This is a true story of an incident that happened to me some years ago. My name is Brian and I was Married and 34 years old at the time. I was working as a self employed artist and my wife was a career woman in Advertising and worked a 12 hour day six days a week.
It was a warm barmy Wednesday evening and I was sitting in the living room watching the Tennis on TV. I was half dosing when the Chimes of the front door bell rang in my ears and brought me to being full awake. I opened the front door and there standing in front of me was the two little girls from next door, Lucy & Judy.

“Hello Mr Ross” said Lucy who was the elder of the two, “Do you know where our Mum is? We have just come home from school and there is no one home and the house is all locked up” I had to admit that I did not know where their Mother was so I said that if they wished they could come in and wait for her here. I changed the channel on the TV to CBBC so they could watch Children’s TV and I wrote a note saying that Lucy and Judy were in my house and I pinned it on the door where Lucy & Judy lived.

I was not concerned at all with Lucy & Judy being in the house as I had known them both since they had been born. This made Lucy 11 Years old and Judy was 9 years old. Both me and my Wife, Wendy, knew the whole family for at least 14 years, ever since we moved in as a young married couple all those years ago.

As I expected only 25 minutes passed before the chimes of the door bell rang again. There at the Door was Lucy & Judy’s Mother, Jane. She rushed in and as usual she was very excited and she was taking so fast I could hardly keep up with her. Anyway what I gleaned from her was that she had been unexpectedly called into a meeting and this had kept her later than usual. She gathered up her fledglings and with thanks ringing in my ears she and the kids left in a rush.

I never gave this incident another thought until the next evening just after Wendy and I had finished eating our evening meal the Chimes of the Door Bell called me again. Wendy went to answer the door and after some quiet chatter at the door she came back into the living room with Jane from next door following. Wendy said “Brian Jane is here to see you and she says she want to ask you something”.

After she had settled herself in an armchair and refused a coffee I said that I was all ears and to ask away. She gave a small cough and with a weak smile she spoke slowly.

“Well, err ahh , you see its like this. Last night as you know I was kept late at work due to being called into a meeting. You see it was a meeting with the Board of Directors and they have offered me a Promotion. A very nice promotion with a Very nice large wage rise as well.”

Before we could congratulate her she waved her arms and in a slightly louder voice, it was clear she was quite agitated, she said, “But there is a big problem”

We shut our mouths looked at each other and waited. Eventually she started to speak again, “I would love to grab this Promotion with both hands but I can’t and then again I can’t not accept it either. If I don’t accept it then BANG, I will never get another chance. If I do accept it then …….Well that is where you come in Brian. I have spoken with Jim and he agrees, as do Lucy & Judy, so all it needs is for you to say yes, even if it yes for a month or two. Please say yes Brian.

I looked at Wendy and she looked at me, both of us with a puzzled look in our eyes as we had no idea what I was supposed to say yes to. Wendy took a deep breath and said, “I am sure Brian would love to say yes except for one thing, he like me have no idea what you want him to do”

For a second Jane was shocked and then realisation came and she laughed, “Sorry I am all uptight, I will explain. If I accept this new Position, which is Area Manager by the way, I would be working a lot more hours. For a Start I would need to work all day every Saturday and I would not get home until 8pm at the earliest during the week. So you see the problem, Lucy & Judy. So I was hoping since you work from home you would be willing to look after Lucy & Judy after they come home from school until I arrive home at about 8pm during the week and all day on Saturday. Please you will, I will be able to pay you and the girls really like you and Jim says that you would be perfect as well. Even if you don’t want to do it can you look after them for month or until we can hire someone suitable.”

I sat there stunned as this was the last thing I expected. We didn’t have kids as I was infertile and other than chatting to Lucy & Judy I had no experience in looking after children. I explained this to Jane but she waved it away saying that I would have been a perfect Father and I would have no problem with Lucy & Judy. Jane stood up and said “Before you make up your mind I want to play my Ace Card” So saying she walked to the front door, opened it and let out a very loud whistle.

