Part two of the story of once sexually repressed cousin Jane, blessed (or cursed) by a killer body and incredible tits, has at last come out of her shell ? is at university, has an older lecturer boyfriend, and has vehemently spurned me ? who initiated her into normality ? at a family Xmas party. Then?

About six months later I heard, through the family grapevine that Jane’s romance had ended, the boyfriend had successfully applied for a position in an Australian university without her knowledge – and had left for the antipodes at the end of term. I must admit I felt a frisson of vengeful pleasure at the news – she had just gotten too big for her bra, so to speak –serves her right!

Then, in September, I was at home working at my desk when I received a phone call from a number I didn’t recognise. I answered; it was Jane.
‘John,’ she said, ‘it’s Jane. I know it’s taken me a long time to call you – but I want to apologise. I overreacted – I’d had too much to drink – but I never should’ve said that to you.’
I stayed quiet, making it as difficult as I could for her.
‘Are you there, John?’ she said to the silence.
‘Look, I’ve been feeling terrible about that for a long time… I’m sorry.’
‘You mean for calling me a rapist – or for striking me viciously across the face, giving me a black eye?’ This last bit was a lie, of course, but I wasn’t letting her off easily.
She gasped, ‘Oh no – I’m sorry, I didn’t know!’ I could tell by her voice she was now crying.
‘What do you want, Jane? I’m busy.’
‘John, I didn’t know who to turn to – I’m in a terrible mess; I can’t tell my parents and I need help.’
‘What kind of help?’ I answered, making my voice sound as disinterested as I could.
‘Can I come and see you, John. I’d rather tell you face to face?’
‘Oh, I don’t know about that – you’re not flavour of the month with me, you know.’
‘Please, John – I’m at my wits’ end. I’m desperate – I’ll do anything you want me to!’
That piqued my interest. ‘Oh, you will, will you? What if I tell you that I don’t want anything from you?’
Her voice changed, challenging me, ‘Well, you did that night at the Christmas party.’
I laughed indifferently, ‘You think so? Like you said to me at the time, maybe I was just being polite, feeling you up for old time’s sake?’
‘Please don’t do this to me, John. I’m begging you. Please can I come and see you?’
I paused, letting her hang on the phone in the quiet. Finally I spoke.
‘Ok, come and see me here tonight about nine – but I’m not promising anything other than I’ll listen to what you have to say.’
‘Thank you, thank you. I’ll be there for nine…’
I hung up while she was still thanking me effusively. What was going on, I wondered?

Precisely at nine the buzzer went and I told her to come up. I welcomed her frostily, pointed to the couch opposite and told her to sit down. I poured us both a glass of wine from the bottle I had opened while I was eating. She removed her overcoat, and immediately I could see she had dressed to impress. Like the last time I saw her at the party, she was wearing black stockings and six inch heels; otherwise she was clad in a black micro-dress made of some sort of Spandex like material that clung to her every contour and with a top cut so low that it struggled to contain her breasts. I made no comment regarding her appearance, just instructed her to proceed when she was ready.

She looked uncomfortable, and brushed imaginary specks from her stockings while avoiding my eyes. ‘John,’ she said at last, ‘I’m in so much trouble… I don’t know what to do…’
‘Yes, you said that on the phone. Tell me something I don’t know.’
‘I don’t know where to start…’
‘Are you pregnant?’ I interrupted.
‘Is this to do with Julian?’
She hesitated, before nodding. ‘Yes, it is indirectly…’
I acted as though I was becoming impatient. ‘Well, what the fuck is it? Spit it out.’
‘I’m seriously in debt,’ she said.

