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First time sending one of these up. let me know what you think.
My Loving Wife and I…
I have been with my wife for 7 years now and we have been married for 2 and a half. She is a fiery redhead whose body is great. She and I are both fire fighters for our local forestry service and I am a volunteer firefighter in our town. My main job is in another field which keeps me pretty busy so I am always tired when I get home from work. She is about 5’7” beautigull c cup tits and shaved pussy. Makes me hard just thinking about her. I am 5’11” slim and muscular dark hair. I also shave because she likes it. When hard I am about 6-7 inches with a nice girth. (leaving some details out on purpose)
Anyway, earlier in the week I messed with her about the incredible sex we had the night before. You see she had gotten so wet she was dripping and jerked me off for a little while I ate and attacked her pussy. Her juices were so tasty I couldn’t get it out of my head. She tasted so good I had a semi just about all day. That was Monday night. Now it was Wednesday. So while I was thinking about it I grabbed my phone and sent her a text.
What r u doin?
Nothing, what about you?
Thinking about you. How wet I made you last night, how much I made you come.
Yeah I keep thinking about it too. And I keep getting wet thinking about it.
It got me a little harder just thinking about how now instead of a semi I now was just about fully erect. I snapped a pic with my phone and sent it to her. Her response got me even harder.
I just came a little.
Oh yeah show me.
Her next text came a little while later and I remember it being a pic of her sweet pussy lips, wetter than hell. I could see from the pic she was on our bed, pants and underwear off. All I wanted is to go home and stick my tongue in her sweet honey pot. I remembered the taste from last night, I remembered how I licked and sucked on her swollen clit, how sweet her wetness was. God she was perfect. Then her next message came in.
I am playing with myself.
Oh yeah, how wet are ya
Extremely, I am thinking how good your cock felt slamming me last night.
All I could do was think about pulling my car over for some relief. Instead I sent another pic of me completely hard now. I was actually starting to precum and making a mess of my trousers as I rubbed my enlarged member while driving. I thought to myself, find a secluded area, pull over and rub one out. I just about got pulled over when her next message came through.
I am so wet and horny while playing with myself I just squirted a little.
Really? I love when you squirt.
I know you do.
Then another pic came through. This time she had spread her sweet lips apart and I could see her wetness dripping down into her asscracck. I thought how much I was loving this game I started. I thought about getting off from work, going home taking her in my arms and walking her up to the bedroom, ripping her clothes off and licking and fucking the shit out of her wet tight pussy. Then another pic came in. Now she had her purple vibrator shoved so far into her pussy I could barely make out what it was.
You know you are driving me nuts don’t you I said
Yes she said
You like this game we are playing? I said
Yes. I think you are liking it too. She said
Absolutely I said
God I want you here with me so bad. She said
Me too. I said
This was driving me nuts. I was at work, with a customer, she was at home playing with herself and sending me pictures of it. I shouldn’t complain though, this is something I wanted her to do. I figured it would spice things up a little.
I left the customer and sprinted to my car thinking I can’t wait to send another message. I can’t wait to get home and tear her pussy up. I can’t wait to see her, kiss her, lick her, and fuck the living shit out of her. I got some messages while with my customer but couldn’t read them as that wouldn’t be professional. I sat there and read them. As I was reading I became disappointed. I can’t remember all she said but a majority was about her going out with a friend.
I left the customers parking lot and headed home. When I got home and walked into the house I noticed a familiar voice. It was our friend who came to visit for a few hours. I kissed my wife hello and sat in my normal chair. Turned on the T.V. and started to nod off. Then I noticed my wife kept walking into the dining room and staring at me. When I did look up she turned and walked back into the kitchen. Wondering what she was up to I forced myself to not take my normal after work nap. Just then she came into the dining room again, this time she was out of the line of sight of the kitchen. She licked her lips, and ran a finger on the outside of her jeans over her pussy, then she stuck her finger in her mouth and sucked it. I now knew what she was up too. That little bitch was actually teasing me. She went back into the kitchen after grabbing something off the dining room table and went back to her conversation.
About 20 minutes later I was starting to nod off again when she walked into the dining room again. This time I came to and noticed that she quickly undid the top of her pants and stuck her had down them and kept it there for a few seconds, then she did something I never saw her do before, she pulled her hand out showed them to me, which I could clearly see they were coated with her juices, and then stuck two of her fingers in her mouth and sucked them clean. By this time I felt my cock starting to stir. She buttoned her pants up and walked back into the kitchen resuming what she was doing.