In a short period of time there came the sound of running feet and squeals of laughter. Into the house ran Lucy & Judy and they can to a halt in front of me. There they stood and together they put their hands together like they were praying, knelt down, and looked up at me with big puppy dog eyes and in one voice pleaded, “Please Brian, Pretty Please with Sugar on, Please say yes. We will be good all the time and always do as you say. Please”.

I could not help myself, I just burst into laughter as I watched them go through their routine. With tears in my eyes I said, “What can I say and who could possibly say no to that plea. Of course I will look after your Kids and I would be proud to do”

For the next few minutes all was chaos but in the end we worked out the details. Today was Thursday and Jane was going to start her new position on Monday, so I would start looking after Lucy & Judy on Monday. I would look after them Monday through to Friday from the time they arrive back from school, which is about 4pm, until Jane comes to collect them which would be sometime between 8pm to 9pm. I would also look after them every Saturday from 8am until 8pm. Jane would pay me £500 a week. I tried to get her pay less but I shut up after I found out that her wage rise was. In the end we were all happy. Jane was happy as she did not have to worry about her Kids. The Kids were happy as they were looking forward to me looking after them. Wendy was Happy as she said this would keep me occupied and happy as I loved children. I was happy as I was getting an extra £500 per week, not bad at all.

Monday morning came around quickly and I spent the day getting organised. I went out and bought a few games the girls could play and decided that for tea we could order a Pizza and have Ice Cream for afterwards. All too soon 4pm came around and for the next few hours I was kept busy with the girls and by the time their Mother came to pick them up I was very tired. By Friday night I was completely exhausted so much so I was too tired to even have sex with Wendy, for which she was not too pleased about although she understood. I lay awake for sometime feeling more like 64 rather than 34, but eventually I slipped into a deep and restorative sleep.

“Brian, Oh Brian, Do wake up”

“Wh…Wh…What, Who, What’s going on” I shook myself awake from a deep sleep and for a moment I did not know where I was. I then saw that I was in my own bed and standing beside the bed was Lucy & Judy. I looked at the clock and I saw the time was 8.10am. Oh no I had slept right through the alarm and the girls were here.
“Come on Brian get up, we have been banging on your door for ages and when you didn’t answer we just came in and you was still in bed. Come on get up”.

Without thinking I mumbled something, pulled back the covers and jumped out of bed. Too late I realised that I was totally naked and worse still I had a Morning Hard On and my Cock was standing proud. Before I could move the girls Giggled pointed at my Cock gave a little squeal and ran out of the room.

As quick as could I got washed and dressed and made my way through to the Living Room.. As I walked in the Girls were sitting on the one chair and whispering and giggling together. I cringed what they were whispering about but I had to face them. I sat down in the chair beside them and I spoke quietly to them. “Girls I am very sorry about what happened in the bedroom, I have no excuse I was still sleepy and I just forgot I was not wearing any Pyjamas. Lucy answered, “Its OK Brian we wont tell anyone, anyway yours is not the first Penis we have seen, is it Judy” Judy Giggled and spluttered, “No its not, Jimmy Wright showed us his Penis in the school toilets, but his was small and not as big as yours”

I sat there with my mouth wide open, I coughed and thought, well, well a right couple of minxes here. “OK, Then”, I continued, “What shall we do for today, how about going to the beach for a swim and build some sand castles”. This was greeted with smiles and Whoops of Glee. So it was off to the seaside.

When we arrived at the beach I was surprised to find it almost deserted. There were a few people playing on the flat sands but as far as I could no one was in the sand dunes. This to me was the best part of the beach as the dunes protected you from the wind. We found a nice sheltered spot between 3 Dunes where the entrance faced the sea. I unpacked the case that I had hastily packed and laid out three towels that we could sit on. Handed out the spades to the girls so they could start to build a sand castle,
While the girls played in the sand I watched them for they were both pretty and although young they were quite sexy. Neither of them had any sign of budding boobs as their chests were quite flat. But I was quite sure that in a short time this would change as Lucy was 11 years old and would soon be going though Puberty. Judy was not far behind as she was 9 years old and would soon bee catching up on Lucy. Ahh they were a pleasure to look at so I did just that, I Looked.

