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House sitting for the family, Jack sees something he shouldn't and gets into something that he never thought possible.
My name is Jack Grenville; I’m a six foot two guy with wide shoulders, a fairly sturdy build and a tanned complexion. While I’m not a body-builder, I do work out so I’m pretty muscled with good definition, especially when I wear a t-shirt one size too small. I have sandy, blonde hair kept short but long enough that the natural waviness shows through, my eyes are pale blue and my face, while no Adonais, is enough to attract most girls attention, and even a few guys. I’m bisexual and have had a few sexual experiences with both men and women, I prefer women but if the right guy attracts my attention then I won’t turn them down. I’m not claiming to be the best in bed but I haven’t had any complaints so far.

I’m 19 years old, live in a small town in Iowa, USA and while my family isn’t huge, it is safe to say that they take up a fair few of the town’s population. As such I’m fairly close to them all, my cousins especially. I’m an only child but the family kind of owns and lives in one of the suburban streets rather than the individual houses that make it up so I’ve never really felt like I didn’t have siblings.

The street in question is a cul-de-sac, starting from the left as you look in is my aunt and her husband’s house; they have two children. Next is my other aunt’s house, she has no husband but two daughters my age, they’re twins and I’ve always felt they were more sisters than cousins. The next house is the one my mother and father own, and where I live while next to that in the middle of the cul-de-sac is my uncle’s house. His wife died in child birth and he’s never really gotten over it, he lives there with my other cousins, his sons. After them comes my grandparent’s house, they live with one of my uncles, he’s a bit messed up mentally and they look after him there. The other two houses belong to my twin aunts. The first lives with her husband and two sons and daughter. My other aunt, Claire, has never had any long term partners but through them all she has had a string of children, all but two of them are living with their fathers, the two that remain are my cousin Zoe and her twin brother Zac, both of whom are 18. My aunt is kind of ignored by the rest of the family so we don’t see that much of her and Zoe and Zac spend a lot of their time away from the street so I’m not that close to them.

I mention this all because it explains a lot about how the events I’m relating occurred and why. You see every year the family would all go on holiday at the same time, between June and July to a resort in Florida that we booked and it was that time of year again so everyone was preparing to leave just like every other year, everyone that is except me. I was due to start College in September and had to take some extra classes as part of a scholarship, it was all very red-tape and bureaucracy and had something to do with a class I’d missed at school the previous year.

As such I was the only one that had to stay behind and so I was asked to mind the street while everyone was away. Essentially I was to feed the pets, keep the place relatively clean and air out the houses every-so-often. It wasn’t going to be any great hassle so I agreed.

The morning of the holiday arrived with the usual chaos that accompanied our family doing anything together but eventually everything had been packed into the various cars and everyone had set off. I had stood at the end of the street and waved them off and now that they were gone the street looked eerily deserted. Shrugging away the creepy feeling I pulled the collection of keys I’d been given out of my pocket and approached the first house intending to check them all to see that nothing had been left unattended that shouldn’t have been.

By the time I’ve got to Claire’s house I’ve had to switch off an oven, unplug a pair of straighteners and switch a tap off so walking up the steps to their house I’m expecting something equally as trivial. I unlock the door and make my way to the back of the house and start a systematic search but when I get to the first floor I start to hear a noise coming from Zoe’s room, I start to head towards it thinking that she must have left the TV on but as I get closer I realise that the sounds aren’t from your average TV programme.

The door is ajar enough that I can see into the room from out in the hall and what I see stops me in my tracks. On the bed, it’s covers thrown back and with only a couple of pillow remaining to support her back is Zoe. She is completely naked and I can see the full length of her as she lies there gasping and groaning with pleasure as Zac, also naked and slightly sweating, thrusts his member deep into his sisters womanhood.

