This story is very long and not just sex .
A Not So Simple Life

Chapter 6

I follow them back to the house where he drops off Lalana and the two girls then heads into town and meets with some men at a club. They drink late into the night and Jabar’s driver eventually brings him home and carries him to his room. All three girls are naked in the room when he arrives but he is already pasted out from the night of drinking. Lalana put the two girls to bed on the floor then lays at the foot of the bed and goes to sleep herself. I’m not really tired so I call and check on Samantha then review then video recordings from the house when I was gone. Lalana brings the two girls in the house and to the bedroom where she strips them and directs them to the shower. After they shower she brings them to the bed and begins talking with them. They are sisters, Jaidee 7 and Rajini 6 younger then I had thought. Lalana tells them she is 9 and has been with Jabar since she was 6. She then explains the the girl that their parents had sold them to Jabar and they now belonged to him. Which judging from their reaction they already knew. Lalana then goes into great detail what is expected of them from Jabar. The girls have a lot of questions so Lalana does her best to tell them what will happen and what it will feel like. She then goes to the cabinet and opens it and instructs the girls sit sit and watch some video’s while they wait for Jabar to return. The angle of the camera isn’t good but the video’s are child porn, young girls with older men. I fast forward but nothing else on the video until when Jabar came home so I decide to get some rest.

The next morning I rise early and send in my report and pictures and video I have so far. See if they can Id any of the men he’s meet with so far. Jabar wakes about an hour later, Hit kick Lalana who immediately gets the two girls up and brings them over to serve Jabar. He tells her has other plans they are to watch as she takes care off him. Lalana complies and climbs between his legs as Jaidee and Rajini sit naked on the bed and watch her. Lalana takes his cock into her mouth and begins sucking him slowly working her way deeper and deeper until she works it all in. The girls just stare as she takes his entire cock into her throat. Jabar Is just lying back enjoying him self. After a few minutes he is ready to cum. He instruct Lalana to take it all in her mouth and share with the girls. After she sucks him dry Lalana goes to Jaidee and tilts her head back squeezing her cheeks until her mouth opens then Lalana let a long stream of sperm drool from her mouth into Jaidee’s mouth. Jaidee swallows it as told, then Lalana moves to Rajini and give her the remaining sperm in her mouth. Jabar instruct Lalana to have the girls 69 so they eat each others pussy so he can watch while she rides his cock. Lalana has Jaidee lay down and spread her legs then Rajini straddles her face lowering her bald pussy to her sisters mouth. Rajini jumps slightly when she feels her sisters tongue on her pussy then lowers her pussy down covering her sisters face. Rajini then lowers her head between her sisters legs and begins to slowly lick her sisters bald pussy. Lalana staddles Jabar and guides his cock into her pussy slowly leaning back until he fully inside her. She begins to ride him slow and deep as they watch the sisters eat each others pussy. Jabar Doesn’t last long before he fills her pussy with cum. Pulling out of Lalana he has her turn her back to him and lay across his chest as he slides his cock into her ass and begins slowly fucking her. He instructs the two sisters to takes turns sucking his cum from Lalana’s pussy while he fucks her ass. About every 10 strokes he pulls out and has one of the sisters suck his cock for a few stokes before sliding it back in Lalana’s ass. When He finally cums in Lalana’s ass he has Jaidee suck his cock clean while Rajini sucks his cum from Lalana”s ass. Satisfied he get up and heads to the shower after showering he instructs the girls to get dressed their going out.

