This story is very long and not just sex .
A Not so Simple Life

Chapter 7

I call George the owner of the house and we agree on 12 million and he leaves everything furniture and all. I figure with time limited I wouldn’t be able to furnish it in 3 days so the extra million is worth it. I head home to pack a bag for my trip and Samantha would be home shortly anyhow. “Daddy I’m home” “Up here sweetie” she walks in as I’m finishing packing and sit on the bed. “Why so sad baby girl” “Oh nothing you just been working a lot lately and I miss you” “I know baby girl I miss you as well, but we talked about daddy’s job so you what I do is important and I do my best to spend as much time as possible with you” “I know daddy” she says as she stands and hugs me tight. She puts her head in my chest and begins to sob. “I’m also scared you’ll get hurt again daddy, or worse and never know how much I love you” she say crying hard now. I know I have to reassure her that I know how much she loves me, knowing it is rally how she loves and not how much, so I do the one thing I know will show her. I look down and raise her chin to me and kiss her tenderly at first then I slide my tongue into her mouth and begin kiss her passionately her in my arms while I kiss her, I pick her up and gently lay her back on the bed, I can fell her body quiver as I lay her down. We kiss for what seems like forever before I break the kiss and whisper in her ear. “I do know how much you love me baby girl, I always have, now you know how much I love you as well” placing my hand on her chest as I whisper to her. “I love you Samantha.” She’s not crying anymore she’s starring into my eyes with lust begging me to take her body, as she reaches up and pulls me back in for another kiss. Saved by the bell, The phone rings it’s Rachel She’s almost done packing. As I hang up the phone I look at Samantha she’s lying on the bed lost in dream world. “Come on baby girl we gotta get moving and go pick up Rachel” I say pull her to her feet and towards the door. Where about half way there before Samantha comes back to reality. “Daddy if you’ve known how I love you then why haven’t you done anything” “Because you’re my baby girl, and knowing how you love me and knowing what to do about it are two different things” “But when I get back from my trip next week we will have a long talk.” I say “ Ok daddy, I’ll wait till then.” we arrive at Rachel’s dorm and load her up stuff and head back to the house and unload. John calls me my flight leaves at midnight. I order pizza and we help Rachel unpack and get settled in, she almost slips about the new house to Samantha but catches herself. At 9pm Samantha heads upstairs to shower and get ready for bed. I take this opportunity to talk with Rachel “Hey the house is set for Tuesday, I went ahead and bought it furnished but need you too go by when I’m gone and make a list of thing we need to purchase if you don’t mind. Also I need a list of Samantha’s friend from schools so we can invite them all over for a slumber party for the weekend at the new house, Be discreet I want it to be a surprise.” “No problem Mike I love planning parties and spending other peoples money” she says with a smile. We both laugh, I also tell her about the incident with me and Samantha. “Well Mike, You know what’s next are you prepared to go there” she asks “No” I say jokingly “I honestly scared I will hurt her or mess her life up some how, I love her with all my heart, I just don’t know what to do but give her what she wants. I don’t know if that’s right or wrong” I say. “Well I wish I could tell you one way or the other for sure but I can’t. I know you love her and won’t hurt her so if it does happen I feel your love for each other will always be there. All I can guarantee is I’ll support both of you in whatever happens.” she says then kisses me on the lips and head out to take her shower.

