The Frat Party
Part 1

My name is Candice and I am from a small town in Texas. We have a great college here with some of the hottest men and women in attendance. Which for me is a dual attraction that is nice for an uninhibited spirit such as myself. I love just walking around the campus and checking out the hot guys and amazing women.
On one such day I ran into a guy that is in one of my classes and he came over to chat. Through out the conversation I noticed him staring down my tight v-neck t-shirt. I can’t blame him for that seeing that the neck of the T gave a great view of my cleavage. He was mesmerized by my breast and it was making me a little Froggy being that I could see how much he was into them. At the end of our little chat, or his gawking episode, he asked me to come over to a frat party that Friday night. I agreed and that was the end of his little show.
As the night of the party showed up I asked one of my girlfriends to come with me and she agreed. That night I wore a nice little black cat suit with a skimpy little tight thigh high skirt. My girlfriend thought it way to risky being that you could easily see my breasts. I said they are covered…sort of, and walked out the door with an evil smile on my face.
When we got out of the car and started for the frat house I decided then and there I was going to really enjoy myself tonight. We walked in the house and it was all ready hot as hell in there. I went straight for the beer garden and grabbed a few drinks for me and Melissa, that’s my girlfriend. When I got to the garden I saw the guy that invited me to the party. He was talking to a few of his friends and when he saw my tits walking up to him only being held by some flimsy lingerie he nearly fell over. I handed him a beer and patted him on the cheek as my greeting and then turned around and walked back inside and started dancing.
Melissa and I danced a lot that night and with every damn guy in the house. Every single guy there was entranced by my outfit, or probably my tits, but I credit the outfit. As usual this party was way overbalanced probably 3 to 1 guys to girls, which was fine with me. I was enjoying the attention. Melissa said that the outfit was a big hit and she said she wished she had something that compared. We danced and danced stopping only to refuel on beer or shots then right back to the dance floor.
I probably got 30 numbers of some really hot guys, and I had every intention of calling and meeting every single one of them. During one of the more Latin heavy songs I got into a very hot spot with a guy. We danced very dirty. First it started out with quick touches of my hand to his crotch or his hands gently running over my breast. It was amazing to feel his touch through the lace of my outfit and my nipples responded to the attention. We got even heavier into the dance and I would grind my damp pussy on his thigh. He knew I was wet because he smiled when he felt the damp warm juice through his pants. I would also turn around and press my ass into his crotch and I could feel his cock was rock hard. And a nice rock hard cock he had at that. After the dance I was burning up so much you could have melted ice on my skin. I told him that I was going to find a restroom and try to cool down.
I went up the stairs and looked in the first door I came to and to my surprise Melissa was on her knees taking a black guys cock down her throat. Melissa loves giving head to anyone that invites the pleasure. That’s one of the reasons she and I are such good friends. I stood there and watched her work the meat in her mouth for a few minutes, she looked to be having fun so I smiled and closed the door. The next door was the restroom and so I went in and closed the door behind me. The dancing and seeing Melissa taking that nice cock had put me over the top. As soon as the door was closed I immediately began to shed the black mini. As it slid down my legs I pulled my panties from my crotch through my cat suit cock opening. I placed my finger in my mouth and then slowly began to suck my finger. I then took the finger out of my mouth and sat on the side of the tub and began to massage my swollen clit. I rubbed my clit gently up and down, and back and forth. I started to breathe heavily and I could feel the sweat roll between my breasts. Soon I had two fingers in my cunt and was rubbing my g spot and massaging my clit with my other hand. I was really getting hot and my pussy was soaking wet. I closed my eyes and felt a moan rattle from my throat.
