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Again I apprciate the comments it help inspire me to right more. I hope you like part four, I am barely starting part five, their are still two more parts maybe three. I hope you like this part. Thanks.
She felt the hot sun burning her skin; she opened her eyes and waited for them to adjust. She felt a hot body up against her back; Jake was in her bed, his arm around her protectively as they spooned each other. She felt his hot breath against the back of her neck, making her shiver.

She liked this, waking up in his arms, feeling at peace, feeling like she belonged in his embrace.

She wondered what time it was, she tried moving her head to check the clock on her night stand but couldn’t because Jake was lying on her hair.

She tried again, and caught a glimpse; it was eleven o’clock on the dot. Today she would spend the whole day with Jake, she smiled at the thought.

She didn’t know where her brother was, he didn’t come home last night, which probably meant he was with Anna. She still couldn’t believe they didn’t say anything about their relationship.

She laid there a couple of more minutes listening to Jakes even breaths. She snuggled closer against his chest and thighs. Jesus, he was hard. She felt his dick hot against her rear. She wiggled against it and felt it twitch in response. Was he always this way in the morning?

She was starting to get wet from just laying there with him. Maybe she could take care of him like she did last night. But how, he was laying on her hair.

“Ri,” he whispered against her neck which only made her stiffen, was he awake?

She waited for him to move but he didn’t. Was he dreaming about her?

She felt him move, he no longer had his arm around her. She waited for him to get up, still nothing, she heard his evening breathing. He was a heavy sleeper? In that case, she gently moved, he wasn’t really on her hair anymore, she pulled what little he was laying on and was surprised when he didn’t move. He really was a heavy sleeper, that or he was really tired.

She turned towards him and saw only half the sheet covering him. God, he was gorgeous, the contours of his face were relaxed and he looked so peaceful, his dirty blond hair feathering a little bit on his forehead, his luscious lips parted, his breathing even as his chest fell and rose. His broad shoulders, muscled biceps, his chiseled abs, lean hips. Riley wouldn’t mind watching him work out and get all sweaty; she’d probably be turned on to.
She looked lower and saw the tent in the sheet. She lifted her hand and lightly touched it, making it move beneath her touch. She looked up at him, he was still sleeping. Keeping her gaze on him she slowly pulled the sheet lower.

She looked down and saw the engorged dick, looking at it was making her mouth water; she wanted to put her mouth on it again.

She gripped the base and licked the pearl of liquid that was there. She circled the head and drew him into to her mouth, loving the taste of him. She only sucked the first three inches, which was enough to make him groan.

She took him as deep as she could; she noticed she still didn’t have almost two inches in her mouth. She tried to take more of him but couldn’t not without making her eyes water. It didn’t matter though because he was still letting out groans.

She looked up and was met with his gaze, he was awake and watching her. She moaned as she looked at him, she kissed all the way down his shaft and gently licked on sucked on his balls.

“Fuck, Riley,” he groaned.

She licked all the way up his shaft and took him into her mouth again, she gave extra attention to the under. She noticed last night every time she licked there his hips moved.

She felt his hand slip into her hair, he didn’t force her head down just caressed it. “Riley I can’t hold back anymore.” He whispered.

She picked up her pace and sucked harder and let out a moan.

“Fuck-,” he groaned, it was too late to tell her he was going to come.

She moaned as she felt warm spurts hit the back of her throat; she sucked and swallowed till she didn’t feel anymore coming out; she licked him clean and then kissed the tip.

She looked up at him and saw that he was breathing a little hard.

“You’re really getting the hang of that,” he laughed. He sat up and kissed her swollen lips, tasting him self as he slid his tongue in her mouth.

She pulled back, “What are we doing today?”

“I want to take you somewhere, I can’t tell you where but I know you’ll love it.” he smiled.

“Ok, I’ll take a shower.” She started to get off the bed, but stopped when he pulled her to him.
“Wait, let me-,”

“Later,” she cut him off. She kissed him and got off the bed.

She was starting to feel bothered; he was still with Elizabeth, not her. She shouldn’t be doing any of this stuff with him. He was cheating on Elizabeth with Riley. Riley knew she wouldn’t want a boyfriend cheating on her. He didn’t love Elizabeth though, still it was wrong.

