11-year-old Keera knew she was teasing her big brother...
Before his parents left for work on the first day of spring break, Bobby begged them to let him fill up the pool. Well, he'd been working on them for the past few days, but that morning they'd finally given in. It was only mid-April, but the forecast was already calling for mid-90s. Global warming, who knows?

Bobby had just turned 16, but he'd been helping his father take care of the pool for the past three summers. If he started cleaning it out right after breakfast, he figured he could have it filled and ready for action by early afternoon.

“You're the best brother ever!” Keera shouted when she finally made it out of bed around 11, and saw the water already flowing into the pool. “This is true,” Bobby said, hot and sweaty from the hard work and anxious for the pool to be filled enough that he can jump in.

Keera was 11, and looked younger. “Can I invite Zoe and Sammi over?” she asked.

“We'd better not. Mom and Dad don't want guests using the pool when they're not home, remember?”

“Yeah, you're right,” Keera said, disappointed.

“But hey,” Bobby said, “that's just more water for us then, right?”

She smiled, and told him that since he’d done all the work on the pool, she'd make both of them lunch. PB&J, of course, but the thought was there. Then they both went back to their rooms for a while to mess around on their computers, and would meet back at the pool around 1.

When it was time to change, Keera realized she had a problem: since nobody had anticipated a spring heatwave, she hadn't gotten a new bathing suit this year. She dug out last year's, stripped naked, and pulled on the bikini bottoms. They still fit fine: the advantage of still being short.

The top, though, she knew was a lost cause even without trying it on. Last year, she'd been little-girl flat. Her parents had even told her that if nobody was around but family, she could swim without it. Over the winter, though, she had – as her mother pointed out with a smile -- been visited by the Titty Fairy, bigtime. She was barely a b-cup, but that was pretty big for a small 11-year-old. “No more topless swimming you for, hon,” she'd said. “You might drive Dad and Bobby crazy.”

So she put on a t-shirt instead: one of her old white ones, because she didn't want the chlorine ruining any of her pretty, patterned shirts.

Bobby tried not to stare as he saw his sister coming out of the house. He knew she'd filled out since last summer of course, but he'd never seen her wearing a t-shirt without a bra these past few months. And this t-shirt was plenty tight.

He knew he shouldn't be aroused looking at his baby sister – but he'd never seen a pair of bare tits in person before, and this was pretty close.

He could feel his cock already starting to strain against his bathing suit, and the only thing he could think to do was jump into the pool to hide it. It worked: the newly-filled pool was so cold, all thought
of Keera's tits was replaced by the certainty that he was about to freeze to death.

“How's the water?” Keera asked, now standing poolside.

“You better not come in,” Bobby said. He was referring to what the water would do to her t-shirt, but she thought he meant the water would be too cold for her. “If you can do it I can do it,” she said, and cannonballed into the pool.

Shit!” she screamed as she splashed into the frigid water, followed quickly by “Please don't tell Mom and Dad I said that, okay?”

“Whatever,” Bobby said. “Let's get out of here before we turn into icicles.”

They both climbed out quickly, and lay on the grass next to the pool to dry off in the sun.

Keera noticed that the cold water had made her t-shirt transparent. She could see Bobby glancing over at her whenever he thought she wasn't looking. She knew she probably shouldn't be letting him look at her this way, and she'd paid enough attention in Health class to knew her tits were the reason his penis looked so big inside his bathing suit, but the attention was giving her a thrill.

And she knew she probably shouldn't be doing what she did next, but the cold, wet t-shirt was getting really uncomfortable. “Bobby, I have to take this off, okay?”

“Um...” he started to say, and she pulled off her t-shirt before he could object.

The warm sun on her cold, wet tits felt so good. She'd lain like this by the pool plenty of times before, of course, but it felt different now that she had real tits. Naughty. And her nipples were hard. That was new.