Shortly, Judy Stopped what she was doing and came over and sat beside me. “Brian I’m hot. Can I go into the sea for a paddle to cool me down?” Hearing this Lucy Jumped up and cried, “Me too I want to go for a Paddle cos I’m roasting”

“OK Girls Take off your shoes and socks put them over there on the Blue Towel. Then when you have done that tuck the skirt of your dress into your Panties to stop your dress getting wet in the sea.”

Both Lucy & Judy put their shoes and socks on the towel and started to tuck their skirts up. Lucy just managed but it was Judy who was having a hard time and soon was asking, “Brian I need help, I can’t keep my Skirt tucked in, it keeps falling out.”

“Come here Judy and I will do it for you” I said and as she approached I turned her around so her back was towards me. I tucked the skirt back into her panties and ran my fingers around the leg of the Panties pushing the skirt in. As my hands came round the front my fingers went into the little girls panties a bit too far and I found I was touching her little hairless pussy. I froze but Judy didn’t appear to notice. I quickly ran my index finger up and down the smooth slit then I removed his hand. I looked at Judy and said, “There I think should do it, let’s go down to the waters edge.

Hand in Hand all three walked down to the waters edge but since I did not to go in for a paddle I stayed at the waters edge. Both Judy & Lucy stepped into the water gingerly to start off with but soon they were running up and down the beach in the shallow waves. Both were having great fun until Judy slipped and went flying in the air and landed on her back in the water. She got such a fright that she rolled over and over while trying to stand up. In the end all she managed to do was to get herself completely saturated.

I gave a sigh and knew what I had to do. I stepped out into the water and picked up Judy and all the time whispering to her solitudes which I hoped would calm her down a bit.

“Come on Lucy”, I yelled, “I need to get Judy back into the dunes out of the wind as well as getting all these wet clothes off otherwise she might catch a chill. So we will need to hurry to get her dry and warm once more.

Going as fast as I could I hurried up the beach to the safety of the Dunes. Lucy did her best to keep up with me and was only a few steps behind. Once in the shelter of the dunes I put Judy down and by this time she was shivering.

“Right Judy I need to get all these wet clothes off you, then I will dry you on that Yellow Towel and when you are dry I will wrap you in that orange towel. That should warm you up but if you still feeling cold you can sit on my lap and my body heat should get you warm once again.

So saying I started to remove all of Judy’s wet clothes and Lucy helped me in this process. Soon she was almost naked as all she had left on was her Panties. I hesitated for a bit then Lucy said, “Judy’s Panties need to come off as well and they are dripping wet, Look!”

I agreed and I put my thumbs in the waistband of her Panties and with one motion I pulled them down to her ankles. Judy stepped out of them and she held her arms out so I could wrap a towel around her. As she stood in front of me with this large towel wrapped around her I rubbed her down so as to dry her as quickly as possible.

When she was dry I took off the towel and wrapped her in the Dry Orange Towel. I sat down on a small grassy tuft that was growing in the dunes and I picked up Judy and sat her on my knee. I put my arms around her to try and warm her up and to see how cold she was I pushed my right hand through the opening in the towel so I could touch her skin to see how cold she felt. My hand touched her thigh and I could not resist sliding my hand up and down her thigh as it was so smooth. Lucy could not see what I was doing as the large orange towel was covering everything. When my hand reached the top of her thigh I was getting turned on and I could not stop myself as I had to touch that sexy smooth hairless little pussy again. I moved my hand closer to my goal but Judy had her legs tightly closed and I could not near it. I whispered in Judy’s ear that I needed her to open her legs so I could check her body temperature between her legs. Without a word she opened her legs and I slid my hand towards her pussy. As my fingers slid down the smooth slit I was shaking with excitement and also fear. Fear in case anyone would see that I was touching up a 9 year old little girl.

