This story is very long and not just sex many things in one chapter relate to things that will happen several chapters later.
A Not So Simple Life

Chapter 3

He walks up the cell door “What is your choice Joan” he says. She say in almost a whisper “Option One” “And you Mike will you go along” I agree. “Well then you have 30 minutes to say your good bye’s. For the next 5 days you will be separated except when Mike is raping you Joan. In 30 minutes the guards will come get you Joan and you will sleep in my bed and pleasure me when Mike isn’t raping you.” he says the leaves. I instantly realize his plan and why he’s doing this. “Joan you realize what he’s trying to do right” I ask her, she looks puzzled “No what” “ well divide and conquer he’s having me rape you to make you hate me, then he’ll treat you kindly. I’m sure his goal is to win you over” I explain it in more detail to her. After 30 minutes the guard return and take her away. About an hour later a guard comes to he comes to my cell , I find out his name is Carlos. He puts a collar on my neck and explains “ you are not to talk to Joan at all do you understand” I nod yes he push a button on a little remote and I feel a sharp pain like a needle poking me come from the collar. “ when you feel that pain mike you are to slap or hit Joan in some way and I better be real understood” I nod yes again, then feel a burning pain in my neck “When you feel that pain you will call her a slut, whore, bitch, anything to degrade her, is that understood.” I nod yes again, next I feel a tingling feeling “ when you feel that you are to stop what you are doing and take her in the ass hard until you feel the tingling feeling again, is that understood” I nod yes again “fail to comply or attempt to talk to Joan and I push this button” he says then pushes it. A massive shock unlike anything I have felt pulses thru my body, my legs shake unable to support my body as I collapse to the floor shaking. Unable to move as I shook in pain, I’ve been shot numerous times in my life and beaten an tortured countless time since my capture but this was beyond any pain I have ever felt. It continued for what seem like an hour but I’m sure it was only minutes. “You rest up, I’m going make love to Joan” Carlos says with a chuckle as he leaves. A few hours later the guard come get me and lead down the hall into a large room with a king size bed in the middle an all along the wall are sofa’s. Joan is laying naked in the bed and I count 15 men sitting around the room, cocks out already. There are also two young ladies there servicing some of the men local whores I’m guessing. Carlos sits in and large recliner at one end of the bed close enough to get a good view. I can tell Joan has been crying and see the cum on her thighs so I’m guessing Carlos just finished raping her. Take her doggy still is the first order. I move toward the bed and feel the collar “Move your as slut” I yell at Joan. “Up you whore now“. Then the needle pain , I slap Joan hard across the face “Move it bitch” I slap her again as I shove my cock deep inside her and start pounding her hard. The collar keeps going off so I’m slapping her ass and calling her names as I pump her hard. Joan looks back at me crying I can see in her eyes she’s confused why am I calling her names and hitting her when nobody told me too. I can see in her eyes his plan is working. Take her mouth comes the next order and the collar goes off. “Move you whore, suck my cock like the slut you are” I yell at her as I grab her by the hair and slap her across the face then drive my cock into her mouth, “suck it you whore , take that cock you bitch” I’m face fucking her hard spit running from her mouth and nose from her gagging on my cock. Take her missionary style is the next order, I push Joan on her back and spread her legs and drive all the way into her in one stroke. I’m eye to eye now with Joan she’s crying just looking at me I’m calling her names and slapping her hard as I pound my cock into her. Fill her with cum come the next order. I was almost there anyhow despite the fact I was raping Joan. I drive deep in her and pump my hot semen into her womb. I take this brief moment to whisper in her ear “I love you, Joan. I’m sorry but I have to do these things” No shock so, Carlos must not have noticed. Out your done for now get out off here. As I pull away Joan whispers “I love you too” . as I leave the room Joan curls up into a fetal position and cries. I’m brought down the hall and beat and tortured for awhile before being returned to my cell. About every 4 hours they come get me and the same thing is repeated. Each time me telling her I Love her, and her saying I love you too. After 9 or 10 sessions I’m fucking her missionary style when I feel the tingle of the collar. I know it means take her hard in the ass. I roll her over quickly and spit on her ass as best I can to lube it before driving my cock into her. She scream out in pain. I slap her “shut up you whore, you know you like it slut” Joan is in shock now cause nobody told me to take her ass and then Carlos says “Oh you wanted her ass Mike I guess your getting into this then” Fuck her missionary he orders, but the collar hasn’t tingled again so I continue pounding her ass. “Fuck her missionary” he says again but I continue fucking her ass. “Now” he yells this time I feel the collar and pull out rolling her back over but before I can reenter her. Have her clean you drive before you fuck her he orders. I pull her up by the hair and as I shove my cock in her mouth I can see blood an shit on it. “Suck that shitty cock you whore” followed by a slap. Ok that’s enough take her missionary and fill her with cum comes the order. I