What male and female can have a bond which trumps and other relationship
It has been awhile since I wrote a story so if I happen to have some fans out there I apologize. I am working on another story that is rather lengthy and has many chapters. I intend to publish it all at once but I may break it up. So if anyone likes a long story with a plot and not just plain sex then the story I am working on may be for you. The premise is something I haven't seen before regarding a "sex story" (and of course there is plenty of sex in it) so when I'm done I want all the feedback/comments I can get.

Now, concerning the story below I hope you enjoy it and I anticipate pt. 2 being finished late this week. I welcome all comments:

Mom had been divorced for many years and we lived in a 3 bedroom house she rented in conjunction with her cousin Katy who was 22. So it was Mom, Katy, my sister Lilly and me.
My name is Kevin and this happened when I was 12 and Lilly was 11, we shared a bedroom because Mom had one and Katy one which left Lilly and I to share a full size bed in the 3rd bedroom.
So what exactly started things and is there blame but perhaps blame is not the right word or term. I don't look at it like "blame" needs to be laid as these things are likely very common especially under certain circumstances.
It's curiosity, opportunity and hormones above all and even if it is illegal and morally wrong initially then it can't get any worse if it continues albeit casually.

A Lifelong Affair pt. 1:

Actually it was Lilly who for some reason was daring or curious enough to begin touching my cock. I didn't recoil at the initial touch in fact I found it fascinating, naughty and very exciting. I hadn't quite discovered masterbating at that point, I mean I tried it after I heard about it but I didn't get any real thrill or feel from it let alone what was supposed to come of it.
When Lilly touched me down there my cock stiffened rather quickly and soon tented my underwear. I laid there being very still as her little hand felt the bulge in my shorts.
I moved a little bit and she stopped so I wondered if she thought I was asleep or she just got nervous. I desperately wanted her to continue touching my cock and in anticipation I gently worked my pole out through the fly in my underwear then laid still and waited. She never brought her hand back to explore again that night.
After some time of laying there with my dick sticking out and no action on her part I eventually fell asleep. When I woke the next morning it hit me the way I fell asleep and I realized I was hard so I quickly reached down and tried to stuff it back in. I turned over and thought about the event last night and wanted my swelling to go down before I got up and went into the bathroom. Thinking about it didn't help my aching dick plus I needed to pee so I eased out of bed and quickly went to relieve myself.

It was a typical school day and with each of our morning routines and getting off to school nothing was said between us and she didn't even glance at me, that I noticed, so I was perplexed and a fire was lit inside of me.
As I got older and wiser though I realized that this is just part of the games that females play even from an early age but it just has to be instinctual. Once they learn what they can do and the power they have over males they feel it's like a sisterhood and secret knowledge which only they possess.
Last night's event sparked an interest into the masterbating thing and what it was all about so I figured I would give that a try again. I mean it's not like I haven't noticed pretty girls in their shorts not to mention seeing a naked picture or two passed around between friends of mine. I needed to put it all together in my mind along with jacking off but I still didn't know what to do but I heard beating your meat was a big deal.
So late that evening while I was taking a bath, not a shower but a bath, I played with myself until it was hard then I wrapped my hand around my shaft then began to stroke.
I kept going at it for many many minutes and even though it felt alright I still didn't see what the hype was all about. Little did I know you were supposed to have a mental picture while wanking it but I had plenty of energy and I went on with it.
Without any warning whatsoever a liquid suddenly shot from the end of my dick. I stopped stroking just as quick and wondered what the hell happened.
So now I had discovered something new and even though I didn't get the gratification then that I would get when I was a little older and more experienced I knew I would be doing this again.

Later that night while Lilly and I were in bed I already anticipated what may happen again so being sly I worked my cock through my fly while adjusting my body like I was trying to "find my spot" and/or scratch an itch.
I waited for the longest time and just when I was getting bored of waiting and on the verge of sleep I could sense her hand moving in my direction.
I snapped back to alertness and waited in anticipation to what her reaction would be once she felt it. I already began to get hard and as it began to swell and grow I felt her finger touch the head as an exploratory measure before gripping the tip with then end of all her fingers. Once she realized she was feeling the real thing she withdrew her hand, my cock quickly reach full attention and trying to play it cool I didn't move or say a word but I prayed she would touch me again.
Either my prayers were answered or she realized I wasn't going to react but she reached over again and lightly touched my now aching dick. The lightness of her touch with her little fingers sent jolts of electricity through me.
She pulled back after feeling my cock head a little so then I figured I had to do something to let her know it was fine for her to explore,

"It's alright", I whispered.