In the heat of my self provided pleasure I didn’t even hear the door open to the bathroom. My hot dancing partner was standing in front of me and asked me if I needed a hand. His voice jarred me to attention. As I looked up to him I noticed he was just closing the door and in the hall. There were a bunch of guys who were waiting to get into the restroom, their jaws practically to the floor. I smiled to my guest and said I would love to have at least a hand. He quickly closed the door behind him. He got on his knees and approached me; all the while I was still fingering my cunt. You could hear my fingers squish from the hot moisture that I had released. He leaned into me and kissed me so passionately that I immediately began to suck his tongue as he forced it into my mouth. We kissed for what seemed an eternity as he rubbed my now swollen nipples between his fingers. He took his left hand away from my breast and grabbed my massaging hand. He pulled his tongue from my mouth and said that I should massage this, while placing my free hand on his crotch. He then placed his thumb in my mouth and I ran my tongue slowly over his big appendage. After I thoroughly massaged his thumb with my tongue he pulled it from my mouth and began to rub it on my swollen clit. I exhaled a heavy and loud moan as his thumb rubbed my button against me. It felt so good that I began to quicken my rubbing of my spot inside my pussy. I was getting so wet and he knew it. He took his thumb and offered me a taste of my love juices. I told him that it was his pleasure through husky and heavy moans. He began to suck his thumb and closed his eyes as he savored my sweet taste.
All this time I had been rubbing his hard cock through his jeans. He was at least seven inches long and very hard. I unbuckled his belt with my free hand, after a little work of course, not wanting to deny myself the pleasure of my own fingers. I told him to finger my pussy so that I could have better access to his pants. He dutifully rubbed my clit as he slowly slid one finger then two into my hole. I was so wet that he slid in with ease. I then had both hands free to release his carrot. I brought my legs up and hooked my big toe on his pants waist. With one flex I pulled his pants to his knees. He then straightened his body up and I refrained from rubbing his cock through his shorts long enough to pull them down to his pants. He was still fingering my pussy and he said it was time for a better taste. He moved his body in a way that I could not caress his cock and I frowned. My disappointment was soon replaced by the feeling of his hot wet tongue on my pussy lips. I immediately grabbed his head and let out another heavy moan. He slowly ran his tongue all over my pussy and I could feel my temperature rising higher and higher. While running his tongue over my clit he inserted a third finger and began to stretch my pussy wider and wider with each movement of his hand. It was so hot in the little bathroom that sweat was pouring off of me. I began to feel light headed and I then cam as he was flicking my clit with his tongue. I let out a scream so loud that I am sure it was over the noise of the party. I began to thrust my hips into this guys’ mouth. I reached over to the tub faucet and turned on the water then the shower. Since I was sitting on the side of the tub and leaning against the wall of the tub the freezing water splashed my stomach. The sensation caused another orgasm. After my dance partner licked most of my juices he moved so that I could get into the shower. So I just sat down in the tub and grabbed the towel that was on the rack. I evened out the temp of the water to something less intrusive and scooted back closer to the back of the tub. I then placed the towel on the bottom of the tub so that I could have a cushion for my knees for the next leg of our activities.