After she got out of the shower she walked into her room and saw Jake still laying on her bed, his arms behind his head as he looked at the ceiling, he was thinking.

Jake looked down and saw Riley going threw her drawers, naked. She looked so beautiful. He cleared his throat. “Ri, do you have a bathing suit?”

“Yeah, why?” she asked as she turned around to look at him.

“You’ll need one.”


“You’ll see,” with that he got up and went to go take his shower.

Why would she need a bathing suit? You only needed it if you were going to the beach or a pool, or a water park, which she’s never been to.

She pulled out her new bikini and put it on after she ripped off the tags. She bought a new one two weeks ago in hopes of wearing it to the beach over the summer.

“Cute bikini.”

She turned around and saw Jake leaning against her door frame; he was already dressed and ready to go. What the hell it hasn’t even been five minutes.

“Did you even take your shower?” she asked.

“Yes?” he pointed to his hair, it was still wet.

“How long was it?”

“Less then three minutes, I’ve been practicing, you know with me leaving and everything.” He whispered the last part as he looked away.

She turned back to her drawer and sighed. Yes, he was leaving soon; her brother was leaving as well.

Jake cleared his throat, “You should hurry up we have an hour and a half drive.”

She heard him close the door. She sighed as she finished getting ready; she grabbed her beach bag and started putting things in it.

Jake noticed how quiet Riley was being, it wasn’t exactly awkward in the car because of the radio, but she hasn’t said one word to him to entire hour.

“We’re almost there.”

He got off the free way and started taking the streets, in no time Riley had her window down and was sticking her head out.

“Oh. My. God. Look at these houses.” She beamed

He laughed; he forgot how big the houses were here. Her mood changed, she was happy and excited now as the buildings got fancier and bigger.

“Where are you taking us?”

“No where near here, we’re just passing through, but it’s just as nice where I’m taking you.”

“Riley I, I want you to know I’ve never brought anybody here, not even Elizabeth or your brother.”

If he’s never taking anybody where they were going, then he really did feel something for her, he was sharing something that meant a lot to him.

“You’re the first and you’re going to be the last.”

The last? She didn’t think so not if he was still with Elizabeth. But it meant a lot to her that he was sharing this with her.

“Are you almost there?” she asked.

“About five minutes, but were going to have to walk for about another five because there’s not going to be any parking.”

“It’s a busy place?”

“Your could say that, but the area it self never has parking.”

“What do you have in your bag?” he asked as he took a glace at it, it was huge.

“Oh, well you wouldn’t tell me where we were going so I brought a few stuff. Considering you told me to wear a bikini I figured it was a beach or pool. So I brought a sheet to sit on, a beach towel, sunscreen, bottles of water and my camera.” She smiled as she looked at him.

He laughed, “Well put the sun screen on right now so you don’t have to carry that and take out the sheet, the rest you’ll need if you want it and the beach towel might get used.”

Jake and Riley held hands as he guided her to where he was taking her.

“How much further?” she asked eagerly.

“I know you’re excited but calm down, we have one more block before you actually see it.” he chuckled.

A few more feet and she’d see the place he loved going when he was a small child, his mother took him there three times a year till he was ten, then she stopped. This would be the first time coming back after all that time and he was bringing Riley with him.

“Oh My God, Oh My God, please tell me were going over there.” She beamed as she pointed to the Ferris wheel and Roller coaster.

“Yeah, I thought you might like it here, I know I loved it when I was a kid, I haven’t been here since I was a ten though.”

“I can’t wait,” she said as she started pulling on his hand, she was the one guiding now.

Riley had a light tan on her creamy skin now, she was tanning at this very second while she watched Jake try and win her a prize. They rode the roller coaster a few times and then the Ferris wheel and for the past hour Jake has been trying to win her a prize.

She watched him as he got ready to throw a baseball at the row of glass plates. He swore this game was going to be the last one, but he’s been swearing that for the past thirty minutes.

She laughed as he missed again, which only got her a glare; at least he hit two plates that was going to get her something right?

“Ri, What do you want? Elephant or Puppy?” he asked.

“Elephant, please.” She smiled

She watched the guy take it off a rack and had it to Jake. He turned to her and smiled shyly, “I’m sorry it’s not bigger.”

“That’s ok, I love it.” she kissed him and then took the baby elephant from his hands.

“You want to go down to the beach?” he asked as he grabbed her hand and intertwined their fingers.