This was a bit of an anticlimax. Money troubles – who didn’t have them? Was that all, I asked her.
‘It’s out of control,’ she said., ‘Julian started by borrowing small amounts of money from me, but never paid them back. Then he wanted larger and larger amounts…’
‘What for?’ I interrupted. ‘He’s a lecturer and you’re only a student – he’s earning and you’re not – what was going on?’
‘I didn’t know at the time, though he would make up cock and bull stories that I believed, but now I know he was gambling. Before he disappeared off to Australia he secretly used my credit card to gamble online, until he maxed it out. I only found out the week after he’d left.’ Tears were running down her cheeks now, staining her makeup.
‘How much?’ I asked.
‘Twelve hundred pounds.’
‘That’s not too bad – you can pay it off bit by bit.’
‘But that’s not all. Over the past year he borrowed all the spare cash I had in my student loan account; I even borrowed five hundred pounds from my mother and secretly gave it to him. But the worst is that I got two thousand pounds from a loan shark – he swore he’d pay me the money back when he got his salary in.’
‘Which he didn’t, of course?’
‘No, and, with interest, it’s now nearly three thousand – and they are putting me under pressure to repay it by this weekend…’ she broke down sobbing, taking a fistful of Kleenex from the box on the coffee table between us.
‘There’s no chance of getting the money from him somehow?’ I asked
‘No. Even when he was here he was notorious for not paying people. I didn’t know at the time but he obviously has a major problem. It turns out he was always borrowing from everyone.’
‘It’s amazing how he managed to get away with it’ I said, ‘It’s one thing taking advantage of your deluded girlfriend time after time, but you can only rip other people off once!’
‘Well, lately he developed a technique for that,’ she said, blowing her nose and trying to steady herself. She saw the unspoken question in my face, and went on. ‘’He called it “selling his woman”!’
I just looked at her in astonishment, as she continued.
‘The first time it was a fellow academic – a professor, I think. I’d met him once or twice at university suppers; he was an older, bald fat man whom I could tell fancied me. Anyway, Julian said the professor had loaned him money some time ago and was insisting on it back. He needed to clear the debt or he’d get in trouble with the university authorities, so he asked me to spend an evening entertaining him: dinner, wine, you know –in Julian’s flat. I wasn’t happy, but Julian pleaded…’
‘And the professor wanted you for dessert?’
She nodded. ‘Yes, but I always remembered what you used to say to me – “It’s only a fuck, it’s not an emotional commitment, and it doesn’t leave a stain.” – that sentiment always got me through.’
‘Always got you through?’ I was intrigued.
Yes, after that he made more arrangements, mostly with strangers – I don’t know how. I’d meet them, usually in a bar or hotel, somewhere, and they’d be sure to recognise me from the photographs that he’d obviously been using to advertise me.
I protested, but by this stage he was starting to blackmail me, telling me that if I didn’t do as I was told he’d send photos he had taken of me fucking the professor in the apartment the first night to my parents.’
‘So he set you up by taking incriminating photos the first time, and used them both to control you and advertise your wares. Amazing! How much had he owed the professor? How much was he charging for your services to the strangers?’
‘I don’t know, he wouldn’t tell me – but apart from the professor, all the others were all-nighters in hotels… and basically, I was instructed to do whatever was required from me – so maybe they were paying as much as fifty or sixty quid for the night?’
I smiled inwardly at her naivety and said, ‘You’ve come a long way since you were the prim little virgin I raped a couple of years ago!’
I could see the comment stung her.
‘I’m sorry for saying that – I was just trying to hurt you! Please forgive me, and please help me now.’

I stood up and poured another two glasses from the half-empty bottle on the coffee table.
‘Jane, the problem is that the world is full of people who want you to share in their problems – and I’ve always felt that if you have enough problems of your own, it’s madness to take any others on.’
She looked at me uncomprehendingly, and I just stared back and sipped my wine.
‘So,’ I said, with a shrug, ‘the bottom line is that I don’t know what I could do to help you.’
‘Please John, you must know people. You’re always away on business, staying in fancy hotels…or even here, in your apartment.’
I was astounded. ‘What! Are you suggesting that I pimp you out? Here, in my home! – are you mad?’
Her voice cracked in desperation, the tears began to roll down her cheeks again.
‘Help me! I’ll do anything for you, if you do – anything!’

