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I know I left you all with a cliffhanger at the end of the last chapter and I hope that this chapter earns your forgiveness for that. I chose to end the chapter there as I hadn't fully formed the idea of where it was going to go from there. This chapter flowed more easily to me once i took the time away from the computer to think the story through. Please leave you feedback comments as well as ratings once you finish reading so i know what's going right and what isn't. I may not always agree with what people say, I always take the time to consider and I check the previous chapters for added feedback. If your just coming into the story I recommend reading all the previous chapters to understand how things got to this point. Thank you all for reading, and thank you to those who have stayed with me this far and left feedback along the way.

The tension in me built in the eternity I felt passing. This eternity wasn’t the result of Magick but the natural effect anticipation of an answer to a question that could fulfill dreams or crush lives. Sindee’s eyes were a deep grey like a storm on the horizon; silver flecks, as if lightning, shining in them; tears showing in them giving truth to the tempest they promised in their beauty as I waited for her to speak the words I needed to hear. Her pale porcelain skin glowed under the moonlight and stars as they shone down upon us, offset by the deep blue dress flowing like water along her skin. This moment felt as it would never end, me never knowing her answer. The moment was forever etched into my memory. Just as time felt as it would never move forward again, Sindee spoke.

The tears in her eyes started to flow down her cheeks as her smile bloomed, “Yes Andree, Yes I’ll marry you.” She pulled me to my feet and wrapped her arms around my body as incapable of speech as I was at that moment in time. My heart leapt to soaring heights of joy in hearing her answer, my throat tight. I leaned down as Sindee rose up to her toes, our lips meeting halfway. We kissed, and held each other, hands sliding along each other. We broke the kiss to breath as our lungs burned for lack of oxygen, despite the desperate need for air it felt as though only a second had passed.

I moved a half step back, giving us just enough space for me to take the ring out of the box. It was platinum band with a single flawless diamond. The design was classy and elegant, fitting for Sindee’s natural beauty and grace. I had picked it out some short time back and purchased that morning while we were shopping. Taking the ring from the box I slid it along her finger, my hands shaking with nerves and excitement as I did so. We stood out there on the terrace, just holding each other in our arms. Even with my arms around her and the ring upon her hand it still didn’t feel real to me. If I was dreaming I didn’t want it to end.

After some time just relaxing contentedly in the arms of the other we walked to our room, neither of us letting the other go. I picked Sindee up and carried her into the room as she squealed with laughter. She was so petite it was easy to hold her and I loved the way she felt in my arms. I set her down once we were across the room. She turned her back to me and moved her hair to the side exposing the zipper of her dress so that I could open it for her. I lowered it slowly as to tease us both with anticipation. I kissed the back of her neck, smelling her intoxicatingly natural scent as I lowered the zipper all the way to the bottom. I slid my hands up her back along her soft skin onto each shoulder. I slipped the dress off her shoulders holding the material as my hands ran down her arms. I continued to lower the dress until she could step out of it as the silk pooled around her. I was torturing myself with need and anticipation, but still took my time to step to the closet and hang the dress. When I turned to face her, Sindee was standing before me in her stockings, 6 inch heels and nothing else. My pulse quickened and the rest of the blood flowed away from my brain as I was consumed with need for this seductive goddess before me. I was stunned, unable to move and she walked towards and around me.

She reached up from behind me, into the collar of jacket. She ran her hands around the neckline, pulling the jacket open and sliding it off of my shoulders and me. As she hung the jacket over a chair I reached out to pull her towards me. She slipped out of my grab and stepped in front of me. She reached up to unbutton my shirt, taking as much time with them as I did with her zipper. I reach out to slide my hands up along her sides. She pushed my hands back to my sides giving me her wicked smile, telling me it was her turn to torture me as I did her. It was unbearable standing there not touching her when we were that close together, but I resisted the temptation. Sindee ran her hands along my skin as I did her, as she removed my tie and shirt. She slid her hands down my chest, undoing my best as she reached my waist. I slipped my shoes off as she opened my slacks and pushed them and my underwear off of me. As they dropped to the floor I placed my hands on her hips and guided her back toward the bed.