She immediately went back to feeling me and I went into orbit when she wrapped her fingers around my shaft. It was so much better than the feel of my own hand. I laid still and closed my eyes reveling at the feel of her touch. After a few minutes she stopped, my dick was harder than it ever had been and I needed it to go down.
It wasn't like after I took a pee in the morning and it would get soft, I felt there was another type of relief like when I was wanking it and the stuff shot out. Although the first time I did that there was no "relief" but somehow I knew that it was all tied together and there was more to it.
I knew the fundamentals of sex, at least I thought I knew, but I wasn't sure of what she may know or heard about but since she initiated this I figured I could guide things the best I could.

"why does it get so hard", she whispered.

"because it feels good when you touch it...........and when I have to pee", I whispered back.

"do you have to pee now" ?, she asked.

"no, I need you to touch it some more", I said.

At this point our mom and her cousin were still awake and in the living room watching TV and with the bedroom door open and the light filtering in there was enough to see by. Then again there was the possibility of someone walking in and us getting caught.

"can I see it", she whispered.

I had no reservations about her seeing my dick, I didn't feel shy or modest in the slightest and if I showed it to her I was hoping it would just intrigue her more.
I peeked towards the open bedroom door then pushed the covers down while laying flat on my back. Once the covers were pushed over my strained cock it sprang straight up. I turned my head towards Lilly as she propped herself up to get the best angle and her eyes went wide, her mouth opened slightly, she had the look of wonder.

"oh my god, it's so stiff", she whispered.

"I know, it hurts", I said.

Inside I was praying that she would take care of it for me in some way. Her touching it had made it stretch to proportions I never experienced before.
With the look of wonder still on her face she nervously glanced to the door then slowly brought her hand up and towards my bursting meat and with an extended finger she pushed it and pulled back.
My dick rocked slightly but it was so hard and tight it went right back to the straight up position. A smile formed on her lips and once again she glanced at the door then with a finger she slightly pushed it again then giggled. She would have been content to play with it like a cat but I desperately wanted her touch, I needed her fingers wrapped around it and the feeling of her hand up and down my shaft.
We heard voices and movement in the living room which caused her to lay back down and I turned on my side while pulling the covers over us.

We both laid still and after several minutes the light went out and we heard Katy walk down the hall to her bedroom and then her door shut.
We were in quiet darkness now and at this time of the night we would typically be asleep but we were WIDE awake now and full of wonder and experimentation. I was in a desperate need right now since I was the one being played with and I wanted more so I was at Lilly's mercy.

"ok they gone to bed now", I whispered.

I wanted to let her know that it was ok to precede. She rolled over to face me and just laid there which confused me and frustrated me because I was stimulated and I wanted her to explore. I wanted her to continue on her own but it was apparent she wasn't going to so I attempted to move things along. I was running through several, yet future scenarios, in my head but I knew this needed to happen in baby steps.
I figured if she needed to just play with it like before to move things along then ok so I rolled onto my back and pushed the covers down.

"go ahead", I whispered to her.

"but I can't see it wiggle", she responded.

"so what, you could feel it move", I said.

She moved up to a sitting position and in total darkness I waited for her touch which I thought would never come. Finally I felt her fingers lightly touch it as she searched in the dark. She grabbed it like a joystick and moved it back and forth then left and right then in circles. She bent in towards my stomach then pulled her hand back then giggled when it sprang back up and smacked her hand.
She did this a few more times and I let her get her fill before I spoke up,

"take it easy now, just feel it up and down", I said.

I expected some reluctance or more of her playing with it but she did start to explore it's full length. Starting at the tip she worked her way down then back up which caused me to let out a long slow breath of satisfaction.

"that feels good, keep doing that", I whispered.

As she kept on I actually started to relax my body while instinctively moving my hips up and down. This was something totally different for me and unlike the couple of times when I was wanking it the feeling was so much different then what Lilly was doing for me.
I was drifting right up to heaven, new feelings were washing through my body and right out of my mouth,

"you can put your mouth on it if you want to", I whispered.