The sisters are loaded into the car but Lalana remains at the house. I follow them to a warehouse where he meets two men. He brings the girls over and the men inspect them. Handing Jabar a large stack off cash they take Little Rajini by the hand and lead her into the warehouse. Jabar takes Jaidee back to the car and they pull away. Curious I move in closer to the warehouse and look inside, it set up with camera’s and a bed. Must be where they make child porn movies. I set up a few camera’s to video what happens but have to leave to follow Jabar. I’ll come back later and retrieve the camera’s and video. They can record up to 48 hrs so I should be good. I follow Jabar down to a club where he meets 6 Arab men. I take several pictures and forward them to the agency for ID I’m pretty sure these are the guys we’re looking for. Jabar talks with them men. While Jabar is inside his driver takes Jaidee to the hotel across the street and puts her in a room, then brings Jabar the key. Jabar hands the key to one of the men then shakes their hands and leaves. Dam no way I can get in and set up camera’s in the hotel undetected so I leave and follow Jabar. He returns home and goes into his office. I watch as he moves a book shelf to reveal a large 4’ x 8’ safe door. The camera is positioned just right to see as he puts his combo in and opens the safe. Its full of money video tapes, drugs, and black bags(usually used for diamonds). He puts the cash he got from the warehouse in and closes it up, then goes to his desk and starts working on his computer.

My phone rings, it’s the office, I was right the 5 Arab men where who we were looking for so I’m too start tailing them and gather intell. Then dispose of Jabar later when I have a chance. I pack up and head back to the hotel figuring they would be there with little Jaidee, but when I arrive their already gone. There are several police there so I slip in and take a look. Jaidee is lying naked on the bed stabbed in the chest. Sperm leaking from her mouth. Her little bald pussy has sperm and blood leaking from it as well, and as they roll her into a body bag, I can see her gaping anus is dripping as well. I return to the club across the street but no signs of the men. I spend the day hitting several known meeting clubs but no luck finding them. I do find Jabar at the club he was at the night before drinking. I decide to return to my room and pack up and get ready to pull out. I’ll take care of Jabar when he returns home then hit the warehouse for my cameras and fly out. Jabar returns home drunk and is carried to his bed where he passes out. Lalana lays at the foot of the bed and goes to sleep. I check the other cameras 2 guards outside and 3 inside. Should be easy enough, I load up and head over. I take out both guards with a silenced sniper shot from the tree line then easily take out the 3 guards inside. I quietly enter Jabar’s bedroom. Lalana remains sleeping as I walk upto the bed and fire a silenced round thru Jabar’s head then his heart. He jerks waking Lalana, but she just looks at me not making a sound. She stares at me for several minutes then crawls over to me and undoes my pants. My cock is already hard as she drops my pants and boxers to the floor. She takes my cock in to her mouth and begins sucking it slowly working it deeper and deeper into her throat. My cock being larger then Jabar’s she has trouble taking it all but sucks me until she feel my cock pumping cum down her throat. After she sucks me dry she slides off the bed and bends over the bed her ass facing me. I watch as she spits on her hand and lubes her asshole the again and wets her pussy. She never says a word but I know she’s offering me either one I want or both. I decide on both but her tight little ass will be first. Step forward and she grabs my cock guiding it into her pussy, I pull back slightly as it hits her bald pussy hole. She takes the hint and guide me up to her tight little anus, as I slow push in her ass fells like a vise squeezing my cock. Its almost painful, I slowly push forward until my balls are against her bald pussy. I begin work in and out slowly until I feel her relax and loosen up a little, then I start driving it home hard and fast. I make one final deep thrust and hold my cock buried in her tight ass as my cock fills her ass with cum I can feel her body tense around my cock squeezing it harder as she orgasms and lets out a loud gasp. As my cock slides from her ass sperm runs out and down her thighs. She spins around and takes my cock in her mouth cleaning it and in no time its hard again. She turns around and bends back over the bed and guides my cock into her pussy. As I slowly push inside her she is tight but wet and warm and soft. It rminds me of little Maria when I took her the first time. I slowly slide in until I hit her cervix with still a few inches of cock left I begin slowly pumping in and out then drive it all the way into her