“Sure,” she said.

This is where couples take a romantic walk down the beach holding hands and watch the sun go down, Right? Only she and Jake weren’t a couple.

Jakes phone rang as soon as they were about to walk onto the sand. “Ri, I have to take this, go ahead and walk with out me.”

She did just that, she walked along the shore line, letting the water come up to her feet, sometimes it touched sometimes it didn’t.

She wondered how things were going to be from now on. Was he going to stay with Elizabeth? If he did then she’d leave him alone, she didn’t want to be the other person, either Jake was going to be with her or he was going to be with Elizabeth because there was no way she was going to share him.

It would hurt if he picked Elizabeth. She wouldn’t be the same around him if things were to stop; they would be like before when he didn’t talk to her.

She wondered who he was talking to right now; she turned around and looked at him. He was a short distance away, but not close enough for her to hear what he was saying. He looked pissed and annoyed as he moved his hand in the air and he talked on the phone. It must be a really heated conversation because now he was pacing back and forth.

Who ever it was, she was sure they were damn pissed. She turned around and stared ahead of herself. There was another couple walking down the beach, well a couple, since she and Jake were nothing. They were laughing and holding hands, the girl learning against the boy as he talked to her, she saw such love there.

God, she just wanted to leave now. She didn’t want to be seen as something they weren’t.

She turned around and stopped, Jake was only a few feet away, he was calm as he approached her.

“Sorry, I had to take care of something.” he said as he grabbed her hand and turned her.

“Jake, I…. we should just go,” she whispered.

He looked confused, “Why? I thought you were having a good time.”

“I am, or was.”

“What’s bothering you? You’ve had your moments today where you’ve tried to hide it so I ignored it but I’m not going to ignore it right now, so would you please do my a favor and tell me.”

“I can’t do this,” she waved her hands in between them. “Not when you’re with Elizabeth” she said angrily.

“I’m not with her anymore.”


“I broke things off, this morning while I was waiting in the car for you. Ri, I don’t want her, I’ve never wanted her. I was with her because I thought she could help with how I felt about you. She didn’t though, I’m damn crazy about you and I’m not going to fight it anymore.”

“What?” She couldn’t believe what she was hearing.

He pulled her to him and cupped her face. He stared into her dark blue eyes, “I’m crazy about you,” he whispered. “You know I leave soon, so I understand if you choose not to be with me, but I had to tell you how I felt.”


“It’s ok; I’ll let you think about it. You don’t have to tell me right now.” He kissed her then, fusing their warm lips together.

“Come on, let’s walk,” he kissed her one more time before letting her go and intertwining there fingers, he tugged till she started walking with him.

“What are you doing for you birthday?” he asked suddenly. Her birthday was three days before he left, it was also his birthday. He was turning eighteen and she was turning sixteen.

“I’m not sure, what are you doing?”

“Well, I was hoping to spend it with you.” he said.

“That would be nice” she whispered.

“Do you want to go in the water?”

“In the ocean?” she asked

He laughed, “Yes, is there a problem.”

She hesitated before she answered. “No, let’s go.”

“You sure?” he asked.

“Yeah, come on.” She said as she let go of his hand. She set down her pink beach bag and put her elephant in it.

He watched her take off her sandals and sun dress, watched her put her long hair into a messy bun and walk into the water.

“Aren’t you coming in?” she turned around to look at him. He was gazing at her as he took off his shirt; he looked like he was sizing her up. The way he was looking at her made her wet, then it hit her, he wanted sex. Was that a sex stare? She wanted to laugh as he strode over to her.

“What are you smiling about?” he asked.

“Oh nothing.”

“Get on then.”


“Yeah, come on.” He turned around so his back was facing her. “If you need a little boost then take a few steps back and then run and jump.”

She did just that and Jake barely stumbled after she jumped on his back. She secured her legs and arms around him as he walked into the water.

She felt him shiver; she shivered as she waited for the water to hit her legs.

“Aaahh, I-it’s cold.” She said with her teeth chattering.

He groaned. “I know but our bodies will adjust.”

“Ok,” she shivered.

“Look at the sun setting.” He said, trying to take her mind off of how cold the water was.

“It’s beautiful,” she sighed as she laid her head against his. The sun was nearly gone; the pier they were on earlier was lit up, the rides bright as they flashed different colors.