I head up to the bed room Samantha is already out the shower and in bed. “Do you have time to hold me till I fall asleep daddy before you go” “yes baby girl, let me get a quick shower first then I’ll put you to sleep”. I shower and put on my boxers then slip in bed with Samantha “Your naked baby girl” “I know daddy, I always sleep naked when your gone is that alright” I don’t reply I just snuggle into her naked body placing my hand on her bare chest. She moans softly as she feels my hard cock wedge between her crack. “Good night Daddy I love you” “I love you too.” I lay with her till she’s sleeping peacefully then kiss her softly on the lips as I slip out of bed. I stop by Rachel’s room on my way out. I knock softly “Come in” as I open the door I see Rachel lying on her bed doing home work, wearing just a skimpy t-shirt and panties. “Opps sorry” I say turning a way. She laughs “It’s ok silly, you headed out” “Ya, I’ll let ya know if anything changes” I start to leave “um, excuse me but I know you wasn’t leaving with out a kiss good bye” she says with a sly grin. As I turn back toward her she is standing right in front me and plants a kiss on me with tongue. “Later” she says breaking the kiss. I walk out confused. On the flight over my mind wanders back to that kiss, I don’t understand this she knows how me and Samantha are and even basically told me to go ahead with her, then she kisses me. I doze off and wake as we’re landing in Yemen. I meet up with my contact and we head to the safe house. All the cameras are already set up at the target so it’s a waiting game now.

The next day several vehicles arrive and several when armed men start moving into the building. No girls though, but from the audio I find out they should be arriving starting tonight and the last one around 7pm tomorrow. I call into the office and update them. John tells me the Singapore team is ready their last girls should be there in the morning so as soon as I’m ready we’ll hit both sites. He also asks if Samantha likes Hanna Montana that girl singer. I tell him to get with Rachel on that. My delta team is due to arrive in a few hours so we head to the pick up point and wait for them. I spend most the night with the team going over the building lay out and every ones assignment. I also make it clear that our goal is the senators niece everything else is secondary, including the other girls. We’re not here to rescue anyone but Amber. We retire and get some sleep. In the morning we watch the video feed 6 girls on site already at 2pm another truck arrives with two girls Amber is one of them. I call John and we decide to hit at 11pm my time. I brief the team then go back to watching the video. The girls are keep two to a room and the other girl in Ambers room appears to be American as well. The girls just lay on the bed obviously drugged. I watch as a man enters and Injects both girls periodically. Most likely herion to keep them complaint. Most the girls were sold by their family to these people so they obey but The one like Amber that are abducted into this the hook on drugs to keep the in line. She may be alive when this is over but she has a long hard road ahead of her. At 9pm we have our final brief and gear up and head out to our positions and wait for the signal. 11 pm we hit the place hard and fast within 60 seconds its over and I have Amber and the other American girl and where on our way to the extraction point. I made sure to gab their medicine on the way out. The last thing I need is them detoxing on the long flight back. The delta team leader seems to disapprove of me drugging them but says nothing. We land at Edwards AFB, California and the girls are taken to a facility. John and the Senator are there waiting to debrief me an the delta commander. He’s surprised when I tell them I drugged the girls and why. The Senator seems upset but understands and is very grateful to have Amber back. His next statement though does surprise me “Mike I’m glad my niece is safe, but I want the group responsible put out of business, I want them to pay” he says “Well Senator, I don’t make those calls, that’s John and people like him that do, and also understand fully what your asking for. Don’t mix words to have a double meaning Sir.” I tell him. He looks at me then asks the delta commander to leave “Mike, let me put it in plain English I chair the senate intelligence committee so John answer to me and I won’t mix words, I read your file so I want everyone of them dead use whatever assets money or tactics you need. Is that clear enough” he says “Crystal, Senator” is all I say as I leave. I hope a flight back to Knoxville. It’s only Sunday night, the girls aren’t expecting me till tomorrow evening. I decide to surprise them.