womb. She lets out a muffled screamed, I hold ther for a minute enjoying the feel of her pussy wrapped around my cock before I start pounding her hard. She has two small orgasms as I pump into her. Now I slow when her body tenses to keep her from orgasming I want them to build. Slowly pumping my cock deep inside her I can feel her body tensing her breathing very heavy. I’m ready to dump my load so I pound her hard and fast then drive all the way inside her. Her body tenses and right as she begins to orgasm (knowing I can leave no witnesses) I reach around and slice her throat from ear to ear. Her whole body goes rigid, Her pussy muscles spasm and tighten causing me to loose control and pump her lifeless pussy full of cum. She falls to the bed her limp body sliding off my cock. I use the sheet to wipe my cock clean then set thermite charges around the house. I go into the office and clean the safe out, then leave. As I drive away I push the remote and the whole house goes up in flames. I drive over to the warehouse and collect my camera’s, trying to look around a little but the place is quiet. Its 3 am so probably done called it a day. I call in and send my report and they tell me my flight had to bed diverted so It’ll be 8 hours before I get picked up. I head to the airport and get a room. While I wait I down load the warehouse cameras into my laptop. While it downs loads I go thru my bag from the safe, Not too bad almost a million in case and atleast 4 million in diamonds. One of the perks of the job lots of caash and diamonds and nobody to report them missing. I surely don’t do this for the 100k a year the government pays me. I check out a few of the DVD’s from the safe, Their mostly home porn of Jabar with young girls and some child snuff films. I may be sick and twisted in my own way but the video’s don’t interest me so I destroy them and chunk them in the trash. I fall asleep waiting on the cameras to upload, when I wake their done but I have to rush and catch my flight. I take a commerical flight out so I’ll have to wait until I’m home to review the videos.

My flight lands in Switzerland where I meet and old friend and unload the diamonds then make a deposit in my account. The I head to the airport for my flight to Knoxville. When I land I’m meet by the local field office chief, I turn over then documents and remaining DVD’s from Jabar’s safe as well as his computer hard drive and copies of my laptop survallance videos. Then I leave for home, its 1pm when I arrive so Samantha won’t be home for a few hours from school. I assumed I would be alone but when I open the door Rachel is there. “Hey, I’m back. How’d things go” I ask. “Good” she says but has a look in her eye. “Can we talk openly” she asks “Yes, whats on your mind Rachel” she takes a breathe “Well I’m not sure how to say this so here goes, Over the few days your were gone I noticed some things, Well actually it started before you left, when you were in the bathroom with Samantha naked and her wanting you to stay and help her. I sorry but I struck me as very odd so I talked to Samantha while you were gone. It only got worse, She’s in love with you and not father daughter love” she takes a breathe looking at me. I chuckle a little “Ya, I know she is, she has been for over a year” “If you know then why do you allow her to sleep in your bed, you know where that will lead, I know she’s still a virgin and you haven’t touched her but eventually something will happen” she says “Well you are correct but I can’t kick her out of my bed that would kill her trust me” “Ya I came to the same conculsion from talking to her” “so what are you going to do sleep with her” she asks “Well to be honest I don’t know, I love her and I will do anything to keep her from being hurt including sleeping with her if it comes to that, but for now I’ll just continue to play dumb as long as I can” I confide in her “Well I don’t think that will work much longer and if you do sleep with her it opens a whole new set of problems like jail” she say. I can’t help but laugh “Jail, well your new to the agency but you’ll find as time goes that we’re pretty much immune to all laws except taxes.” she looks at me puzzled. “Look Rachel its simple Samantha loves me and I love her, eventually I’m sure it will turn sexual. Its not what I intended to happen but its where we are. I understand if you don’t want to take care of her anymore because you find it morally wrong” she looks at me “Well at first I did consider leaving and reporting it but, talking to Samantha and you I can see you both love each other and your not a prevert taking advantage of her. So I need sometime to think” “Ok that sounds fair Rachel” “Oh there is one other thing she said to me she wants me to help her seduce you” she says with a giggle. I laugh “Trust me Rachel she’s doing just fine on her own” we both laugh and Rachel gathers her stuff and leaves. I head up and take a shower.

