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I have never told anyone about this and although it happened about 7-8 years ago I still think about it almost eveyday. I was working for a grocery chain here in town where we have about 10 or so stores when I was promoted to be an assiatant manger in one of the departments. I asked the manager if someone was going to take my place as the 3rd person. His responce was that he had someone in mind and that I would really like the person. After he laughed a little and gave me a wink I figured something was up and I was right. The next week our new employee started and I was introduced to her. I had seen her come in before and talk to my boss but never thought anything about it. She had worked with him before at the store but she had left to have her child and when she came back she ended up going to another store and wanted to come back here no matter what the position. I knew he had a few postitions on his mind for her. After about 2 weeks it had to happen myself and "Tina" worked toghter. I went in at 7 she came in at 10 my boss told me the day before that I needed to make Tina feel more welcome like one of the guys. It's hard to make a 35 year old woman with D-cup tits feel like "one of the guys" I thought to myself but what the hell I will try I guess. After a few hours I started making small talk with her and we chatted a little but the was some tension between us I noted. Around 2 or 3 she got a phone call and from part of the conversation I could hear it was not very pleasant sounding. After slamming the phone down she walked past me and said I am going to smoke I will be back. After about 10-15 minutes I went to the back and saw her sitting on a bale of cardboard not looking very happy at all. What the hell time to try to make her feel at home I guess. I walked up to her and told he I was going to get a drink could I get her one. Sure she said but she didnt have any money with her I told this ones on me with a smile. I came back and we talked for about 30 minutes or so about this and that. On the way back to our department I asked if everything was ok. She said it was her husband being his normal asshole self. What a shame I said outloud not meaning to. "Why is that ?" Tina asked me. Stumbling for the words I said that for a man to be as lucky to have such a pretty wife and not appreciate her he must be dumb. She blushed after I said that and said thanks. This went on for about 3 weeks until one day she called me at home. I had moved back in with my folks after living with a friend of mine for about 2 years he was getting married and I didnt want to stay with them although they told me to I didnt want to be in their way I told them. When Tina called me it kinda threw me for a loop but she had a work question for me. When we was about to hang up she told me she was going to be home alone that evening if I wanted to call her. I jumped at the chance and she gave me her number. That night we talked for about 2-3 hours. After that night It was like I had knew her my whole life. I was in between girlfriends at the time and enjoyed talking to a female. The next day at work was incrediable. She came in and gave me a smile and a wink. My boss saw it also he wanted to know what that was all about and all I said was that I was making her feel at home I guess. That afternoon she came up to me and handed me a card and told me not to open it until I got home. Before I left I went in the cooler to get my drink and she came in behind me and brushed up against me it felt as though I had been shocked and as I turned she wrapped he arms around me and gave a big hug and said thanks. When I got home I opened her card and she had wrote in it that no one had ever listened or seemed to care about her feelings and not try to get her into bed. The next week we talked even more until one night I was closing and she came by to get her coat she had left she looked great. Makeup a nice pair of very tight jeans and a sweater that looked painted on. Then it happened I was in the cooler loading up my last bit of product I needed to fill up with and she came in there and shut the door behind her and said she had something else for me before I could say anything she was all over me like a cheap suit. We kissed and I felt her tounge on mine I kissed back and grabbed her ass. WOW It was very firm and felt great I had not been with a female for about 6 months and I was very eager to explore more when she stopped and said there was more where that came from. I said "Where and when?" Tonght she said if I wanted at her sisters house they were out of town and her husband had the kids. She was going by there to check on things and water plants and she told her husband she needed sometime to herself. She had rented a couple of movies and might stay there tonight. She told me where to meet her and asked how muck longer I was going to be I said about 20 minutes. She gave me one last kiss and reached down and gave my cock which was rock hard a squeeze. She told me not to wait to long or she might have to start with out me. I was out the door at 9 on the dot. I was to her sister's place in about 20 minutes. I sat there thinking to myself what the hell am I doing she is a married woman. But when I got to the door I forgot that thought and just about everything else when she opened it wearing a white button up shirt and a smile. I shut the door she took my coat and started to kiss me again. We went to the living room where she pushed me down on the couch and fell on top of me. kissing and rubbing those beatiful big firm breasts against me. There was a slow song on the radio as I stood her up we danced slowly she was rubbing my back and shoulders I told her that she was just about the sexist woman I had ever seen and she told me she was fat. I slid her shirt off and stood back and looked at her