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Chapter six—Tina & Carla do Charlie

If you haven’t read the first five chapters, you should, otherwise it will just be too confusing.

Mark was in heaven. He was making love to the third member of the “Terrific Trio,” a nick name used to describe the three most beautiful girls in school. The three had decided to share him as their boy friend and lover. He had already fucked Beth and Jen. Moreover, his sister Teeny and her best friend Carla had seduced him and used him to learn as much as they could about sex so they could use their new-found skills on a cute neighbor that they had their sights set on. Charlie, the neighbor, was about to get extremely lucky.

Meanwhile, Mark had just finished taking Megan’s cherry and had brought her slowly and carefully to her first orgasm resulting from being fucked by a hard cock. Mark’s cock was still stiff and buried deep in Megan’s deflowered cunt. “Do it to me with you on top this time,” she said. “I want to feel your weight on top of me.”

Without pulling out, Mark rolled over on top of Megan holding tightly to her ass to keep his cock inside her tight cunt. She was so short, her head reached only to his chest so he supported himself with his elbows to keep from suffocating her. Slowly, he began to pump his cock in and out of her still flaming pussy, knowing that her cunt was sore from losing her cherry. When she didn’t complain of pain, he began to increase the speed and depth of his strokes into her tiny body. She started to thrust up to him, matching his rhythm, then slid her hand down to her cunt and started to stimulate her clitoris. Almost immediately, she reached another violent orgasm, then wrapped her legs and arms around him and tried to pull him deeper into her while she shuddered in the throes of sexual ecstasy. Mark responded by ejaculating deep inside of her, flooding her cunt with hot cum. Megan’s orgasm doubled in strength causing her to scream loudly once again. After they calmed down in each other’s arms, they cleaned up, put on their swimsuits and joined Beth and Jen at the pool.

Meanwhile, Teeny and Carla finished with their plans for Charlie, then called him and invited him over to play in the hot tub. When he arrived, he started to go to the bathroom to change into his suit when Teeny stopped him and said, “We want to change all together so don’t bother going to the room to change.”

Charlie did a double take to make sure they weren’t teasing him. He had never seen a live girl’s naked body in his thirteen years, but of course he had seen plenty of pictures.

“Let’s do strip poker,” Carla suggested.
“OK with me if it’s OK with you,” Charlie replied.
Dealing the cards, Teeny said, “OK. Here are the rules. The game will be five-card draw and the loser forfeits one of his or her items of clothing. The middle hand will choose the item and the winner will take the item off of the loser. Once the item is lost, it cannot be replaced. The game will continue until all are naked. Any questions?”

In the first hand, Teeny lost and Charlie won. Carla said, “Your blouse.” Charlie then nervously unbuttoned her blouse and slid it off her shoulders leaving her in her bra. While undoing the buttons, his hands had slightly touched her breasts and he got an immediate boner that both girls were happy to see.

Charlie had a run of good luck that resulted in Carla losing her blouse and skirt while Teeny lost her skirt and bra, leaving her clad only in her panties. His luck soon changed and he lost his shirt, pants and shorts which Teeny gleefully yanked off him. “Nice cock,” she said as she grasped it and gave it a couple of strokes. “Hey, no fair” Carla said. “I want a piece of that too,” as she reached over and gripped his cock. “It’s gorgeous,” she added as Charlie flamed red with embarrassment. Charlie was now wearing only his undershirt, Teeny still had her panties and Carla was still wearing panties and bra.

In a few more hands, all three were naked. “Gosh, you’re both really pretty.” “Thanks, Charlie. You’re not too bad yourself. What do we do now?” Carla asked. “Now we play for fun,” Teeny said. “If you win a hand you get to do something fun with one of the other two.”

Charlie won the next hand. “What do you want to do, and to who?” Teeny asked.

“I want to feel your boobs,” he replied, staring at Teeny’s tits. Carla and Teeny moved and sat back to back on the floor. “Now you can touch both of us at once,” Teeny told him. Charlie knelt by them and grabbed their tits. “Easy,” said Carla. “You want to caress them gently, not squish them. Move your hands gently around them, and then roll our nipples in your fingers. When our nipples get hard, you can kiss them and suck on them. Ohhh, yesss. Like that. Now kiss and suck my nipples. Mmm, yeah.”

Charlie spent some time exploring their perky tits then started to move his hands lower on their bodies, caressing and rubbing their bellies, and then their thighs. Teeny moved her knees apart allowing him access to her inner thighs. Carla reached over and grasped his cock and started to stroke it. Charlie moaned, then slid his hand down to Teeny’s mound and started to rub it. Her cunt was so damp, his finger slipped inside and brushed against her clitoris. In response, Teeny jerked, then grabbed his hand and forced his finger deep into her hot depths. He pushed his other hand between Carla’s thighs until she opened her legs and let him slip his finger into her. She grabbed his wrist and started to pump his hand so that his finger moved back and forth in her cunt. “Use two fingers,” she gasped. Charlie complied and worked his fingers deeper into her cunt. Charlie slipped another finger into Teeny, and then began to thrust his fingers into both girls’ cunts. When they both started to moan, he increased the speed and force of his finger fucking. Carla was still stroking his cock when Teeny reached over to take her turn jacking off his cock.