I turn my lights off and coast into the drive and slip in the door quietly its 9:30pm so Samantha should be just getting to bed. I slip upstairs past Rachel’s empty room, the door is open several inches to my room. I can her Rachel and Samantha talking. Samantha just got out the shower. “Your dad told me what happened the other day” “Did he, what did you tell him” “Basically I told him to go for it, He’s so lost though” the both giggle “Ya my dad may be a super soldier and spy but he’s definitely lost when it comes to women” they both giggle some more. “Ya, you should have seen the look on his face when I kissed him, he was so confused, How can he not see I wanted him” “I know what you mean I get that look all the time” they giggle some more. “Do you think he will actually be with both of us” “Ya, my dad tells me everything about his life so I know he has loved more than one woman at a time. It’ll just take us awhile to break him is all” more giggling. “I hope so, Everyone at the office said he was a cold heartless man and warned me about taking this job but when I meet him my heart melted and seeing him with you and how big his heart really is I think I love him” “I know how you feel, I’ve been in love with him for 4 years, waiting for him notice”. “I have to ask again Samantha, you sure you don’t mind sharing him” laughing Samantha says ”No, I know he loves me and I’m sure he will love you as well, and I will love you as well” the rooms quiet after that last statement for a few minutes “Ok you better get to bed for school and I need to get a shower”. Hearing that I slip back down the stairs and out the front door. I was gonna surprise them but, I guess they got me first. Their working together and planning to share me. I love Samantha and Rachel I hadn’t really thought about until that kiss the other night but I could definitely see it happening I’m 31 so not a huge difference in age. I had decided to let things play out with Samantha but I think now with this new info I will torture them for awhile make them work for it. I laugh as I loudly re-enter the house. “Hey I’m home.” I head up stairs and kiss Samantha “Hey baby, how was your weekend” “Good, but I missed you daddy. Come lay with me” “I need a shower first baby girl” I say walking into the bathroom knowing Rachel is in the shower, “wait daddy, Rachel is in there” to late I done opened the door as Rachel was coming out the shower. She was ravishing long wet red hair hanging down over her nice perk breast, her firm body umm and just a small patch of red fir above her clit. Which I could see was already poking out. “Opps sorry” I say after getting a full view and closing the door back as I leave. “I guess I’ll use the other one” I say heading out the door. I head down to the other bathroom leaving the door open a crack to see if they take the bait. They do about two minutes into my shower I her them whispering at the door so I make sure my 9+ inches can be seen very easily. I even decide to put on a little show slowly stroking my cock until I cum. I heard two gasps and moans when I did. I dry off and head back to the be room, both girls are on the bed whispering as I walk in. you could cut the sexual tension with a knife it was so thick in the air. They start to speak but I quickly cut them off “I just stopped in for a shower I gotta head to the office and do some work but I’ll be back by 5 for our run, sorry” I grab some clothes and head towards the bathroom to dress. I hear the girls go back to whispering again. This is gonna be fun, but short lived I’m sure I won’t be able to resist for very long. When I come out Samantha is curled up in the bed with the lights out. “Lay with me please daddy before you go” I slip in to the bed knowing she’s naked I run my hand across her smooth butt over and down just above her little bald mound, then up her belly her whole body is quivering as my hand stops at her chest with her breast in it. She moans when I give it a soft squeeze. I snuggle in I can smell her sweet aroma under the sheets. I whisper soft in her ear “I love you” Then I give her a long slow passionate kiss. By the time the kiss is over she’s laying on her back with her legs spread rubbing her clit. Her eyes begging me to take her and my cock begging as well. As I go pull away she grab my face trying to pull me back in. Her little fingers cover in her pussy juice, I can’t resist I stick her finger in my mouth and suck the juice from them. My cock about burst as I taste her sweet pussy for the first time. She moans loudly as I suck on her fingers. Lost in the moment I slip out the bed before she pulls me back in “Sorry Baby daddy has to go. I love you” I quickly slip out the door before she realizes what just happened. One down one to go.

