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Foreward: I've been a long time reader, but never made an account, recently I made a short story for some friends, the beginning isn't all that great, but it gets better towards the end, if you like it, that's good, if you don't, that's also good. Just don't expect more, but if demand ever gets high enough i'll make a new story.

In yonder days of old it was natural for male actors to portray all roles in theater productions. This includes even the female roles.
This year, the school chose an adaption of titanic as the school play. James had lost an important that had him trying out for the school play as the role of Jack. Coincidentally Lucas had taken a bet to try and act for the part of Rose by his girlfriend Dorothy for a quite firm handshake. Lucas gave it his best shot, and to his amazement he actually got the part of Rose.
“So do you have to wear a wig then?” Dorothy quizzically asked Lucas after they left the theater.
“I’m going to have a full bodysuit and a dress-“Lucas continued after a slight pause “But I think it’ll be worth it. “
Dorothy smiled coyly “And why is that?” She asked.
“I think you know” Lucas answered, as he began to guide his hand to Dorothy’s. Lucas stared deeply into Dorothy’s eyes as he began to caress her silky smooth hand. He fitted his fingers in to the gaps between her fingers. He brought their hands up into the air and then down. Then again. And again. Lucas tightened his grip, and continued, his breath grew heavy. Dorothy’s arm was growing weak.
“I think that’s enough.” Dorothy said, as they finished their embrace.
A few weeks passed with nothing of notice happening. Everyone was memorizing their parts. Then on Friday they began stage rehearsal.
“I want you to draw me like one of your French girls-“ Lucas said. “ Wearing this.”
“Alright.” James replied.
“Wearing only this.” Lucas finished.
“Aaaaand, cut.” The director said. “Tha’s a wrap for today.”
James walked to Lucas, “ Hey bro buddy Lucas, want to practice some more at my house, maybe watch my dad eat a stick of butter?” Lucas and James giggled at the insanity that James’ father regularly pulled.
“Sure.’ Lucas said.
From outside the theater a voice called out, “ HEY LUCAS, SAY DOLLAR!” the voice cried.
“Dollar.” Lucas matter of factly said.
The kid walked in, it was their friend Zach, “Hehe, that always gets me Lucas.” He said “Anyways I’ll see you at school on Monday gotta help my mom at work this weekend. Don’t start the gay orgies without me.” He smirked, and walked away. Lucas sighed and brushed off the comment.
A half an hour later, James and Lucas arrived at James’ house.
“Alright Lucas let’s practice a bit” They begin to recite the scene.
“ The last thing I need is another picture of me looking like a porcelain doll. As a paying customer-“ Lucas said “ I expect to get what I want.” Lucas took his jacket off.
James retained a giggle and replied “ Over there on the coach.” Lucas laid down on the couch giving James a seductive pose.
“ So should I draw you Lucas?” James asked.
“If you want to.” Lucas replied.
James picked up a board next to him, that already had a silky white piece of paper attached to it, and grabbed a pencil as well.
“So are we gonna draw you like you are or are you gonna go freeballing like you will in the play?” James asked.
Lucas darted his eyes around quickly for a few seconds before deciding on something in his mind. He began to take his shirt off.
“ I wasn’t serious, but if that’s what you want to practice that’s fine.” James’ interrupted. Lucas blushed and thought for a moment in his head and continued to undress.
“ But I’m not taking my boxers off James, and this is only so you get practice drawing.” Lucas commanded. James smirked, confident in his drawing abilities.
“It should only take a few tries to get it down.” He muttered. Lucas unbuttoned his pants, and let them slide off his legs to the ground, and carefully stepped out of them. A slight bulge emanated from his boxers. James noticed this but paid it no heed.
“Alright Lucas, lay down on the coach and I’ll draw you… Like one of my French girls.” James and Lucas smirked. James brought the pencil to paper and began a rough outline of Lucas’ body. “Alright Lucas I need you to stay still, eyes locked on me” James studied Lucas’ body intensely.
First he drew his slightly ragged hair, then onto his face. There was something different about his face this time he looked at it that was never there before. It seemed more rugged, yet also caring. As James continued drawing the rest of Lucas’ he couldn’t keep his eyes off of Lucas’ perfectly muscled body. Lucas’ chest and abs mesmerized him, as James continued to draw.
Some time had passed before the only part left to draw was the crotch. “ So, uh Lucas what do you want to do about the umm, crotch?” James asked.
Lucas thought for a moment. “ Can’t you just draw the boxers?” he asked.
“Well I could, but remember, this is supposed to be a nude scene in the play.” James retorted.
“Can’t you just imagine what it looks like?”
“I suppose I could, but don’t get mad if I misjudge the size.”
Lucas sighed heavily. “You won’t show these to anyone will you?” he asked.
“Ill burn them when I finish them” James replied.
