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Hi guys, i'm a first time writer, i would like to write reguarly, so please critic, id prefer if you messaged me, but please feel free to comment :D I look forward to seeing your feedback!!

Sunday morning, time to wipe the cobwebs away, it’s 8:00 why on earth am i awake, hung over and not collapsing. Fairly simple, my best friend put me on to something that I'm addicted too. I can’t explain it in a short story or simple flash back, no this story is going to take time, so sit back relax and enjoy.

My name is Gavin, 21 years old, English, 6”2 and built like a brick shit house, or so i’m told. I have dark brown hair and blue eyes. I live a simple life, i work Monday-Friday at a supermarket and i hate it, i know what your thinking right now! What in god’s name do i have to talk about? It’s pretty simple, when i was in High school i used to do football coaching (soccer for my transatlantic friends) and i loved it, but when i left school it ended and i missed it and lacked the motivation to pursue it. But anyways, this story starts on a friday night, like most at the pub with a few buddies. This night and conversation would change alot... and today your going to learn a small part. My Friend Chris was quite a shy guy, but had good taste in places to drink, after only one night we decided this pub was ours, whenever we went out, this is where we started. But when our friends went to get their new drinks, Chris had something to tell me. HE HAD SEX!! i know that doesnt sound incredible but here's the thing, Chris went without sex for two years and showed no hope! But when he told me i laughed and said how blind. He brushed it off and told me that it was insane, like so easy! i asked how because to be truthful to you guys, it had been a while for me too... toooooooo long! But i didnt believe what he was about to tell me. He told me he hooked up with some MILF (Mum I’d Like to Fuck), i joked how old and asked when, he said that it was because of his little league football team. I pressed the issue and asked how on earth he managed it. Basically, he said it happened mainly by accident but went back over everything to work it out and it seems that, mums like him, he said if you show their kids care and attention (that their fathers don’t provide) and show their mums some flirty attention, it doesnt take long to find a MILF! I still wasnt sure if he was telling the truth, but he told me that one of the teams needed a new Head coach and that, because i was recently CRB’D (Criminal Record Bureau, where your checked so you can work with kids) That i’d be perfect. Frankly i don’t know whether it was the 7 pints of beer, the fact i was horney or that i missed coaching. But i agreed and he said he would phone the organisers and arrange it, The night passed and before i new it, it was the following thursday and Chris was phoning me.

Chris told me that the organisers had agreed and thought that it would be good for us too train on the same sporting field, which fortunately the two teams did anyways. Chris went on to tell me that i needed to go and pick up my gear from the organisers, which was cones, balls, bibs, small put up goals and A personalised team jersey and jacket and of course my whistle. Before i new it, it was sunday morning and i had arrived early to set up. Too my surprise so was Chris, We set up not far from eachother and Chris helped my team find their way to me. I introduced myself to them and to the mums and dads! A couple gave me a smile while some of the dads wernt happy with the buff, 21 year old having their wives peek at him, i must admit i had noticed one in particular, yes she was a younger girl, looked younger than me, but we’ll get to her. I started the first session pretty standardly, heart rate raisin, shuttle run, stretches, jumping jacks and then a ice breaking activity, a penalty shoot out competition, then i ran different exercises to see where people can and can’t play, i didn’t go too in depth as the age range was 9-11 so i didn’t want to make anyone feel bad or excluded.

There was actually two kids in particular that really impressed me, Bradley and Jason, both very good on the ball and really shone, but it turned out that neither belonged the the beauty that was eye fucking me from the side-lines. Chris came over with his kids and told me he got a call that the matches had been cancelled but we could ref a friendly between our two teams, i asked the kids what they think and they screamed in delight, we only had 11 kids so we made it a smaller pitch and gave it twist rules like, if the ball goes through your legs (nutmeg) then you had to do three push or sit ups, stuff like that, we did two 15 minute halves as the kids were tired and by the end my team lost 4-1 but we were better or so i thought lol. At the end i told the kids well done and that i would see them wednesday afternoon for our first proper session and looked forward to our first match next sunday. I walked them over to their parents so i could let them talk to me, give me any concerns and give them my number if they wanted to get hold of me, the majority of the parents, male and female took my numbers and i told them id see them soon as i walked away, i got a text, it was from the beauty i told you about and she gave me her name, Lisa and told me she looked forward to the next session with a wink, me and chris went to the cafe round the corner for a cooked breakfast, standard and agreed it would be a weekly tradition to reward us after a long week.