push her back on the bed slap her and drive my cock into her. As I’m holding her pumping my cum inside her I whisper “I love you Joan, You have to believe this is not me”. Today however she does not whisper back. As I leave the room I look back she is broken. The sessions continue about every 4 hours. Every 4th session we go thru the anal sex and her cleaning the shit from my cock. Atleast after the Second round it was just shit no blood any more. I continue to tell her I love her each time even if she doesn’t tell me. Then finally after after the fifth anal session she replies “I love you too”. I’m happy she’s still hanging in there, I thought she way broke for good. We go thru a few more rounds then Carlos comes to my cell “After you fill her with cum today you will stand an piss on her do you understand” I nod yes “good , drink plenty I what her soaked” he says as he leaves. The guard drops a case of water on the floor and leaves. I drink as much as I can. The next round is anal round as well. I have to piss so bad it take me forever to cum inside her. “I love you Joan, I’m sorry for what I’m about to do” “I love you too” she says with fear in her voice. I pull out and stand up and begin pissing all over her body she just curls in a fetal position and cries. God it did feel good though I must have piss for 5 minutes she was completely soaked by the time I finished pissing. Atleast she knew something was coming this time. The next few sessions went as usual, the next anal session Carlos had my piss in her ass while anally raping her. The didn’t go well at all I piss so much she couldn’t hold in and sprayed piss an shit all over me. She was made to lick up the mess I had to feed her the large chunks of shit. You could see in her eyes she couldn’t take much more and Carlos started having me finish doggy style cumming inside her, so know more whispered I love you. I suspect Carlos was upset cause she hadn’t broke yet. But the session became out more violent repeated use of the slap button and anal every third time now and still finishing doggy style. Several more anal piss enema’s with the same result her eating shit. Sometimes large chunks. The last few session she did even look at me just cried. The last two sessions before the end of the 5 days were extremely brutal for her, he used the hit slap button non stop and anal several times She was bleeding when I left the last session unable to pick her self up.

I sat in my cell. The 5 days over so I should get 2 days of rest. I’m not sure what he has planned next. His plan half worked I’m sure Joan hates me but I doubt she had accepted him. About an hour later 2 guards come dragging Joan’s limp body and drop her on the cell floor. “You have 2 days the we start again” one says. I gently pick Joan of the floor and lay her on the small bed and cover her up. Her eyes open slightly an when she see’s me see trembles in fear, not wanting to scare her anymore I back off to the far corner of the cell and allow her to rest. She sleep till the next day. I save the food for her, she’ll need it when she wakes. When she does finally wake she curls up on the bed against the wall in the corner, scared. I don’t look her, not wanting to scare her I keep my back to her as I sit in the corner. I know she hates me now. “ There’s food for you there Joan, you need to eat to build your strength” I say. She says nothing but atleast I here her take the food and begin eating. “If you would like to talk I’m here Joan, If not I’ll not bother you” she says nothing lunch arrives and I pick up the tray from the floor and hand it to her with out looking at her. I take no food and give it all to her. We sit silently till dinner comes I again pass her the try and take nothing. I sleep sitting in the corner I can hear her crying softly thru the night. When breakfast arrive I pass her the try again. “You need to eat as well” she whispers “I’ll be fine, you need it to recover more than I do” “How are you feeling” I ask she hesitates then responds “I’ll live”. “you don’t have to fear me Joan I won’t hurt you” I tell her. I hear no reply so I lean my head back against the wall and say no more. An hour passes I’m fixing to doze off when I fell her small hand on my shoulder. “Come lay in the bed, I know your not comfortable there” she says softly. I move to the bed and she lays in front me. We cuddle and sleep neither of us saying anything. We wake to the sound of the lunch try hitting the floor. I get up and grab it slipping back into bed I hand her the tray. I take nothing just lay my head down silently. “you need to eat Mike” she whispers. I say nothing “If you don’t take some of the food Mike I won’t eat either” she says now looking me in the eyes for the first time in days. She takes a piece of food and put it in my mouth and I eat it. Then I take a piece and place it in her mouth. We continue just staring into each others eyes taking turns feeding one another till the foods gone. “Do you still love me Mike” she asks “yes, Do you still love me” she sits for a minute thinking before she replies “Make tender, passionate love to me Mike” “And yes I do still love you” with that I kiss her softly and slide my cock inside her slowly from behind. We lay there kissing and slowly fucking for hours talking. I explain to her about the collar and everything. She admits to giving up many times thinking I didn’t love her and after the last few sessions she was scared of me. When dinner arrives the guard says be ready in the morning Carlos has a new game. Joan trembles when she hears this. “what more can they do too us” I say to try and reassure her. I realize now years later that we had only began the worse was yet to come.