She stopped her hand movements yet kept a hold of my hardened tool. I tried to ascertain her silence and lack of movement wondering if she was actually contemplating it or whatever else may be going through her mind. I was desperate and wanted a new feeling but perhaps I pushed things to far to fast.

"go ahead....................PLEASE", I whispered.

I could sense her body leaning over while she kept a hold of my dick and I waited for what I just knew would be something beyond what I had ever felt before. In my minds eye I could picture her hovering over it, her mouth open while contemplating.
I moved a hand over and placed it on her back applying slight pressure to coax her to go the next step, I wanted my dick in her mouth really bad at this point. As good as her hand felt then a warm wetness had to be even better, then beyond that.......who knows.

"I don't know", she whispered.

I clenched my teeth and had the feeling of just forcing her down and making her take it in her mouth but the repercussions of that could be disaster and the end of further experiments.
Keeping pressure on her back with my hand I felt her lean over a little more and this caused me to apply more pressure plus I raised my hips slightly to close the distance between the tip of my cock and her mouth.
Knowing it was imminent I closed my eyes, she was so close I could feel her warm breath on my tip. I didn't know how much, how long or how brief it was going to be or if she would even touch it with her mouth but the anticipation was incredible.
In a quick fashion her head moved down and she let the tip of her tongue touch my cock then she sat upright. I knew that was all it would be at this point so I let my hand dropped from her back and although I was frustrated I also felt a gap had been breached.
A door had been opened which I hoped she would pass through again but I just had to take it low and slow.

She laid down without pulling the covers over her like I had expected would happen,

"would you touch mine", she whispered.

She didn't have to ask me twice but not wanting to be to anxious or make quick movements that may make her nervous I eased my hand over and let my finger lead the way as I crept over her hip then right to her panty covered little cunt.
I was still nervous though and really didn't know how I should proceed so I felt her mound through her panties then I ran my fingers down between her legs.
Gently running my fingers up and down a few times she suddenly grabbed my hand and with her other hand she lifted the top of her panties and moved my hand underneath.
She was certainly direct and made no bones about the fact that she wanted me to feel her bare cunt. When I ran a finger down her little slit she raised her hips up so I could get as far down as possible.
This was the first time I had my hand on one so I really didn't know what to do. To a young boy a cunt is much more complicated than a penis so I simply rubbed over her without knowing anything at all.
Once again she reached down but this time she placed her hand on top of mine then grabbed my index finger and centered it in her slot. She worked my finger up down then back and forth to spread her lips and bury my finger into her slit.

Now I was amazed at a new feeling my finger never knew existed. Once she had my finger where it needed to be she let go of my hand hand let me explore.
As I rubbed my finger between her cunt lips she started rocking her hips while letting out slow shallow breaths. I worked her slot and probed even deeper with each pass until my finger hit a slick wet area, I never felt that sensation before so I pulled my finger from her slit then stopped. I wondered to myself and wondered what in the world was that.
While I contemplated what it was I just felt she let out a frustrated breath then touched the top of my hand with her fingers with a back and forth motion wanting me to continue rubbing.
I began again but now used my middle finger and worked it in. This was easier on my hand plus it was longer so I felt I could explore farther and even deeper.
She must have really like the sensation because she was flexing and breathing more each time my finger passed over her hole. As I worked it back down I pushed in a little deeper and she brought her hips up to meet me until I went in to a certain point. She suddenly clenched up and pulled her hips back.
Reaching down to guide my hand again she motioned for me to rub up and down again but I was intrigued now. What was it that happened when I put my finger in deep like that, I didn't know but I intended to find out. I liked the feeling on my finger being in her hole with it's warmth and wetness then I thought about my dick being in there.
Things were coming clearer and clearer to me and it was much easier to put it all together. There was a new goal now which was to ultimately get my dick in that warm wet place between her legs, between any girls legs.

