This story is very long and not just sex many things in one chapter relate to things that will happen several chapters later.
A Not So Simple Life

Chapter 5

I decide to move Knoxville near Susan and Samantha (two houses down actually) since I can live anywhere with my new job. Susan I find out is stripping at a local club and I suspect using drugs as well. Samantha starts spending a lot more time at my house, especially when her mom’s being a bitch, which is pretty often. With my skills I’m assigned to a special division we do clean up and containment so I have plenty of free time only flying out for a few days here and there a week at most. I notice a lot of different guys hanging around Susan’s house lately but I don’t pry. Samantha starts spending nights at my house pretty regular since her mom always has some guy at their house. She becomes a regular little house wife cooking and cleaning at the age of 9, She is also getting her breasts and curves in her hips I notice. I finally feel my life had hit bottom and I’m on my way back up, Looking back on my life now I can say It was.

On one of my few visit with my mother, I had my wallet out paying for something and mom seen the picture Samantha had put of herself in there. “Where did you get that picture Mike” mom asks. “That’s Samantha, Susan’s daughter” I reply “ If not for the hair color she looks exactly like your sister at her age.” mom says. I return home I decide to take of a month its summer time and I want to spend some time with Samantha doing things. We have a bad storm one night and Samantha slips into my bed as she does on many nights, and snuggles up to me. “Uncle Mike you awake” she whispers “Yes baby girl what you need” I reply “ I was wondering if I could, oh never mind” she says. “Go ahead sweetie say what you want to say” I reassure her. She takes a deep breathe then spits it out talking real fast like she needs to say it all before she loses her nerve. “Uncle Mike I want to kmow if I can call Daddy. I know your not and my Daddy was your best friend but, you take care of me all the things a father does, I love you and I know you love me. And I also want to know if I can live here permanent I don’t like going to moms when your gone.” I think for a minute “Well Samantha sweet heart, you know I love you but I can’t do anything about your mother, I don’t have any legal rights to you, and I’m afraid if we push the issue she my make you move back. But on the other part I’d be Honored to have you call me Dad, and proud to call you my daughter” I tell her. With that she kisses me on the lips “Good night daddy” and goes to sleep. Over the next month we travel all over Lake mead, the grand canyon, DC, Yellowstone. The first few nights all they had was a single king sized bed so we took it. After the second stop and no double beds we didn’t even ask anymore. Samantha always held my hand when we were out in public. We got strange looks from more than one person. After the vacation the first night home Samantha came crawl into my bed “sweetie what’s wrong.”
“Nothing, I just felt alone in my bed, I got used to snuggling up to you Daddy” I chuckle and squeeze her tight and give her a good night kiss. Samantha never did sleep in her room again. As time passes Samantha is developing more and knows way too much about sex for her age. As I find out much later her mom just fucks guys anywhere no mater if she’s in the room or not. One night while laying in bed “Daddy, why don’t you have a women, is it because of me, am I in the way?” she asks “No sweetie, You are my women, why would I need anyone else” I say trying to reassure her. I didn’t realize until much later what she heard when I said that, that night. As soon as the words left my mouth her eyes lit up and she gave me a kiss, longer then usual then snuggled in tight. “good night Daddy, I love you” “I love you too sweetie”. over the next few months I notice Samantha acting more womanly and much more touchy with me. Many times at night saying I love honey and not daddy. She also started sleeping in a t-shirt and panties instead of pajama’s. When she got up to pee at night she quit closing the door. I figured it was just a phase and would go away.