We talked about what was going to happen, what our plans were for our teams and then we talked about milfs lol he had two on the go and was going to see them both this week, he laughed and said that he was also dating one of his kids older sisters the daughter of his first milf, he all ways sounded quite crude about it all, i know MILF isnt a nice term, but when he talked about what he was doing, it sounded kinda cheap. The breakfast went fast and so did that sunday. It was Tuesday that week and i got a text whilst at work, Just hey x.. this conversation expanded and i felt like a school boy, i had a crush this good looking girl was my dream girl on paper, got on well, lots in common, we support the same football team Crystal Palace football club and had a similar upbrining, but that evening the texts got dirty, she told me that she hadnt had sex since her kid was 5, so 4 years, thats when she told me how old she was, she was 30, my jaw dropped i thought she was young, well she’s not old. It made me happy and i felt quite stupid for not realising she wasnt an adolescent when she had her son Douglas. She didnt talk much about the dad, other than he ran off and hated him, she lightened the mood and asked what i was doing the next day? I told her i had work but nothing planned for after she said Douglas was going on holiday with her sister for a week and that she’d like me to come over, I’m not gonna lie, my cock hardened at the though, but i agreed, she gave me her address and i told her id see her tomorrow. I was too tired to do anything else, but wanked myself to sleep that night, slow, firm and short! I liked this girl... far too much.

The next day shot by at work, surprisingly, i was scared. This woman haunted my thoughts constantly, but the thought of her son all ways came into it, Am i ready to be involved with someone with a kid. But id laugh and realise nothings even happened. I was sat in my car outside her house for about fifteen minutes, but then i was at her door, it felt like a blurr, my stomach was nauseous, head felt light and then i knocked.. before i new it she answered, she was incredible. 5”8, curved, long legs with nice beautiful thick thighs and the breast OMG, the breasts, her Face was shaped perfectly, pert rosy cheeks, with slightly curled dark brown hair with deep brown eyes. I could stare at those for hours, then again most of her body i could, Her ass i hear you wonder, i haven't seen it yet, but if her front is anything to judge by, it will be perfect. But what i hadn't noticed when she invited me in was that i felt perfect, all my nervousness gone. She hugged me tightly and told me she was pleased to see me! She showed me to the living room sat me down and asked if i was thirsty i said yes and she offered me a beer. I said i would but im driving, so i had a beer. She sat down, with her legs curled to her side so she could lean towards me. her smell was incredible, floral but so inviting, we talked about everything, family friends, hopes dreams, Douglas and his dad.
This guy was an ass hole, he took her away for a weekend, sweeped her off her feet and made her fall in love with him, asked her to marry him and knocked her up, she was delighted and told him, only for him to hit her and run away never to be heard from again, she said she had male friends who would find him and make sure he never had the ability to fuck again but said no. I felt so bad, she was just young and infatuated she didn't know who he was. but she was older now and was sitting with me, I asked what i realised could of made things worse, Why was i here? she told me that she was really attracted to me and for the first time when she saw me, she felt how she felt for that scum bag again! i was bit taken back and she touched my hand, apologised and turned away.