We did end up making love that night and talking more, This next round would be easier we thought since she now knew no matter what I did to her I still loved her. In the morning we are taken to the big room with the bed. Carlos comes in “ For the next 5 days you will watch from the chair as I rape Joan, Mike.” “Say anything or try to do anything and I use the shock collar understood” I nod yes. The recliner is at the head of the bed I take my seat my knee touching the bed I’m so close. “Get on the bed doggy style whore, a face mike” she does as ordered looking into my eyes as she waits. Carlos undress and mounts her from behind. His cock not as big as mine but close he drives in to her hard. I can see the pain in her eyes as he does. She never takes her eyes off me as he rapes and slaps her calling her every name he can think of. When he slams her on her back and fucks her missionary, she just leans her head back and stares into my eyes. He rolls her over and ass rapes her and she just stares into my eyes. Then after he pumps her ass full of cum he has her clean his cock. We are returned to our cell. As I hold her in my arms “That wasn’t that bad” she says “I just pretended it was you” “and with your eyes to look into it was easier” she says. I guess Carlos needs more recovery time because the sessions are every 6 hours instead of 4 like last time. But he is anally raping her every time. After each session Joan is return to of cell and they beat and torture me for an hour before I’m returned to the cell. Several sessions in I realize my cock is becoming hard watch Joan being raped. When we’re in the cell I hold her and that’s it no sex. I can’t ask for sex after she has just been raped for an hour. A few more sessions and I find myself imaging its me raping her. Joan must she my hard cock and know but she says nothing. We survive the five days. Finally a break for Joan after a day of rest we can make love. My balls are aching to get off. “I saw your hard cock each time I was raped” she says. I mind goes blank, what do I say, how do I explain my arousal to her being raped. “I’m sorry Joan” I say very weakly ashamed of myself. “It’s ok Mike, I’m glad” she says. I look at her puzzled “Even while I was being raped and degraded you still found me sexually attractive Mike, that got me thru it” she says as kiss me tenderly. The next two days we make love several times. The next 5 day round is back to the collar and me raping Joan. This time she stays in our cell between sessions though. I’m now raping her anally every time and the anal enema’s are back. I’m actually enjoying our sessions secretly many times call her slut and whore or slapping her even though the collar didn’t indicate it. About the 8th or 9th round he had me piss in her mouth forcing her to drink it all. The last session of the 5 days brought a new twist we went in sat on the bed and waited for orders “get on all 4 on the bed Mike” he orders I do but now I’m nervous I’m not to keen on being anally raped. He laughs know what I’m thinking “Don’t worry” he says “your no getting fucked” he hands Joan a full enema bag. “Here fill him up” he instructs her. Joan comes over and begin reaming my ass with her tongue, to lube me up. Then I fill her insert the small nozzle and hose inside me. It felt weird, didn’t really hurt, just weird. Then I felt the warm liquid begin to fill my bowls. “ hold it all in. an dump it in that glass container there” he says. I look and the container is about 18” high and around. After all the liquid is gone Joan slowly removes the nozzle. “Ok go dump” he says. I barely make it over to be container when I explode into the container. It smell pretty bad and the water is all brown a lot of crap floating in there. I gag just looking at it. Fuck her doggy style he orders. I walk back over to the bed, Joan has already assumed the position and spread herself for me. I slide in behind her a drive my cock home and begin pumping her hard. Carlos walk over and picks up the container and walks towards the bed. I continue pounding Joan hard, thinking to myself what in the fuck is he up to now. When he gets to the bed he places to container in front of Joan. “Lets see how attractive you find her after see eats that” he says with a chuckle “now you fuck her doggy style till that container is empty” he says while shoving Joan’s face into the container. “Don’t use your hands either whore, I what to hear you slurp up every last drop” he tell here. I gag as he releases he and she pulls out brown liquid running down her face with chunks of shit here an there. “You get to fucking, and you get to slurping whore” he yells.