Despite my cold demeanour, I did feel sorry for her; but I wanted to make her suffer for her behaviour towards me at the Christmas party.
‘Anything? This is coming from the girl that wasn’t happy to suck my cock not much more than a year ago? The girl who preferred to do it in the dark because of embarrassment, who wouldn’t even be seen wearing sexy stockings? The girl who refused to let me trim her cunt hair because that would be too “dirty”? Now, this same girl is promising to do “anything” – is that right?’
‘I’m not that same person, look!’ She stood up and pulled her skirt up to her waist revealing a totally naked cunt, framed by the suspender supports. With both hands she opened the lips to display the redness inside, then spun around, bent over and displayed her anus and cunt from behind. When he stood upright again, and turned back round, she had freed her enormous tits from the dress top. She cupped one up to her face and began to suckle a nipple while fingering her clit with the other hand.
‘It was you who told me there was nothing inherently dirty about the sexual act – that such beliefs were just conditioning…’she gasped.
‘Yes, I may have provided the theory, but it was Julian who provided the work experience!’
She moved around the coffee table and stood directly in front of me, her cunt at face level, her massive tits bouncing slightly as she continued to finger herself – the musky odour flooding my nostrils.
‘So, yes, anything! I’ll do anything you want – please just help me!’ she cried.

Despite my attempt to remain detached, the sight and smell of her tits and cunt were making me hard. But I knew the one suggestion that was always complete anathema to her, that she didn’t even like to hear other people referring to – that would be the test.
‘Ok, you cunt!’ I said in a harsh tone, ‘you’re not going to get off that easily for slapping and repulsing me.’ I stood up, squeezed past her big tits, and went to the kitchen, returning with a squeezy bottle of washing-up liquid. She was still wanking herself and sucking her nipples when I got back – but that wasn’t what I wanted.

‘Get on your hands and knees, cunt, beside the coffee table. I’m going to fuck you up the ass and see if you mean what you say.’ I saw her eyes widen. ‘Don’t tell me that with all your experience you still haven’t been sodomised?’
She was kneeling on the carpet now, dress up around her waist, stockinged legs parted, her anus pink and tight looking.
‘No, I’ve always refused to do that!’
‘Well, if you really mean what you’ve just said, I think you’re about to change your mind!’ I knelt down between her legs and roughly pushed her knees further apart with my own. I liberally squirted the washing-up liquid around her asshole and cunt, lifted the wine bottle from the coffee table and drained the last few mouthfuls from it before starting to rub the top of the bottle up and down between her cunt lips, sliding it over her clitoris – I knew this was guaranteed to get her going – and it did. She had always climaxed easily, and repeatedly, and very quickly she was in full orgasm mode. I fucked her cunt with the now well lubricated bottle, then mid-orgasm pulled it out and began to ease it into her anus. Reflexively, her anus began clenching, rejecting the bottle mouth. I slathered more liquid around it and increased the pressure, and watched it slide into her ass, opening it up.

She became galvanised with uncontrolled spasms, as if she didn’t know which way to move – but I did. I kept plunging the bottle in and out accompanied by liberal squeezes of lubrication. Each inward thrust opened her up more, and each time it got easier and went in deeper. By now she had the rhythm, and seemed to be sucking it into her as far as the widest circumference without complaint. It slurped as I pulled it right out and filled the now soaking widened orifice with my hard, dripping cock.

She knew I was inside her now, and redoubled her bucking. The sensation was intense, I could feel the rectal contractions gripping me as I plunged in and out of her, I didn’t think I was going to last much longer. I leaned over her back and grabbed at her big tits, but they were so big that I couldn’t get quite the grasp on them I needed. So I reverted to her hips and gripped them securely as I ejaculated for what seemed like an unusually long time, deep into her ass.

As I crawled up onto the sofa, Jane sprawled onto her back. Her black clad legs, high heels, and gigantic exposed breasts made one hell of a sight. Damn it, I thought, I should’ve had my digital camera handy – this would make one hell of a promotional photo – and laughed to myself. Jane lifted the still slippery discarded wine bottle and looked at it with amazement.
‘My God!’ she gasped. ‘At first it was a bit frightening, but as you worked it in I began to feel things there I never felt before. To tell you the truth, it was very erotic, and it took me to orgasm just as well. How was it for you?’
‘Excellent,’ I replied, ‘like fucking the tightest cunt in the world – the only drawback was that I couldn’t maul your big titties properly.’
She smiled and stood up, went into the kitchen, and returned with a wet cloth. She kneeled in front of me and began to wash my cock and balls, gently wanking me as she did so. Gradually, I felt the engorgement rising, and she put her mouth over the head and began to fellate me, while I reached down and massaged her breasts. Within minutes I was rock hard again. She stood up and peeled her dress over her head leaving her naked apart from stockings and shoes. She looked better than I’d ever seen her before – and I had been right, her breasts certainly had grown even bigger. What a stupid bugger Julian had been – he’d killed the goose! This girl would’ve been worth a fortune, if marketed discreetly in the right circles – and she was begging me to do it for her!

