From boy bitch to boy lover
As the school year evolved, so did the relationship between Derek and Cooper. They had agreed that Cooper would come to Derek's house every Tuesday and Thursday, and he followed the arrangement without fail. They had terrific sex, but found themselves spending an equal amount of time getting to know each other, talking about everything under the sun, and becoming friends. Derek learned that he was a terribly bright, sensitive and humorous person, while Cooper found Derek's lustful side tempered by a hidden softness and intense caring. Although they avoided each other at school, that was demonstrated one day when, again being picked on, he came to Cooper's defense, winding up and blasting the lead bully right in the face, knocking out two of his teeth.

One Tuesday, after an intense ass-fucking by Derek, Cooper was cuddled next to him doodling on his chest with his finger, drawing shapes and lines that meant nothing. He loved just being close to him and feeling his smooth body. Derek had come to enjoy his closeness and playfulness. Besides, it tickled a bit. Derek was lost in thought, wondering to himself if he had done something terribly wrong. Although done willingly, he had turned a sweet kid into his boy bitch, using him like a toy to satiate his lust. “He gives and gives, but asks for nothing. I take and take, but offer nothing in return,” he thought.

Cooper interrupted Derek's thoughts when he softly asked, "Why did you pick me?” Taken completely off guard, Derek replied, “what do you mean?” “Well, there are tons of guys you could have picked. Why me? Is it because I'm gay?”

Derek couldn't help but chuckle for a moment, but then understood the seriousness of Cooper's question. “First, I didn't 'pick' you, and second, it had nothing to do with you being gay. I never thought about guys before I met you. I didn't line them up in my head and try to figure out which one I wanted to fuck, like picking someone out at a whorehouse. From the first moment I saw you, there was something that drew me in, almost like a magic spell. You drove me into feelings I had never had before. I tried, believe me, I tried hard, but I couldn't get away from it. If anything, you picked me, but without even knowing it.”

Cooper's heart skipped as he listened to Derek describe why he had been “picked.” Swept away, he impulsively asked, “Derek, may I kiss you?”

Derek had to chuckle again. Only Cooper would use the grammatically correct “may” versus “can. Before answering that simple question however, thoughts raced through his mind at lightning speed. “Kiss a guy? Never! But wait, you gave him a kiss the first time. That really wasn't a kiss though, just a peck. What if you like it? But it's the only thing he's ever asked for. Isn't it time he gets something in return? Could it be so tough?”

In his mind, it had taken hours to process, but Derek answered quickly, also being sure to use correct grammar. “Yes, you may,” expecting a little smooch.

It was really the only thing he had ever wanted; just a kiss, and now he could do it without wrecking everything. Cooper cherished a kiss more than anything else in the world.

He moved away from Derek's chest, put his left elbow on the bed, and propped his head in his left hand. As Cooper gazed deeply into his eyes, he licked his fingertip and gently ran it across Derek's lips, tracing his mouth, then moved to outline his jaw, finally sliding his right hand onto his left cheek. Closing his eyes, Cooper lowered his head and tenderly pressed his full lips against Derek's. He savored the sweet touch, holding it only a few moments, then slowly pulled away to look into Derek's eyes and gauge his reaction.

Derek had been kissed by countless lips before, but nothing like this. How could it be? He moved his right hand to Cooper's back and pulled him forward into another kiss, this one much deeper and longer than the first. This was followed by short touches of their lips, switching heads from one side to the other. Their blood was boiling as they kissed with more passion, sensuously running their hands along each others' faces and bodies. Derek was actually the first to probe with his tongue, which Cooper readily accepted. Now moaning in pleasure, both intertwined their tongues, licking, kissing and devouring each other until they needed a break to recover. Breathing heavily, Derek told him that it was time to go before his parents got home from work.

After giving him a final deep kiss, Cooper dressed himself and left. Derek's mind was still churning. “This doesn't make sense. I just kissed a guy, and loved it,” he admitted to himself. The draw he felt to Cooper was even stronger now, and a dozen emotions tumbled through his mind.

The next time Cooper arrived at Derek's house, he had ridden his bike through a cold spring rain. Derek's heart nearly broke as he looked at the soaked boy shaking like a leaf, but who still smiled with chattering teeth. He picked him up in his strong arms and carried him to the bathroom, where he started the shower. As it warmed up, he stripped off both their clothes, then got into the shower. As the hot water cascaded over them, he took Cooper into his arms, kissing him passionately. He slid his hands over his back and ass; that smooth, round, little ass that drove him out of his mind.

As Derek continued to embrace and caress him, he felt Cooper's cock stiffen against his thigh. During all of the times they had fucked, Cooper had never once gotten a hard-on. Derek had never paid any attention before, however now knew that Cooper must have worked hard to avoid it, afraid of freaking him out.

Feeling Cooper's hard 4” rubbing against his body sent new and disturbing thoughts through Derek's mind. As if losing control, he pulled back from Cooper and stared into his lovely green eyes. Cooper was terrified at what might happen next, but the kisses had driven him beyond control. Derek would certainly beat him senseless, but his worst nightmare was that he'd just throw him out into the street.