I couldn’t believe it. She was teasing me. That Bitch. I couldn’t wait for our friend to leave now. About an hour later our friend left and my wife came in and sat in her chair as I was nodding off again. I remember her and I watching something on T.V. when I suddenly woke up and looked at her saying I was going out for a smoke. She came with me and after I walked into the bathroom to take a leak. When I came into the living room she had resumed sitting in her chair. I walked over to her and bent down to kiss her. As I did my hand wandered over her crotch as she was sitting kind of spread eagle. I could feel the heat and moisture from her cunt through her jeans. As she teased me just over an hour ago I figured I would do the same. We broke our embrace and I finally laid down on the couch laughing at her. She sat in her chair with a pout look on her face. I told her I needed a knap and slowly nodded off.
I only knapped for about 20 minutes or so when she got up and started her way up the stairs to our room. I wondered what she was going to do next. Then I heard her lay down on our bed. (Our bed creaks and moans from the box spring that needs to be replace.) After about 5 minutes or so I thought I would go see what she was doing. I walked in and saw she was laying face down. I walked up and sat next to her. I could already tell she was wet by the smell of the air. I slowly kissed her on her lips. She rolled over and put her arms around me pulling me closer. I slowly ran my hand over her crotch and again felt the warm moistness. I undid her pants and stuck my hand into her pants under her panties, I got an immediate surprise. She was dripping wet. She grabbed my cock through my pants and started to lightly rub me as I fingered her.
I couldn’t take it anymore. I stood up yanked her pants off then dove at her sloppy wet hole. I ran my tongue over her slit and she quivered. Her juices were flowing even more. I stuck my tongue on her swollen clit and started to tickle it. Her taste was so sweet, I lapped at her pussy lips, clit, and all around. I stuck two fingers into her pussy and she moaned. I was soo hard right now I couldn’t wait to fuck her wet cunt. I felt her reach for my belt and undid my pants letting them fall to the floor. She immediately engulfed my cock in her mouth as I was greedily lapping at her dripping cunt. She was doing a good job sucking my cock as I was doing a good job at bringing her to a shattering orgasm with my mouth. She started to gyrate her hips when my tongue slightly touched her asshole. She came immediately all over my face. I was loving it, and so was she.
When she came down from her high she pulled me up to her face, looked me in the eyes and begged me to fuck her. Who was I to deny her. I got on top of her and aimed my large errectiion at her sloppy hole and ran it up and down her slit. She was now trying to pull me in using her legs around my back. It wasn’t working. I looked into her eyes and asked if I was teasing her. She replied yes. “Good, that’s what you get for teasing me earlier today.” “Hey no fair. You teased me all day sending pics of your cock. I want you to fuck me right now” she said..
By now she could tell I wasn’t going to let her get her way until I was done teasing her. I kept sliding my cock over her heated mound, slowly giving her more in her pussy then pulling it out every time. When I saw she was going to scream at me I impaled her with my hard on. My cock easily entered her cunt as I held it there for a few seconds. She came instantly. I started to thrust in and out slowly at first then increasing pace and pressure. I sat up enough so I could rub her clit with my thumb. I was driving her further and further into ecstasy when she looked at me and shouted “JUST FUCK ME ALREADY”. I did as I was told. I slammed my cock so hard she squelched in pleasure. “HARDER. HARDER… FUCK ME HARDER” she said as my balls were slapping at her asscrack. I felt the all too familiar feeling as my balls and my cock were about to explode. I felt the wave of juices start their trip to the tip of my cock. I unleashed my love juices deep into her pussy as she gripped my ass checks with her hands biting her lower lip.
We both collapsed onto the bed and tried to regain ourselves. We kissed and made some small talk for a few. I looked at her. She was so beautiful. Especially after we have sex. Her eyes sparkled, god I loved her so much. We rested for what seemed to be for a while, then we cleaned ourselves up, got dressed and went to get some food.
After we ate and because of last night’s activity of sucking and fucking, plus this afternoons pleasure hour I wasn’t left with much energy. I took a shower after completing some minor paperwork that my boss had been within for. I shaved cleaned up and made my way to our room. I saw she was laying on her back, reading with her knees up in the air, legs spread open far enough to show me her pussy. It was so inviting, I wanted to stick my head between her legs and get another taste of her sweet juices. I wanted to make her cum again.