She opened her legs and straddled me, a mixture of cleaning liquid and her own juices streaming from her cunt onto my cock, she guided me into her hot wetness, engulfed me with her body and covered my face and neck with kisses as she drained me for a second time.

After continual assurances of devoted submissive servitude to me, I relented and told her that I would provide the money to pay off the moneylender – and that I’d also address the question of how she would clear her other debts and repay me.

She was overwhelming in her thanks and wanted to stay the night – but I told her to leave. I had no intention of allowing her to feel that we were going to revert to any sort of emotional relationship; the memory of her ingrate bitchiness and insults at the Christmas party still rankled and I tend to hold a grudge. I would help her, yes, but in the role of a valued harlot, not an equal. This time, she would know her place, and not be getting above her station.


As I lay in bed mulling over the evening’s events, my mind drifted back nearly two years to one of the rare occasions we had ventured out in public together when we were having our clandestine affair. We had gone to see a well-reviewed play at a theatre quite a distance from where we both lived. Of course, during the intermission, who should we bump into in the bar but an older ex-colleague of mine called Sam who had been headhunted to a rival firm at an enormously increased salary? He was accompanied by his wife, Cherry, a high powered corporate lawyer, who, though slender with little in the way of a bosom, was very pretty and sexy looking with long athletic legs shod in killer heels. They both greeted us effusively, and despite my protestations insisted we should have a meal with them after the show.

I could see that both of them were quite taken by Jane – I don’t know which of them found it harder to take their eyes off her tits. Later, Sam privately suggested to me that my girlfriend and I might like to smoke a little dope and perhaps do a little swinging with them later on at their home. I told him we weren’t actually an item – just friends, and then he shocked me by asking whether, in that case, did I think it likely that Jane might like to make a quick five hundred by spending the night with the two of them. At the sight of my expression, he quickly added that I, of course, would be welcome to join in if I wished. I replied that I didn’t think it would be on – but that I’d mention it to her. Of course, when I did repeat the conversation to her later when we were alone, she had been horrified to think we had spent the time in such debauched company. What a difference a couple of years can make, I thought!

The more I thought about that evening, the more I considered the possibility of using them as a virtual ‘trial run’ – and just see if what Jane had said was entirely true. So, the next morning I gave Sam a call at work – explained that Jane, who he remembered vividly, was having some financial problems, and said I reckoned I might now be able to fulfil his proposal if he was still interested.

I could tell he was buzzing at the prospect and asked me if he could call me back after he’d spoken to Cherry. He phoned me back within ten minutes. Cherry, he said, was very excited at the news, but insisted that Jane should know that the deal would entail girl on girl action apart from regular sex. With that condition, she told him to tell me confidentially, money wasn’t an issue, and that this coming weekend at their home would be ideal. On that basis, he immediately upped his offer to a thousand, almost rendering me speechless – though I did have the presence of mind to make sure I was included in the mix.

I then phoned Jane and simply informed her that I was organising a money-raising evening for her in a few days, and that I would tag along to make sure the clients would not be disappointed with their investment. She assured me that she wouldn’t let me down in any way, adding that my presence would be a welcome reassurance for her.

She came to my apartment that evening so that I might approve her appearance – and I certainly had no criticisms. I don’t think I’d ever seen her looking so good. Her dress was a close fitting silken cream wrap-over that exuded sophistication as well as sexual promise, especially as her nipples protruded through the clinging material so far that they cast subtle shadows. As she walked in, the front split below the belt flashed an exciting sexual semaphore of pale flesh and black stocking-tops. Her patent black stiletto heels matched the black shine of her hair, and the waxen glow from her crimson lips made my mouth water.

I watched her from the couch as she modelled herself in front of me, twirling her hem high, showing a black filmy thong, and then flashing her enormous globular assets in a matching quarter-cup bra for my approval. The erotic display was making me hard, but I wasn’t going to share that with her.