The world freezes and I see them both there, Zoe, tall and thin, a gymnasts body with neat, curved breasts, a smooth flat stomach and cleanly shaved mound. Her hair, red like fire, and cut to the just past the shoulders is messy and distorted against the pillow while her eyes are squeezed shut, her face looking towards the ceiling so that I can see the slight amount of moisture around the nostrils of her round, rabbit-like nose and her lips glistening even as she bites the lower one showing an emotion akin to ecstasy. Her neck, shoulders and arms are also glistening with sweat even as her arms reach up to her brother pulling him towards her the light shifting slightly so that I can see the tan lines around the groin and breasts.

In the same way I see Zac kneeling on the bed, his footballer’s body looming over the smaller frame of his sister. I see the rippling muscles in his back and thighs as he thrusts and the veins in his arms stand up slightly against the muscles as he holds himself above her. His hair, clipped short and of the same red as his sisters is wet against his head, soaked with sweat and his breathing is short and powerful, his entire energies focused on servicing Zoe. His eyes, a brilliant green, stare intently at her body and his mouth, open, teeth bared in an almost animal lust is dribbling spit onto her stomach. His six pack rhythmically moves in and out, along with his member. I watch as the rod, surrounded by a forest of red hair, moves its eight inches in and out of her hole, keeping time with the beat of their pulses.

I watch this scene for several seconds feeling the heat coming from the room and slowly back out so that they won’t be able to see me but so that I can still get a full view of them. Then, careful not to disturb them I unbuckled my belt and unzipped my pants; lowering them I released my own member from the confines that had previously been forcing it from attaining its full hardness. Still watching my cousins I started to slowly stroke my member up and down the full six inches of its length.

As I watched, my hand naturally getting into the same rhythm as Zac I saw Zoe pull him towards her. Grabbing him round the neck she brought his mouth to hers their tongue meeting in the air shortly before their mouths. Thus joined her hands began to claw slightly at his back her legs moving to grasp him around the waist and pull him deeper into her. As this happened she began to moan louder and I could hear her clearly from outside the room now.

Their movements shifted to a more erratic rhythm as Zac slid his hands under Zoe and lifted her off the bed, raising her up so that he now supported her wholly upon his member. Lifting her, he began to more forcibly thrust into her, her breasts shifting and jiggling with the movement and short high-pitched grunts began to escape from her. They broke there embrace and she grabbed his hair forcing his mouth down towards her left breast which he began to suck and bite. Gripping his hair more forcibly she began to issue slight screams of pleasure every time he drove his member deep into her.

I was so caught up in watching them that I hadn’t noticed her approach until she put her hand over my mouth and whispered into my ear, ‘Shhh. Now then big boy, it looks like you’ve stumbled upon something that’s got you a little bit excited. Let’s see if we can do something about that.’ I knew the voice immediately, it was my aunt’s. Shock, panic, and shame all rushed through me in the few seconds it took her to draw her hand from my mouth and slide it down to my shrinking member. Grasping it in her long, elegant hand with silver nails she began to slowly stroke it. The stimulation quickly helped it regain its stiffness and she was soon stroking it like a pro. She then moved round me and slid down onto her knees. From here she tentatively let the tip of her tongue rest against it momentarily before withdrawing and finding another point to touch with it.

The sensation was amazing, I’d experienced blowjobs before but this was different, first my hot aunt was the one performing it and second my cousins were in full view, at it like animals. Claire now began to slowly lick up the tip of my member and kiss the tip all the while slowly stroking it with her right hand while her left fondled my balls. I watched her mesmerised, she was approaching 34, having had Zac and Zoe at 15, but looked only slightly older than her children. Her hair was the same colour as my own and tied back in a high ponytail while her eyes were a deep hazelnut. Her face was long and narrow with her mouth sitting below a nose just like Zoe’s. She was athletic and worked out most days and at the moment she was wearing nothing but a small pair of transparent panties and an open nightshirt made of silk. As such I could see her beautiful breasts; both were large and full, not sagging in any way and firm looking with large dark nipples. Below them was her toned, flat stomach and under that was a brown shadow beneath the transparency of the panties. There was a wet patch on the front of them and already a small stain was forming on the carpet.