“Do you want to fuck?” Teeny asked. “You won’t need a condom. We’re both on the pill. You can fuck both of us if you want.” Teeny lay on her back and spread her legs. “Come on, Charlie. Give me your cock. Stick it in me. I’ve wanted you to fuck me since we first met. Please. I need your cock inside me. I want to feel your big hard cock inside me.”

Charlie knelt between her legs and lowered his body on hers. Teeny grabbed his hard cock and guided it to her cunt. When his cock head reached her sopping wet pussy, he thrust hard and his cock slid its entire length into her hot cunt. “I’ve got your cherry,” she cried as Charlie began to frantically pump his cock into her, then almost immediately came, filling Teeny’s cunt full of his seed.

“My turn,” Carla cried. “I want it doggie style. This time, don’t be in such a hurry. We can fuck all afternoon so we have lots of time.” Carla got on her hands and knees between Teeny’s still wide-spread legs, then lowered herself to her elbows with her face just above Teeny’s cunt, and her ass raised high in the air waiting for Charlie’s cock. Charlie’s cum was just starting to ooze out of Teeny’s pussy. Charlie’s cock quickly revived so he knelt behind Carla. Knowing he was inexperienced, Carla reached between her legs, grabbed Charlie’s cock and guided it to her dripping hole. “Push it in me,” she cried. “I want your cock. I need to be fucked. Ahhh,” she cried as she felt his hardness fill her tight twat. Charlie reached around her and grabbed her tits with his hands, squeezing and caressing them as he pumped his cock into Carla’s willing body.

“Mmm, so good. So good,” she chanted as Charlie had his way with her sex. Still very horny because Charlie had come so quickly, Teeny grabbed Carla’s head and pulled it down to her dripping cunt. “Eat me,” she commanded. “Lick my clit. Make me cum.”

Charlie lasted longer this time, but still came before Carla reached her orgasm. Charlie’s cock softened and plopped out of Carla’s cunt. She could feel his cum leaking out of her cunt and running down her leg. Teeny hadn’t cum either, so Carla continued to lick Teeny’s pussy, enjoying the taste of Charlie’s cum and Teeny’s hot box.

“Bring your cock over here,” Teeny said to Charlie. “I’ll make it hard again.” Charlie walked on his knees over to Teeny who then grabbed his soft wet dick and pulled to her mouth. His cock was flaccid so Teeny took his whole cock and sucked it into her mouth. Licking and sucking vigorously, Teeny felt his cock begin to swell in her mouth. It was soon hard again, so Teeny started to try and deep throat his hard cock. Charlie was slowly pumping his cock into her mouth, causing Teeny to gag as his cock reached the back of her throat. Eventually, she was able to swallow as his cock reached her throat, and the entire length slid down her gullet. Enjoying the hot new sensation, Charlie moved his lower body over Teeny’s head and began to pump his cock down into Teeny’s mouth. Not realizing that Teeny could not breath with his cock in her throat, he continued to thrust into her until she forcefully pushed him off of her. “You have to let me breathe,” she admonished. “unless you want to fuck a dead body. Now fuck my face again. I want you to cum at the same time that Carla makes me cum.

After a short rest and lunch break, Charlie and Teeny tried a ’69.’ While they were busy sucking and licking each other, Carla lubed her finger and Charlie’s ass with Vaseline then shoved her finger into Charlie’s ass and moved her finger in and out of his hole, wiggling her finger inside of him. The hot new sensation resulted in an immediate orgasm for Charlie filling Teeny’s mouth with load after load of cum.

Grabbing the lubrication, Charlie greased her ass hole and his cock. “Turnabout is fair play,” he announced. Get down on your hands and knees. I’m going to fuck you in the ass.” Carla got down on her knees and put her head on the floor, raising her ass high in the air. “I haven’t done this before,” she gasped. “Please go easy.” Charlie put the head of his cock to her anus, then reached around her and grabbed her tits in his hands as he slowly applied pressure to his cock. When he felt the head of his cock slip into her, he stopped until Carla got used to her ass being stretched by his cock. After a few minutes, Carla started to push her ass against him so he applied more pressure and slowly slid his cock into her super tight ass until his whole cock was buried inside her ass. Squeezing her tits in time with his thrusts he began to slowly pump his cock into her butt.

“Omigod, omigod,” she exclaimed. “That feels wonderful. Fuck me harder now. Faster.” Charlie moved one of his hands between her legs and started to rub her clit in time with his thrusts while continuing to stimulate both of her tits with his other hand. He increased the speed and power of his fucking as she began to chant. “Fuck me. Fuck me. Uh, uh, uh, fuck, ass, fuck me, hard cock. Love your cock. So good. So good.” When Teeny shoved her greased up finger into his ass hole, he erupted his cum into her bowels, causing her to explode in the biggest orgasm of her young life.

“Oh Charlie,” Teeny exclaimed. “We are going to have such a good time from now on. I want to try everything. We want you to fuck us every chance we get.”
To be continued…

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This series was excellent. I had to read all of the chapters at one setting. I hope you continue to produce hot stories like this. If I may, I would suggest Mark take on Jen's mother and keep her satisfied in every way possible. Maybe she could even get knocked up without nailing Mark with the paternaty.

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