my head tightened, and he hardened even more in my mouth.

"Glad we could reach an agreement," Austin said with a smile, and took a seat on the couch. Nathan released his grip on the back of my head and finally allowed me to get a full breath. Strands of saliva fell to the floor as Nathan slapped his now fully-erect and dripping wet cock across my face. I turned around to face Austin's flaccid penis as he lazily stroked it on the couch.

I lowered my head to his crotch, and he laid his shaft on my face. I engulfed his balls in my mouth, sucking loudly and recreating the earlier slurping noise while I felt him hardening on my face. Behind me, I felt Nathan grab my hips and raise me to my feet. I felt him enter me, and shuddered as he worked up his rhythm.

Austin finally took his cock off my face and put it into my mouth, as I was still being bent over by Nathan. Nathan quickened his pace, as did Austin, who grabbed either side of my head and thrust my mouth deeper onto his shaft in unison with Nathan. Before long, they had it down to a science, with Nathan's balls slapping against my own in time with Austin's balls slapping against my chin.

Nathan eventually pulled out and Austin let go of my head. Austin, still sitting on the couch grabbed my hips and sat me onto his lap, his cock slowly sliding into my ass. My lips opened wide with a loud moan, and drool dripped off my chin. Nathan stepped onto the couch and directed his dick into my open mouth, and began fucking it as Austin got deeper into my asshole.

I ferociously sucked Nathan's boner, licking every side with my tongue. I heard him moan above me, and he grasped my head once more. He throbbed in my mouth, and I wrapped my lips around the very tip. I felt one warm spurt hit the roof of my mouth, and immediately began sucking the rest of the cum out of his cock. He filled my mouth with several more spurts, and I felt him go limp. I gave one more hard suck to gather any trace remnants of his cum, and quickly swallowed.

He stepped off the couch right as Austin really began to ram me, thrusting himself deeper and deeper into me for several minutes. We both moaned loudly, and my own cock was throbbing. I reached down to jerk myself off, and after only several strokes, I exploded all over my chest. I practically went limp, and Austin grabbed my sides and shoved himself deep into me. I felt the familiar warm sensation of Austin's semen inside of me, and I laid motionless on top of him as he finished.

He slowly pulled out and I climbed back onto the floor. His hand reached forward to guide me back to his cock, but I knew well enough what I was expected to do. I took his still throbbing dick into my mouth and sucked it for minutes, leaving it dripping and glistening when he finally waved me off.

They gathered their clothes and left upstairs without a word, but I could tell they had much more in store for me. I ventured into the downstairs bathroom and turned on the shower. I felt the hot water washing away the sweat and cum splayed across my body, and I took a wash towel to clean out my ass. I winced at the touch, and realized how sore I was. For the rest of my shower, the only thought that crossed my mind was, "this is going to be a long week."

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I am so horny, some one sexy me, any age works

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I am so horny, some one sexy me, any age works

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