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Lisa was 14 with short blond hair and the most amazing green eyes
When Liza became a woman.

Debra and I had been dating for about three months when she started staying over on the weekends. Her daughter Liza’s had just began summer break from school and the three of us were spending most of our free time at the lake. Lisa was 14 with short blond hair and the most amazing green eyes. She had the figure of a centerfold and she knew how to catch a man’s eye. Like most young teens her sexual curiosity was becoming very intense. She would stand in front of the mirror for hours striking different poses while exploring her body. One afternoon while both girls were in town, I was going room to room emptying the trash buckets. While in Liza’s room I couldn’t help but notice the corner of a magazine poking out from under her pillow. Seeing what appeared to be the photo of a tanned woman’s very shapely rear end I lifted the pillow and to my surprise were 3 different pornographic magazines. One had been left open to a photo of a man masturbating and beside the magazine was a battery operated vibrating bullet. The vision of her exploring that fabulous body aroused me. Then I spotted her old cell phone, knowing I shouldn’t invade her privacy but convincing myself that I should check for anything out of the ordinary. I accessed her stored photos. She had numerous nude photos of herself posing in front of the mirror, and some very erotic ones with her back to the headboard and using a larger vibrator. My cock was getting harder with each photo I viewed. Then it hit me; that is the mirror in my bedroom she is standing in front of and that’s my bed she is on and the vibrator is the left behind by an old girlfriend. I wasn’t upset with the fact she had been digging around in my room. I was overcome with arousal; my cock was fully erect and throbbing like never before. I could not keep the thought of her masturbating on my bed out of my mind. She may have been very young but the photos she had taken with the vibrator, was no girl but a horny woman. Attempting to put the totally erotic visions out of my mind I continued with my cleanup. Only my cock remained hard until I got out of the house and went to feed the horses.
Liza really wanted to learn how to drive and her Mom never seemed to have time yet she eagerly encouraged anything that but Liza and I alone together, so I had been allowing her to drive me around the ranch. The two of us were spending more and more time together and I didn’t know if it was due to what I had discovered or if her outfits were getting smaller, tighter and her actions were very sexually suggestive. I continued battling the visions of her on my bed secretly masturbating to my nude photos that were in the box with the vibrator she was using. The battle ending up lost the erotic sensation warming my body and filling my cock, then leaving me in the odd situation of trying to hide my erection from her. It was common for Liza to jump up on the hood of the truck and lean back on the windshield to catch some sun while I tended to the horses.
This particular afternoon Liza was catching some sun and my shirt and the crotch of my trousers got soaked with oil from a busted line. I removed my shirt and attempted to wipe off as much oil as I could. Continuing with my chores I glanced back in Liza’s direction catching her watching me intensely, it looked as if she had her shorts unbuttoned with the fly spread wide and fondling herself with one hand. Moving out of her direct view and positioning myself so I could get a good look at her without her knowledge. I found myself breathless; she made no attempt to hide her actions, clearly she was fondling her clit and fingering that tight young pussy. Once more this girl was responsible for my cock becoming fully engorged only now the sensation of the oil covering me and my trousers made me harder with each heartbeat. My oil covered trousers clung to my cock making my bulging erection even more pronounced.
I meandered around finding random mundane things to do, extending my time with the chores in order to regain my composer. I headed back to the truck trying not to look in her direction, only my efforts proved to be hopeless. Looking up at Liza my heart leaped as it was clear her eyes were locked onto my cock. She sat up striking a very sexually seductive pose. Her tight little shorts still unbuttoned and spread wide forming a perfect V pointing to her forbidden delight! “Girl, you better watch out, you’re libel to give a man a heart attack” I blurted out as I reached the truck. Liza lifted one knee exposing more of her perfectly shaped ass and thrust her chest out. With no bra under her ¼ t-shirt the form of her perfect breast showed through and her hardened nipples stuck out a good ½ inch. “GIRL” she spat out “I haven’t been a little girl for a long time Bob, I can do anything my mom can do” The sound of her voice was not that of innocence but that of