This story is very long and not just sex many things in one chapter relate to things that will happen several chapters later.
A Not So Simple Life

Chapter 4

Carlos walks thru the door and see Maria on my lap and Tina naked next to me. He turns red with anger. “What in the is going on, You little whores get dress and get home now” “ But Daddy” Maria says “Get out now before I do something” Carlos turns and leaves Maria and Tina quickly dress and leave but not before Tina gets one more kiss. Several guards come in and drag me and Joan back to or cell. “Maria called Carlos Daddy” “And your cock was buried to the hilt in her cum dripping out of her plain as day” Joan says “ I know, I don’t think this is going to be good” I tell her. Nothing happens for several days. Then we dressed and taken too Carlos’s office. A cart with a tv and dvd player is rolled in there are 2 guards in the room and Carlos. I’m thinking while they set up the cart. I’m pretty healed and I’m sure our days are number now for sure so its worth the risk, But I’m tied too the chair so I’ll have to wait until tey untie us to return us to our cell. My thoughts are interrupted. “So you deflowered my daughter and my niece. Their gone I shipped them and my sister back home. So I believe in an eye for an eye.” My heart is pumping now as the tv comes on its Joan’s mother, father, sister, and niece. Their all being raped and beaten by several large men in masks. Her niece only 6 years old. At the end their all executed. Joan is crying almost histerical. As the next video come on Carlos say “Your girls were to small to physically be raped Mike so your wife took their share as well.” I watch the screen my little girls naked being forced to watch their mother being raped repeatedly then they executed Anna. But nothing on the twins. My mind is spinning then Carlos made a mistake he smiles and says “Your girls are bing brought here now and when they become 10 years old I will deflower them and do all the thing them that we have done to Joan” He barley finishes his statement before the rage takes over and all I see is red. I snap my restraints and take out the guard next to me. Using his gun I take out Carlos and the other guard. Joan grabs the other gun and we move out the office shooting as we go. There’s a jeep outside the building and we’re to in an lass than a minute. “Go Joan get out of here and send help, I’m going to stay and finish this” joan doesn’t try to argue she sees the blood lust in my eyes and knows it useless. Most of it is blurry I was filled with anger, But I do recall finding the armory grenade and ammo rocket launchers. There were 75 men in the camp that morning. Less than an hour later there was one. Building burning every where. I loaded the back of a jeep and head out the compound still fueled by rage, is seen several on the men that had raped Joan, the women and kids that spit at us. This whole village had allowed this to happen. I stopped the jeep and got in back on the 50 cal machine gun. I pulled the trigger and bodies strarted exploding all around as men women and children ran in fear. I fired rocket launchers into houses. I kick the door in on the church and started tossing grenades in. The small school was leveled by several rocket launchers. I went door to door killing everyone I found regardless of their age or sex. They tell me later that their were 246 souls in that village this morning, only 3 survived( maria, tina and her mom) I stop at the center of town and sat on a park bench. Death all around me. As I slowly loss consciousness, I look down I’ve been shot three times I’m cover in blood. I hear the faint sounds of helicopters as I fall over on the bench.

“Captain, Captain Gray can you hear me sir” I slowly come back around to see US army troops around my “Sir I’m Dr. Green are you allergic to any medication” “ Do you know blood type Captain” every thing fades to black again. “We need to stabalize him for transport sergeant” “Captain Gray I’m Colonel Smith, can you till me what happened here” “ Colonel he’s in no shape to answer questions” “ Captain Gray what happened here” “I served their eviction notice” I say as it fades to black again. “Dr. Green we’ll be landing in 5 minutes” “Make sure the OR is ready, and plenty of O+ blood available” “Joan” I say weakly “She’s alright Captain she’s in the hospital” “Anna and the twins” I say as I fade out again. It’s 2 days before I wake again. As my eyes open slowly I see two armed soldiers. He see me stir awake and grabs his radio “Colonel, Captain Gray is awake” he says into it. Dr. Green comes in “Oh your finally awake how are you felling Captain” he asks “like I got hit by a mack truck” I say. “Well 3 bullets will do that, your lucky to be alive” he says. About this time Colonel Smith come in “clear the room everyone now” every one leaves except the 2 guards they stand at the door. “Ok Captain what happened in that village” “Captain Richards has already told us how you escaped, but you stayed behind.” “so we can account for 8 of the dead bodies, it’s the other 306 we need to know about Captain” he states “My girls, The twins are they alright?” “I don’t know Captain, but we need to find out what happen in that village” he states. “Well while you find out about my daughters, I’ll see if I can remember what happened in that village” I say and turn over on my side. The colonel gets the hint and leaves upset. I can’t tell them what happened, I just slaughtered hundreds of people. They’ll put me under the mental institution the rest of my life at best, more than likely I’ll get the death penalty. The Colonel returns “Sir I’m sorry to inform you that your wife and daughters were murdered 2 days ago” he states. “Now about that village” I pissed now this bastard tells me my girls and wife are dead and the next breathe worried about that fucking village. “well they died of natural causes Colonel” I tell him “well Captain I’ve seen a lot of death in my time and that was not natural what happen in that village” he says. “Well Colonel you take people hostage, beat torture and rape them for I don’t know how many days, then you beat rape and murder their families and play the dvd for them, I would say that would be a natural cause of your death and any one involved. Wouldn’t you agree Colonel” “63” he replies I look at him puzzled “the number of days you were held hostage” he says as he leaves. The Army continues to press for answers but I never say more then I told the Colonel.