Bobby was doing a terrible job pretending he wasn't looking at her now, and he suddenly realized she knew he was looking. “Sorry, Keera,” he said.

“It okay if you want to look. Have you ever seen a girl like this before? A girl with tits?”

“No,” he said, a bit embarrassed.

She moved herself a little closer to him. “I'm glad you like mine,” she said. “Would you... uh...”


“You can touch them if you want.”

“I'm not sure if I should,” Bobby said, but they both knew he wanted to. She took his right hand, and brought it to her left breast.

“Because I really want to touch you,” she said. And before he could answer, or even process what she'd said, she reached over and grabbed his hard cock through his bathing suit.

She gave it one stroke, and he drew in a breath and closed his hand over her breast. A second stroke, and he made a noise that sounded like gaaaaah, and his entire lower body was twitching, and she knew she'd made her brother squirt.

It was so cool that she could do that.

As Bobby began to catch his breath, he took his hand from her breast. “You can keep it there,” she said. “Touch both of them.”

“I shouldn't,” he said. “This was so wrong. You're my little sister.”

She took both of his hands and brought them to her breasts. “Close your eyes and pretend I'm Zoe,” she said. “I've seen you look at Zoe's tits when she's over here.” Zoe was the same age as Keera, but her tits were even larger than hers.

His eyes closed, Bobby was gently squeezing his little sister's tits. She wondered whether he was really imagining they were Zoe's, or if he was enjoying the naughtiness of playing with his own sister.

She didn't care, of course. This felt so good. She wished he'd touch her cunny, she needed to be touched there so badly, but she knew he wouldn't. “Keep your eyes closed,” she reminded him; and when she saw he was going to, she reached down and stroked her cunny through her bikini bottom.

She managed not to groan. It felt so good, but she'd die if Bobby knew what she was doing, right in front of him. She'd been playing with herself like this for about two years now, but nobody had ever watched her do it.

And doing it now, right out in the open, while her brother was playing with her naked tits... it was making her crazy.

She pushed her bikini bottoms down almost to her knees, exposing her still-almost-hairless cunny. Now she'd really better make sure Bobby didn't open his eyes!

“Keep your eyes tightly closed,” she said, “and pinch my-- Zoe's nipples.”

Bobby did as he was told, and she thrust a finger into her cunny, biting on her lower lip so she wouldn't cry out. She couldn't believe Bobby didn't hear the slurping sound as she pushed her finger through her own wetness – though maybe he did, but he had no idea what the sound meant.

She'd never made herself feel this good, she thought, as she added a second finger. This must be what fucking feels like.

Suddenly her whole body began to shake. Oh my god, she thought. What I've been doing before wasn't... this is what an orgasm is!

She screamed. Bobby's eyes shot open and he pulled his hands away and said “What is it? What's wrong?” and somehow she managed to yank her bikini bottom back up before he noticed.

Or at least he'd gotten the front of it all the way up. Her bare butt was still hanging out in back, but fortunately Bobby couldn't see that. She reached back and pulled it up casually, as if she were just adjusting it a little. “Nothing's wrong,” she said breathlessly. “Everything's okay.”

“Keera,” Bobby said, “we shouldn't have done this. We're brother and sister. It's wrong.”

She smiled to herself. But I don't see him telling me to put my shirt back on, she thought.

“You know, though...” she said.


“Are you sure Zoe and Sammi can't come over? I bet they'd wear t-shirts instead of bikini tops if I suggested it.”

Bobby smiled.

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My sister and I used to skinny dip in our pool all summer long. When she would have friends over we all used to get naked and swim. It was great until Dad came home sick from work one day. I looked up and saw him watching through the window at Kari and her two friends naked bodies. He was jacking off. He made me promise not to say anything and he had me take pics on my cell phone close up of the girls. He got caught the next fall fucking Kari's friend Tiffany. We had to move after the divorce and don't have a pool now. Bummer. But my sister has learned to give amazing blowjob! Ya!

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