Each time she kissed the edge of my member she would take a little bit more in her mouth, soon she was swallowing most of the shaft with each kiss and had intensified the speed with which she was doing it. During all this she hadn’t taken her eyes off me and I off her, she momentarily stopped and said, ‘You’re missing the real show in the other room,’ before returning her attention to my throbbing member. I watched her for a few moments longer then returned my attention to Zoe and Zac.

Since Claire had started administering to my member they had shifted position, Zoe was now on her front, her face buried in her pillow with her right hand squeezing and rubbing her right breast while the left hand was between her legs violently rubbing her clit. Her ass was in the air and Zac was slowly inserting his member as deep as possible into her womanhood then just as slowly pulling out and inserting it into her ass up to the hilt and then transferring it back into her womanhood. His hands were tightly clenching her ass cheeks so that his knuckles were white and his body was rigid, eyes squeezed shut and face tensed trying with all his might not to climax.

As I watched, Zoe suddenly began to jerk and even through the pillow I could hear her screams of pleasure as the orgasm spread through her. Sensing the change in her Zac shifted his focus from alternating between holes to ploughing her womanhood, his full attention and energy focused on fucking his twin sister. Within moments he had tensed as well and I could see the release as he emptied his seed into her womanhood. He then stood there for a few seconds breathing hard and holding up his limp sister then fell forward against her both of them spent. His member slid out of her womanhood, shortly followed by a small flow of a mixture of his seed and her juices. Laying side by side they both fell into a well contented sleep.

Watching this had taken all my attention and willpower to stop from climaxing but the sight of it oozing out of Zoe was too much and I found myself jerking as I started to ejaculate into my aunt’s mouth. Watching her I expected to see her pull back but she increased her efforts and sucking drank it all and attempted to swallow it, coughing slightly as she began to choke with the volume.

Once I was spent she licked me clean and then kissing the tip gently stood up smiling, ‘Now wasn’t that fun?’ she whispered, I nodded and she leaned closer, ‘and it needn’t stop here.’ I stared at her shocked slightly at what she was suggesting. I watched as she licked her lips expectantly waiting on my answer. ‘If you’re worried about them, then don’t, they’ll sleep for a couple of hours now and they know not to disturb me when I’m entertaining.’ Still stumped for words I stared blankly back at her, watching as my seed began to slowly trickle from her nose from when she had choked on it. I couldn’t think of anything to say so leaning forward I tentatively licked it from her nose. Smiling she said, ‘good boy,’ and moved off towards her room indicating that I should follow her.

I reached down and pulled my pant and jeans up and followed her, my eyes transfixed by the swaying of her ass as she walked. It was perfectly shaped and only the top of it was covered by her nightshirt and the back of her panties covered virtually nothing. That and her long, elegant legs were enough to keep me hard and the thought of having access to that body nearly made me climax again.

I’d always had a thing for my aunts, they were all extremely hot and while I never dreamed I would get the chance to fuck them I had on occasion fantasised about it, especially my aunt Alice, Claire’s twin. The fact that these fantasies were coming true was enough to quieten the voices that said I shouldn’t be doing this and that she was family. The fact that I had just witnessed my cousins having sex didn’t even seem to be bothering me. All my mind could focus on was that ass and those legs.

She disappeared into her room slowly slinking along the door and looking over her shoulder seductively as she disappeared out of sight. I followed her through my erection leading the way and stepping through the door catch my breath at what I see.

Lying across the bed is my aunt; she had discarded the nightshirt and panties and is waiting on me expectantly. She had angled herself so that she was sprawled across the covers, her breasts clearly visible, nipples erect and her legs slightly apart so that I could see her womanhood clearly where before it had been obscured by her panties, the neatly shaved pubic hair perfectly framing her wet opening.

I stood there, mouth open at the sight, member throbbing and mind a blank. ‘Are you going to remove the rest of that pesky clothing, or do you need some help?’ She purred at me.