The phone rings about 1 am, its work, top priority job I have to leave immediately. I kiss Samantha and head out the door I’m on a charter jet headed to Syria. We had an asset needing extraction I was on the first team in and second team only minutes behind. It was a set up, we were ambushed when we came thru the door. I took several hits and went down, luckily the second team was right behind us and heard the gun fire and came in prepared. I blacked out as they came thru the door. I was in and out of it for awhile. When I woke up in the hospital There was a huge commotion outside my door, I pressed my call button and as the nurse came in I seen Samantha trying to push her way past the guard outside my door. I chuckled she was maybe 100lbs trying to shove a 220 lb man around. She was giving him hell though. “Nurse have them let her in “ I say. The nurse goes out and Samantha comes running in tears in her eye’s she climbs right on the bed and kisses the lays on my chest holding me crying. I’m in pain but I say nothing and just hold her. She finally stops cry and calms down. “I can’t lose another daddy” She says “oh baby girl, only the good die young, I’m gonna live for ever” I say jokingly. I was shot in the left shoulder and right thigh, a few more inches and I wouldn’t have had 9 inches anymore. My thigh wound required a lot of work and the wound had to be left open and cleaned and bandaged often to keep it from infection. Samantha refused to leave the hospital until I did so I told the doctor to release me and I could handle the cleaning and dressing my self. He agrees’ but says he’ll have a nurse with me during the day until Samantha gets home. We leave and head home. Everything goes well the nurse leaves at 7pm “All you have to do is clean and changed the dressing before you go to bed and I’ll be here in the morning Mr. Gray” she says. That night at bed time Samantha brings a bowl with the cleaning solution and bandages. “ok sweetie I got from here, give 15 minutes then you can come back ok” I tell her “No I’ll stay and help” she says. “no you won’t, now go sweetie” she leaves but she’s not happy about it. I can’t use my left arm because of my wound so I do the best I can one handed. It’s not a very pretty job and I hear about it in the morning when the nurse comes. The next night the same thing and the same ass chewing in the morning. I see the nurse and Samantha in the bathroom talking she’s something. “What you ladies doing in there” I yell. They don’t answer the nurse comes out says by and leaves. At bed time Samantha brings the bowl sets it down and starts to pull the sheet back. “What you doing baby girl” I ask. “The nurse said your not doing a good job, You only have one hand so need help” she says again trying to pull the sheets back. “You can’t do that baby girl, you know where I’m wounded you shouldn’t see or touch me there, I’ll be fine” I tell her. “No the nurse said you’ll get an infection, and there’s nothing wrong with me doing this, if I was hurt and needed you to touch me, I know you would do it.” she says. She made a good point, I let her hand go and she pulled the sheets back. She stood and stared for a minute, then went to work like nothing was wrong. She finished me up smiled and gave me a kiss “all done”. All went well for a few days until tonight my cock was laying on the bandage. Before I could reach down to move it her hand was on it moving it over to the side. It twitched at her touch, but she didn’t let go she just smiled and layed it over to the other side. I guess her touching it, got my arousal up and i was looking at her she really was beautiful standing there in her t-shirt and panties. I notice her nipples are hard poking thru her t-shirt. Her hips are nice and her butt is round and full. I was so lost looking at her body that I didn’t notice until she giggle that my cock was hard, I tried covering it up but she stopped me. “I’m not done yet” she says with a smile “but” I get out before she cuts me of “no buts, thats prefect natural for that to happen the nurse told me” she says with a smile. Before bed that night she kisses me hard holding her lips to mine like she’s waiting for something to happen. It does my still hard cock twitches, I know she felt it, but she just smiles and snuggles into me. We make in thru the week and I’m up moving around again slowly.

I decide to do some house cleaning go thru all the boxes of junk from Anna an the twins and Joan. Samantha helps me. We find a box with all Anna’s old cum fuck me night clothes and Samantha’s eye light up. That night at bed time Samantha show up wearing one of Anna’s old nities. She looks sexy in it and surely not 9 years old. “How do you like it, do I remind you of Anna.” she says “baby girl” I say pulling her into my arms “why are you wearing that really” she looks down and softly says “I just thought maybe you would like me more in it, like you liked Anna, I could be like her.” “Sweetie I love you, for you, I don’t want you to look or act like anyone else.” she smiles and kisses hard holding it there then I fell her tongue snake past my lips in to my mouth, it was only for a minute then she slips into the bed snuggles up and goes to sleep. I just lay there in shock Samantha had just kissed me, No denying her intentions but what should I do about it. The next day neither of us say anything about the kiss, but I do notice Samantha it a lot more bubbly today. We finish going thru the boxes and Samantha comes across a box of me and Anna’s old love letters. They were pretty steamy if I recall. “Daddy there’s a letter in here with your name on it but not opened.” I take the letter and Its from Anna to me. From the address it was during my first deployment to Iraq but it was never mailed. I open it up and read the date is right its when I first went over to Iraq. I begin to read.