“Where did you bring me?” she whispered.

“The Santa Monica Pier, I came here a lot as a child, I have tons of memories being here and I wanted a new one, with you.” he said as he grasped her hand and brought it to his mouth and gave her a soft kiss.

How romantic! She gently turned his head towards her and kissed him. It amazed her how he made her feel. She felt like the luckiest girl in the world.

She pulled back and turned to see if there was anybody on the shore, there wasn’t.

He laughed, “What are you doing?”

“Nothing, kiss me,” she moaned when their lips met again.

She wanted to laugh as she adjusted her legs, she felt his hard on as her ankle brushed against it, earlier it wasn’t that hard, but now, wow.

“Why-are-you-smiling?” he asked in between kisses.

“You’re hard.” She breathed.

“Baby, I’m always hard for you.” he whispered.

“Turn me.”

She didn’t have to ask twice, he turned her and now she was straddling him in the front.

She rubbed up against him, making him groan. “Is that what you wanted to do?” he breathed.

“We’re not doing the deed out in the ocean. I want to wait.” He groaned again as she grinded a little harder.

“We’re not having sex, see. You have your shorts on and I still have my bikini bottoms on.” She moaned as she grinded again.

“Just because I’m hard, doesn’t mean we have to do this,” he whispered heavily.

“But I want to,” she pouted.

“Seriously, your going to pout right now, you damn lucky I can’t spank you right now.” He nipped her lip.

“You really like my ass that much.” She whispered as she started trailing kisses down his neck and shoulder.”

“Damn right, I love that heart shaped ass.” He gave it a tight squeeze.

“Well, it loves your spanking.” She nipped his shoulder.

“Does it now?”

“Yes,” she moaned as she rubbed up against him.

“What does your pussy like?” he whispered into her ear. He undid the ties to her bikini bottoms, “Here, hold these, my hands are about to be occupied.” He whispered against her ear.

Riley grabbed them with a shaky hand and rewrapped her arm around him again.

He chuckled, “Nervous?”

He slid his hands against her thighs and cupped her butt. One day he was going to love her there.

“Is there people near?’ he whispered.

“No,” she moaned as he slid his finger in between her folds.

“Even in water, your wet for me.” He moved his hands up her back and slid them to cup her breasts.

“Move up more, prop your elbows on my shoulders,” he smiled and she quickly complied, she was always eager for his touch. He moved aside the green triangles covering her breasts and took her into his mouth.

“Jake,” she moaned.

She moved higher and engulfed his head in her hands, hugging him to her breast. He didn’t seem to mind her breast being covered in goose bumps. She felt his warm tongue lash against her nipple, it felt amazing, he always made he feel more pleasure then the last time.

He gently sucked and nipped; he nipped and kissed as he moved his way down the side of her breast to her valley and up the other breast and both moaned as he took her nipple into his mouth.

Jake felt her legs moving now and knew she was close. He gripped her thigh keeping it against his waist, he put pressure on her other thigh with his arm, making his hand free to do whatever he pleased.

He circled the entrance to her pussy, making her whimper as he sucked on her nipple. He eased his finger over her clit making her cry out.

“Make me come, Jake” she moaned.

“Please,” she begged

He circled her clit and bit between her breasts, feeling her legs starting to shake.

Riley tightened her hold on his head, digging her nails into his scalp and bit down on her arm to muffle her cries. She heard a muffled groaned and knew Jake was finding pleasure in pleasuring her.

She cried out again, god, what was he doing to her? After she thought she was done the burning built up again making her legs shake even more.

He chuckle and breathed out, “You done?”

“Yeah I think so,” she panted.

“You want to let go of my head?”

“Oh, sorry,” she gave a weary laugh.

“It’s fine.” He eased her lower and kissed her, her breathing still uneven.

“Let’s head back,” he gave one more kiss before fixing her top.

“Yeah, about that.” she nervously said. “I, uh, kind of lost my bottoms.” She blushed.

“Ok, well, it’s dark so I don’t think anyone will notice.”

“You’re kidding, Right?”

“Your embarrassed about being naked for maybe a minute, you didn’t seem embarrassed about someone seeing us or hearing you cry out.”

He had a point. “Almost a minute?”

“No more then a minute, you think I want people seeing you naked?”