I wait outside Rachel’s door cooling off for a minute when I hear her softly moaning, I know whats’ up . I knock “you descent Rachel” I hear a gasp and some fumbling “ya come in.” She in bed covered with a sheet, I know she’s naked though and you can definitely smell the sex in the air. “Hey sorry if I woke you, I’m head into the office, Just stopped to give you your kiss so I don’t get in trouble again” I say laughing. I sit on the bed and as my lips touch hers I place my hand on her flat stomach just above her hot little mound. This time I kiss her with passion, its working I can feel her little hips grinding trying to work my hand down to her mound. We kiss for several minutes before I slide my hand up her belly and give her breast a soft squeeze as I break the kiss. “See you at 5 am” I say leaving while she’s still in shock. I head into the office, I really don’t have to work but I know I can’t resist them ladies so I’ll hide out at the office. I talk to my contact he tells me the raid spoked the group so their even more cautious then ever but they need fresh girls since we took them all and with Jabar out of the picture, its our first real chance to get me in there as a seller. I send John an email with the details and assets I’ll need . Its 430 so I head home. I slip into the room and change into running gear. Samantha is sleeping like a baby and from the smell I’d say she had a rough night. I ease down on the bed and wake her with a kiss “Morning baby girl time for our run, get dressed” I say as I quickly get up and leave. I knock on Rachel’s door as I head down stairs and wait. They both come dragging down about 10 minutes later, obvious neither one got much sleep. I laugh inside as we head out the door. By the second lap around the park the girls are beat. “Why don’t you girls head back you look beat, I’m gonna run a few more laps then head home” they both nod agreement and head home. I run a few more laps timing it so when I get home we only have a few minutes before they have to leave. I kiss them bye giving their butts a soft squeeze as I do then send them on their way. I head up and shower when I come out I notice a wet spot where Samantha sleep in the bed, Its definitely her cum. I smile as I doze off.

I get up at One and call Rachel, I love teasing them but I need to plan Samantha’s party as well. She says the list of friends is in her room. I go in and notice a spot on her sheets as well dry now though. Smelling it, umm I bet she taste good as well. I grab the list and start making calls the plan is to have her friends over Friday night to decorate and Saturday for and all day party then go home on Sunday. She has 6 friends wanting to come both days 25 Saturday night and a lot more just coming to the party. I guess my little girl is popular. I call all the parents to give them the address and invite them as well, also for the few I hire a driver service to pick them up. I tell everyone the house is a rental to keep Samantha from finding out. Everything is set but the entertainment. I call John , He’s working on my assets for the job already and for the party he has some how managed to get Hanna Montana to come Saturday from 6pm to 10pm. It’ll cost me 40k though but worth it. I make some more calls and set up a few more surprises. I cater the food and A few bar since a lot of the parents have said they would be attending. It’s costing me a lot of money but for the first time in my life I’m not worried about it at all. Samantha was popular before but after this party even the teachers will want to be her friend. Everything is set so I hurry and leave before Samantha or Rachel gets home. Gotta limit our time together or I’ll cave. I head into the office to work for a while. I call Samantha at 5 and tell her and Rachel to meet at the steak house for dinner at 7pm. I get there early, My heart stops when the girls, I mean ladies arrive they went all out you would swear Samantha was 21 to look at her dressed up. I kiss each of them as I seat them one on either side of me, Both girls place a hand on my thigh and rub me ever so softly. The wine seems to be going fast tonight as we eat and talk. Mostly discussing the party, Samantha know about the party but she’s trying to dig out details, which I’m not giving. Rachel is alittle bolder in public then Samantha because of the obvious she’s my daughter. Rachel slides her hand up to me hard cock and begins slowly stroking it. I pretend like I don’t even notice, that only makes it worse she rubs harder and squeezes it. Finally after still ignoring it she grabs me and dam near shoves her tongue down my throat kissing me. She got my attention and was satisfied for the moment. We were in a private area as usual so as soon as the waiter left Samantha was on me like a dog in heat. It was definitely working they were both losing control and I loved it. All I had to do was last till Friday then with all the kids around I’d be safe. “Girls I have to work all week in the office, evenings and nights sorry but that’s when their up in that parts of the world, I trying to get it all done so I’ll have to whole weekend free” Their obviously disappointed but understand. After dinner I walk them to the car I kiss Samantha first she straddles my leg humping it as I soft squeeze and caress her firm little butt. Rachel is a little bolder she takes my hand places it on her bare pussy as we kiss I tease her. Her pussy is already sopping wet. As we break our kiss I tease her just a little more and suck her juice from my finger. Umm I was right she is sweet as well. “night girls I love you” I say walking a way “night love you too” they say in unison. I head back to the office and do a little work then sleep till 430 and head home for our run. The girls are up and ready to my surprise and looking energetic. Not sure what happened there must have been the wine put them to sleep.