As I’m coming out the shower naked, Samantha is in the bed room changing out of her school clothes, standing there in just her bra and panties. Now I’m surprised to see her, but I think she did it on purpose. My SUV’s in the drive way and I know she could hear the shower. I play it off though and wrap a towel around me as she stares “Hey baby girl how was school” “Good daddy. I’m so happy your home though, I missed you” “I missed you too baby girl” I give her a quick kiss “I love you sweetie, so what we gonna have for dinner” she smiles “Well what you hungry for daddy” I look down at her in her panties and bra, I know what I’m hungry for “Well why don’t you call that steak place you like and make a reservation for 6” “Ok sounds goods, I’m gonna get a shower and get ready” she kisses me then heads towards the bathroom with her cell phone. “Daddy can I invite Rachel” “Yes. If you like baby girl”. I dress and head down stairs to wait. Samantha comes down about an hour later, my heart skips a beat when I see her , She has her hair and makeup on and a sleek black dress that hugs her body. Showing her nice round butt and hips, its cut low in the front show some cleavage. “My god Samantha you look beautiful” I say as I stare. Her eyes light up see the effect it has on me “Well Rachel took me shopping while you were gone, I’m a young women now so I needed new clothes, Do you like daddy” she says with a sly grin on her face. “Very much” is all I say still staring at her as she walks over and kisses me. My brain wasn’t clear because when she slipped her tongue in my mouth I kissed her back passionately for a minute before I caught myself and broke the kiss. As I pulled away I looked down her eyes were already glassy with lust from just that brief kiss. “We better get going or we’ll be late Sweetie” I take her hand and we head out. On the ride over Samantha decides to share “Oh my period is over daddy, it stopped yesterday” I think to myself I know where she’s leading with this, time to change course “Well that’s good baby girl, speaking of that we should get you an appointment to see the doctor, maybe get you on birth control” her whole face lights up with a smile hearing birth control, I know where her lil mind is “Birth control, you think I’ll need that daddy” she says with a smile. “Well baby girl you are a beautiful young women now and I’m sure all the boys will be chasing you and you’ll be dating boys soon” I tell her busting her little bubble. I laugh to myself as she puts a little frown on her face. “I don’t need a boyfriend, I got you daddy” I decide I tortured her enough and take her hand and hold it till we get to the restraunte.

We meet Rachel at the restraunte she is looking ravishing as well, wearing the same dress as Samantha but her 19 year old body is definitely filling it out more. As I stand and stare I expect Samantha to get a little jealous but she smiles and giggles and leads by the hand to the table. “Your looking very beautiful tonight Rachel” “Oh this old dress, Thank you Mike” she says with a smile as both girls giggle. “Well your old dress still has the tag on it, nut it does look ravishing on you and Samantha” I say laughing. Both girls giggle and blush knowing they’ve been busted. We’re seated in a private area in the back, me and Samantha’s usual table. The hands me the wine list, I select a nice bottle to sip while we wait on our food. The waiter leaves “Mike he left before he took me and Samantha’s drink order” Rachel says confused. The waiter returns with three glasses and pours us all a glass. Samantha smiles “Drink up Rachel they never ask for ID her.” “Here’s too the two most beautiful women in the place” I say raising my glass. They both giggle and toast. My phone rings, Its work I have to go in immediately. “I’m sorry but I’ll have to go. Can you take Samantha home after dinner Rachel” Samantha’s face gets sad “But daddy you just got back” “I know sweet heart but we talked about this” “I know daddy, but its not fair” she says with a frown. I lay $1000 dollars on the table “Here for the dinner, whatever is left leave as a tip” “Mike that’s way too much” Rachel says. I laugh “that bottle of wine is $450 dollars alone” I kiss Samantha on the lips “I love you sweetie, enjoy yourself” “I love you too daddy” I walk over and kiss Rachel on the cheek and leave. When I arrive at the field office it is busy with people, Odd for this time of night. I go straight in to Johns office “whats up John” “Well that video you turned in from Bangkok from that warehouse” I had forgot all about the video, I was gonna look at it later tonight “Well I haven’t seen it yet so, whats up” “Well when the techs reviewed it, it was a child snuff film operation but, their were two young american girls in there being raped. Obviously kidnapped so we tried to ID them, One of them turned out to be a Senators 5 year old niece that went missing 2 weeks ago.” John tells me “Well shit, I didn’t know, send in a team to extract them” I say. “We did an hour ago but the place was empty except the body of the second girl” he says. “Ok what