I nodded approvingly and held my hand up.
‘You look fantastic. Sexy and sophisticated without the brassiness of a whore – just what we need tonight.’
She smiled her thanks.
‘Just one thing before we go –we shall be spending this evening with that couple we met at the theatre ages ago – you remember them, Sam and Cherry?’
‘The couple who offered the money for me to spend the night with them?’
‘Yes, that’s why I phoned him; I reckoned if they were still interested, it would be an easy warm-up in your new venture.’
‘And Cherry? She’ll be watching as I screw her husband – is that right?’ she asked.
‘She sure will – and she’ll probably be sucking your tits at the same time! But more importantly, you will take your lead from her, and feel her, kiss her, suck her nipples and eat her cunt according to what she wants.’
Jane coloured a bit beneath her make up. ‘You mean she’s a lesbian? I’ve never done that!’
‘Remember, there’s a first time for everything – and remember, you have promised to do anything, not just pick and choose!’ My voice hardened in line with my erection. ‘But I’m sure she’s not a lesbian, just bisexually curious – in fact, if the night goes as I hope, I’m sure I’ll be fucking her myself.’ I stood up and grabbed my jacket, then added, ‘One last thing, I’ll probably be leaving later– you are booked for the entire night, so make sure you do as you are ordered. Cherry is your boss for this evening – don’t forget that!’

Our hosts lived in a large country house at the end of an avenue of trees, through tall electric gates, and they were waiting with open arms to greet us. Sam and Cherry were in their early forties; Sam was casually dressed in open-necked shirt and chinos but Cherry looked like she’d just walked in from a black and white Helmut Newton Vogue photo shoot with sadomasochistic undertones.

She was wearing a two inch wide black choker around her neck and a straight-edged black corseted bustier top which compressed her small breasts upwards showing a half disc of dark brown areola peeping over the rim. The areola edge was emphasised with black liner as were her dark coloured lips. Her above the knee black pencil-line skirt was split to the hip revealing a black stocking top and suspender, and her high peep-toe heels were also matching black.

We were invited in to a dimly lit lounge area with several large leather sofas dotted about a monumental open fireplace where a log fire burned. Some strange foreign language music played softly in the background. Sam took Jane’s coat and took drink orders while Cherry took Jane’s arm and directed her to one of the big sofas where she sat down beside her.
‘What a beautiful girl, John, you sure are a lucky man,’ she said to me while drinking in the erotic loveliness beside her. ‘And what wonderful breasts!’ Cherry parted Jane’s wrap-over top at nipple level and moved the silken material to the side of her breast, exposing the left massive globe in its splendorous entirety, perched on its quarter cup shelf.
‘Oh, I just love the way you have them displayed! May I…?’ she said, but without waiting for a reply, bent over and took Jane’s nipple in her mouth and began to suck while kneading the body of her breast.
‘Steady on, darling!’ Sam said, on returning with drinks. ‘Let our guests at least sit down and have a drink before you start raping them!’ he laughed.
‘I’m sorry, Jane, darling, but you just look so delicious,’ Cherry apologised to Jane, ‘and I wanted to get a taste and a feel of you while you are so crisp and pristine, before my husband has his way with you and makes you too sweaty and sticky.’
Jane just smiled politely.
‘Darling, you were right,’ she added to her husband, ‘those enormous fun-bags are all Jane’s own – not a feel of plastic about them – and yet they are so firm, not like the usual, drooping to the waist, half-empty saddlebags, that we more commonly come across with most supposedly well endowed models we see, once they remove their supportive garments.’
She addressed Jane directly while still fondling her exposed breast. ‘You are such a find, and you’ve made me so wet already…’ She moved her hand from the breast and, opening her stockinged legs wide, pulled Jane’s hand directly between them. ‘Feel that, Jane, do you see what I mean?’

The penny suddenly dropped with Jane, and she leaned forward and eased Cherry back onto the sofa while at the same time swivelling onto her knees on the carpet beside her. Yes, I could see she had Cherry’s vaginal lips apart, had two fingers inside her and was massaging her clitoris with her thumb. Cherry writhed in agony, her pubic area on display, with a large diameter spider’s web tattoo centred on her cunt, for us all to see.
‘Oh, you are one sexy cunt,’ Jane whispered, and dropped her mouth down onto the clitoris.