I might have been fearful but Judy wasn’t for as I stroked her little pussy she whispered in my ear, “Brian I like that and it is making me feel good and warm again.” I just smiled at her and carried on playing with her tight Virgin Pussy. As I played with her pussy I was surprised that it started to get slick and soon there was no mistake as it was getting quite wet. I found the entrance to her little love tube and I gently tried to push my index finger in. It was very tight but it was so wet by this time my finger slipped in without too much trouble. The only response from Judy was to give a small sigh and she snuggled in closer to me.

Lucy came over to see how Judy was and also to tell me she needed to pee. I said that we could leave as soon as Judy’s clothes were dry but not before. This did not please her as she said she could not wait much longer. So I said “OK Lucy, there is no one here except us three. If you go just over there,” and I pointed small cleft in the Sand Dune opposite from where I was sitting, “you will be able to pee there. No one will see you if they pass by and it is far enough away from us so you pee won’t come near us.”

She did not look too happy about this and said, “But you would see me peeing” “Don’t worry about that”, I replied, “I am your minder, I also have just seen Judy all naked. Not only that you saw me all naked this morning, I won’t tell anyone if you won’t tell anyone. It will be our secret, OK” A Big smile lit her face and she said,
“ That’s OK then, I won’t tell anyone and I don’t mind you seeing me pee cos I like you Brian”.

So saying she skipped to the small cleft in the Dune, turned around and faced me, lifted her skirt and pulled down her panties and took them off completely and put them to one side. Holding her skirt high so not to get wet from any pee she stooped down and her legs opened wide. Ahh! I had a wonderful clear view of her hairless pussy and with a little hiss pee spurted out and splashed onto the sand. This went on for some seconds and it came to a slow stop and her pussy was glistening wet with pee in the sun.

I thought, “Is life not wonderful. Here I am at the Beach on a Nice Sunny Day. I am looking at a Beautiful 11 Year old Girl stooping with no panties on and showing me her beautiful hairless pussy. I also have in my arms her Sister a Wonderful 9 Year old Girl who not only is naked wrapped in a towel, but I have my index finger half way in her little virgin pussy. Yes it does not get any better than this.”

I was suddenly brought back to earth with a bump as Lucy was speaking to me, “Brian, can you hear me?” I blinked and answered, “Sure I can what is the problem now?”

“I don’t have any toilet paper to wipe myself with and I am dripping”

Sure enough she was correct, her pussy was still quite wet with pee, so I said. “Hold up your skirt high and come over here. Stand beside me with your legs apart and I will wipe you with a tissue I have in my Packet”

Lucy stood up and held her skirt she walked over and stood beside me with her legs wide open. I had an even better view of her pussy from which drips of pee was still dropping. I removed my finger from Judy’s Pussy and from the folds of the orange towel. I took out the tissue that I had in my pocket and I wiped Lucy’s Pussy dry.. I disposed of the tissue and an idea struck me as I said, “Just stay as you are and I will check to see if you are completely dry.

With a slightly shaking hand I reached out and ran my fingers all over her pussy. I pressed at the top of her slit and I was delighted to see her little clit pop out. With my thumb I massaged her clit and with my index finger I tried to find her love hole. My finger still had some lubricant from Judy’s pussy so when I found the entrance to Lucy’s Pussy it slipped in.

I could not believe it, I had felt and fingered two pre-teen pussies and all within 10 minutes. It was then I came to my senses and I withdrew my hand and told Lucy that she was dry and to get dressed. I also asked her, once she was dressed, to go and see if Judy’s clothes were dry. She came running back with all her sisters clothes in her arms and she happily helped me to get Judy dressed.

After lunch at the Beach Café we all piled back in my car and after a vote, I was out voted 2 to 1, we headed towards the Sidlaw Forest. It was not far inland and it only took us 20 minutes to get there. I parked in the small car park where there was only one other car parked. I turned my drivers seat around so I could face the Girls, I had a MPV where the front 2 seats could turn 180 degrees when not driving, and I asked them what they wanted to do now.
Lucy looked at me shyly and Judy nudged her. Then Lucy in a quiet voice said, “Can I ask you something Brian”

I smiled at them both, “Sure you can ask me anything you like, OK. I tell you what I think we should make each other a Promise. That is I Promise never to tell anyone about anything we do or say between us three. If you Lucy and you Judy, Promise the same thing. That way you can ask me anything and I will always tell you the truth and I can ask you anything and you always tell me the truth. Not only that we will never ever tell anyone of any of the games we play with each other. Do you both agree?”

