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Next thing I knew I was in a female body
to tell my story I must start in the beginning. since 5th grade she's been in almost all my classes, I've seen her in the hall ways, but I never said hi. After graduating I went to a college that was near my town, about 40 miles away. I was staying with my older sister while i was in college. On the first day I went I saw her there, she was still looking more beautiful then ever. Blond hair to her shoulder, Bright green eyes, around 5'8, skinny, maybe a B bra size and the roundest,biggest, ass I have ever seen on a thin girl. I would have tried to get with during high school, but she was a high class girl, her family was military, and rich. she had only had 2 boyfriends, Never had sex and I never saw her at parties, The best part was she didn't smoke or drink like some of the skanks in our school. she was extremely nice, and talked to everyone but no one had the balls to ask her out. When I saw her at the college she noticed me and said, "Hi" that single word can make a man crazy. since that day I promised myself that I would get with her, But there were other plans for me and her, DARK,Sexual plans.

I remember reading about vodo rituals on the internet and how to switch body's with someone and take over there life but your body would remain the same, and once you were done you would go back to your own body and remember everything, while the other persons body was being used they would be asleep and not remember a thing. My plan was to switch bodys with my neighbor who was a millionaire stash some money somewhere then pick it up my self., his house took over the whole entire block. One day during Christmas Vacation I was doing the Ritual my parents were gone to there anniversary after Christmas and I told my little sister I had to go back to college but I was lying of course so I dropped her off at our aunts house. How the ritual is supposed to work is in the middle of the circle you put either a picture or a piece of hair in it and you light the candles and when the candles are done burning it happens. At first I didn't believe this so I put her picture that i had gotten from her at graduation. I fell asleep while the candles burned and the next thing I knew I woke up in another persons room.

First thing I did was get naked and I started touching my self, First my chest, They weren't big but they were just right, First I started pinching my nipples for at least 30 minutes, it felt so Good!, It turned me on so much I could feel a tingling sensation in my vagina, As i thought to myself I looked around the room and looked for anything that was long and the same size at a cock, my luck nothing. so I started fingering my self it hurt so much at first because she was still a virgin. her Vagina was small and I wanted to save that for later, so I started fingering my asshole, it hurt but pleasured me at the same time, I walked around the house after a while of fingering. and I found the parents room, I looked for money and got lucky $850, I put on some clothes that didn't show my huge ass. and went straight to the mall. I bought some clothes for her/myself and went to a sex shop afterwards. I bought a normal size Dildo, a double sided strap on, a video recorder, and a but plug.

I know my body was still at my house living a normal life, when I got there I just walked in and I saw myself sitting on the couch, I looked startled but I knew I would like Wat was coming next, I started taking off my clothes and I crawled to myself and I wanted to get ass fucked, and loose my virginity. So I started sucking my own cock, and man did it turn me on. I blew a huge load in my face. and I told myself put it in. Without hesitation I did and I felt something in my vagina, I looked down and I saw blood I had lost my virginity. after sex I told my self what was going on, He agreed seeing a circle and candles on the floor when he woke up. I stayed in my house with my other self for a week and everyday we fucked 10 times a day. fucking my pussy and tearing my asshole. the last thing i wanted to do was fuck this one girl I knew from my hold school, she had the biggest tits probably 36DDD, and good looking ass but as the one I had, but she was a major skank. I knocked on the door and we went to her room I told her I had a huge crush on her and that I was lesbian, she told me she wasn't into girl but I put on the double sided strap on and told her if we could do it she said okay. I set up the camera up and then we started fucking, I sucked on her enormous tits for at least 30 minutes and then ate her pussy then came the fun part, I fucked her in her loose twat,back and forth,back and forth, it was awesome I noticed my time was almost up so I went to my house and stashed the video in my room, then took her body back to her own house, showered, threw away the toys, and went to sleep in the same clothes she had on. When I woke up I kept the video and the photo for a second visit I would do later on.

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2013-02-19 23:42:52
Holy shit you are one fucked up bastard!!! I only hope you're not in the US, what are you anyways... sandnigger, raghead, must be some kind of a camel jockey!!! Do everyone a favor quit writing buy a gun and use it, on yourself obviously!!!

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2012-09-18 18:23:07

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2012-08-16 06:22:33
Actually person under me I would do the same

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2012-08-11 09:25:36
I don't get it. If the guy knew voodoo, why didn't he just use his abilities to make her fall in love with him, instead of inhabitting her body and fucking himself with it. Wouldn't that have made more sense?

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