naked body. I told her I wanted to take a shower. She led me upstairs. As I undressed she said I will be right back. She came back with 2 towels and asked if I wanted some company. She turned on the water as I walked up behind her and ran my hands up and down her naked hips I placed my hard cock against her ass she gently moved up and down and side to side while the water warmed up she turned the shower on turned and kissed me and stepped inside. As I followed her she reached down and stroked my cock me said that she had not had sex in about 2 months as her old man never wanted to anymore. I asked her did she get off any and she said about 1-2 times a week. I told her I wanted to make her cum as I kissed her neck and got down on my knees I slid a finger into her already wet pussy she moaned a little I quickly found her clit and went to work licking it and rubbing it with my thumb. After about 2 miutes it seemed she had a intense orgasm. I stood back up and washed my self and we got out of the tub and dried each other off. She then led me into the bedroom where she pushed me down on the bed she climbed on the bed running her huge tits over my cock she came up to my face and kissed me then ran first one nipple then the other over my lips. My cock felt harder than it ever had before and she moved back down and took it into her mouth. She sucked me until I thought I was going to bust. Tina then asked me if she could be on top I grabbed her arms nd pulled her on top of me we kissed and I loved the way her tits mashed into my chest. She rubbed her pussy up and down the lenght of my cock slowly I told her she was killing me and I wanted to be inside her. She moved as the tip of my cock started inside her drenched pussy she told me she had been waiting for this moment for weeks now and that I was all she had thought about and had even got herself off thinking about this moment. She kissed me and slid her pussy down inch by inch over my hard cock. When I was 8 inches deep in her she moaned and told me she loved the way I felt in her and she wanted to stay like theis forever. I asked her if it was ok that I didnt have any protection fer her not to get pregnant she told me not to worry she had her tubes tied with her last child and that I had better cum inside her. She started to move up and down as we kissed. She took her arms and raised herself up off me some so her tits swayed a little as she bounced up and down I grabbed one then the other and licked and sucked her nipples. She said something about the best feeling in the world and was cut off short by the orgasm that made her scream out. She slammed her pussy down onto me and I fucked her as hard as I could as her orgasm tore through her she started telling me to cum in her. I felt it starting to build and knew I was not going to last much longer. I told her to tell me she wanted my cum in her and how good it felt as I was fucking her pussy. She was saying it when I felt the first shot of my cum go inside her she went crazy bouncing on top of me and started to cum again. OH GOD she shouted. OH MY FUCKING GOD!!!!!!! After what seemed like an hour she rolled off the top of me. We layed there and caught our breath and she asked me to saty all night. I said yes and she reached down and stroked my cock until I was hard again and got on top this time. I made love to her for about 20 minutes going slow then fast then slowing down. As she had her 2 orgasm I asked if she minded me trying something that I have never been able to do before she said what and I told her I wanted to cum between her tits. She loved that idea. I got my cock between them and she gave the tip of it a kiss. Just watching her push those twin peaks toghter and the tightness of them I was ready to cum in a matter of minutes. She told me to cum anywhere I wanted to. I told her I wanted to on her tits she released my cock and pushed them toghter and encourged me to cum all over her chest and face if I could. Oh man did I ever. She was a mess when I got done and to my surprise she took her fingers and scrapped it up and licked off her fingers then swolled every drop. After that we cleaned up a little and went to bed. The next morning we had sex and then again in the shower. As i was getting ready to leave she was getting dressed for work. We discussed how this might have changed things for us at work. I told her to not worry I would not tell anyone she said that she would do the same. For the next few weeks we messed around when we had the chance. We only had sex once before she left for another job and she told me that one day she wanted to do it again but I have not heard from her since. But I have some great memories of her and the time we spent..........

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2016-07-04 01:11:09
Good story but very hard to read. Use paragraphs and proof read it a few times before you publish.


2009-04-27 01:57:26
In my many exploits and sexual encointers as a pre teen, tee, and yoiung adult, I have fathered over 20 children with about 15 diferent women. Some of the women were clients, some were wives of friends, some were girls who picked me up while hirchhiking across the coutry, one was my sister, one my nmother and two of my mother's friends. This story brought back all these memories. A good story. Too bad you couldn't get her pregnant.


2007-01-06 16:19:13
I wasnt turned on at all... it was more like a sweet memories of an affair to remember... you have to move on... but i like the story.. this happen to me as well.. only im the married woman...


2006-02-02 10:42:52
Should Break it down into paragraphs. Its hard to read.


2006-01-08 22:40:57
move on dude.stop thinking about the can't fuck goes on.there are many other women out there who need a dick.if it is someone elses wife you need,you can fuck mine.

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