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Carol loves to have sex. In the back of a cab.....
Carol in Mexico
Carol is 39 and holding. Her ex bought her a pair of ‘C’ cups that are perfect for her slim frame. Nature gave her marvelous legs; she keeps them firm and slim.
Blue eyes and a pleasant face don’t tell the real story, though.

This is a story about one week in the best sex year of my life.

After my divorce I went from 20 years of what Carol called ‘housewife’ sex to the hottest girl I had ever had. Carol didn’t just like sex. She needed it. If we missed a couple of days she would rub against me like she was in heat. Because she was. Her pussy dripped and steamed! That first year we fucked at parties on the bathroom sink in people’s guest baths. She would suck my cock behind the bushes at pool parties. I got hand jobs at the movie theater. We began to look at all public places from the standpoint of where could screw without being caught or seen. I carried a bedroll and hard foam cushion in the back of my Expedition so we could screw in parking lots. It twisted my head. I became obsessed with our sex life.

I invited her to spend a week in Puerto Vallarta. It was the best sex of my entire life! We used up a quart of massage oil. I bribed the maid because of the mess we made of the sheets.

I thought I knew about sex because I had been married and had screwed a few women before marriage. I was wrong. There were a bunch of really erotic things that I had never experienced. Carol always made me feel like I was in charge, but we somehow ‘discovered’ several erotic love acts that I had never performed before.

The hotel was located at the south edge of town in a semi-private cove. The movie ‘Night of the Iguana’ had been filmed near there in the sixties with Liz Taylor and Richard Burton. Very romantic. Warm, humid with a slight breeze. Swaying palm trees. The whole tropical thing.

We ordered Pina Coladas after we saw the barman climb/run up a particularly horizontal coconut palm and knock down a couple of nuts with his machete. He then carved them and served the best cocktail I have ever had. There is something special about fresh coconut milk in one’s Pina Colada. Not to mention the drama of the climb and machete action on a large tree stump in the bar area!

Several cocktails later we headed off to our room. We both were anticipating our first lovemaking of the trip. While she changed into something sexy, I went out onto the 5th floor balcony. The next door neighbors were murmuring so I spied on them. Jackpot! This chick was kneeling in front of our neighbor and sucking his dick as he looked away from me and watched the sunset. I shushed Carol as she came out. I pointed and gestured ‘quiet!’. Carol peered over the divider and gave me a grin. “Is that what you’d like?” “Uh….yeah!”
As Carol snaked my manhood out of my beach shorts, I looked over at my neighbors. Pretty erotic, watching and receiving at the same time!
Competitive me. I began to compare techniques. The neighbor was clearly less enthusiastic then Carol. It was our first night of course!

We retreated to the bedroom before Carol’s knees chafed. It was more of a stunt than erotic loving for me.
We made love over and over. Her firm ‘C’s bounced erotically as I pounded the red snapper into submission. Carol loved slow passion, but she liked being hammered, too.
I was exhausted. We slept for a couple of hours and I awoke. I had wood again! Arrrgh! I poured some massage oil and began a full body massage of my hottie. She smiled and purred as I rubbed every inch of her hot body. On her back, her nipples stood up and barked at me. ‘Lick us!” I heard. I rubbed the tight little box of happiness with one hand and sucked alternately at each firm titty. She purred some more.

Look close. My cock is on her mouth.

I grabbed my manhood with my well lubed hand, kneeled by her upturned face and began to stroke. Inspired by alcohol and lust, I instructed her to open her mouth and form a circle with her lips.

The Aiming Point

As I stroked my meat, she began to come alive. To my surprise she growled up at me: “Come in my mouth”. I stroked faster. Her mouth pulsated and she licked her tongue around her lips. My brain screamed and semen spurted out the end of my rock hard dick. The first spurt shot across her face onto the sheet. The next two I aimed into her willing warm mouth. I milked my come into her anxious throat. The sticky sauce disappeared down the darkness. I was spent. I leaned back.
I felt guilty. Carol had morphed from my lover to my love slut/puppet. And willingly. This ranked up there with my first blowjob!
The next day, we hired a little Nissan taxi to take us into town. Carol had on a sun dress with no panties.

Rich was conquered by this kitty.

Carol was sitting directly behind the driver. I was in the right rear. I reached over and began to finger fuck her. Just like in high school. She gripped my arm and I realized that she was loving it. I glanced at the driver. He was driving. I picked up the pace and added a finger. Carols grip tightened. Her puss was flowing and I sped up a little more. Her eyes rolled back in her head and she almost pierced my skin with her nails. A small groan came out of her. She had orgasmed! It was mostly masked by road noise, but I looked at Jose. No reaction. I looked at Carol. She was gritting her teeth.
Carol is the hottest sex partner I have ever been with. Times three.

Carol doesn’t know the next part. I didn’t think it would please her.

That night we reprised the balcony action. She was wearing another sun dress with no panties. On her back. On the balcony table. Her head hanging over the side. My blood engorged rod working it’s way in and out of her willing oval mouth. One hand rubbed her semi-shaved pussy. She was as wet as usual.
I spied movement to my left. It was the neighbor dude, pulling a spy job, like I had done the night before! Our eyes met. He smiled through his eyes and gave me the thumbs up sign! Shit! If Carol knew she was being watched……..

Carol looks even cuter with my cock in her mouth.

The next night we had dinner at the upscale restaurant located on the former movie set. It had multiple levels and all the tables looked out over the Pacific.
She wore a sequined spaghetti strap top and short skirt with ‘fuck me’ pumps.
We snuck away from the crowd and I boned her behind a potted palm. The whole walk over she rubbed me through the light cotton fabric of my beach pants. A quick survey of the crowd and she bent over for some cock. I gave it four or five strokes and quit. Mr. Cock didn’t understand the abrupt ending. We fucked in public just to say we did. She would fuck me anywhere if the risk was manageable. I became her slave boy.

Dinner is served!

My brain caved in after this trip. I became her slave.
All rational thought ended.
It was her plan from the beginning.

I didn’t make any of this shit up.
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