I look up at little Samantha, and it all comes back to me Susan putting the pillows under her butt, only letting me cum in her pussy, how much Samantha looked like the twins and now my sister. Why Susan never says anything about her living here or here calling me daddy. I just kissed my daughter last night, I always thought of her as my daughter but now she’s my flesh and blood. “What is it Daddy” she asks. “Sweetie we need to talk” she can tell it’s a serious talk for my face, her mind goes straight to the kiss from last night. “If its about last night, I know its wrong but I love you and I know you love me too, and even though I call you daddy we’re not really blood so its really just an age difference” she blurts out. “5 minutes ago that would have been a good argument sweetie” I tell her as I hand her the letter. She reads it “does this mean you’re my real daddy” “yes, sweetie” I tell her with tears in my eyes. Samantha begins to cry as well and comes over and I hold her in my arms. After a long hug she takes a deep breathe “well this is good news now mom can’t stop me from living here” “Well first we’ll get DNA test tomorrow then we can get a judge to change your birth certificate, then get custody” I tell her. Neither of us mention the kiss, but that night at bed time she gives a regular good night kiss and sleeps in her t-shirt and panties. I sit Samantha down the next morning and we talk about her mothers house and what goes on. She tell me about the drug use and men. Her mother having sex in front of her. Many times making her watch and once she had her lay naked next to her in the bed while the man fucked her, the man stared at her the whole time and she ran an hid when he tried to touch her. She hasn’t been to she her mother since. I tell her she’ll have to tell a court these things and also that she can not say anything about sleeping in my bed the kiss none of it, She nods her head. With my connections the process goes quick and within two weeks I have sole custody of Samantha. Susan is only allowed to see her if I agree and its supervised. Susan eventually OD’s but Samantha never has contact with her again.

