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She kept her mouth just a fingers width from my skin as she slid up breathing along my entire shaft.
How I ended up there I don’t know. I was the new guy in the office and on my first trip. A few of the senior guys had dragged me to a few bars that they knew and we had all had a good time. I had that comfortable dreamlike fog that grips the intoxicated and was definitely feeling no pain as I dug into my pocket and handed her my last wadded up bill.

She looked down and I watched her eyes widen in surprise. She had the loveliest eyes, bright blue, blue enough to even be seen in the limited light of the club. She flashed me a dazzling smile. “You sure about this sugar?” she said with a voice as sweet as her affectation.

Sure about what I thought to myself as I watched the light behind her explode her hair into a golden halo. Am I sure I can keep from falling off my chair? Am I sure I want to taste those sensuous lips just a foot from my own? Am I sure I want to even though my young wife is back in Maryland waiting for me to get back from my business trip in a few days? All these thoughts went through my mind as I fell deeper into her eyes.
“uh, yeah.” I croaked out, fully convinced that phrase would get this beauty to go home with me.

She once again glanced at the denomination before tucking it quickly into her stash.
She turned and walked back to me catlike, with her eyes locked onto mine and her hips rolling to the music. She kicked my feet further apart and seemed to melt to her knees.

Pressing her palms on my thighs she slid them up across my stomach and onto my chest.
I continued to stare into those welcoming orbs of pleasure and the dainty smile beneath. Her fingers slowly undid each button on my shirt. My cock stiffened as it was pressed into her firm breasts. I could actually see the bulge in my jeans nestled in the snug valley between them. As she opened each button she slid further down and I leaned my head back as my senses swirled in the headiness of throbbing music, lights, and the pure flesh of woman. My cock grew warm and I actually wondered if I had cum in my pants till I saw her breathing into the fabric of my jeans.

She stood quickly and began to sway to the beat. Her hips dragging her torso left and right as her hands slid up and cupped those perfect tits. He fingers tugged at both nipples as she looked into my eyes again and smiled that fuck me smile all strippers perfect.

Her hands slid down and she pulled the fabric of her thong away from her pussy, paused as if embarrassed then let the elastic snap back into place. Her fingers spread across the thin material and she slid her longest finger along the crevice gasping. She pumped her hips and rubbed back and forth and if she was pretending I couldn’t have guessed.

She turned and looking over her shoulder hooked a thumb in the straps on each side. Again the smile as she slowly peeled them down her long legs bending until she reached her ankles. Framed in the oval cleft at the tops of her thighs was the most beautiful pussy I had ever seen. Perfectly proportioned lips tight but looking ready to burst open like a tulip bud. A slight glisten of moisture where the hood slides from between them to surround the little pleasure button and just the faintest wisps of honey gold strands that match what fell around her shoulders.

The long sharp red fingernails slid around her left hip pulling her cheeks slightly apart to increase my view. She turned and moved her arm up along her back and slid those red nails down and across her perfection, pressing firmer each time, on the third trip her finger parted them and slipped slight between. That lone finger began to dip within gathering the dewy moisture only to come free and paint the soft lips with its stickiness.

I was mesmerized by what I watched and only had my trance broken by the appearance of her heel as she lifted it between us, her panties dangling from the long spike. She reached back and grasped them and used them to blot her wetness then turned and pressed them to my face.

I inhaled deeply, smelling her muskiness, knowing I was absolutely at her mercy.
She grabbed my legs and tugged me forcing me to slide down into the chair and my hips to the edge. She turned again and began to again dance with the beat of the music. She rocked her hips and waved her ass in long circles as she slowly lowered it to my lap. She squeezed the muscles of her ass to grip the bulge in my jeans tugging it and coaxing it to a hardness it had never achieved. She lifted up and began to slap my cock with her ass pumping to the rhythm. Then slowed once again and let the tender petals part as she rubbed me along her tender opening.

I could hear her breathe even in the noise of the club. I reached out and laid my hand on her hip and she spun as if she’d been struck, shock on her face momentarily before it softened and she wagged in finger in a No-No gesture.

She bent forward and slid her breasts along my hardness and higher onto my chest, she kept going until my face parted her mounds and I could feel the cooling moisture of her efforts on my cheeks. She leaned her head down brushing her lips on my ear, feeling it and tasting it. “Don’t touch my naughty boy. I can touch you but you mustn’t touch me or Frank over their will toss you out.” I looked over at frank who smiled back as he tugged on his shirtsleeves to give his arms more room. “Just sit back and enjoy yourself and I’ll give you the most I can.” She finished in a husky whisper.

With that she slowly undid the buttons on my shirt and pulled it open to either side. She once again sunk to her knees and began to undo the buttons on my Levi’s. Reaching in she pulled me free of the boxers I wore beneath. She grasped my hardness and began to stroke it slowly to the beat of the music. I watched time and again as the head sunk into her tiny curled fist while her eyes lingered just over staring deeply into mine. One of her hands disappeared and I could only imagine what it was doing as she leaned her head down and I felt her hot breath swirling around my balls. She kept her mouth just a fingers width from my skin as she slid up breathing along my entire shaft.

She released me and briefly used her breasts to stoke it before settling back on her knees and wrapping me in her grip once again. She stroked and I felt it, like never before I began to feel the orgasm so long before it actually took place. She leaned forward again reversing her hand so the heel of it faced me. She looked deep into my eyes as she stuck her tongue out and placed it just off my shaft, mimicking like she was licking it before reaching the head and wetting her lips as if cleaning up any she’d missed. I groaned and she smiled looked deep into my eyes with a pouting expression and mouthed “PLEASE.”

I felt the contraction and my vision dimmed as it felt like a quart of cum lept from my cock landing upon my bare chest. She slowed her pumping to long slow strokes as a second third and forth stream splashed upon my smoldering skin.

As I lay there panting she leaned up and drew a single red nail through the creamy white pool and lifted just a touch to her lips before licking her finger clean.

“Thank You sweetie” she whispered and turned to gather her things.


2006-12-26 21:51:53
MMMM I liked that a lot.
Great job. ;)

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