We run a new route I found knowing it will put us back late so the girls will have to hurry when we get back. It works perfectly just enough time for a kiss and tease as they head out the door. I catch a quick shower and nap then head to the Realtor’s office to do the paper work. 3 hrs and 12 million dollars later I own the house, well Samantha owns since I put it in her name. It is her birthday gift after all. I head out to the property the contractors are already there setting up. A new deck is being built of the pier as a stage area for Hanna Montana and railing installed to avoid any accidents. 3 bed rooms up stairs are loaded with bunk beds enough to sleep 12 girls per room. The next two days are busy with contractors and caters setting it all up. The whole time teasing the girls to no end. I even went so far as to slide a finger inside Samantha’s tight little cunt, Umm she tasted so good, and well Rachel she caught me home Thursday on my way out the the door so I got a quick taste of hers from the source. Friday While the girls are at school I see to the final touches. Where head out for a nice dinner so all the girls dress up. I show up at 5 and pick up Samantha, Rachel and 3 of her friends then we pick up the other 3 and head towards the restraunte. Samantha dresses down just a little since her friends are with us, Rachel doesn’t at all. On the way there I stop at a high end jewelry store, my first surprise. We all head inside each of Samantha’s friends is given a small diamond pendant in their birthstone. Rachel gets a very nice diamond neckless Samantha A lagre diamond pendant and matching ear rings. The bill is 6 figures which I pay in cash all the girls just stare as I lay the cash on the counter. Next stop our favorite steak house, no wine to night for the girls though. Then we head over to the house to get everyone settled in Samantha and the girls are running around screaming exploring everything. Rachel takes the opportunity to pull into the bedroom and lock the door. We kiss as I push her back to the bed, She drops her dress along the way she’s naked but the diamond neckless, no bra or panties tonight. Evil little thing she is, I lay her on the bed and her legs spread and wrap around me pulling me into her. She tries undue my pants but I stop her. I start kissing and nibbling my way down her body, gently squeezing her firm breasts on rolling nipples in my fingers, I take her left breast into my mouth and tease her nipple. She arches her back and moans as suck and tease her breasts. The smell from her pussy is to much its calling me down. I work my way down her pussy is already dripping wet, she gasp loudly as my tongue slides between her lips. My cock throbs and the sweet taste of her pussy, I suck her hard little clit into my mouth as I slight 2 fingers inside her tight pussy, I eat her nice and slowly enjoying her sweet flavor and causing her to build a massive orgasm up, I feel her pussy begin to tighten and I stop, pull away from her and smile. “Why’d you stop” she purrs at me. I lay back on her and kiss her then whisper in her ear “I know all about you an Samantha’s little conspiracy against me, so this is your punishment” “What, how” “Don’t worry how, here’s how this is gonna work from now until Sunday I get to tease and touch you when ever I want and stop when I say, There will be no sex though on Sunday I have something special planed and I will take Samantha’s virginity if she wants me too and you will be there if she wants you to for it. Monday I have something special planned for you and its your choice if you want Samantha there. Next week is spring breaks so I took the week of as well and we will spend it together exploring what we want and where we go from there. I know once we cross that line you can’t step back but after next week the hope is we all three a fully invested in a future together.” she looks at a little shock but also with love in and passion in her eyes a pulls me into a kiss. “Yes” is all she say. “Yes, what” I ask, “Yes, I will obey all weekend. Yes, I will be there for Samantha Sunday. Yes I want her there Monday. And Yes I want to spend the week with you both” I kiss her hard and pull her to her feet. “Ok get dressed before the girls miss us. And not a word ot Samantha” I say then slip out the door.