I laid down after I got done with my normal routine. She put her book down and then placed her head on my chest. We chatted for a bit and then she started to run here hand over my crotch under the covers. I thought to myself how good it felt. My cock started to stir again. Just then she pulled the covers off revealing my cock. She started to jerk me off and then pulled herself up on all fours. She turned around to find a hair band and put her hair up in a pony tail. She knew I loved to watch her suck my cock. After a few minutes she stopped and looked at me. Without saying anything she swung her leg over my head and sat her pussy on my face. I didn’t know how long I could last with her mouth on my swollen cock. I licked and sucked her pussy until a wave of fluid shot out of her pussy. I loved the taste of her. Her juices flowed down my face. Well the ones I missed at least. Again I found myself in total ecstasy. I kept lapping at her cunt as she kept up her incredible cocksucking. I felt the wave of pleasure in my balls and then she moved her mouth as I shot my load all over. She kept up with jerking me for a few minutes when another wave of pleasure hit us both. I shot my second load straight up in the air. As she clamped her legs together with my head in between as she came again all over my face.
That was it I officially had nothing left in me. She got up and laid next to me as my cock got soft. She looked a little confused I wasn’t going to fuck her again until I explained that cumin 12 times in 24 hours has drained me completely. She understood and we fell asleep in each other’s arms.
I woke up on Friday morning to find myself horny again. It had been two nights since the above story, we had made love both nights. Come to think of it this had been the first time in a while we had sex every night for a week straight. God it felt so good to have such a loving and understanding wife.
As I lay next to her I kissed the back of her neck and stuck my hard cock against her juicy ass. I got no response. I reached around her and felt her tits and played with her nipples. Again no response. I thought to myself I should get up and get ready for work while she slept. I thought I should save my energy, and cum, for later. I slowly got up, got dressed and walked down the stairway to fix my coffee. I had a lot of work to do before I left for work, I fed the cat, walked the dog and then sat in front of my computer trying to clear my head of the naked women in my bed.
I got my normal routine out of the way, i.e. checking emails, checking accounts, etc. I started to pack my laptop up and got ready to leave. I heard my wife starting to stir. I waited until she came down for her coffee. I kissed her goodbye and went on my way. While driving to work I was thinking of different things but my wife and what was going on this week kept overpowering the things I was supposed to be thinking about. I got to my first customer took care of the issue at hand and went on to my office where my boss was waiting to have a meeting. We went over a few things and I went to my next stop. I spent a couple of hours there then back to my office to get my schedule for the following week, plus my paycheck. We took care of the scheduling as we normally do on Fridays but all I could think about was my wife. The smell of her hair, her wet pussy, how we fucked all this week. My boss was saying something about Monday and Tuesday of next week but my mind was on a more important topic. What was I going to do to my wife tonight and this weekend.
As I left the office I noticed it was around 3:00 P.M. I stopped at the bank and as I sat there I texted the wife.
Whatcha doing.
Shopping for what?
I know what you were thinking.
Oh yeah
I was thinking of it too
Ok smartass what were you thinking
Bout this week, everything that happened
Really? Making your pussy wet?
What do you think?
I think we should get more risky
What do you mean?
You’ll see.
Ok luv ya.
I will see you when I get home. Love you too.
I arrived home around 4:30 or so and chatted with the wife. I thought to myself what I can do to tease her. She was at the kitchen table playing online when I asked her if she wanted to go out for dinner. Where do you want to go? She asked.
I named a few places and she promptly denied everyone. I gave up and went to my chair to relax for a bit. She came in a bit later and asked about a fast food place. I said okay and we left in my company vehicle. I have the windows tinted dark to protect my indent due to the work I do. I kept glancing at her wondering if I could get her to have a little fun on the way to and on the way back from getting our diner. I whimper out though. While we were waiting in line to get our food I thought I would surprise her and take her to the scenic overlook that I know. We got our food and ate then went to the overlook. I didn’t tell her where we were going. She kept asking all I could say was it was a surprise. We got to the location and I couldn’t help but stare at her. It was almost sunset, but there was a cold front moving in and it spoiled the plans I had. We left after about half a hour and went home.