Now that Samantha is all mine legally there’s a lot of changes to be made. We start house hunting I can afford way better and Samantha deserves better. I just bought this place because it was close to her at the time. Samantha will be 10 in a few weeks so gotta plan a birthday for her, Another change was a nanny for Samantha while I’m away on assignment. I talk to the local division chief and he assigns me Rachel. She 19, recruited straight out of high school, she went thru training over the last year and now was attending a local college at company expense. She receives a small living allowance but working as a nanny would give her a full income. The division Chief tell me try her out for a month and see how it goes. I give her a call and set up a meet, Diner at a local steak house. Me and Samantha and sitting and talking when she arrive. She 5’6” about 105lbs, firey red hair, nice firm body, and about b cup tits. Just enough for a mouthful. We talk for awhile and eat, Her and Samantha seem to be hitting it off. She decides to give it a try so we exchange numbers. Me and Samantha return home and I’m already in bed, Samantha’s in the shower when I scream for me. I rush in to the bathroom “What wrong baby girl.” She standing in the shower crying naked, I can see a small trace of blood on her legs. “I’m bleeding down there daddy” she says nervously. I let out a small laugh “Oh baby girl it looks like you getting your first period, don’t be scared” “Din’t your mother teach you about this” I tell her “Yes she did a little but, I though it doesn’t happen till your older” she says. “everybody’s different baby girl, Anna was younger then you when she started.” I tell her. “Just means your entering womanhood early” when she hears that her face lights up with a smile. Now I’m comfortable discussing things with Samantha and under the circumstances seeing her naked but her next question made me uncomfortable. “Daddy what do I do, Mom talked about it some but never showed me, Can you show me.” “Good thing I got Rachel’s number cause this was out of my area of expertise. “I’ll give Rachel a call baby girl, She should know what to do and I’m sure can explain things better then I can” I tell her. I call Rachel and see gives me a list of things to go buy, I run to the store and when I return she is already upstairs with Samantha. “I’m back baby girl” I say walking into the bathroom with the bag of goods. Samantha is still naked sitting on the toilet, Rachel sitting next to her talking. Rachel seems shocked I walked in with Samantha naked, and the fact that Samantha and I seemed comfortable with it added to her shock. I handed Rachel the bag and turned to leave but Samantha stopped me. “Where you going daddy, stay and help me please” Rachel of course was shocked again by her statement. “No baby girl, No and Rachel can handle this just fine without me” I say as I leave. Their in the bathroom for about an hour before they both come out. Samantha goes straight to my bed and lays down. I walk Rachel to the door thanking her for coming to my rescue. Upstairs I slip into bed and cuddle up to Samantha. She seems a little distant, not cuddling in close like usual. “What’s wrong baby girl” “Oh nothing daddy” she says. “I know something is up so spit it out now.” she thinks for a minute then says “Well its what you said earlier about me entering women hood Rachel said my body will start to change more now and I can get pregnant if I have sex, just a lot of things to think about.” “It’ll be fine baby girl, this is just the first step to women hood, you got plenty of time to worry about babies.” I kiss her and pull her in closer. She pushes away a little “I’m nasty daddy, don’t get to close it’ll get on you” she says. I laugh and pull her back into me even closer “I’m not worried about that baby girl, your not nasty it’ll wash off.” With that she smiles and relaxes, wiggling her butt back into my crouch as she normally does till she feels my cock get hard. “Good night I love you” I say giving her a kiss. She turns and kisses me back but on the lips her little hot tongue slipping into my mouth and exploring, I can feel the heat and passion rise in her body. As she breaks the kiss she whispers “A women should be kissed good night like one” the takes my hand and snuggles back into me holding my hand to her breast. I can feel her hard little nipple on the back of my hand. I say nothing just lay there half shocked she kissed me again, half worried about what she will do next. In my heart I know its only a matter of time unless I put and end to her sleeping with me, But in my heart I know I don’t want it to stop either so I’ll do like usual, and say nothing.

