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A young man who needs to earn money so his mom has him fuck her milf friends, after a test drive herself.
Chapter 1

Before I start my tale I should tell you a little about myself. First off I’m a slacker, I know it and don’t deny it. I’m 22 years old, I take some night classes at the community college, but mostly I just hang around the house, play video games, listen to music or watch TV. My dad died when I was 16 so it’s just been my mom and me living alone. She owns her own little clothing boutique store so money has never really been a problem, and so I never really had motivation to get a job.

One day all that ended. At dinner one night mom told me I had to get a job. She said she was tired of having me just sit around the house and not contribute anything. My options where to get a real job or start working at the boutique; after a month of ignoring my mom’s threats she finally said that if I didn’t show up to the boutique Monday mourning for work she would kick me out of the house, and cut me off. This did get my attention. And I agreed to work for her.

The work wasn’t too bad I had worked there before when I was thirteen and fourteen. Mom usually kept me busy stocking selves and taking inventory. I did notice after a while though that my mom’s friends would stare at me while I set up displays or cleaned the store. At the end of just another workday my mom told me to help bring a box out to her friend Veronica’s car. I carried the box to the car like she asked me to. When we got to the car though Veronica asked me if I could come back with her and help bring the box into her house.

I hesitated but figured my mother did tell me to help her friend, she didn’t say I had to stop when we got to her car. I figured she could clean the store without me and agreed to help her out. Veronica and my mom had been friends for a few years and I had been to her place a couple times before. I helped her bring the box up the stairs to her bedroom. I was about to leave when she said, “You know Kyle I just got some clothing from your mom’s store and I could use a man’s opinion on them. Do you mind staying a bit longer and tell me what you think?”
“Sure no problem.”

She took the box to her bathroom and I sat in a chair by the bed. She came out in a dress, then a business suit, and a few pairs of pants. They all seemed fine on her and I told her that. It was her last outfit that made the biggest impression on me though. She walked out in a matching pair of red lacy bra and thong panties. She stood and posed like normal but this time I could not speak. Before she was just a woman my mom had around the house and often at the shop, but now she was a sexual dynamo. My eyes traveled over her long shapely legs, somewhat pudgy but nice stomach and large B breasts. It was also like seeing her face for the first time, before she had the face of an average woman, now her face was radiating lust and beauty. She had a nice tan on her, with no signs of tan lines that got me thinking she likes to be out in the nude. She is almost six feet tall, and mostly because of her long legs. I couldn’t help looking them over, and staring into her olive green eyes framed by fiery red hair.

“What do you think?”
“Do you think it makes my ass look big?”

She turned around to show me her ass. The string to her thong was so thin I forgot she was wearing panties. Her ass was on the big side but it somehow only added to her sexiness.

“Not at all. You look incredible”
“Thanks. I’m glad you think so.”
“It’s hard not to think so.”
“I can see it’s hard.”

I look down and realize I have a raging hard on pushing against my pants. I crossed my legs and tried to hide t from her. “Sorry about that-“

“There’s nothing to be sorry about. I find it a compliment, a young hansom stud like you getting excited just from the site of me in my underwear. I wonder what would happen if you saw me completely nude.”

I looked at her to see if she was kidding but she was already reaching behind and undoing her bra. She turned around and threw her bra over to the side. Then she slowly bent down and took her panties off, giving a good view of her pussy on the way down. She stood up and turned to me. As good as she looked in her underwear, she was ten times hotter nude.

I felt my cock burning and pulsing with desire. It hurt trying to keep it concealed. She walked over to me, “You know it’s not very fair having me be the only person with no clothes on. Why don’t we get you out of these constricting clothes and into something more natural.” She took my hand and stood me up. I was mesmerized as she took my shirt off and started undoing my pants. Once my pants were down my dick sprang up and out of my boxers. Veronica just looked at it for a second, “Damn, this is bigger than I expected. It’s going to have to be lubed up if you want to fuck my tight pussy. Do you want to fuck my pussy?”

“More than anything.” She smiled up at me as she bent down and swallowed my entire dick in one motion. I shut my eyes in sheer pleasure as my cock went into her warm accepting mouth. She obviously knew how to suck a cock and she was showing me everything she knew. Her tongue swirled around my head as she rubbed my balls and jerked my shaft. There were moments I thought she had three hands with some of the things she was doing to me. It felt great, but when she deep throated me and started to hum, I lost all control. Before I even knew what I was doing, I grabbed her hair and shoved my cock even farther down her throat as cum shot out my dick and down her loving throat.