I begin pumping into her again as she lower her head in to the container I can hear her slurping. I try toning it out doing everything I can to maintain and erection and fuck her, I look around the room several of the guards are gagging and puking , the others look like their ready to. “That’s a big chunk there Joan make sure you chew it well” he yells to her 4 more guards lose their lunch when he says this. I pull my cock out of her pussy and drive it into her ass dry. I need more friction something to stay hard. I fight the urge to puke an continue and make it thru until the container is empty I fill her ass with cum. We don’t talk about it for the next two days.

Still having not broken either of us the next five days changed. We were brought to a different room. Joan was place on her hands and knees in front of a hole in the wall, me behind her. I was obvious what he wanted Joan spread herself and I entered her. The first cock came thru the hole and Joan took it into her mouth and began sucking. Carlos walks over and hands me a bottle of blue pills with a v on them “here take one you gonna need it” he says. The first one comes quickly and Joan swallows it all. As the second cock pops thru the hole. I’m actually enjoying watching her suck anonymous cocks while I fuck her. By the 10th cock I’m fill her pussy with cum. Joan’s even moaning some I think she’s enjoying it as well. The blue pills must be workin cause my cock is still hard and I begin fuck her again after the 15th cock she’s done had atleast three orgasms she quickly looks back at me cum dripping down her chin. “ass” she whispers. I spit on her ass as she takes the new cock in her mouth then slide my cock into her ass she orgasms as my ball slap against her pussy. I dump a second load around cock 40 and switch back to her pussy cock still hard but getting sore. We continue like this for hours. I lose track of how many cocks she sucks but its well over a hundred. She can’t even swallow the cum any more it just drools out of her mouth. Finally no more cocks appear in the hole and we are return to our cell. Once there Joan goes straight to the toilet and pukes. It must have been atleast a gallon. Its hours before they return to get us and back to the whole again and another blue pill. We both really enjoy the first hour or so of the session each time. The session now are only twice a day, but about 4 hours long. We make it thru the 5 days. During our 2 days off rest Joan looks at me after we make love. I can see she has something to say. “Mike” she pauses “Do you still love me” “Yes I do” I reassure her, she has more to say I can tell “whats bothering you baby” I ask “I haven’t had a period since we been here, I think I’m pregnant” she blurts out “well how do you feel about this” I ask her she thinks for a minute “well you’re the only one that has cum in my pussy so atleast we know who the father is, and as long as you love me I’m happy” she says. I take her in my arms and kiss her then hold her tight. As we lay there her in my arms I think. I really do love her and I’m happy she’s having my baby but I also have a wife that I love very much whom is the mother of my twin daughters. I know Anna won’t understand me loving her and her carrying my child even given the circumstances. If we do get out of here alive somebody will get hurt, probably all of us.