As we reached the bed, Sindee lay back stretching her form out like a satisfied cat. I kissed her neck and worked my way down her body until I took her right nipple in my mouth. I sucked on her nipple sliding my tongue in circles around it. My hands continued to move along her skin until my left hand reached her unoccupied breast and pinched her nipple causing her back to arch. I moved my mouth away from her right nipple and blew a cool breath across it. The nipple hardened as goose bumps rose upon the flesh surrounding it. I moved to take her left nipple into my mouth, using my tongue to lick around it. I flicked the nipple before moving my mouth away to blow another cool breath across it as well. I slid down her body to kneel on the floor between her extended legs and she spread them for me.

I slid my tongue along the length of her, tasting he wonderful flavor. I moved my hands in to spread her legs a little more, opening her wider for me. I kissed and licked along both sides of her sweet pussy, teasing and tasting as her breathing quickened. I slipped my tongue into her, wiggling it inside of her. I pulled my tongue back out as I slipped a finger inside, sliding it in and out. I moved my mouth to her clit, licking the little button before sucking it into my mouth, holding it here as my tongue flicked and passed over it driving her to the edge. I slipped a second finger into her, increasing the pace they moved. I released the suction holding her clit in my lips and applied a gentle pressure as I took it between my teeth. She arched her back again as every muscle tightened when her climax hit, her juices flowing freely from her, down my chin and chest.

We both moved up further onto the bed as I positioned myself between her legs with the head of my hard cock pressing against her. I slipped the head into her, pushing my entire length in. I met her eyes with mine as I started long slow strokes. As I we moved together she ran her hands up my back, digging in slightly with her nails then releasing. I quickened my pace a little at a time, making this last for both of us as long as possible. I used no Magick because this was about how we truly felt, lust and loved rolled together. After a little time Sindee rolled me as we came together putting her on top and in control. I ran my hands along her sides feeling her soft hot skin. She continued to move her body, pushing up and down, rocking and moving her hips causing muscles inside to tighten. I held back against my own body as she continued to move faster. Just as I reached my limit of control, she drove her hips down all the way, burying me deep pushing the head of my cock against her cervix. The muscles sheathing my dick began to squeeze and massage as she screamed out, pushing me over the edge with her. My entire body tightened as I came, filling her with my hot cum. She came down from her orgasms, laying her body along my chest with her head resting on my shoulder. Neither one of us were able to move or speak, we lay there just breathing and holding each other close.

When we recovered enough to move, we showered and went to sleep in the other bed. Sindee lay on her side with my chest pressed to her back, curled against the curve of her body. We slept soundly the whole night. I woke around 8, in the night I had rolled onto my back, she shifted as well to where she was lying half on my chest head over my heart face toward mine. I just stayed there watching her features completely relaxed in sleep. It was around 9 when she first began to stir and another half hour before her eyes opened and met mine. Once again I was struck with awe that this amazing woman was in my life. We sat up and I leaned in to kiss her good morning, taking my left hand and sliding it behind her to support her neck as she tilted her head back. Her left hand come up and caressed my cheek. As I felt the cool platinum band against my face my heart leaped with joy that she said yes last night.

We got up, showered and dressed before heading to brunch there at the hotel. We took a short walk in the area around the resort while waiting for the Limo to return as planned. We sat close holding the others hand in ours as we rode back to her house. Natalie and Marcus practically ran out of the house when the limo pulled up. I don’t know when or why Marcus came to Sindee’s but was glad he was there because I wanted to share the news with him because I didn’t even tell him I was going to ask her last night. Sindee moved to my right as we got out of the car, hiding her left hand in mine as we walked over to them.

“I waited here all night for you to get back. I want to hear all the details about your date girl, come on dish!!!” Natalie was speaking so fast and excitedly I almost didn’t understand her. Sindee simply released my hand and raised hers to eye level with Natalie. The excited scream she let out as she spotted the ring reached such a high pitch, she stepped forward and wrapped Sindee in a big hug. She was speaking so fast and high that I couldn’t tell you a word she said, her action spoke volumes of how happy she was for us. She took a second and released Sindee from her grip long enough to give me a quick hug and kiss on the cheek before grabbing back on to Sindee.