The girls are in the kitchen already abusing the chef I hired for the weekend. “We just ate 2 hours ago” I say laughing. They all giggle and thank me for everything again. Samantha I can see Is about to cry so I pull her of to the side “What’s up baby you not happy” “No daddy, I’m too happy, everything is perfect, how did you do all this, and it must have cost a fortune” “Well your worth every penny baby girl, and just so you prepare yourself, you have many more surprizes to come this weekend” I check to make sure we’re not seen and give her a hard passionate kiss. “I love you Samantha” “I love you too daddy.” “Its late I’m gonna head to bed, Tomorrow is going to be a busy day so ya’ll don’t stay up to late” “Take Rachel with you daddy, I can’t and I’d hate to see you sleep alone” she says with a wink and a smile. I tell the girls good night and head up to bed. I meet Rachel along the way. “Samantha says you should sleep with me tonight” “well she’s the birthday girl” she says with a smile. We head up to the room and I head in to take a shower. “you coming Rachel” she’s in the bathroom and naked in a flash. I slowly soap and wash every part of here body caressing her as I go. She just stands there moaning softly. I kneel behind her and spread her cheeks and she moans loudly as I tongue her sweet little asshole. I slide back up behind and kiss her “You liked that baby” “Yes very much, but I’ve never had that or anal sex before” she whispers. “I’ll be gentle” is all I say and it puts a smile on her face. She washes me just as slowly, I see her looking down at my hard cock and bit her lower lip. I know what she’s thinking “Go ahead baby try it” “I’m nervous I’ve never had one that big in my mouth” she slides down to her knees and take me in her mouth slowly. Man her mouth feels good she is definitely good and suck cock she can’t get it all in but she will in time. I done even warn her as I let loose a massive wave of cum in her mouth. She doesn’t miss a stroke swallowing it all. We finish showering and head to bed. We sleep naked and I snuggle her into me placing my cock between her legs snuggled into her wet pussy, I kiss her good night and doze off.

In the morning I wake early a go for a run leaving Rachel to sleep. After I shower she is just waking up, I can tell she didn’t sleep well being so horny. “lay back baby” I say kissing her as my hand rubs her little clit, My cock is hard so I switch to a 69 position her pussy is already dripping before I ever start eating her. I eat her nice and slow but she’s so horny its not long before she’s ready to cum, I lick her faster and harder and slip a 3rd finger into her and she shakes from her orgasm, screaming loudly, Her cum sprays me in the face, she’s a squirter. I’ve never had a girl who actually squirted but I like it, Her juice squirting all on my face send me over the edge and I fill her belly with cum. She collapses on me try to catch her breathe. After a minute she spin around and lays on my chest. “God I needed that so bad” she whispers then kisses me. I just smile and smack her on the butt “up you go, its breakfast time baby” she give me another kiss then reluctantly get up and head for the bathroom. I go in and clean the pussy juice from my face and head down to the kitchen. The chef has a full breakfast laid out and Samantha and 4 of the 6 girls are already downstairs eating. I kiss her on the lips but just a quick kiss “Good morning beautiful, and Happy birthday” “Oh and I love you baby girl” The girls giggle “Thank you daddy and I love you too” We eat and chat Rachel show up and kisses Samantha on the lips good morning as well and wishes her a happy birthday. I think them too will get along just fine. The party is set to start at noon with the main event starting at 6 pm just as the sun sets. Its spring so perfect weather warm days and cool nights. I have life guards for the pool and pier, The chef for inside and one on the pier at the boat house. A bar tender for each of the 3 bars I ha set up, plus one for the boat house. Lunch is catered sandwiches. The kids start arrive at 10 apparently word got out from the girls who spent the night, just how nice this place was. Luckily I hired several guys to keep security for me last thing I need is high schools thinking they can crash the party. And with such a long road to the house it was easy to check them before they even got close to the house. Everything was going great By 3 pm we had well over 150 people. We had 3 pigs roasting as well as two grill worth of