The next session we’re lead back to the big room with the bed, I’m placed in the the recliner next to the bed. Joan sits next to me. I look around the room all the guards are naked, they usually have there cock of to jack off but not naked. 4 guards come over to the bed they talk for a minute then one lies down on his back and hold his hard cock up, Joan knows what to do, she goes over and straddles him she stares in to my eyes as she slides his cock inside her pussy and leans back to take him all the way in, the second guard kneels behind her. Without look back never breaking her stare into my eyes she reaches back grabbing his cock and guides it into her ass. The other 2 guard stand on either side of her a she takes a cock in each hand and begins stroking them. She begins moving her hip fucking the 2 cocks inside her as she move from one cock to the other sucking them keep her eye straight ahead on me. She begins to breathe harder have the two cocks inside her harder and faster until they cum inside her, her body tenses up, and she closes her eye fo a moment. As they pump their cum inside her. I can tell she just orgasmed. She sucks the other 2 cocks to until they cum. My cock is throbbing its so hard watch her being fucked by 4 men at once and she knows it. Those 4 men are replace by 4 more and it starts all over again each time her eye fixed on me except when their pumping their cum inside her and she orgasms. After she has serviced all the guards we are returned to our cell. As soon as the guards leave she pushes me on to the bed straddles me and fucks me hard until we both cum. “I seen your hard cock, so I know you needed that, but would not ask me for it” she say then kissing me hard and whispers “I love you” then collapses on my chest and goes to sleep. After 2 days of this we are hand cuffed and lead into the local village. People are spitting at us and cursing us . We’re lead to the local bar and the upstairs to a room. Joan is strapped down to a bed and I’m strapped into a chair next to the bed. The first man walks in an drops some change in a jar on the table by the door. He’s a fat fuck and you can smell the beer from across the room. He undresses and mounts Joan 5 minutes and he’s done a few minutes later same thing drops change in the jar mounts her then leaves.

A young girl comes into the room. She is very pretty, long dark hair, probably 12 or 13, small breast but a nice butt. She slides a pan under Joan then douches her pussy wipes her up with a rag. “If you take care of me. I’ll take care of you” she whisper to Joan the smiles and leaves. Carlos walks in next and drops a single coin in the jar, strips and walks over to the bed. “Your working for tips whore, and you will remain here until that jar is full” he says coldly to Joan then mounts her fucking her hard until he cums. He dresses and leaves. The little girl returns cleans her up “my name is Maria she says then hurries back out the room. Three men come back to back fucking her. Maria returns to clean her up “nights are busy so try and sleep during the day there very slow” then she disappears again. Two larger very drunk guys walk in together strip and the older on pulls Joan to the end of the bed an starts fucking her. The second man straddles her face and begins fucking her mouth. This continues all night until the sun rises in the morning. A man walks in with a try of food reach into the jar and take money out then set the tray down and leaves. Maria comes in behind him and cleans Joan up and feed us both, “Like I said before if you take care of me I’ll take care of you. With that she strips and climbs in the bed straddling Joan’s face she begin to grind her pussy into her. I she Joan’s tongue come out and start licking Maria’s pussy. Maria continues until she orgasms. The day is slow and we sleep. As night comes business increases the later it get the drunker and rougher they are. A large man walks in looks at the jar “Tips huh well see if your worth one whore” he strip walks to bed and pull Joan to the edge so he can fuck her while standing, His cock is large, but its not hard he rubs it on Joan’s pussy starts smack her clit with it. Still not hard, “you worthless whore” he says as he slaps Joan across the face. When she cries out in pain his dick get hard and he rams his cock into her and fucks her till he cums. On his way out he drops some change in the jar. Morning comes and Maria again stripes and mounts Joan’s face. Today however Joan gets right to work eating Maria’s pussy, she has her purring in no time. My cock is rock hard and throbbing from watching Joan getting fucked all night then eat little Maria’s pussy. Joan whispers something to Maria. Maria walks over to be and takes my cock in her mouth and begins sucking me. Her little mouth feels so good on my cock I cum in a few minutes. “thank you Maria” I tell her she just smile and leaves. The day and night goes like normal. The big guy returns this time he wastes no time he slaps Joan 3 times then drives his cock into her. In the morning Little Maria is smiling as she mounts Joan’s face. Joan licks her to 2 orgasms. Then I get my blow job and she’s gone again. The big guy returns again tonight however he slaps and call Joan names thru out the fuck.