The reaction from Marcus was a little more subdued and much more him. He extended his right hand taking mine in his and placed his left hand on my shoulder, “Congratulations Andrew, she is a wonderful woman and you two are so happy together I wish you the best for your future.” With this said he pulled me into a hug like family which is how we considered each other.

When we broke the embrace I started to speak, “We haven’t set a date or anything else really, but I have planned one thing already. You’ve been my friend and confidant since we met and you started training me to control my Magick instead of using the raw power of it without direction. I want you to stand with me as my best man when the time comes.”

He was so proud to have been asked that he smiled and though he held them back his eyes watered as though to cry. Having learned more of his history than most people ever would, I knew how much of an honor he considered my request. It took him a moment to bring his emotions under a semblance of control be her replied. “It would be my honor to stand witness for you at the start of your new life as long as you’re sure you want me to. I know you still have some living members of your family who could do this for you.”

I spoke up here before he could continue, “Marcus, you have known me for four years since we started my training. You have been closer to me and know more about me than any of my family let alone those who are left. While I will be inviting them, you are the man I want standing with me when the time comes.”

His answer was as direct as the man himself, “Yes, I’ll stand for you.”

With that conversation done we turned to see that Sindee and Natalie had disappeared while we weren’t looking. The front door was open and I could hear Natalie still talking excitedly. Marcus and I went in to see both of them on the phone. Natalie was talking to the local friends telling them to come over, we were having a party. I didn’t hear her tell them what the celebration was for, just to grab some food, beer and booze on the way. Sindee was a little more reserved as she looked at the display on her phone, thumb hovering over the call button.

I walked over to see what was wrong when I spotted the name on the screen, “Nervous about telling your parents you getting married?” I stepped up to her back, gently rubbing her shoulders, neck and arms to relieve the tension in them. “You can wait to call them until you’re ready.”

She turned her head to look over her shoulder at me, “It’s not about calling them or even getting married. It’s about telling them that I’m not marrying a doctor. They had definite plans for me.” She smiled and continued, “I have no regrets, my heart is yours and much as yours is mine.” With that she pressed the call button. I stepped back to give her space while she talked with first her mother and then father. When she hung up the phone she had the biggest smile I’d seen from her yet.

“I’m guessing from your expression that the call went better than you expected?”

She shook her head and smiled. “They said they couldn’t be happier for me. While they hoped for a doctor, any man that captured my heart and treated me as well as you do was someone they wanted as a son-in-law. They also said they will be out here to visit soon.” I couldn’t completely hide my reaction as my nerves kicked in. My heart sped up causing me to flush and a light sheen of sweat broke out on my forehead. Being a doctor, she saw it without needing to look, “Now whose the nervous one Andrew?”

“Guilty, but it has nothing to do with marrying you. It’s about meeting your parents. I was never really good at that part of dating,” I replied with a nervous chuckle.

“Don’t worry, I’ll protect you from the big bad parents,” she replied smiling with laughter in her eyes. Since she knew what I was and the things I faced in my world, it was funny to her to see me nervous over something as mundane as meeting the future in-laws.

The rest of the day and evening passed quickly as the party built up. Everyone saying their congratulations, giving us their best wished and so on. No one let either of us help with the cooking or cleaning, this was a party for us and we were to relax and enjoy ourselves. The party was great and everyone that came cleaned it up before leaving at the end of the night. Every person that came enjoyed themselves, but not one of them went overboard making sure they could drive or had a designated driver and left at the end of the night. Natalie even volunteered to drive Marcus home so the two of us would have the house to ourselves.

When everyone had left, Sindee and I went to our bedroom. We got undressed and climbed into be. We embraced each other and lying close together, sharing long passionate kisses full of emotion. We woke up in the morning when the alarm went off still holding each other in our arms. We both started to laugh at each other hysterically as we realized just how tired we had been to fall asleep from exhaustion.