When I was done pumping her mouth full of my seed I looked and saw her lust filled eyes glaring back at me. She let my still rock hard love muscle slip from her mouth as she licked her lips. “That was great but I think your cock, and to be honest my pussy, is all lubed up for a good long fuck.” She pushed me over and I fell backwards on the bed. She straddled my hips and took my dick in her hands to guide it to her opening. She teased me, rubbing the head up and down her moist slit. She moaned every time it came into contact with her sensitive clit. I actually think she was teasing herself more than me. Finally after rubbing me to the brink of orgasm she slowly slid down my pole. When my head popped in her she stopped and started to move her hips back and forth. She had her eyes closed and was moaning as she just rubbed her inner walls with my dickhead. It took all my control to not just shove everything I had into her and ram her like I wanted to. But I didn’t know when I would get another chance to fuck this beautiful woman so I wanted to go as slow as possible and enjoy every second of it.

She went down some more and took more of my dick in her cunt. She stopped and rocked back and forth again. This continued for a few minutes. She descend a few inched forcing a few more inches of meat into her cunt, stop and just rocked. She finally hit bottom and she had me balls deep inside her. I held her hips as she started to gyrate in circles. As she did this, her tits were moving closer and closer to my face. When a nipple came close enough I leaned my head forward and grabbed it with my mouth. She instantly stopped as I started to lick and suck on her nipple. “Oh yes baby, don’t forget the other one, that needs some attention too.”

I played with her nipple a bit more before I moved to her other one. She kept gyrating as I sucked one nipple and continued to play with the other with my fingers.

Her gyrating became faster and faster. Soon she was digging her nails into my shoulder for support, and screaming, “Oh baby yes, God yes.” She then started to bounce up and down on my lap. No more slow and easy she was shooting to kill. She would go up till only my head was in her then she slammed down with all her weight. I told her, “You like to go for rides?”

“Yes, I love to ride dick. God I love riding this dick.” If this didn’t feel so fucking amazing it would probably be the most painful thing in the world, with her jumping on my lap. For five minutes she is screaming “oh Fucking god yes.” while partially trying to break both our pelvises as I play with her nipples.

Like her blowjob I lost all control and with out warning just shot a massive load deep in her body. After the first shot her eyes burst open and she looked into my eyes, “Yes fill me with your cum. I want to feel it inside me.” Her walls clamped my dick like a vice clamp. She digs her nails even deeper into my skin, and her face looks like she is trying to breath but couldn’t. After a minute of me filling her with more sperm than I though my balls could hold my orgasm stops. A few seconds later so does hers. She starts to breath normally again but other than that can’t move a muscle in her body.

She regains control of herself and goes to the bathroom to clean up. I just sit there stunned that I just fucked one of my mother’s friends. When Veronica came out she smiled at me and kissed me softly on the lips. “That was great. You don’t know how badly I needed that. I think you ought to get home, it’s getting late.”
Like a zombie I got dressed, I wanted to ask her if this would ever happen again or if it was a one-time thing, but decided I would come off too desperate. So I went home.

When I walked through the door my mom was sitting on the couch reading a magazine in her robe when I walked in. she looked at me and said quite plainly, “Did you and Veronica have a good time?”

“Did you two have fun today?”
“I just helped her move some stuff and gave my opinion.”
“That’s not all you gave her.” she gave me a quick wink as she said that. I knew I was blushing and could not believe my mother just said that. “I know you two were fucking.”

I couldn’t look at her; instead I stared at my shoes and asked, “How did you know what we were doing?”

“Because I set the whole thing up.” My eyes shot straight at her when she said that. “What?!?!”
“Veronica is my friend and she told me that she hasn’t been with a guy in a while, and doesn’t like going to bars, or dating sites to find men. She said all she wanted was a little sexual release with no strings attached. So I told her that for $500 you could release her tension and with no commitment.”
“Wait, are you saying that she paid to have sex with me?”
“She paid me to fuck her.”
“Actually she paid me, I’m the pimp and you’re my whore. Or madam and stud if you prefer.”

