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An unexpected turn in a teens life
As a teenager, I was never really the best looking guy. At age 15 I was 6’3” and had built up a fair amount of muscle tone from all the sports I played. I wasn’t ugly, but nothing too special. I had grown up with both male and female friends, and was comfortable around both. No one at school had really caught my attention in terms of dating lately. I wasn’t a virgin, but I was by no means getting regular action.
Around the beginning of year 11, a girl named Jess transferred to our school. She was incredibly pretty, easy to get along with, quite the tomboy, and had no problems getting physical with guys. She wasn’t a virgin, but certainly didn’t sleep around. She didn’t really like the popular groups, so started hanging around with me and a few of my friends. Soon everyone was after her, and who could blame her, she was about 5’4” had long brown hair, a firm ass, and about a 32D size bra. She was instantly asked out by a flock of guys, who she rejected. She was oblivious to how much she led guys on, but surely knew the effect she had on them.
At first, I didn’t think much of her, I’d had female friends before, so it was no big deal, and her childlike behaviour that attracted so many to her, was a hit and miss on me. Nevertheless we soon became good friends; she knew she could trust me, and that I had no intention of trying to cop a feel like the other guys. She dated a few different guys, but the immaturity that made her desirable, made her almost impossible to date.

One day, I had a fight with my parents about working, and in their anger, kicked me out of the house. This was not unusual, as I lived in a rough area, this happened to many of us, and we often had to stay at our friends houses for a while. Unfortunately, it was around the time of the school holidays, and many of my friends couldn’t have me over. My school was not close to my house, and I tried my best to keep my school and social life separate, but with no options left, I asked Jess. She was more than happy to have me over, and soon, I made my way over to her dads’ house.

As I arrived, I instantly noticed what our covering school uniforms hid, a woman’s’ figure. I had grown so accustomed to her acting like a child, that I had started to see her as one. Snapping out of my daze, we went into her place, where she showed me to the guest room. Tired, I slumped onto the bed, which resulted in her following me. At first I thought nothing of it, we lay together, just talking about this and that, but slowly, the conversation became more sex orientated, and we started talking about girls and bras. Nothing much came of it, and eventually she left for her room for the night.

The next day, she had to stay at her mums’ place, where I met her later. We crashed on the couch, and began watching TV while we talked. It was quite cold, so we cuddled under the blankets. I don’t know why, but I instinctively reached for her hand, feeling its warmth against mine. She gripped mine back, and we sat, lying against each other. After some time, and switching positions a few times, I found myself holding her thigh, quite low down. She didn’t seem to notice. We sat like this for a while, until Jess decided to change positions again, leaning over me, and putting an elbow in my lap, applying a small amount of pressure on my crotch. I assumed it was an accident, and tried to nudge her elbow, which only resulted in her putting my pressure on my stiffening cock. This caught me off guard, making me tense my fingers, grabbing her thigh. She continued pushing against my cock, which was growing harder, as I slipped my fingers through the leg of her jean shorts and rubbed her panty covered pussy, making her shudder with pleasure. We continued for a while, until her mum entered, completely unaware of what was happening beneath the covers, and kicked us off the TV.

We went into her room, where we continued, until I started applying more pressure, until she began silently moaning as she closed her eyes. I undid her belt, sliding a hand down her shorts and continued her rubbing. “I’m so sorry” I whispered to her; as she whispered back “Don’t worry”. Suddenly she stopped and said softly, “shit what are we doing, we’re just friends.” She was right, and I acknowledged this. I didn’t know what had come over me. I moved onto my mattress on the floor, and we continued talking. It was weird, but we didn’t feel guilty at all, or regret anything. We kept talking about how we liked it, and pretty soon the flirtatious sexual tension was getting stronger.

As we kept talking, she suddenly said “shit, stupid silk pillows making me sensitive”. That was breaking point for me. Just knowing how turned on she was started driving me crazy, “shit” I said “don’t say stuff like that, ok, I already want you really badly already” At the admission of that fact, we were both ready to rip into each other, but I didn’t want her to do something she may regret. “Let’s just hold hands for a bit” I proposed. She promptly agreed. This did not help things, our skin felt amazing touching together, and it only made us want each other more. “Fuck, this isn’t helping” She said. “I know right, you wanna… come down here and kiss?” I said, not believing what I just asked. “Sure” she replied, and joined me on the mattress. We began making out, our tongues’ rolled over each other, driving our teenage hormones into overdrive. She suddenly got up and mounted me; my cock stood to attention as she grinded her pussy down into me. She kept doing this, as my helpless cock oozed more and more pre-cum. “I can’t take it anymore” I admitted, “I need to take out my cock and cum.” She dismounted me, and quickly pulled off her top, displaying her firm young tits. She reached down and pulled out my fully hard 6” cock, covered in pre-cum. She eyed it greedily, her eyes glued to the swollen head of my throbbing cock. She reached down, running her hand over the head, almost sending me over the edge. She tightened her grip on the shaft, and ran her hand up and down the length of my cock, sending me to the edge. She then pulled my cock to her tits, running her finger over the tip of my rod, sending spurt after spurt of my warm cum all over her perky tits. I then reached down; pulling her shorts a side, and began rubbing her clit, which had swollen. She bucked with pleasure as I began rubbing faster and faster, she was really close, as she suddenly arched her back, and bit her lip hard and she squeezed my hand into her pussy with her legs. We fell asleep in each other’s arms, kissing each other passionately.

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