Lucy looked at Judy and Judy nodded. Then Lucy asked “What type of games do you mean Brian?”

I took a deep breath and said in a half whisper, “Like what happened this morning where you saw me naked and then later on when I saw you both naked. Although not really a game I am sure your Mother would not like to hear about that.”

Lucy put her head close to Judy and they whispered together for a short time and then Lucy said, “We Promise never to tell anyone anything at all no matter what we do. Is that OK? And can we ask you to do something for us”

“You have made a promise and you can ask me to do anything, anything at all. If I can do it I will”

“Well,” she continued, “I, err I mean we were wondering why your Penis was so big this morning and can we see it again please?”

They both were looking at me with big eyes like Rabbits in car headlights. I smiled at them and gave a quiet chuckle to myself. I leaned forward and spoke them in soft voice, “I am happy to show you my Penis or anything else you would like to see. On the understanding that this comes under our promise to never ever tell another person about it. It is a big promise so think on it for a minute and if you both agree come across to me and give me Hug and a Kiss”.

I sat back in my seat and the girls looked at each other. They lent in close and put their heads together and whispered. After about a Minute they separated and Judy stood up and walked to me and gave me a Hug and then climbed on my lap and Kissed me on the lips. Then Lucy came to me and gave me a bigger Hug then lent forward and also Kissed me on the lips. I put my arms around her and held her to me and as we kissed I opened my mouth and pushed my tongue into her lips. She got the idea and first her lips opened and then her mouth opened wide and my tongue had free range in her mouth. Lucy was not slow and her tongue was soon chasing my tongue and I was in heaven sucking on her tongue into my mouth.

We had to separate as Lucy was starting to gasp for breath and as she moved slightly away I could see her cheeks were bright red and there was a big smile on her face. Whew! I thought, one hot little girl that is and I look forward to teaching her and her sister in loving.
I looked out and there was just the one car still and it looked like it had been abandoned as the tyres were quite flat. There was no one else around do I said to the Little Angels, “OK I think it is time for you both to get a close look at my penis. Lucy, you unfasten my belt and you Judy open the fastening on my trousers and Lucy can help you pull down the Zip. Then I will lift up a bit and you both can get a grip on my Waistband and pull my Trousers right down.

The girls soon accomplished this I was left sitting in my Boxer Shorts with my Cock making them look like a Tent. Judy put out her hand and was reaching to take hold when I put my hand up and said, “Stop!,” and she froze with her hand mid air. “No touching, at least not just yet. First you must start using the correct name for my Penis. What you should call it is COCK. Right one at a Time let me hear you say. I want to see your Cock.”

Without hesitation Lucy said “I want to see your Cock” and Judy followed with, I want to see your Cock, Pleeease!..

I lay back in my seat, opened my arms wide and said with a big smile on my face, “Take one side each on my boxer shorts and pull them down.” I lifted my Bum so that it would be easier and the girls took hold of my Boxers and pulled them right down to my ankles. My Cock sprang forth and stood proud with its purple knob glistening. Lucy gasped, “It’s beautiful” and Judy just reached out and took hold of in her two small hands.

“Well girls, here it is my Cock and just below,” and I reached down with my left hand to cup them, “are my Balls. You can touch them, play with them or even kiss and suck them if you wish.” I smiled at them and continued, “Now who is going to be first to take off your dress and Panties so I can see and play with your Pussy. If you do not know what I mean your Pussy is what you call Vagina, but from now on we will call it a Pussy, OK”

Lucy was watching Judy rub my Cock so she said she would take off her dress and everything else as Judy was having fun playing with my Cock. I watched her take off her dress, then her Vest, shoes, socks and then her panties. She stood before me completely naked, she looked beautiful and I could see her little slit all puffy between her legs. I so wanted to taste that pussy so much it hurt and I asked her to come closer to me so I could feel her pussy.