food. Word also got out to the parents as well free food and liquor for the adults. I got several calls from security requesting entry. Samantha Glowed all day is the best way to put it, I’ve never seen her this happy. She’s gonna die latter when she finds out this is all hers and not a rental. By 5:30 we have about 250 people at least time for the show. I take Samantha and Rachel and head down to the stage area. I take the microphone. “Can I have everyones attention please. I’m Mike Samantha’s dad. The main Part of the party will beginning shortly, I hope everyone is having a good time and for any of the parents drinking we have a cab service to bring you and your car home tonight so feel free to enjoy your self. Now some of you know me and know I’m a retired soldier so the first thing I’d like to do is raise our nations flag and play our national anthem” with that 3 army black hawk helicoptors came in down the river hovering above us. Two stay in the back the 3rd moves forward to the lighted flag pole. As soldiers repel out in full combat gear the national anthem begins to play as the flag is slowly hoisted into the air. Many of the parents actually have tears in the eyes and most the men are saluting as the flag raises. A lot of x military in the crowd. After the flag is up. “I would like to thank my friends a delta force for coming today and raising our flag” they board the helicoptor and leave. The second and third helicopter lands “Everyone please clear a path for Hanna Montana and her band to make their way to the stage” All the girls are going wild. Samantha looks like she’s ready to pass out from shock. I bend down and whisper in her ear “I told you there was more baby” and I kiss her. Hanna and band makes it to the stage and cake is brought out and Hanna, Me and Rachel sing happy birthday to Samantha. After the song “Ok you only have to put up with me for a few more minutes then Hanna will entertain you till 10pm after which we will have a fireworks display. I would like to take a few minutes to tell Samantha just how much I love her and how proud I am to have here as a daughter and in my life. That flag flying on the hill many men have died for, defending it our nation our way of life. Samantha is my flag in life. The one thing I hold dear and defend and love always. I love you Samantha and happy birthday.” I give her hug and kiss Samantha is crying now. “One last thing is her gift, She’s always owned my heart so all I had left to give was material things so her you Samantha this house property everything is yours” I hand her the deed and mic and go to kiss her an she faints on stage. Luckily I catch her. “Well I guess it was a bit much for her, enjoy the show everyone and thank you again for coming” I carry Samantha off the stage in my arms and back to the house and lay her in my bed. Samantha wakes and I give her some water “You alright baby girl” She hugs and kisses me crying. “Yes I was overwhelmed a little, I still can’t believe this is ours” “its all yours baby girl” “Ours daddy” she says taking mine and Rachel’s hand. I send everyone out but Rachel and close and lock the door, I go back over to bed and give her a real kiss then Rachel one. “Baby girl I have one last gift for you, but it won’t be till tomorrow night and you have to give me something first” she looks me in the eyes tears rolling down her face “yes daddy I will give you my virginity and you make me a women tomorrow night. That is the only gift out of all the gifts you gave me tonight that I wished for daddy.” we’re all three crying now and holding each other. “Ok we better get back to the guests” I give them both another kiss before unlocking the door and returning to the party. Hanna and the band are in full swing by now and everyone is enjoying themselves. A few of the single moms and a married ones hit on me. The fathers all tell me I crazy putting it all in Samantha’s name I just laugh it off. Samantha isn’t doing much better she’s getting hit on by the older boys at the party, I just laugh it’s a new experience for her, she spent so long chasing me. Everything went well, only one drunk dad that hit his wife I broke his hand before security got there and hauled him away. Rachel now on my arm claiming her prize for all the moms to see she may be willing to share with Samantha but I think that’s her limit for now. After the fire works the parents head home and but abt 30 girls. I bunch of boys try to stay but that wasn’t happening tonight,

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