I stood there thinking about what just happened. My mother broke the silence, “now that I’m a pimp I get all the privileges and benefits that come with it.” I looked at her confused, “Namely getting to fuck my studs whenever I want.” She dropped her robe revealing that she was wearing nothing but the beautiful body she was born with. And what a body, she is very similar to me, we both have blond hair, though hers is longer. She is muscular, but just enough to make her toned and sexy. Her tits look like they should be on a girl half her age. They are very perky c-cups with erect nipples. All in all she looked like a porn star standing naked in front of me.

She took my hand and led me to her bedroom. I stood at the foot of her bed as she lay down in front of me. On her back she spread her legs, giving me a damn good view of her pussy. In a strong sultry voice she said, “Eat me out Kyle. Come eat mommy’s pussy.”

That’s just what I did. I licked every square inch of that pussy. I got my tongue deep inside her and wiggled it around, just before going in and out of her with it. I was fucking her with my tongue. And it felt amazing. It was like French kissing her and fucking her rolled into one amazing experience. To make thing even more intense I had my hand rub against her swelling clit. She was moaning and twisting around, arching her back and shoving her pussy into my face. My face and hand was getting soaked with her juice. She was getting so hot and turned on it must have hurt. She looks down at me with eyes I’ve never seen before and says, “That’s enough of that come up here and fuck me son.”

Like a lightning bolt my tongue was out of her flowing cunt and I was moving up her body till our faces and gentiles were in line with each other. I looked into her eyes as I slowly feed her my rod. “That’s it sonny, give mommy your nice hard dick. Show her what all those women paid for.” I stopped and looked at her, “What do you mean all those women?”

“I’ll tell you later just please God don’t stop. Fuck me with that beautiful dick of yours.” As much as I wanted to know what was going on the fact that my dick was halfway in my own mother and she was begging for the rest made every other thought leave my head. All that was left was this primal need to fuck her brain out. I slammed my dick all the way into her flowing cunt. “Now fuck me son, fuck me till it hurts.”

This was the woman who while growing up would smack me in the face if I said crap, and was screaming for me to fuck her. To be honest the physical pleasure I was getting from her tight cunt was maximized by the fact that this was my mother and that she was screaming obscenities and curses.

I plowed my dick into her for what seemed like ages. Watching her tits bounce with every thrust I made into her. And the face she made every time I bottomed out was filled with pleasure. “Oh fuck baby that feels so good. Keep pounding mommy.” I decided to play back, “You like that dick you dirty whore?”

“Yes, God I do. Keep giving it to me baby. Don’t stop. Keep fucking my cunt.” I pulled her legs over my shoulder so that now I was pounding deep down into her hole. Like with veronica, every time I came down, I brought down my entire body weight. This made mom squeak with every thrust.
But eventually my steady rhythm of hard pounding her soaking tight pussy got to me, “Oh shit mom I’m going to cum.”
“Cum inside me Kyle, cum deep inside mommy.”

A few more thrusts and I did. To my surprise I shot more cum into my mom than Veronica. My orgasm just kept going and going. When I was done my dick was still rock hard and I was still so fucking horny. I didn’t even stop humping my screaming mother. “You don’t even stop after emptying a load. Oh God I wish I fucked you years ago.” If anything my orgasm only made me stronger. I was pounding her pussy like I never fucked before. My balls were hurting by how hard they were slamming against her ass.

I grabbed two large handfuls of breast for leverage and just went to town. Mom had already had at least two smaller orgasms before but now I could tell she was building to one more climax. “Oh sonny, tell mommy, was Veronica as good a lay as me?”
“No mom, you’re the best piece of ass I have ever had.” And it was true. “Yes baby say it again,” “You’re the best mom. You’re the best fucker there is.”

She grabbed handfuls of bed sheet as she screamed in a high pitch wail. Her cunt walls made her already tight pussy almost impossible to get in and out of. If she weren’t so wet it would have ripped my dick off. This only made it better and with in seconds I grabbed her firm ass as I slammed as deep as I could and filled her pussy once more with my seed. This time however, I could not recover.

I collapsed on top of her with no energy left. She held me tight as she came down from her high. I looked her in the eyes and whispered, “Did you really whore me out to Veronica?”

“And a few other girlfriends of mine. You’re going over to Sandy’s house tomorrow in the morning and then Katie’s at night. But just remember, I get to use your wonderful talents whenever I want for free.”

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