seduction and that heavenly body was all woman. I was in a tremendous battle with my conscious, morals and respect for her mother with my every male fiber in my body. It was impossible now to hide my arousal. I responded “I’m sure you can doll now jump in and let’s head to the house.” Liza made no attempt to button her shorts and jumped into the cab sliding her hard body firmly up alongside of me. Her perfectly shaped bronze legs were spread open centering her pink treasure on the gear shift. I dropped the gear shift down into second, which brought my hand to rest directly on top of Liza’s hot mound. Liza closed her legs tightly capturing my hand. I looked over to give her a scolding and found myself mesmerized. Liza had her eyes locked on my bulging cock, her head leaning on my shoulder as she started grinding her hot moist passion onto my hand. Letting out a whisper of a moan as she began to squirm and grind her tight little ass then pulling my hand even harder to her hot passion. The moist heat from her desire engulfed my hand then running directly to my aching cock. Holding the gearshift tightly the vibration of the motor and winding transmission transferred to Liza’s swollen clit. She began to grind on my hand vigorously then leaned over grasping my cock with her two hands. The shock and glorious sensation created a reflex reaction in me. My hips thrust forward and Liza’s grip became tighter as she pulled back along my shaft, forcing me to thrust my hips even harder. “OH GOD I WANT TO SEE IT, PLEASE LET ME SEE IT.” She gasped in a pleading tone, while she fumbled with the buttons on my trousers. I did not say a word only pressed my hand tighter on her hot sex then I placed two fingers over swollen clit and began to massage it over her shorts. Liza let out a long sensual moan as her orgasm flowed from her, forming a large wet spot on her shorts. She achieved success unbuttoning my trousers and violently spread the fly wide nearly ripping my trousers. With no underwear on she easily pulled the entirety of my manhood free. Unable to wrap her fingers around my cock she seemed to be in a state of shock momentarily before latching hold with both hands. Her eyes looking directly into mine “it’s so hard and hot I want to” Liza drove her head down stretching her mouth around the head and sucked on it harder than I have ever experienced. She turned and lifted her ass removing her shorts as she forced more of my cock deeper into her mouth. “OH SHIT” I moaned thrusting upward and driving my manhood deeper into her hungry mouth. Offering no resistance to my thrust I repeated my actions with my hand pushing down on the base of her head. She pulled my cock from her mouth with a slurping sound “give all to me, I Love it more than anything.” She said between heavy breaths. I couldn’t believe what was happening “OK, now stick you tong out along the shaft of my cock as far as you can baby” I instructed. Without hesitation she did as she was told, I pushed down on her head forcing my cock deeper. Her hot spit began flowing down over my cock and pooled under my ass. Unable to contain my lust I lunged upward the head of my cock pushed into her throat, she began to gag but started to recover, I instantly pushed forward inching my cock deeper into her virgin throat. She pushed down my hips attempting to lift her head from my cock and stop me from penetrating any deeper. Only it was as if I was under a hypnotic spell and I forced my cock deeper and deeper until I had all of my cock sunk into her tight throat. Releasing her head and allowing Liza to withdraw my bulging manhood yet as soon as the head of my cock come away from her lips Liza inhaled deeply then drove my cock back into her throat. I began thrusting repeatedly driving my cock in and out of her throat. Liza pulled away once more gasping for air. I allowed her only to take in one half of a breath before sinking my cock to its depths. The sensation was to overwhelming, for the first time in my life I began fucking Liza’s throat uncontrollably, hot sperm spewed from my beckoning cock down her throat and in her mouth. Freeing it from her I stroked it vigorously seeking relief from the burning lust. “NO” Lisa yelled out then sucked the head of my cock into her mouth. Instantly I resumed my climax and with each spasm spewing my hot cum in Liza’s mouth she sucked the head harder making me cum again. She never faltered and continued drinking my hot passion down.
I pushed her back onto the seat
Part 1

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2012-08-15 19:14:40
Other than the no back story between the two, the sex was amazing. I could picture it all, although you could have used a little bit more detail. Otherwise, great job.

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2012-08-14 21:34:24
Way to short! More diion about both of you and your relationship to each other. It would make it easier reading if you double spaced between each parageaph.

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