My friend then shucked his clothes then stepped into the shower and turned towards me. As he turned I immediately took his cock into my hand and began to caress him. I looked up at him and smiled and then licked his cock head slowly with my tongue. I love the taste of cum and I savored his salty precum taste as I began to jack his hard on. He was not the biggest I had ever had but at that point in time I wasn’t concerned because he was the one that was there at the moment. I licked his cock head a few more times and then I began to run my tongue along his length. He was so fucking hard I could feel the veins in his carrot with my tongue. After a few runs with my tongue along his cock I lifted his cock so that I could gain a better approach to his balls. As I ran my tongue over his swollen balls he let out a moan. He began to tell me I was the hottest bitch at the party but he stuttered most of that as I sucked one of his balls into my mouth. He began to moan as I massaged his nut with my tongue and the top of my mouth. I switched to the other acorn and did the same, all the while slowly stroking his seven inches. After a few moments of sucking and massaging his balls he was breathing very heavily. I then pulled away and asked him how he liked his balls being washed by my tongue. He pulled me up to him and we kissed for a few minutes. I wanted to suck that cock but this guy began rubbing my pussy lips again. I moaned and grabbed his cock and stroked him to make sure that he was good and hard when I continued. After a bit of him rubbing my clit I began getting hot and wet. I then pulled from him and knelt in front of his cock taking it immediately into my mouth. I began to roll my tongue over the top of his head and I felt him twitch. I love sucking cock and I knew I had hit his weakness. I slowly took him further and further. Soon I had him to the hilt and I could feel him moving his cock in my throat. As I pulled off of him and I could feel him sliding from my mouth and I forced his cock to the top of my mouth with my tongue. I ran his length with my tongue rubbing the main vein on the bottom of his shaft. When his head reached my lips I gently placed my teeth on his hood so that I barely touched it. I then began to quickly bob on his head while stimulating his hood with my teeth and massaging his shaft with my tongue. With this he quit breathing hard and I knew I was going to bring his juice. But I didn’t want it…yet. I stopped manipulating his weakness and quickly took him down my throat. I did this until he began moaning again then I went after his weakness. I switched between treatments with my mouth for the next ten minutes; occasionally taking a break from massaging his balls with my hands to massage them with my mouth. After a thorough treatment and satisfied with my performance I stood up and we kissed passionately for a few minutes. His hand quickly found my crotch and soon had me wet and hot and ready.
I pulled from him and he started to say something but I stopped him with my finger. I then turned to where I had my back to him. He was not small but not big so I wanted to feel every inch of him. I the placed my hands on the wall where the shower head was and the water from the spout was washing over my back and running down my ass and legs. I arched my back while pushing my ass out giving a good view of my treat. I reached down and made sure the opening in my cat suit would allow him to have access to me. He stepped up to me and placed one hand on my hip while with the other he took his cock and rubbed his head against my wet pussy. He did this a little more then I cared for and I told him that he better fuck me and do it good or I would go find someone that knew what to do. He smiled at me and then slid his cock into my hot pussy. His length felt so good to me that I flinched my ass hole causing my pussy to contract on his hard cock. He soon was in me to the hilt and he slowly began to pull out of me. I raised my upper body and arched back and turned to him for a kiss. I forced his cock back into me liking the way it felt with him in my tunnel. He brought his hands to my breasts and rubbed my nipples through the lace. I flexed a few more times on his cock then placed my hands back on the wall. He slowly pulled out of me and then when nearly exposing my vacant pussy he slid back into me. I moaned and began to push against him. Soon the rhythm increased and he had a constant motion in and out of me and I pushing back against him. He began to increase his speed and soon was pounding me like I wanted him to. I love the feel of a nice cock in me when I am letting a man fuck me from behind. My pleasure got the best of me and I moaned for my partner to fuck me harder. He began pounding my pussy while I slammed back into him. He had both hands on my hips and was pounding my hole for all he had. I felt his hands tense up and I told him to tell me before he cam. A grunt was my acknowledgement. After a few more minutes of his cock slamming into me he pulled out. I knew I needed to get to him quick. Immediately I was jacking him and kneeling in front of him. He wasn’t quiet there yet so I sucked my pussy juice off of him and deep throated him a few times. Soon I felt a spurt in my mouth and I eagerly swallowed the first of his juice. I pulled off of his member and jacked the rest of his cum on my face and my chest. I then took him into my mouth and cleaned him until he was limp.
I stood up and kissed him deeply and thanked him for the dance. He found a dry towel and while I removed his jiz from my face and chest with my fingers and then savored his taste, he toweled himself off. I then cooled myself off in the water and the dried myself as he dressed. He opened the door and I noticed we had a crowd outside. He closed the door as he left and I finished drying and put my mini back on. I wanted another beer and to dance some more. I opened the door and smiled at the guys that were looking me over. I ran my fingers through my shoulder length hair quickly and gave it that just got fucked look. Then I started downstairs to get another drink. One of the frat boys asked what about their turn. I told him that I wanted to dance and drink but maybe later as I walked down the stairs.

Continued in 'The Frat Party' pt. 2

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