“I'm sorry, really I am,” Cooper whimpered. Without saying a word, Derek kissed his lips sensuously, then dropped to his knees. Cooper's body began to quiver as he slowly kissed his smooth chest, gently licking around his tiny nipples and moving down to tease his belly button with his tongue. Leaning back slightly, Derek took the young cock into his hand. “No, Derek, you don't need to do this,” Cooper said. Looking up at him, Derek whispered, “I'll be the judge of that.”

Derek's entire body tingled as he held his first penis and slowly began to stroke it. He would never, ever consider doing this with anyone else, but with Cooper it seemed not only right, but exciting. He leaned down and took Cooper's small bag into his mouth, gently sucking it, then teasing it with his tongue. Cooper was beginning to pant and coo, putting his hands on Derek's head.

The ultimate moment had arrived, and Derek slipped the beautiful pink head into his mouth, sliding down the shaft and beginning to suck. Cooper threw his head back as jolts of pleasure coursed through his body. Grabbing his little buns, Derek sucked with increasing speed and fervor. It had been so long since anyone had sucked his cock and, especially knowing that it was Derek, Cooper knew he couldn't last long as he started to become dizzy.

Derek continued to suck, and soon felt Cooper's body tense. “Oh, Derek, Derek, I'm gonna cum!” he warned him. Derek had no intention of pulling off, and sucked even harder until Cooper let out a loud groan, shooting four jets of hot sperm into his mouth. He swallowed some, but swirled the rest around on his tongue, needing his first taste of boy seed. When his cock began to soften, he let it slip from his mouth and stood up, pulling Cooper into him. Nearly ready to pass out, Cooper held him tightly, slowly getting his breath back. With the hot water now gone, they dried off, after which Derek swept him up into his muscular arms again and carried him to the bedroom.

Derek put him on the bed, and licked his way down to Cooper's sweet crotch where he paused to kiss his sweet cock head. Derek gently pulled his legs up, Cooper instinctively putting his arms behind his knees. Derek slid his tongue along the seam between his bag and asshole, spreading his soft little cheeks.

Derek kissed his tiny pucker, then lapped it like a dog, finally worming his tongue into him. Cooper was going wild, unable to believe what was happening. Derek backed off and got onto the bed, kneeling between his legs. His cock was raging hard and covered with pre-cum as he rubbed the swollen head against his hole, then stabbed the entire shaft into Cooper's ass.

“Oooooohhhh,” Cooper moaned as Derek grabbed his ankles and started to fuck him. Excited beyond belief by his new experiences, Derek was like a wild bull, ramming his cock into that little ass with a fury, slapping his balls against him. Crazed with passion, Derek fucked and fucked until sending a gusher of steaming ball gravy into that boy-ass. His thrusts slowed, but each one sent an orgasmic bolt through his entire body. Gasping for breath, he fell forward, nearly crushing Cooper beneath him, who wrapped his arms around his back.

His cock still inside him, Derek laid atop Cooper until his senses returned, then rolled them both onto his back. “I want you to fuck me,” he whispered into Cooper's ear, holding him closely.

Totally stunned, Cooper said, “no, you don't mean that. I know you don't.” Derek pulled Cooper's face in front of his own with both hands and gave him a long kiss. Eyes locked together, he said “fuck me.” Cooper slid off of Derek's cock and got on his knees while Derek pulled his legs up. He squeezed a handful of cum from his ass and rubbed it over his stiffening cock, as well as Derek's hole.

Cooper gently slipped a finger into his virgin chute and felt the automatic resistance, but softly probed until he felt it loosen. He knew that his small cock wouldn't violate Derek much, so he guided his dick to the hole and slid the entire thing in. “Ooooowwww!” Derek half-moaned, half-yelped. Cooper leaned forward onto his hands and slowly began to slide his cock in and out of the tight cavern. Derek put his left hand on his back, and his right on his ass. “Now fuck me, Cooper. Really fuck me.” Cooper did as ordered, picking up speed and pounding his hot ass until blowing his load of sperm inside of him, collapsing onto Derek's chest, still not believing that this had happened.

As had become their custom, Derek lied on his back while Cooper cuddled against him, tighter this time, and doodled on his chest. “Do you have a lover?” Derek asked quietly. “I used to. We spent junior high school together, but then he moved away. We loved each other so much it hurt,” Cooper replied. “I'm sorry for that, but you didn't answer my question. Do you have a lover?” Derek continued.

There was a long pause before Cooper replied in his soft voice, “Well, sort of. You see, I have a lover who can't love me in return. I can't be his lover because that's just the way things are. So, I'm content to just love him.” “And be his boy bitch?” Derek asked knowingly. “Yes,” Cooper barely whispered.

Derek rolled over to face Cooper and look into his eyes. “You're right. You can't be my one-and-only lover because I'm not gay. I'm not even bi-sexual, at least by definition. I would never want sex with another guy except you. I never want to hear the term “boy bitch” again because you have become my boy lover.”

Cooper's eyes widened and the sparkle returned. “That's right, Cooper. I never thought it was possible, but I do love you,” Derek said as they merged into a deep, long kiss.

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