Once we were up and moving I had to things I needed to ask Sindee. I explained to her why I was building the house and asked her to move in there with me once it was competed. She agreed, so I asked her to come with me to the architect, because I wanted her input and opinion on what I had designed so far and to make any changes that were needed to make it our home. Things proceeded quickly from there as I found an office to work out of and she switched to day shifts putting us on the same schedule. A month passed rapidly as we discussed when we wanted to have the wedding while waiting for her parents to schedule their visit. While we knew we were going to marry no matter what they thought of it, Sindee still wanted us to meet before the wedding. I tried calling and then sending a letter to my father about the engagement. The calls he didn’t answer and the letters came back unopened with return to sender written by his hand on them. I had accepted when I left home that I had lost my entire family the night of my awakening, but it was never demonstrated more powerfully until those letters came back. I also went to Matt at the hospital during this time to tell him. He told me had had already heard and was happy for Sindee. After the letters and this encounter I was felt more cut off and isolated than I ever had previously.

Sindee saw the effect this was having on me and took measures to make sure I knew just how much she loved me, ensuring that I knew I wasn’t alone in the world. She was my family and future. She didn’t do anything directly; she didn’t try to talk to me about it knowing that all that would do is remind me of the whole situation. What she did do was show me every day, with small gestures and looks just what I meant to her. This would make me think about what she meant to me and instead of sliding into depression and pain filled memories of the past; I would focus instead on our future together.

The end of summer was coming quickly when her parents called and told us they’d be in town for the last week in August and first week of September. During this time we were waiting for their arrival, we finalized the plans for the new house and broke ground on the construction. Everything was going right, I still hadn’t heard from the werewolves but that wasn’t a concern right now. The last week of August was here, and we were expecting a call from her parents once they got into town. They had decided to drive in since they were taking a full month off for a road trip before continuing their research.

Sindee was in the kitchen cooking when I heard a knock at the door. I figured it was her parents; that they were able to find the house and wanted to surprise us. I walked over and opened the door.

I felt my chest get crushed as a light flashed right in front of me. I fell back to the floor as my mind caught up with what was happening. A man dressed all in black wearing a helmet stood over me holding a gun. On his hand was a signet ring that matched the seal of the letter I received when I checked out of the hotel. He knelt down over me, flipping the helmet’s face shield up and looked me in the eye, “You were warned and ignored it. This is the fate you chose.”

I reached for my Magick, not to try and save myself but to protect Sindee before I died with this man close enough to kill her. I drew on all the Spheres at once, putting all the life and energy I had left into the spell. I smiled at this man letting him see every bit of malice and hatred I had for him and yelled the two words to invoke the spell, “FUCK YOU!!!!” The spell was taught to me by a Mage who barely survived it’s use, losing his ability to touch Magick at all because of the sleepers that witness it.

The spell is a most dangerous and last ditch option, and even then the Mage should think before using it. All living beings are connected to reality with nine Spheres of Magick. This spell or rote systematically disconnects the target from reality, destroying the being so completely that there are no remains, no residue of Magick, no ghost or any other trace of them. It is the most vulgar Magick Rote every created or wielded by anyone. I chose to use it now to protect Sindee from this man. The spell took effect and worked instantly, the only things left were his ring and his weapon that dropped to the floor.

As I was losing consciousness I heard Sindee scream, “NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” and felt Magick being pulled; thinking that my avatar was being freed to find another mage, then the world went black.

When I closed my eyes, I accepted I was going to die. There was no way for anyone to get here fast enough to save me from a bullet to the heart. I was content with the fact that Sindee was safe and alive. I knew without me around she would be safe from anyone else who could have had a reason for coming after me, though I had to admit I still had no idea who had sent that last one either. I knew Marcus would take care of Sindee, transferring my accounts and what few things I had stored in other locations to her. He would stay and support her through the loss as long as she needed him to be there. With this knowledge my mind relaxed and returned to the cabin in the mountains five years before. It was a sunny day, the cabin still stood and Jamie was playing outside when I stepped out of the trees. She stopped running and walked over to me, “Andrew, you don’t belong here, not yet. You need to go back to Sindee and start a family.”