I’m just cold and numb now as I stand and watch them lower the 3 casket into the ground. I don’t even shed a tear. Joan is by my side cry enough for both of us. Me and my job had put them in harms way and they paid the price. As we leave the cemetery a reporter runs up snapping pictures “So is it true your baby was conceived while prisoner Captain Richards” he says holding a tape recorder. Reporters have been holding us for days but to come to my families funeral. That’s over the line. I take him to the ground in one second flat and start beating him in the side of the head with the tape recorder. My father and uncle pull me off him. The Army pays him off to cover it up but I’m put on 90 days leave. Joan is put on extended leave as well. Things are actually good between me and Joan, Her belly is showing nicely and the sex is still pretty intense. We go visit Joe’s wife Susan to pay our respects. She has moved back home to Knoxville TN. We spend a few weeks there visiting but really just hiding. Little Samantha looks just like my daughters, I still remember them playing together in the back yard of the house. I sit back drinking a beer and watch her play. I remember back not long ago my life was perfect, I wasn’t rich but what I had money couldn’t buy. Now look how far I’ve fallen. Little do I know I haven’t hit bottom yet. My phone rings, Its Susan her and Joan were in an accident on the way to the store. Joan is dead. I drop the phone and just continue watch Samantha play and drink my beer.

My life spins out of control. I’m here but not really I don’t care about anything any more. I’m just comfortably numb. I received large settlement from anna and the girls death, and then Joan and our unborn child so I had millions in the bank. The Army puts me back on active duty I spent the next two years in Afghanistan and Iraq, I never spent long with any unit though. They described it as a trail of carnage. I left dead bodies on every mission. When the shooting would start everyone would scramble for cover but me. I just walk around numb to it all. I was wounded more times then I can count mostly flesh wounds that healed quickly. I even stopped reporting the minor bullet graze wounds because they would take me of mission until the doctors released me. I was finally sent home on leave but that didn’t go well. My father and uncle both Colonels in the army had gotten the reports on me. They even had a file on the camp and village photos and all. I had never seen it my self. While home on leave they decided to have an intervention. Mom tried setting me up on dates. Janet was one of moms friends daughter. I picked her up at her moms. She was 25 blonde hair nice ample breasts a killer butt. At least mom had taste. We go out to eat then a movie. Things were going good I guess she held my hand and even initiated a kiss. She seemed to really light up when someone recognized me and she found out what a big war hero I was. Butt when we stopped a diner on the way home to get pie I lost her. We were chatting in a booth eating our pie and kissing some. 3 boys maybe 20 were sitting at the counter. Gang banger wanna bees. They were loud and annoying harassing everyone who comes by especially the girls. I bit my tongue for awhile but when Janet drops her fork I get up to get her a new one. I walk to the counter and ask for a new fork. There’s only two punks there now, walking back to my booth there sit’s the 3rd next to Janet eating my pie. I sit down across from him. “You don’t mind if I have some of you pie do you” he say looking at me “no not at all, let me help you” I grab him by the back of the head and slam his face into the table repeated asking if he’d like more. Blood everywhere all his front teeth gone, some embedded in the table top. The other two punks come running over. “Janet what the fucks going on?” they ask, apparently the little punk was Janet’s brother. Dad had to come bail me out and Janet never did call for that second date, Mom just cried. Dad and my uncle took my life the worst, they had push me to be the best soldier, sent me to the academy and west point. They were so proud when I got awards and they glowed when I got my silver star for bravery. My father encouraged me to go delta force. Now they realize that creating that hero came at a price that price was my soul. I decide I had enough family time and I go visit Susan and Samantha she is growing so fast 6 years old now. Susan seems odd, distant when I visit but I don’t pry.

I return to Iraq they assign me to a Prison Camp. I guess the army figured I couldn’t get in trouble here. Well I prove them wrong again. We always had CIA types around the prison doing interrogations and I began to work with them. In no time at all I was excelling at the new found job. “Dam mike that guy gave us info we didn’t even ask about” John tells me I just laugh. I quickly make a name for my self in the community. All is pretty good till a news story breaks about the camps and torture and we’re shut down. John one of the CIA guys approaches me “Mike you ever thought of leaving the army” he asks “Not really John, but I’m sure they wish I would with my record” I say “well your right about them wanting you out mike, but your record is why I’m talking to you” he says “why’s that” I reply “well the agency needs skilled people like you with no ties and the willingness to get his hands dirty” “you offering me a job with the agency john” he hands me a card “call this number and well set up your interviews and testing. I take the card and we say our good bye’s. I’m sent back to the states 2 weeks later. Promoted to Major and given a desk job in the pentagon. The army’s way of telling me I’m not going back to Iraq or any other combat zone for a long time. I call the number and do all the interviews and testing. I’m accepted the army medically retires me and I start with the agency.

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2014-07-26 05:52:40
Don't take this the wrong way, i like ur story, but after all the crap u put Joan through, u kill her off in a car wreck?? talk about anti-climatic. If u wanted her dead, u should have just killed her during their escape. the wreck thing felt almost like an afterthought, and didn't create the kind of impact I thought the character deserved . other than that(and the rediculous. thought that you could get your dick into a woman's womb) I love the story so far. I feel very empathetic. with Mike, and I'm curious to see how far he will spiral down. Should he find himself becoming as bad as his captor was, or will he have the strength and character to resist the impulses that he is sure to have at this point? Guess I will have to keep reading to find out. Oh the horror. Keep writing.

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