“No,” she sighed.

With that he started walking; Riley was now on his back now. There wasn’t anyone around so he walked out of the water and eased her down, he was damn glad no one touched her bag. He pulled out the towel and quickly dried her arms and shoulders; he then wrapped the towel around her body.

“What are you doing?” she asked as her teeth chattered from the coldness, he was untying her top.

“Taking it off so you don’t get your dress wet on top.”

That made sense. She felt him rub his hands all over her body, which felt amazing because it brought warmth. She watched him grab her dress from the sand and give it a few shakes before handing it to her.

She pulled the dress on over her head and eased it down as he lowered the towel at the same time.

“Open your legs,” he whispered.

She complied and felt him pat her dry in between her legs.

“Are you able to walk?” he asked as draped the towel over her shoulders.

“Yes, but aren’t you going to dry your self?”

“Don’t worry about me; my concern is keeping you warm.”

How sweet, she watched him as he picked up his shirt and stuffed it in her bag, he grabbed both there scandals and swung the pink bag over his shoulder.

“Do you want your sandals?”

“No,” she whispered as she looked up at him. There was so much love in those hazel green eyes. Love. Did he love her?

“Thank you.”

“For?” He asked as he gazed at her.

“Today, it was amazing.” She whispered as she stood on her tiptoes to kiss him. He met her half way, hearing her bag plop on the sand, he slid his hands onto her back down to cup her bottom and slapped it, hearing her moan in return.

He pulled back, “Let’s go or someone’s going to see us having sex on the beach,” he whispered.

“Sex on the beach? I like the sound of that.” she whispered back as she looked up at him.

He laughed low, “Let’s go.” He gave her a kiss on the forehead, a first and hopefully it wouldn’t be that last.

Half way back to his jeep, she complained about her feet hurting so he picked her up and carried her the rest of the way.

She was fast asleep by time he got her to the jeep. He managed to get his keys out of her bag with out dropping her and eased her onto the passenger’s seat and buckled her in. He put her bag in the back and quickly changed in the pair of sweats he had in the back of his jeep, not giving a damn about who saw him.

He grabbed the sheet she put back there earlier in the day and went around and opened her door. He eased the towel away from her and slightly lowered her chair to make it more comfortable, he made the towel into a pillow and put it under her head and draped the sheet over her. He smiled to himself as her looked at her; she was so dead to the world right now.

He leaned down, “I love you,” he whispered against her forehead before kissing her and shutting her door.

He didn’t hear a peep from her on the ride home, she slept the whole time. When he got her inside the house Henry was waiting on the couch watching TV. He looked pissed; then he took in Riley, in his arms.

“I’m not mad at you, I’m mad because she’s up stairs fucking sleeping, she doesn’t give a shit that Riley’s not home yet, it’s fucking eleven o’clock at night. What kind of mother is that?” he said angrily.

Henry sighed as he turned off the TV. “Go ahead and spend the night, just lock the door. Her alarm clock is already set so don’t worry about being late to school.”

They both started walking up the stairs, Henry ahead of him. “What did you do today? Or do I not want to know?”

Jake laughed, “I took her somewhere special.”

“So you didn’t to the dirty with my sister?” Henry joked.

“I didn’t say that,” he laughed.

Henry helped him into Riley’s room and locked the door behind him.

“Then I don’t want to know, although I would like to know whose hand you’re going to be holding tomorrow at school.”

“Ri’s,” he said with such love.

“You happy you took my advice.” Henry asked as he walked towards the bathroom.

“Yeah, I am.” He sighed as he looked down at Riley in his arms.

When he looked up Henry was already closing the door. He moved the comforters off the bed and laid her down. He eased her dress off and was actually damn surprised she was still sleeping. He undid her bun and ran his fingers through it making it loose and pulled the covers over her.

He slipped in right next to her and cuddled up against her back, nuzzling her neck he sighed. “I love you,” he whispered.

Riley was half asleep and half awake. She wasn’t sure if she heard Jake correctly. He loved her?

“Jake,” she mumbled, she didn’t even know if it came out clear.

“Shh, I’m right here, sleep.” He whispered against her neck.

She turned around and snuggled up to his chest, his arm going around her and then she was out like a light.

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You are just plain wonderful at writing!! I know there are a few more parts, but I never want the romance to end!! <3

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