She was now between Cherry’s legs, keeping them splayed – as if demonstrating to me just how she was living up to our deal – lapping at her clitoris and vagina, while Cherry went into overdrive, frenziedly jerking her groin into Jane’s face. Jane reached up and pulled the top of the bustier down revealing Cherry’s small firm tits with giant sized pierced areolas and stubby brown nipples wrinkled hard with passion, and began twisting and pulling them. Cherry began to scream as her orgasm crescendoed in its intensity. Jane fought against Cherry’s reflexively closing thighs – it was like a rape, mashing her face and tongue hard into the opening, as Cherry lost control and surrendered to Jane’s strength and energy, reaching orgasm after noisy orgasm.

Mesmerised by the spectacle being played out between Cherry’s legs, I hadn’t noticed Sam undressing in the background – but now he was standing behind Jane gripping an enormous erection. He dropped to his knees behind her; flipped Jane’s dress up over her hips, grabbed her flimsy black thong and violently ripped it off her. He slipped his hand down between her legs – and, obviously disappointed – grabbed her hair and pulled her face from his wife’s soaking, squirming vagina. He dipped his free hand into the soaking crack and scooped a fistful of lubricant, then released his grip on Jane’s head – which plunged back between Cherry’s legs – and slathered the mess around Jane’s cunt before ramming his member hard up her.

Jane took the rampant assault in her stride, redoubling her fellation of the still screaming Cherry while moving up a sexual gear as Sam bent his arms around her, grabbed both titties and then began a frenetic pumping into her cunt.
This was enough for me, I couldn’t wait any longer. Cherry had long fascinated me with her long lean legs and her overt sexuality, but now, the sight of her half-stripped tattooed body gyrating under the others had taken me to the edge. I quickly stripped, balanced on my knees on the sofa behind her head and moved my scrotum directly over her face. My exposed cock was rigid and dripping with pre-cum. I slapped it across her face several times to let her know what was coming, and stuck it into her mouth, yelling to her to suck. I pushed Jane’s hands from Cherry’s small breasts, gripped the nipple piercings, and began fucking my cock hard into her face.

I watched Jane’s face lift from Cherry’s cunt in a scream of orgasmic ecstasy as Sam’s pounding began to hit the spot. He was tearing her clothes off her, the enormous tits bouncing, now totally out of Sam’s control. He wrestled her from on top of his wife and pinioned her on her back on the ground, before plunging his cock into her from the front. His face burrowed into her breasts as he fucked her ferociously, while she creamed repetitively and loudly.

Cherry turned her attention to me, grabbing my cock and balls and began to concentrate on sucking. But now she was free, I wanted more. I slipped her skirt off, then turned her around and bent her over the back of the sofa, knees on the seat squabs. My cock was nearly bursting with lust, so I nudged her knees further apart and entered her soaking vagina. After a few thrusts I realised that she was just too wet – and so did she.
She turned her head and whispered, ‘In my ass, quickly – I’m soaking there as well, from all my coming. Stick it in! Ride me hard!’

She was right, her anus and the very globes of her ass were all well lubricated. I edged the tip of my cock into the pink puckered opening and pushed. A momentary resistance and I was in her, gripped gloriously tightly by her anus; I slid my hands under her arms, grabbed those pierced tits once more and slammed up her. Within seconds she was screaming again in rhythm with my grunting. I cleaved to her torso, pulling her head tightly back against my belly and chest by the flexible black choker around her neck. Nothing could stop me, I was going to ejaculate my load right up her tight ass – I couldn’t hold on any longer, especially as she had started yelling, ‘Harder! Fuck me harder, you fucker!’

As I came in Technicolor ecstasy, I crushed her little tits in my fists, and reamed her savagely till my balls were vacuumed empty by her rectal muscles. I slid sideways onto the couch satiated.