In the morning after Maria gets her pussy eat she comes over and begins sucking my cock but stops. She looks at it for a minute the goes over and whispers to Joan then comes back looks some more then goes back to Joan. I see Joan nodding her head yes to Maria. Maria returns to me she climbs up into the chair and straddles me, she reaches down and takes my cock into her hand and begins rubbing it on her pussy. I look over at Joan and she just smiles and watches, Little Maria finally works the head inside her tight little pussy. Her pussy is the tightest I’ve ever felt, she continues working her tight little pussy on my cock. Then I realize I feel something, something I haven’t felt in a long time. Her hymen “Are you a very Maria” I whisper to her, she nods her head yes. “Are you sure you want this” I ask. Maria kisses my hard then impales her shelf on my cock. I felt it rip thru her hymen past her cervix and deep in her little womb. Her lip is bleeding she bit it so hard from the pain. She slowly begins riding my cock faster and deeper her little pussy squeezing my cock with its hot tender flesh. She orgasms several time. “I’m fix to cum” I whisper to Maria so she can get of before I do, She smiles and drives her self all the way down to the base of my cock, I erupt into her tight virgin pussy pumping my hot cum into her young womb. Maria begin to violently shaking as her body convulses in orgasms for several minutes. After her orgasm she slumps forward laying limply against my chest. My cock slowly softens as Little Maria sleep on my chest. As my spent cock slides from her pussy is startles her and she wakes, and kisses me softly her eyes still glazed over. She slides of my lap an to her knee’s looking at my cock covered in cum, pussy juice and her virgin blood. She sticks her tongue out and passes it thru the fluid tasting it then shrugs her shoulders and dives in licking me clean. After she’s satisfied she smiles at me and runs off. The big guys was back tonight as usual laping and cursing Joan, she was used to it. I hear her gasp though an I look over and he has her legs pressed together her knees to her chest laying on her side. A few more slaps and he enter her ass dry. Its not long before he’s grunting and feel her ass with cum. He pulls his cock her ass. “You nasty fucking whore you got shit all over my cock” he say to her while moving to the side of the bed. Stand there he grabs Joan by the hair dragging her across the bed to his cock “Clean it you whore” he demands. Joan already knew what was coming and had his cock in her mouth before he even finished saying it.

Maria returns after sunrise as usual, today though after Joan eats her sweet little pussy she skips my blow job and mounts me. Working her obviously sore tight little pussy slow till she has me all the way inside her. She has 2 orgasms then she really starts to ride me hard and fast. Raising her body till my cock is almost out the just dropping using her full body weight to drive her back down, Grunting in pain as I hit bottom each time. “I’m fixing to cum” I whisper to her. She drives herself back down and holds her self there grinding her hips until she feels my cum begin to fill her pussy. She begins to shake with her own orgasm. Afterwards she sleep laying against my chest until my cock softens enough to slide out of her. Days are usually quiet but today it changed. after sleep a few hours an older lady slips in the door looking back nervously. Like she was making sure nobody had seen her. She drops a lot of change in the jar and hurries over to the bed. She was a pretty lady mid 30’d I would guess, dark hair, small breasts and wearing a sun dress. Her face is very red obviously shy about what she’s doing. She looks at Joan “Maria said your good” she stutters “Can I please” she asks. Joan nods her head. The women looks at me shy she doesn’t remove her clothes just her panties. She climbs on the bed straddles Joan’s face lifts her dress and squats down. She jumps as Joan’s tongue touches her pussy. She settles in dropping her dress covering Joan’s head her hips begin to hump slowly arching her back her head back. She’s squeezing her breasts and twisting her nipples thru her dress moaning softly. Her moaning increases and she’s now twisting and pulling on her nipples until she lets out a loud moan and rolls of Joan laying on the bed beside her catching her breathe. I can see Joan’s face is covered in her cum. Joan whisper to lady and smiles and me. The lady looks over at me very red faced now. She comes over and looks at my cock kneels slowly and takes it into her mouth and begins sucking me. She works my cock until I cum in her mouth, She comes up after milking all my cum from my cock. Gives me a quick kiss like a school girl and runs off. I doze back off when I wake another girl is slipping in the door. I see the girl from earlier behind her pushing her in the close the door. The girl is much younger then the other 17 or 18 I’m guessing so resembles the old lady strongly so I’m guessing her daughter maybe or younger sister. The girls drops a lot of change in the jar then slowly like she’s scared moves to the bed. She talks to Joan. Her voice is so low I can’t her what she says though. But I she Joan nod her head. The girl hides behind the bed to remove her panties then slips onto the bed her eyes meet mine and she quickly puts her head down turning even redder. She straddles Joan’s head her back to me so I can’t look at her. As she slides back and Joan’s tongue touches her pussy she gasps loudly and jumps. Her back to I can’t see her but I her the soft moans as she rides Joan’s face. After several minutes the girl moans loudly then her body shaking lays next to Joan. The girl rests for several minutes then she kisses Joan on the lips softly. Joan whispers to her and she looks at me, turning red she shakes her head no. Joan whispers to her again and she shakes her no but giggles this time. She slips of the bed and quickly comes over to me, her head down looking at my cock. She nervously reaches fo my cock. Just as she takes it into her hand. I make it jump it, she drops it and scappers out the door quickly. About a minute later she runs back in kisses me giggles and runs back out the door. Oh ya she’s coming back again I think to my self and from the way she acts she might even be a virgin.