I put my hand on her shoulder reached for her face leaning as i done it, as i leant in she turned into what became the most passionate kiss i ever had, before i knew it she had pushed to back on the sofa and straddelled me, we stayed like that for what seemed like forever, then she done what i was praying for, both her arms where wrapped round my neck, but i felt them loosening, her hands gently traced down my chest untill they reached my belt buckle, we finally stopped kissing and she looked at me, deep longing gaze that didn't break, just as she started un buckling me i went to speak and she kissed me again and shook her head, before i knew what to do her hands had lightning speeded my buckle undone, my button off and my cock out of my pants, believe it or not i was only a semi at this point but that wasn't for long, she slowly worked my semi turgid member and worked it good, i moaned into her mouth, which tightened her grip, by this time my hands had tightly gripped her ass, and it felt incredible, firm, but so soft, what an incredible contradiction, My cock now rock hard, stood proudly at well nearly 8 inches. she stopped kissing me and stood up. I groaned in displeasure and she just laughed, she reached out for my hand and pulled me up, as i did, my trousers and boxers fell. i stepped out of them and reached for her waste, i used the same technique she did and relieved her of her jeans, i then stood up and removed her tank top that had kept me from those bountiful mounds. she was in a matching, lace, red underwear set, if my cock could possibly reach a new level of erect, it happened then. her body was incredible, i grabbed her in my arms and kissed her all over, one thing was crossing my mind, how long it had been since she’d last had sex!
I asked if she wanted to go the bedroom and as this was a bottom flat we went to the next room. when we arrived there i pulled my top off and she threw her self at me, i caught her as she rapped her legs round me and laid her on the bed, i done something that was criminal and removed her panties. She was shaved, i have to admit im not a huge fan of how a vagina looks but hers, like how everything else was to me, perfect, i started gently using my toungue, to caress her clitoral hood. her back arched aggressively, i held her legs down as he jerked. i traced my right index finger down her slit and felt her shiver, she was sensitive, a prayer awnsered, this would be a little easier then first feared. i lifted to clitoral hood to reveal her pleasure centre, i went gently at first carressing it with my tongue, eventually lapping at it, i decided not to use my finger to penetrate her, i wanted the first thing she felt for while other than herself (if she was so inclined) to be my manhood, before i new it, her legs were giving my head a vice grip and screaming with pleasure, i havnt heard anything like this, her orgasm was intense and heart pounding, i continued untill her legs released me. i brought myself up and held myself over her, i kissed her fore head and at the same time had her hands wrapped round my member, she had hunger in her eyes, she motioned towards me and moaned gently, her melodic moans urged my penis to its full hardness along with her magical hands. I looked her dead in the eyes as i positioned myself at her entrance, this was it, the moment i wanted, and what happened next was what made it, as i entered her, her whole body made a reaction of pure ecstacy, her vagina, gripped my cock as i slowely inserted, her hips motioned into me, greeting and urging my passage, and her gasp of pleasure and the eyes rolling completed this, i looked down to see our bodies in motion, my slow thrusts, being met, move for move by her gyrating body. her tits looked incredible and they jigged with each thrust, the way her hands felt as one dug into my shoulder and the other gripping my ass. we never sped up, just enjoyed the sex, the translucant moment we were sharing, all sex i had before this was nothing, this girl was perfect. i was on top of her fully now, skin to skin, sweat to sweat, we were intimate and making love, her groans grew louder and i started gently moaning also, the moment i wanted and dreading was approaching, my balls starting to tingle and tighten, i didnt say a word, she seemed to just know, her thrusts became harder and moans loader, i followed suit and started increasing the power of my rythm. I don’t remember what happened next, i just remember laying here with her, and holding her tight. Kissing her gently.

I couldnt believe it.. i was in love with her.. and it’s just the beginning...

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2016-10-24 00:10:25
@Anonymous reader 2015-09-25 17:20:55 Earlier on he lists that her name is Lisa. But I strongly agree that he needs to work on his grammar more thoroughly. I had to give up on this story halfway through, it gave me a headache. The constant use of 'lol' in his process of writing a story sounded awkwardly thrown in there, as though someone lacking any experience in writing had created this story. I feel he needs to work more on telling the story as a whole with issues such as sentence structure, punctuation and very strongly - capitalization. When speaking of oneself, I find it rather annoying when someone uses a lowercase 'i' rather than uppercase. I do hope you agree, as you seem at least slightly bothered by his unwillingness to proofread for the sake of a good read.

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2016-06-10 22:30:27
sorry / crap.

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2015-09-25 17:20:55
Your story needs to have more punctuation, better spelling, shorter sentences and more paragraphs. Maybe you can find someone to help you edit your stories after writing them; I know that there are people who will do this for free.

Other than that, it was a good story. Does this amazing woman have a name? I did not see one.


2015-09-21 17:06:51
Anonymous readers always leave stupid remarks that seem written by a ten year old. As for this story see my comments on your other story, they apply to both. Keep writing. Thank You !!!

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2013-01-14 14:34:42
You totally misesd the point .Ree Drummond is a fraud -she pulled the wool over the eyes of her Sheeple pretending to represent something she is not. Also, heavy moderation of PW's blog keeps it all sunshine and unicorns just try to leave a comment such as the one you left on this site and it won't be published on PW's site. She built her brand by not keeping it real but yet her tag line states she does .she has made many many woman feel terrible that they just couldn't do it all and yet she could oh that's right Ree just left out the fact that she has hired help Duh .I think you should get the point I am trying to make. I started reading Ree's blog back in 2008 and I know it well at first I was a loyal follower until I figured out I was being duped and didn't like the feeling at all since I really thought at first that it was awesome until I caught on that she was becoming a brand to sell her schtick so just try to understand that it isn't all what Ree makes it out to be. She

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