Sam only lasted seconds longer than me, probably tipped over by the sight of his wife being sodomised in front of him – he collapsed on the floor. Cherry stood up and stripped off the bustier she was still half-wearing. Even in my subdued post-coital state, she looked sexy – sexy in the most depraved, ‘dirty’ sense of the word. Damn it, I wanted to fuck her again, but I knew I couldn’t have managed it! Still in her high heels and stockings she walked over to the corner of the room, bent over for something, and returned fastening a large prosthetic penis between her legs. She opened a little jar and coated the penis with a viscous fluid before taking Jane by the hand again and leading her to a couch opposite. They kissed and groped each other’s breasts for mere minutes before Cherry pushed Jane backwards parted her thighs, and carefully slipped the monster into her cunt. Almost immediately Jane was screaming in orgasm again, more vocal this time, vying with her hostess for lewdness as Cherry buried her face in Jane’s jugs.
‘Fuck it hard up me, you cunt! Harder! Harder! Suck my tits! Pull them harder! Milk them! Milk them, you whore!’
Cherry did her best to obey. They grappled and fucked without any let up, both of them obviously enjoying orgasm after orgasm. Sam was now sitting upright, pulling his member into erection again. He knelt down behind his wife’s glorious taught rear, and without any hesitation, stuck his cock into the hole conveniently lubricated by my ejaculate. He sunk right in and began pumping her in time with Cherry’s fucking of Jane, while still trying to get as much of a grip of Jane’s tits as possible. I watched until he spent himself and rolled off exhausted.

The other two were now both slicked with perspiration, their frenetic slowing to mutual kisses and caresses. Cherry withdrew the dildo and quickly discarded it, turning again to embrace Jane tenderly. Jane cuddled into her, stroked her long thighs, and nuzzled her tiny breasts; they both looked as though they were ready for a sleep.

I nudged Sam, who smiled at me like the cat who got the cream.
‘I’m going to head off,’ I mouthed quietly, pulling my discarded clothes back on.
Sam jumped up beckoning me to follow him. In the hallway, he lifted a sealed envelope and handed it to me.
‘This is what we agreed ok?’
I thanked him, adding, ‘Do you want me to pick her up in the morning?’
No, no, either Cherry or I will drop her off. And thank you, she is fantastic – better than we could have dreamt – and the night is still young!’ he said, his face beaming. ‘And we both enjoyed your participation as well!’
‘Entirely my pleasure, Cherry is one sexy woman!’ I said.

The next morning, Jane called me.
‘Sorry, John, I didn’t see you go last night.’
‘I didn’t want to disturb the customer – but I got paid, and they seemed to be very happy with you.’
‘Hmm, well, they certainly got their money’s worth!’ her voice took on a slight critical edge. ‘She was pretty insatiable; my tits are sore from having been abused all night, and my cunt is raw from being eaten, fucked, and having a fucking big dildo being stuck in and out of it when he wasn’t riding me!’ I hope they paid you plenty?’
‘How does a grand sound – would that cover your discomfort?’
‘A thousand pounds – you’re not serious!’ her voice cracked with surprise.
I assured her I wasn’t joking, adding, ‘And you seemed to be enjoying yourself, lapping her cunt, and her lapping yours?’
‘Don’t get the wrong idea. It wasn’t as horrible as I’d feared, but I was just acting when I was doing her. He was ok – but for a thousand pounds a night I’d take on ten couples the same!’ she laughed.
‘Ok, Jane, I’ll make a mental note of that!’
She rung off, saying that she needed to get some sleep, and that she’d talk to me later.

It was altogether a good result, her financial problems were on the way to being solved. I had benefited from some unexpected sexual excitement, plus I had a big-titted whore on tap who was under no illusions what our relationship was and where it was going. But, realistically, it wasn’t the business for me, and once she’d paid back her debt to me and got herself back on an even keel financially, it was my intention to quietly bow out and get on with my own life.


2015-10-24 08:51:45
A fantastic story occam, it's a shame you ended it here as I would have loved to have read more of John whoring Jane out, there are so many wild and debauched scenarios you could have put her in to :)
On a more personal note occam I'd like to complement you on your writing skills; your stories flow beautifully and your characters are both realistic and very visual (as the wetness between my legs can usually attest to ;) )
I hope you continue with your erotic writing and I look forward to reading more of your exciting stories in the future. xx


2014-05-13 01:46:46
Can't wait for more! x

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