“Alright.” Lucas said, “I’m only going to do this for a minute, so do it fast” he said as he lowered the elastic on his boxers, allowing his semi erect rod to spring forth. James couldn’t keep his eyes off of it. He was never really attracted to men, but for some reason, he couldn’t bring himself to look away from Lucas. Eventually James willed himself to finish the portrait. “Alright then, that took-“ James looked at the clock, it read 4:30 pm “ twenty minutes, for the play we could probably get this done faster, but I think it looks okay.” James turned the portrait around so Lucas could see it. “What do you think?”.
Lucas examined it closely, beside some minor smudging, and a few weird gaps at the crotch, it was an exceptional picture. “It’s really good James.”
“Should we try it again?” James asked, secretly hoping Lucas would say yes, so he could stare at him more.
“What about your parents or siblings? It’d be kinda awkward if they walked in.”
James shook his head “Random vacation they won’t be back till Monday.” James explained.
“Well, okay, and I guess I can leave my boxers off.” Lucas added. He pulled the elastic on his boxers down and his nearly erect cock spring forth, followed by his dangling globes, surrounded by a light sprinkling of hair. Lucas laid down on the coach and locked his gaze on james. This was the first time he had done anything like this, and truthfully he was somewhat aroused by this. “But why?” he thought “ I don’t have a huge problem with being naked in front of him, but it just feels so thrilling to be naked in front of someone else.” Lucas came to a realization. “Maybe I’m just an exhibitionist, maybe I get turned on by doing sexual stuff in front of people, but is it anyone?” A slight glance downward at his erect cock proved that gender did not matter to him.
“Lucas I’m done with this sketch.” James said, breaking Lucas out of his trance. Lucas got off the couch, and walked over to James still sitting in the chair. The picture was of near perfect quality and it only took eight minutes to do. Looking at the picture turned Lucas on even more, causing his cock to become even harder in front of James’ face. Suddenly Lucas felt a hand on his cock while staring. Lucas looking down and saw James’ hand straddling his cock.
“J-James, what are you doin’?” Lucas asked.
“Why are you so excited Lucas? Something you need to confess?” James said.
Lucas moaned slightly as James caressed his member. “ I- I just like being naked I guess.”
“Suuuuure you do..” James said seductively, still stroking Lucas’ member. Lucas moaned again, he knew he was enjoying it. But he had a girlfriend, how far would this all go? How far would he let it go?
“Hey James, how about you let me draw you?” Lucas said while dragging his friend’s hand off his penis. James saw through Lucas’ request to what he really wanted. He took his shirt off revealing his toned chest. Lucas ran his hand down James’ chest feeling his rigid muscles. James’ flinched slightly at his touch. Lucas let his hands glide down until they reached his pants. Lucas deftly undid James’ belt, causing his pants to fall to the ground. The only keeping the two nude together were James’ boxers. With a swift movement of hands, this was no longer the case. Standing in front of each other in the nude, they were completely enamored with each other’s bodies.
Lucas guided James’ hand to his face. James leaned forward and with his other hand drew Lucas in, their bodies enveloping each other in a lust for each other. They kisses, their warms lips coming together causing a spark between them. They embraced each other closer, the heat between them increasing, their tongues exploring each other’s mouth. Lucas’ hands began to glide down James’ back. They settled upon his hips. Lucas broke the kiss off, and bent his knees to the ground. Lucas slowly grasped James’ erect member, glistening with precum. Lucas spread it around James’ cock lubing it up. James’ breathing grew heavy from pleasure. Lucas gingerly guided his mouth onto James’ cock. He licked the tip, James moaned slightly responding to this. Slowly, Lucas began to take in more and more of his friend’s penis into his hot and wet mouth. When Lucas had half of James’ cock in his mouth, James brought his hands to the back of Lucas’ head, brushing through his light hair. He guided his friend’s mouth deeper onto his cock. A third of the way down Lucas began to gag. But James didn’t stop quickly and forcefully he shoved his full girth into Lucas’ mouth. Lucas gagged, but then had a chance to recover after his head was guided off his friend’s cock. Lucas gasped for air, but was instead greeted by James’ cock again. Lucas twirled his tongue around the head of his friend’s cock. He was once again guided off of his friend’s rod, but then had it rammed down his throat. Lucas began to gag, saliva running out of his mouth.
The pleasure James felt from Lucas’ warm and tight throat was too much. Suddenly Lucas felt James’ penis twitch in his throat, and then spurt batch after batch of hot liquid down his throat. It took him effort, but Lucas was able to swallow it all.
James guided his friend off his member. “ That was amazing Lucas, one could think you’ve done this more than once.” He said.
“Well actually, in order to make some extra money…” Lucas began to say. James looked at Lucas in disgust, they didn’t use a condom. What diseases could Lucas have given him?
“Jesus Christ, what the hell, get out of my house, I need time to think” James shouted. And Lucas did as he was told.

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