The next morning after our I get a call from work, A new job they send the info. I call Rachel and let Samantha know I’ll be out of town for at least 4 days maybe a week. The task is a slave trader named Jabar in Bangkok, Thailand. He was a middle man for us brokering deals but we recently had several compromised jobs leading back to him so he’s to be eliminated. I arrive in country and set up in a little apartment near his home and that evening while he’s out set up camera’s in his home. I need to tail him for a few days see who he has contact with. Later that evening he arrives back home. I’m watch on my laptop as they enter the bedroom. He has a very young girl with him, she looks to be maybe 10, I watch as she undresses. She has long black hair, just little bump on her chest and a bald little pussy, She waste no time climbing up onto the bed between his legs and taking his cock into her mouth. He wasn’t huge but above average and she deep throated him like a pro. He placed his hand on the back of her head and began fucking himself hard with her mouth. After a few minutes you could see him tense up and he held her head down deep on his cock as he pump his sperm down her throat. I guess he held her for to long because you could tell she was turning pale and finally fought back and came up for air, Spit and cum dripping from her mouth down her flat chest as she gasp to catch her breathe. Then he yells at her “You little whore, I wasn’t done yet, you stay there till I say or you pass out bitch” then slaps her so hard her 70lb body flies out the bed landing on the floor. She slowly pulls her self up off the floor and climbs back on to the bed between his legs, He slaps her again send her to the floor. Moving slower this time she again crawls back up between his legs placing her hands behind her back she bends forward taking his cock in her mouth. He grabs her by the back of the head and begins face fucking her again harder this time and periodicly slapping her. When he starts to tense up again he holds his cock deep in her throat. I watch as her skin turns pale and her body starts to jerk and shake as her pumps cum down her throat. Her body finally goes limp and collapses like a rag doll. He pulls her mouth off his cock and throws her off the bed like a rag doll. I watch and she her little chest moving, she is breathing. He rolls over and goes to sleep. The next morning I wake early and review the video not much happened, the girl wakes and crawls in laying at the foot of the bed and goes to sleep. About 2 hours later he wakes up and kicks the girl in the ribs to wake her. You can see his cock is already hard. She jumps up immediately and crawls up the bed and straddles him, she spits on her hand and rubs it into her pussy the does again and lubes his cock then lines his cock up with her pussy. She rubs him between her lips a few times then in one smooth motion sits back taking him all in, pausing for a moment before she starts to ride him hard and fast. She rides until he begins to cum inside her. After he is done she remove herself and sucks him clean. She jumps off the bed and goes and starts the shower running. He follows her in and she washes his body as he stands there. When she’s done she dries him then heads back into the bed room. I notice his cock is hard again and she does as well. She kneels in front of him and takes his cock into her mouth. After only a few minutes he grabs her by the hair and pulls her to the bed bending her over the bed. She must have know what was coming because she spit on her hand and lubed her ass with it just before he entered her tight little ass hard and deep. She bit her lower lip hard but never made a sound just laid there taking it. After he was done she dropped to her knees and cleaned his cock. He dressed and headed out so I took of to tail him for the day.

I followed him to a few meetings, took pictures, at lunch he meet with a man, clean but obviously poor, they ate and he gave Jabar 3 Polaroid photo’s. He looked at the photo’s and they talk a minute then the man left. The rest of the day was uneventful. He returned home that afternoon. The young girl was sleeping on the foot of the bed when he walked in. She quickly jumped up and went over to him. Jabar pulled the pictures from his pocket and handed them to the girl. She looked and smiled “both of them” she asks. “Maybe, we meet them at 7pm so get dressed Lalana” he instructs her. They dress and leave shortly and I follow them thru the winding streets of Bangkok to a poor neighborhood. The houses if you can call them that looked to be barely standing. When they finally pull up to a house and stop. Lalana jumps out and goes the house and knocks. The man from earlier opens the door and greets her. They talk for a moment then 2 young girls come out and stand next to the man. They look nervous and a little scared. Both dressed in black skirts and white blouses. Its dark out so hard to see them well but from their body size they are much smaller them Lalana so I guess 8 or 9. Lalana takes the 2 girls by the hand and leads them to the car. The older girl steps forward and stands in the open door facing Jabar. Lalana steps behind the girl reaching around her and opens her blouse for Jabar to see her chest. She is completely flat only small eraser sized nipples poking out. Lalana then reaches down under the girls skirt and slides her panties down to her knees then raises the front of her skirt for Jabar to see her bald little pussy. Lalana slides her hand down and slip a finger inside the girls pussy and begins to play for a moment, then removes it and sucks the juice from her finger. She nods to Jabar who then reaches out and fondles the girls pussy for a moment before inserting a finger inside her. He push his finger in about half way before the girl jump back. He must have hit her hymen because Jabar gets a big smile on his face. He says something to her and she steps back and the younger girl steps forward. They go thru the inspection process and she too is a virgin. The Man from the house is now standing at the car with 2 small suit cases and I can see a women in the door to the house watching with tears in her eyes. The man steps to the car and talks with Jabar then Jabar counts out 2500 in cash to the man. He turns to the 2 girls, they have tears running down their cheeks, he speaks to them then walks toward the house. The trunk pops on the car and Lalana instructs the girls to get their bags and get in the trunk, they climb in and Lalana closes it, then returns to the back seat with Jabar and they drive away.

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