you need me to do” “Well we’re trying to develop a paln to find her and we know you got contact in that part of the world, With Jabar dead we were thinking send you in as a seller and find out where they moved to” “Well its not that easy, they don’t trust people unless they know your into young girls like them, and just saying it ain’t good enough you have to show it” I tell john “What you mean show it” “Well they always travel with a young girl on their arm and they normally won’t discuss business until they see her perform some kind of sex act with you. Its not something you can fake. That’s why we don’t have people inside their organization, John” John looks at me “Well what do you suggest we do” “Well I can try thru my contacts to locate them but mostly after you hit the warehouse they’ll go in hiding for awhile” I stand and shake his hand “I let you know if I get any leads John” I head out and take a desk sending out several emails to contacts and make some phone calls. I get a lead and old contact, I had extracted his family out of Iran for him so he now he was returning the favor. He tells me the group moved to kuala lumpur, Indonesia but the girls are else where. “John I got a lead for you but sounds like the only way to get that girl back alive is to get somebody on the inside, cause if we take them down the girls will be dead before we find out where they are.” I give him the location of the group. “It’s late I’m headed home, let me know if you need anymore help John” I leave and return home.

It’s 1 am when I get home. I’m greeted by Rachel with a 9mm pistol as I slip in the door. “Hey it’s just me” I say laughing as I turn the light on. Dam she is looking sexy in skimpy t-shirt and boxer shorts. She notices me looking at her and smiles as she sees the bulge forming in my pants. “Well I guess Samantha won’t have to wiggle her butt long to get what she wants tonight” she says with a giggle. Samnatha must have told her about her nightly routine. I just smile “Night Rachel” and give her a peck on the lips as I walk by. She blushes in shock from the kiss I just laugh. I head up stairs and quietly undress and slip into some boxer shorts. Samantha wakes as I slip in behind her cuddling her, “go back to sleep baby girl its just me”. As I cuddle in to her I realize she’s naked, She probably thought I wouldn’t be back tonight. “Samantha do you want to put some PJ’s on” I whisper in her ear. She tilts her head to me and kisses me “Good night Daddy” she says with a little smile taking my hand and placing it on her bare breast. Then she wiggles her ass back into my crouch. My cock already hard and ready to bust out of my boxer shorts. She wiggles until my cock is firmly wedge along her crack. I hear moan as she feel my cock twitch against her bare pussy. I can feel the heat and moisture from her virgin pussy on my cock. I’m not sure if I can resist much longer like this, then I feel her slowly rocking her hips and moaning softly. I give up and cuddle into her, resigned to let her take it as far as she wants to go. She smiles and kisses me passionately, I tease her tongue with mine and suck on her little tongue. We kiss for several minutes before we break, I try one last time to slow things down “I love you baby girl, please go to sleep” I whisper in her ear she smiles and moans softly then closes her eyes and drifts of to sleep. Her body now still I drift off to sleep as well. In the morning we wake at 5 am for our run, apparently I ejaculated in my sleep because Samantha’s back and my stomach are wet and sticky. Neither of us say anything she just smile and heads to the bathroom almost glowing when she feels the goo on her back. While Samantha showers Rachel comes in sitting on the bed “So did she get her way yet” she whispers “No, but barely” I say pulling back the sheet for her to see the mess I made. Rachel just stares with her mouth open looking at my hard cock in my boxer shorts. I see her lick her lips, “You alright Rachel” I ask “uh huh” is all she mutters still staring. I laugh and roll out of bed and go to the spare bath to clean up and change for our run. Rachel heads in the bathroom with Samantha. I get dressed and wait down stairs for Samantha when to my surprise Rachel shows up as well dressed in her running clothes. “You coming for a run as well Rachel” “Yes, if you don’t mind, me and Samantha have been running together when your gone.” “Not at all your welcome anytime” we stretch and take off chatting as we go. Rachel says she needs to cut her run short “Hey guys I’m only gonna be able to make one lap, I gotta finish up some school work before class and get some fresh clothes at the dorm sorry” Samantha looks at me then “Well Rachel its silly for you to stay in the dorms we got room in our house it would make things much easier for you, right daddy” Samantha says offering and asking in the same sentence. “Yes baby girl that is a good idea, if Rachel wants” Rachel smiles “Can you come by tonight and help me move” we talk some more and set up a time, then Rachel cuts off and me and Samantha continue our run.