I quickly came to myself and pulled off my jeans and boxers stumbling slightly as I nearly lost my balance removing each shoe and sock. After that I yanked off my shirt and t-shirt then started towards her hunger in my eyes and lust on my face.

Reaching the bed I climbed on and positioned myself over my aunt, then carefully lowering my face to hers I lightly kissed her on the mouth. She stared up at me through all this and then reached up grabbing my hair with both her hands and pulled my mouth to hers. Our lips met and opened allowing our tongues to explore each other mouths; I could taste her and was vaguely aware of the mint mouthwash she had used when she got up and the residual flavour of my seed. We stayed like this for several minutes then she broke the embrace and we parted our mouths still connected by a small string of saliva. ‘I’m making a mess of the sheets, why don’t you clean me up a bit?’ She whispered to me and I stared at her for a moment before realising what she meant.
Moving back I slowly began to descend down her body seeing the wonderful curves and lines of the virile woman who was in front of me. When I reached her breasts I stopped and taking one in my mouth began to suck and gentry bite it while my hand rubbed the other breast and gently squeezed the erect nipple. She moaned slightly at this letting out a small gasp of pleasure. I continued to stimulate her breasts for several more minutes, alternating between breasts with my mouth and hands each time getting slightly more violent, sucking harder and squeezing with a bit more firmness. With each shift she would moan slightly louder and her pleasure was building to a crescendo. Not wanting her to climax too soon I suddenly stopped and moving directly to between her breasts began to slowly kiss down her stomach to the navel, which I gently sucked for a second, before continuing down to the neat mound of hair at her groin.

It was kept short, and neat, carried the faint smell of sweat and seemed to be pointing directly to her womanhood and clit. Up close I could see them clearly now, the clitoris was erect, pink and shining, poking out the top slightly and acting as the top of her labia which were pink and swollen but also wet so that there was a trail of juice leaking from their base down towards her ass and then dripping onto the bed sheets.

I move my tongue to her ass where the juice is dripping and slowly lick up towards her womanhood. She shivers as I do this and moans slightly. She tastes sweet, slightly salty but overall it’s more of a subtle taste and I’m too caught up in the moment to really care. I slowly lick up one lip with the point of my tongue and then suck on her clit before descending down the other lip. I do this a couple of times then flatten my tongue and lick up both lips at the same time, again stopping to suck on her clit. Throughout this she is moaning loudly and occasionally jerks a little.

I move my hand up to her womanhood and start rubbing it with my thumb ever so slightly applying pressure to the opening all the while licking and sucking her clit ever so slightly grazing it with my teeth and gently biting it, keeping in time with the movements of my thumb. I then begin to push more forcibly into her womanhood and switch from my thumb to my index and middle finger. There is juice everywhere and I’m getting it on my hand and face, providing perfect lubrication and filling my senses with its smell.

My fingers are slowly penetrating quite deeply now and I’m facing resistance as my aunt’s passage responds to their presence, muscles reacting to squeeze and suck them in. She’s accommodating my two fingers easily so I add my ring finger and she lets out a gasp as they un-expectantly stretch her.

I continue to slowly insert the three fingers in and out while returning my lips to her clit sucking and biting as before but also flicking it with my tongue. She continues to gasp and moan with pleasure and I can feel her pleasure and excitement building. ‘Enough!’ She gasps out between breaths. ‘I can’t take this any longer I must have you in me!’

I look up the length of her body and see her staring back at me, her face full of wanton lust and suppressed pleasure. I slowly remove my fingers and lick each of them dry, all the time watching her and moving up her body until our faces are all but touching.

We kiss again and I grab my pulsing member, moving it towards her womanhood so that the tip touches her labia. I rub it up and down so that the shaft is slick with her juices and the tip is touching her clit, repeating this I feel the foreskin peeling back and my own pleasure building. Her moans have become short shrieks as their pitch has increased and I can tell that I’m exciting her more than she’s showing so I stop and position my member at her entrance.