Things proceed as normal for the next 2 days the older lady in the dress returns both days but the younger girl has not returned. Maria’s getting good an her orgasms are becoming stronger and some days she’s riding me too until I cum twice. Joan starts to get a little morning sickness from being pregnant so Maria is spending most of morning with her helping her out. This morning the lady in the dress slips in the door then goes back out and comes back in pulling the younger girl. The girls face is red as she is pull over to me. The older lady kneels and takes my cock and begins sucking me. Trying to take me all in she works my cock . The young girls watching the whole time. I cum in her mouth and she swallows all but the last two squirts. My cum still in her mouth she turns to the young girl and opens her mouth to show the girl then kisses her putting my cum in her mouth. The lady then whisper to the girl “Ok sweetie now you do it.” Her little hand reaches slow out and takes my cock into her hand and lowers her mouth to my cock. She licks its like an ice cream cone at first. “Take it in you’re your and yours your tongue to tease it like Mom did sweetie.” She takes it in her mouth and begins sucking on it and teasing it with her tongue, trying to go deep like her mother had but she would gag. “ It’s ok just work on a mouth full for now and later we can work on taking more in.” mom tells her. The girl settles in to sucking my cock, she’s doing a pretty good job for her first time too. “ Moms sees she’s doing ok and slips away to the bed to get serviced by Joan. Between the 2 loads Maria took an moms one, and her inexperience it takes awhile before I’m ready to cum again. Mom finishes with Joan and returns whispering in the girls ear giving her pointers. “You how his ball and sack are tightening up honey, that means he’s fixing to cum. So you want to keep your mouth on him and work faster.” “Oh and he comes a lot so you’ll need to swallow several times.” Hearing this was too much my cock start pumping hot cum into her virgin mouth. She was doing well for the first few waves but she forgot to swallow the second time and her mouth over flowed. Mom quickly took my cock and suck the remaining sperm out. Then licked the over flow from the girls cheeks. The little girl was crying softly. Mom looked at me I knew she wanted to reassure the girl she had done good. “That was very good sweetie, almost as good as your mom does it” I whisper to her “But I forgot to swallow and made a mess, and momma had to finish” “That’s alright I like watching her lick it off your face” I tell her. She finally looks up into my eyes and smiles. “Would you like to try the other thing honey” the mother asks. “Maybe, but I want to see you do it first momma” the girl says shyly. “I can’t honey, I told you he’s way bigger than your father so if I do it he will know for sure” “Mom, I’m scared. You said it hurt bad when daddy did it to you the first time, and He’s way bigger. I don’t think I can” she says. “Not to intrude but Maria is younger and smaller than you and she takes it all” I tell her. “How about tomorrow morning you come with your little cousin Maria and watch her” mom says. The girl nods her head yes “Ok give him a kiss and let go then” mom tells her. The girl presses her lips to mine and hold them there, obvious not knowing what else to do. So I slip my tongue past her lips and across her teeth a few times before she gets the hint and opens her mouth and lets me in to explore her mouth. The girl moves closer and straddles my leg as we kiss passionately. I can feel her body temperature rising and her tongue is now exploring my mouth. I feel a hot wet spot on my thigh as then girl pushes her pussy down and humps my leg. We continue kissing her humping my leg until she orgasms. “Ok come on you little slut” mom says jokingly to the girl as she leads her out the room. Yep she’s definitely another virgin I think to my self. This latest round isn’t to bad me and Joan agree besides to big guy most the drunks are in and out in 5 minutes. Carlos still comes by once a night to check on us and fuck Joan. And Joan enjoys the pussy eating, although she admits she’d like to have hers eaten as well. No more beatings and torture so I’m healing and gaining my strength back. And I have to admit I enjoyed taking Maria’s virginity and fucking her and whit any luck tomorrow I get to take her little cousins as well. The jar is getting pretty full, the guys are cheap bastards but, the mother daughter tip us well.