I looked into her eyes, blue with just a hint of the gray in Sindee’s and my heart broke yet again as the tears streamed down my face, “I wish I could, but I used the last of my Magick and time to save her. I wanted to have a family with her, and now I’ve broken her heart as I feared I would the moment I knew what I felt for her.” I couldn’t stand any longer and dropped to my knees looking at Jamie, frozen forever as an eight year old, unable to complete the life ahead of her.

Jamie stepped up to me wrapping her arms around my neck, squeezing me as tight as she could like she had always done when she still lived. I reached my arms up to encircle her when I felt magick flow into me and she disappeared.

My eyes opened, Sindee was holding me in her lap, her head down, tears falling on my face and chest, one arm around me. He left hand on my heart. The platinum band was clean and the diamond glowing while my blood stained the rest of her hand and some of it on her clothing. She was speaking in a voice choked with tears and pain, the words unintelligible to me. I didn’t know or care how I was still alive at that moment, I was just glad I was. I reached up and pulled Sindee into my arms, wrapping her tiny frame in them and refusing to let go.

All this happened in the space of heartbeats. Marcus appeared almost immediately after I pulled Sindee into my arms. I was at least 15 minutes before either Sindee or myself we able to even loosen the grip we had on each other. It was longer before we were able to even think of moving, during this time Marcus managed to close the door before anyone outside saw the blood all over us.

Marcus finally spoke as Sindee and I were getting to our feet, still refusing to completely let go of each other. “Andrew, I felt from across the city the amount of Magick you pulled and a Spell that reverberated with your resonance. What happened to you?”

Before I could draw a breath to speak Sindee started, “I heard someone knock on the door and then Andrew walking across to answer it. I thought it was likely my parents who are supposed to arrive today when I heard the gunshot. I ran out from the kitchen to see a man kneeling over Andrew saying something I couldn’t hear. Andrew yelled at the man and the next second I saw him disappear as though he was simply removed from existence. Andrew’s body went limp and his eyes closed. I rushed over to him, pulling him into my lap when I found no pulse and saw the gunshot to his heart. I couldn’t let him go, we were just starting our lives together. I refused to lose him so soon, I just reached out for him and pulled him back to me…………….”

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2014-11-30 20:55:09
Everyone has their opinion on what they like And some can't accept the perfection of love. Not that love is always perfect or that it can fix everything. But when you have true love Those other things don't seem to matter As much Or don't have the power to bring you down. I have seen people who claim to be in love and have been a witness too two people truly in love. There is quite a difference And once you have seen it with your own eyes Can never be forgotten So everyone may not get that love But that doesn't stop them from recognizing it exists. If this person has not had this epiphany yet Do not be angry with them but pity them For they are the ones who are truly at a loss!
Keep the faith.....
As always
Johnny Rotten


2014-08-30 10:15:34
Krypt, Nightslayer - Thank you for standing up for me but it was not needed. I asked for the feedback because I want to improve my writing and storytelling. The relationship between Andrew and Sindee is what it is and I will get better about writing characters only through the feedback I receive, I'm glad so many people enjoy the story as it is my first venture into writing

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2013-12-19 23:06:17
Amen nightslayer wonderful point


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2013-09-10 06:32:30
Fuck all you haters and assholes who cant accept things.....piss off this story Is Awsome......


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2013-07-01 17:06:58
And also that they start to laugh hysterically when realizing how tired they were, its just to forced, what I mean by forced is that you want their romance to be so unanimous and perfect that there are near to no differences in opinion between the couple and try to show how perfect their relationship is by such almost comical passages because of how ridiculous it seems. Make it more natural, let them have some arguments, that's the true reality of a loving couple, that they have differences but with their love for each other they overcome those differences, I hope it isn't to aggressive, I tried to make this as constructive as possible.

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