I think about Me and Samantha As we finish our run. Do I continue to say nothing or do I confront it. If I say nothing I know where it is headed, but its all on Samantha to move at her own pace. If I confront her it puts it all on the table. We either move forward as lovers or stop cold in our tracks(I doubt stopping is an option). Her birthday is Next Saturday she’ll be 10 crosses my mind as well, She is very young but very mature as well. I decide we need to talk and put it in the open but I first want to talk to Rachel, being still young maybe she can help me with the best way to talk to Samantha. We finish up back at the house “oh sweetie we need to hurry, you got your doctors appointment before school” I tell Samantha. One of the other advantages to works for the Agency our own doctors discrete and available 24 hrs a day. While Samantha sees the doctor a on the second floor I go up to the ops center on 5 to check on the child porn ring, see if anything new happened. After talking with John he informs me they need my help again their getting no where with the group. I call my old contact again I’m in luck he put his self out for me and got some new intell. “John you want the good or bad news” looking tired John says “Give me the bad first, I need something left to be hopeful.” “Well the group got nervous with all your people snooping around and moved as I’m sure you know” “Ya we just found out, I hope the good news is you know where they went mike” he says. “Sorry John no such luck, but I got people on it” John seems disappointed “So what was the good news.” “Well I know where the girl is kinda” “Kinda” he questions. “Ya when you spoked them they got nervous and moved the girls as well, my contact pick up the cell traffic, their splitting up the girls half are going to Singapore, the other half Yemen” “Where’s the senators neice” he asks. “Not sure but, being she’s white I’d bet Yemen” “But I would hit both at the same time to be sure, also they just left this morning so it’ll be two days before their on site. I suggest setting up minimal survailance on both sites till then.” John agrees and request that I fly to Yemen and run the Operation for him. “Well I would love to help you out but I got Samantha’s birthday next weekend to plan so I really need to shop for her present.” he looks at me curiously “What the hell takes a week to shop for” he says laughing. “Well a house, its time we moved, and she’ll be 10 and she’s all I have so definitely need to throw her a party that will blow her mind” “Well Mike I’ll make you a deal, you take care of Yemen for me and I’ll arrange you party for you. Oh and the house I have an idea depending on your budget” he says. “Well you know I got a hige settlement when my family died so money isn’t the issue so much as privacy and luxury and of course security.” he looks at me “Well the old division director is sell his place outside of town, 120 acres and the house is to die for I’m told, but I think he want 12 million.” “Set it up John I’d like to see the place when I get back from Yemen.” He smiles getting what he wanted. Samantha walks in(with a security escort of course “Ok daddy, I’m all done, you ready to take me to school” “Sure sweetie, lets go” I take her hand and head out “John set up my flight for late this evening if you could please, I got a few errands to run, oh and I’d like to tour that other place at noon if you can set that up.” I tell him headed for the door. Samantha puts a little frown on her face knowing I’m leaving tonight. Once in the car she quiet just holding my hand. When we arrive she gives me a quick kiss, “I love you daddy” “I love you too baby girl.” She hope out as the bell rings hurrying off to class. I head to the bank and make some arrangement for the money I’ll need if I like the house. I want to make sure I can have it closed before Samantha’s birthday party. John call and the realtor will meet me at 11am at the house. I think for a bit then call Rachel and luckily her class is over at 10 so she can come with me. Its always good to have a women opinion plus she’ll be living there as well if I buy it. I pick her up at 1030. Its only 15 minutes from her college so great for her already. The place looks perfect as we drive out very private with 120 acres, all wooded. The house is along the river, no neighbors for