The next morning Maria arrives with her cousin in tow. She brings her over to me “ok Tina you suck him to get him ready. While I let Joan get me ready” Maria says. “Maria, can I ask a favor” “Sure” she tells me. “Joan would like her pussy ate as well” “I’ve never done that” she says “Just do what she does to you”. Maria smiles and heads for Joan. Tina forget the blow job and drops her panties and straddles my leg an puts her bare wet pussy on my thigh and kisses me. Her tongue doesn’t wait today and it in w=my mouth exploring to her dry hump my leg. She must have been really worked up cause she had a small orgasms very quickly, My thigh now lubricated with her juice her little bald pussy is humping harder and faster. “Hey you little slut I said get him ready for me. Not dry hump his leg” Maria yells to Tina “He is ready look” Tina says as she grabs my hard cock to show her cousin. Then returns to making out with me and humping her way to another orgasm. Maria goes back to eating Joan’s pussy. “Ok get off him I’m ready” Maria says as she climbs into my lap and straddles me. She give instructions to Tina. “ok after your in position like me take his cock and lower yourself until your pussy touches his cock. Next you rub his head between your lip like I am until it nice and slick. Place him at your entrance and push down slow until he enter you. You have to wait a minute probably cause it hurts. Next push down until you feel him press against you Hymen. Once you feel better ride that little bit until it feels good and your pussy is good and wet. This next part really hurts so get something to bit on, don’t use your lip, I bit thru mine” she giggles “Once your ready pull almost all the way up and just let your self drop on his cock. Gravity will do the rest.” Tina listened and watched as Maria demonstrated. I was ready to cum already after hearing her. Maria is now riding me at full speed I can feel her pussy tighten and she slams dow on my cock, That’s all I could take and begin pumping my hot cum into her womb while Maria shakes from her own orgasm, “Umm. And that’s the best part Tina wait until you feel his hot cum pumping deep inside you. It makes me orgasm every time” Maria slides of my cock and begins cleaning me up “Go have Joan get you ready, Oh and lick her like I was she tastes good you’ll like it,” Maria instructs the girl. My cock is back up and Maria again mounts to ride some more. After her second orgasm Tina is back “Hey your going to wear him out before I get my turn” Tina says with a frown. Maria get off and Tina takes her place. Doing as instructed, Maria starts to say something but Tina cuts her off “I got this, go play with Joan” Tina snaps. I feel her pushing down on my cock, after a little resistance the head slips in side her she lets out a little moan then works her way down to her hymen, she pause there allowing her pussy to adjust. Her pussy feels good around my cock. Nice and tight, not as tight as Maria was but she is older and a bigger body once she relaxes she move in and starts kissing me hard and working the 2 inches of cock she has inside her. She works her self to an orgasm. She lay her head on my chest while she rest; Once recover she goes back at it then she reach in her dress pocket and pulls out a wash rag rolls it up and bits down on it. She raises up looks me in the eyes and removes the rag one more kiss and a smile before she impales herself on my cock. She drives my hard cock complete into her womb, Her scream is still loud even with the rag in her mouth. Her whole body is shaking as she tries to catch her breathe. She goes limp and lay against my chest. Maria is back to snap her too “Hurry up Tina, I want another turn before we go” Maria says with lust in her eyes. Tina begins to ride me, it hurt her but she wants to get to the good part faster so she bit her lip and pushes thru. Maria wanting to speed thing up removes her cousins dress and begins sucking on her breast. My mouth watered she had the most perfect tan little breast only about a mouth full and her nipple stuck out about an inch. I was ready to cum and I’m sure she was to. I let her know but I knew I was wasting my breathe she buried my cock deep inside her as I pumped wave after wave of cum into her. Her own body still trembling from her orgasm she fall against my chest. She eventually slides off of and to her knees and begins cleaning the blood and cum from my cock. Maria is standing watching while she fingers her cunt waiting her turn. As soon as my cock is hard again Maria pulls Tina out the way and mounts me like a rabbit dog. She rode me thru several orgasms until I finally put her second load of cum inside her. She lay on my chest with a content smile. It wouldn’t last.

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So much for "Option 1" :(
Story was good, even though it needs serious editing, before you threw that out the window.

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