Slowly I push forward and slide my member into her womanhood. Her hole is tight and I can feel the muscles squeezing around my member as I move deeper and deeper into her. Each inch I expect to meet some resistance but my six inches are quickly swallowed by her completely so that I have entered up to the hilt. Our pubic hairs are touching and I can feel the heat as well as the hair from her mound.

I break our kiss and look down at my member buried deep within her and marvel at the thought that I’m about to plough my sexy, hot aunt. Grabbing her hair I pull her face towards me and force my tongue into her mouth withdrawing my member from her hole as I do this before forcing it back with all the force I can muster.

She lets out a shriek and I can’t tell if it is pain or pleasure but on the second thrust I’m able to tell from the way she adds her own thrusts to my own that it was desire. I continue to thrust in and out building to a fast steady rhythm. She keeps in time with me and our arms begin to explore each other’s bodies. She digs her nails into my back, it hurts and I can feel the skin tear but it just excites me more, adding to my energies and pushing my resolve.

We continue in this was for what seems like hours before I can feel myself coming close to climax, I want this to last longer and I know it won’t be long so I slow my pace and break our embrace. Sliding out I turn her onto her stomach and pulling on her ponytail with my left hand slide my member into her soaking womanhood and start to fuck her doggy style. Using my grasp on her hair to pull her head back I lean forward and kiss her while my right hand alternatively squeezes her clit and breasts.

I find this position hard to thrust with so I release her head and grabbing her by the waist begin to thrust slowly and deeply into her womanhood. My climax is closing and I know I won’t be able to hold off for more than a couple of minutes so I slow even more so as to savour the feeling.

It’s at this moment that I feel her womanhood clenching and she begins to shake, the moans she had been making turning into yelps and screams as she begins to orgasm. The clenching of my member is more than I can stand and I feel myself erupting spreading my hot seed deep into my aunt’s expectant womanhood.

I continue to thrust, even though I’m spent, the memory of the feeling enough to sustain me but soon weariness overcomes whatever afterimage there is and I find myself lying next to Claire. My member has slid out of her and is softening in the space between her ass cheeks while she lies there panting slightly, recovering from her own climax.

I doze then for a period and enter into a dreamless state. I awake to find her staring at me from across the room; she is now sitting in a chair and has put on her panties and nightshirt again. I look at her for a moment, my mind a blank until the events all come rushing back to me. Sitting up I feel a cold chill run through me as I realise the magnitude of what I’ve just seen and done.

My expression must have given my thoughts away as my aunt smiled sadistically at me. ‘You may like to know that there is a camera in this room and that it recorded everything we did in here. You may also like to know that while you slept I copied the video and have it stored somewhere safe.’ She paused here, picked up a DVD and tossed it to me. ‘A copy for you to show you that I’m being serious.’ She stood up and strode over to the door and looked out across the hall at my cousin’s room her expression had turned to one of concern. ‘You saw something today that you shouldn’t have, something that could get your cousins into a lot of trouble if it came out. That tape is my way of making sure that you don’t tell anyone because if I find out you have then I will email it to your parents.’ She looked back at me. ‘I don’t think they’d appreciate seeing their only son fucking his wayward aunt, do you?’

I sat there open mouthed staring at her unsure of what to say or do. It had never crossed my mind that she could be so devious and I was aghast that she would go to such lengths to protect her children. Staring at her I thought back to what we’d done and how much she had seemed to enjoy it, how much I’d enjoyed it and it was then that the thought struck me, maybe I couldn’t say anything about Zac and Zoe but she couldn’t say anything about what we had done either. Recrimination and guilt about the whole thing wasn’t going to get me anywhere and I believed her about the camera in the room so I collected my thoughts and calmly looked up at her, ‘If I’m to stay quiet then I think I’ll need a lot of encouragement to keep that way.’ I paused and smiled in what I hoped was a lecherous way. ‘And I think you’ll be able to help me with that auntie dearest.’

Laughing she closed the door and removing her nightshirt and panties climbed onto the bed lust returning to her eyes as she whispered, ‘I always thought you were the sexiest of my nephews Jack, it’s a deal.’

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