She came closer and I put my left arm around her waist and I gently pulled her closer to me as I lent forward. I pressed my lips to hers and I kissed her softly. Her mouth opened and her tongue flicked out and played with mine. With my right hand I let my fingers trickle down her tummy to her little pussy. My index finger found her slit and played with her Clit. All the time Judy was having fun in rubbing my Cock and I was getting sensations non stop. Sensations I swear I had never experienced before.

I was past the point of no return as my Balls turned to steel and although I tried to stop my climax I could not. With waves of intense pleasure coursing through me I spurted of Gobs of thick white cum into the air. This was greeted with squeals of surprise form Judy and Lucy stopped kissing me to watch my Cock jerking out thick Cum.
It was some minutes before I could speak for that orgasm was the strongest one I have had for many a year. I sat there breathing deeply with my eyes closed for 2 or 3 minutes and when I opened them boy Judy and Lucy were staring at me with a worried look in their eyes. I gave a weak smile and said to them, “Don’t look so worried Girls, that was fantastic.”

“So you’re not angry we us then.” Lucy said with a quiver in her voice.

I held open my arms and cajoled them. “Come here, both of you and let me give you a Big HUG. I am not angry and I very happy with what you did. I am sorry that I scared you but the wonderful feeling that you gave me was so strong that it took my breath away. I hope that I can make you both feel as good as I just did, I want you to feel that rush of pleasure as it is truly wonderful and fantastic. Will you let me try, not just now as it is almost time for us to get back, but sometime in the near future?”

They both snuggled to me and said that they would do anything I wanted cos they liked me so much. I just held their naked bodies to me and enjoyed running my hands all over their smooth flesh. So much so my Cock that had been wilting was starting to get hard again. “OOOO your Cock is getting big again,” said Lucy and took it in her hands “my turn now,,” and she started to Wank me off as fast as could.

I just opened my mouth and let out a low moan which was cut off as Judy planted her open mouth on mine. He tongue pushed its way into my mouth and I responded without thinking. Judy had half climbed on my seat and her legs were wide open and I could feel her pussy with my right hand. I pushed a finger into her pussy and it just slipped in as she was so wet. I went straight in and I was able to add a second finger. While Lucy was wanking me I was finger fucking Judy. She loved it as each time I pushed my two fingers in her she thrust back at me and gave a moan of pleasure. My fingers were flashing in and out of her pussy and her moans were getting louder and her breath more ragged. She pulled her head away from me and flung her head back while thrusting her hips forward and her Pussy muscles gripped my fingers like a vice and I no longer could move them either in or out. “NNNNNNIIIIIGGGGGG…..” exclaimed, “I L L L Love this”

Just as she said that I felt my balls getting tighter again and my Cock gave a Jerk as I spurted forth stream after stream of Cum Onto Lucy’s face. Lucy kept pumping my Cock until there was only a dribble coming from it. I was completely breathless as was Judy but she had relaxed enough for me to get my fingers out of her Cunt.

I looked at Lucy and her face was covered with my come. I reached out and scooped a dollop of cum on my fingers and pushed it into Lucy’s mouth. She just opened her lips without any hesitation and sucked the cum off my fingers. “MMMMM,” She said, “That stuff is nice and sweet, try some Judy.” She scooped up some cum on her fingers and held her hand out to Judy who lent forward and licked the off cum. She slurped it all down and agreed it was nice and started to lick all off the cum on my Cock while Lucy cleaned it all off her face and liked it off her fingers.

I just sat back and watched this erotic scene with a smile on my face. They soon had everything cleaned and I told them that it was time to get dressed as we had to get back home. They pulled a face but they slowly started to put their clothes back on. I pulled my Shorts and Trousers up and I tried to make myself look a bit more presentable.

Soon we were all sitting in our seats, which were all in the correct position for driving, with our seat belts fastened. “OK Girls, are you both ready?” After hearing a loud yes from both of them I reminded them that if anyone asked what we did today that we were at the beach all day and we had a great time paddling and building sand castles. After they had promised to all this I started the car and headed off home.

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