We arrived at home and she disappeared into the bathroom for a while. I found it odd when she came out and wasn’t wearing anything. I could tell she took a shower which was also strange because it was only 8:00 or so. She disappeared back into the bathroom and came back out wearing her robe. I knew she didn’t have anything on under as she came into the living room asking if I wanted to watch a movie she just bought. I said sure and she put the DVD in. I hit play on the remote and noticed she had one leg over the armrest of her chair. I caught a glimpse of what I suspected earlier, she was naked under her robe. I kept taking glances over at her noticing she kept moving around. Each time she flashed me my cock go harder. Finally I had enough. I stood up paused the movie and walked over to her to tease her a little. I kissed her deeply and reached my hand under her robe, I put a finger up to her bald pussy, (freshly shaven) and I felt she was wet. My cock twitched a little. I stood up told her I was going to take the dog out and smoke a butt. She followed.
I stepped back onto the deck where she was waiting as she smoked, I let the dog in and then reached down to feel her pussy again. As I did she unzipped my pants and reached in to find a semi hard cock waiting for her. We fondled for a few and then walked back into the house. I sat on the couch, she sat next to me placing her head on my chest. I pushed play on the movie and continued to watch. As we watched she started to stroke and caresses my hardening cock. I just let her go until she looked at me about 10 minutes later. I told her I wanted her to sit on my cock. As she teased a little she sat up pulled my pants around my ankles and started rubbing her dripping wet pussy on my cock. Then we kissed as she put my cock inside.” My god you feel great in my pussy” she said. I just moaned as she ground herself against me. She started to moan and move faster and faster, I was about to cum when I looked at her and threw her off me. She looked a bit puzzled until I picked her legs up and shoved my face into her sloppy wet cunt. I licked and savored all her sweetness as I jerked my own dick until I couldn’t take it anymore. I had to be back inside of her. I sat up a little and slammed my throbbing cock deep into her pussy. I rammed her harder and harder. My balls were slapping against her ass, her pussy making schuelching noises, “Fucking cum in my pussy now” she said. I kept listening to all the sounds of my surroundings when I blew a hot load deep into her womb. We collapsed rested for a bit and then got cleaned up.
She kept telling me she was hot, I told her to put a night shirt on since it was a warm night. She did and then I changed into a pair of gym shorts and sleeveless shirt. I laid back on the couch and we resumed the movie.
The movie had about an hour left when I made her lay down with me to the side of her, my head now rested on her stomach just below her tits. I started rubbing the inside of her leg when I caught a whiff of her pussy juices. I knew right then if I wasn’t careful we wouldn’t finish the movie. I slowly stroked the inside of her leg and found myself getting aroused again. I slowly move my hand closer and closer to her pussy only to get another surprise, she was dripping with cunt juices again. I started to play with her lips, slowly finding her clit, I massaged her mound until the movie ended. I stopped only long enough to put the T.V. on. (I didn’t want the landlord to hear us)
I got back down and placed my face to her sweet cunt. I could smell her juices, I licked all around her outer lips. She placed her right leg over my shoulder which let me have even more access. I started to lick her inner lips and then stuck my tongue deep into her pussy. I could tell she was loving it. She was moaning my name, moving her ass, and grabbing my head to pull it deeper and deeper. Then I hit her clit, she about jumped out of her skin. I kept up my assault on her wonderful tasting cunt until she came. She came so hard that if I didn’t have my face buried in between her legs she would’ve squirted across the damn house. I let her calm down before kissing her softly. We put ourselves back together locked up the house and went to bed where again I gave her another orgasm which I knew the neighbors did hear as their lights in the house came on. We fell asleep naked for the first time in about 4 years.

If you liked my story let me know. This is a true story… Also let me know if you want more…

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2015-07-17 05:32:53
Sounds like she is a very sexual person.
If you don't keep her satisfied she will start looking
For cock outside your marriage.
Be careful and watch your friends.
They will fuck her behind your back and she will become addicted
To illicit cock.
Make sure you fuck her brains out everyday or you just might lose her.

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2012-08-29 03:30:16
This is not aa true story!! You was driving and texting her pictures, then you were with a customer and coudn't wait to get home, I can't believe it

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2012-08-13 22:44:47
Another bullshit story. It's so unbelievable it's sickening. Try writing the truth you schmuck.

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2012-08-12 07:43:18
Just a suggestion, the next time the friend visits, you should actively tease your wife to see how far she is willing to go. That would satisfy your desire for being more risky, and may lead to some different adventures.

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2012-08-11 16:04:40
Nice, keep her cumming for more.

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