in sight. The only house you can see are across the river. We look around while we wait on the realtor, There’s a horse barn on the hill a few hundred yard from the house and down on the lake is a huge boat house and wharf out into the river with a 40 x 60 covered area at the end. There is also a road leading over the hill so we drive down it and about a ¼ mile from the in a valley is a 75 x 150 steel building with a gun range to one side. The building has no windows only a door and a roll up door on one end. We head back to the house and wait, The house is beautiful two stories all wood and stone with a lot of glass the front of the house facing the river. Emily the realtor arrives and we start the tour. I can see Rachel is in love already, The kitchen is all stainless steel and it’s got restraunte grade appliances, with a walk in freezer. The family room is of the kitchen with a huge stone fire place. There’s a movie theatre with seating for 20, and not your regular seats 10 nice plush leather recliners on one side and 5 push leather love seats that recline on the other. There are 5 Bedrooms all Master suites with walk in closets and jacuzi tubs upstairs. The basement is a game area, pool tables two 60” game consuls. Surround sound stereo with a DJ and small dance area, A bar area along one wall with soda machines. Off the back of the house is a closed in heated swimming pool and bar area. We walk down to the boat house and it has a full kitchen and bar that opens to the large covered deck over the river and 4 boat slips inside, as well as 2 bathrooms /changing areas. We return to the house and Emily shows me to the vault room its of the office its 16 x 20 and basically a safe. Then she shows me the house security system, there’s a panel in every room to activate it. She pushes the panic button and the entire house locks down. Each room is basically its own panic room, and with out the codes you can’t move from room to room. Also on the control panel was a monitor display to view security camera’s thru out the house. And the feature I liked most was a sleeping gas system which if a code wasn’t entered would gas the entire house knocking every out for 12 hours. You could also with codes selectively gas individual rooms. I was sold already but we finished the tour. We go thru the 6 car garage and walk over the hill to the steel building in the valley was next it was a secure reinforced building with full plumbing but empty inside it had just been built in the last year. Out side was a shooting range from skeet to pistol and rifle up to 1000 meters. Last stop was the horse stable on the way to the house. Emily goes to her car to make a few calls giving me and Rachel a few minutes to talk. “Well what you think Rachel, You think Samantha will like this as a birthday present” “If she don’t you can adopt me” She says. We both laugh “But seriously Mike this place has got to be in the millions, can you afford that” she asks. I just laugh Emily returns “I’ll take it Emily, I’ll give george a call and finalize the price, get the paper work ready for a cash sale if you would.” Emily stutters “You serious, cash this place is 11 million dollars” “Really, dam I thought it was 12, done saved money already” I say laughing. “Can you have the paper work ready by Tuesday next week” stutter she says “I think so, I hope we can” laughing I say bye and me and Rachel head back to the dorm to drop her for her next class. I decided to wait until I get back to talk to her and deal with my Samantha situation

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I have loved reading and sanhirg your blog! I have not read blogs much this summer but as soon as I heard about the horrible events unfolding around the world at our embassies I thought of you and your family. I remember your post about the process and how tight knit you become with all of the graduates.I was curious what your thoughts on this would be.Thank you for linking to that article. We will be praying for the safety of all the amazing service workers around the world! ..And.Congrats on your hard work in French. My mother is from France. I have been trying to learn to speak with my grandmother and French family better and it is not easy! Best wishes on it all! (Your au pair is beautiful!)

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