While I rubbed her slot with my finger I worked it in as deep as I could, things were getting wetter now. As I dragged my finger up and down her slit I was spreading moisture around with each pass. This was better for me and it seemed to be for her as well. Her gyrations became more extreme and her breathing were more rapid as she put her hand on mine trying to get me to rub faster.
I worked faster and faster and along with her hips movements I also noticed her tummy went into spasms, with little smacking noises being made as I rubbed.
She started to pant, her hips stopped moving and her tummy quit fluttering then she drew in a breath and quit breathing for a couple seconds. I was a little scared then she let out a couple of slight grunting breaths before her body relaxed followed by a long breath through her nose.
There was suddenly much much more moisture then I had felt before. I wasn't sure what to do at this point but my hand was getting tired so with that plus her completely relaxed state I pulled my finger from her now drenched pussy.
In all the excitement I forgot about my own condition, my cock was rock hard and it hurt but I had the feeling that she wasn't going to do anything about it and I wasn't sure what I could do myself.
Neither of us said a word as we laid there, I was on my back with wonder at what just happened and what is was she experienced. Whatever it was she seemed content and was breathing quietly, then evenly then rhythmically and I knew she had went to sleep.

I began to work my hand up and down my pole while imagining it was Lilly's hand doing it. This made it feel a little better then I thought about it in her mouth which started causing new feelings. While I stroked I imagined me putting it into her pussy and that good feeling increased. As hard as it was for my finger to get in her hole I figured there was no way for my cock to go in there given it was WAY bigger around than my finger. With just my imagination alone I could feel the squeeze of her hole chocking my cock (my hand tightened around my shaft as well) as I stroked.
I felt a tingling sensation inside my shaft now and remembered what happened before when that liquid just suddenly came out. I didn't have any feeling prior to it before rather it "just happened" but I now knew the tingling was just a precursor.
It felt good as I jacked my rod while keeping the various scenarios in my head and with just has much suddenness, but much more feeling to it before hand, a gooey substance flew from my peehole.
I felt splatters of it land on my belly and hand as I continued to work my pole up and down while I instinctively squeezed my cock muscles.
When it seemed like it was done squirting I slowed my strokes then stopped and let my hand fall to the bed. It was still hard but I felt better and I was still breathing hard from all the work.
There was way more to this whole thing than I ever realized and one thing seemed to lead to another. As I laid there breathing my dick finally started to soften and even with all the things running through my head I drifted off to sleep.

When I woke up the next morning and went through the day all I cold think about was bedtime again, it couldn't come soon enough. When Lilly and I saw each other at school or even at home again later then all evening we never said a word to one another, only little glances here and there yet no expressions be it a smile, a gleam in the eye or any indication what we had done last night.
I began to wonder if things were alright and what she may have been feeling about it all day. I was hoping last night would kick things forward but I didn't get any indication and was not able to read her at all so I figured I would just have to wait and see.
Little did I know at that time what it would lead to and the fire we had unintentionally started but sometimes these things progress slowly, especially with children, before working into a full out conflagration.

Things went like they did last night for a few more nights and while I rubbed her to an orgasm I also guided her hand up and down my cock in a fashion that felt good and one that would bring on the spray of liquid to shoot from my dick. I also slowly tried to coax her to take my cock in her mouth but this was taking more time than I wanted. While she hadn't jacked me to the point of bringing me off yet I did rub her off every night but I needed relief from her in return.
Things went a lot farther along come Friday night since we usually got to sleep in late on the weekends and didn't have to worry about school and all that.
So with a couple nights in a row where we could "play" very late at night and not worry about getting up or getting caught we really crossed over that line.

As we laid in bed and patiently waited for Mom and Katy to go to bed we simply felt each other up and was working things to a fever pitch. Little did we know then that this was foreplay before fucking but to me then just like when I became an adult all this messing was just work, I wanted to get to the nitty gritty, actually we both did.
It's funny how you look back on what seemed like innocent fooling around leading up to the ultimate act would be the most important thing which as adults we seem to dispense with that and get right to it more often than not.
It was later than usual when mom and Katy finally went to bed but Lilly and I didn't have a bit of sleep in us at this point. We continued to gently play with each other while we made sure that everything was quiet and we could move on to bigger things without disturbance.

When it was apparent that mom and Katy were settled in I pushed down the covers and unlike all the other times when I just pulled my underwear down I took them completely off.
I wanted it but really didn't expect it to happen but after Lilly sat up I could sense she moved up on her knee's while she had her hand wrapped around my swollen member.
I placed my hand on her her back and like all the other times I was gently pushing her towards my cock while she pumped me. After several days I was getting more used to her hand pumping me and if she would just do it long enough and fast enough I knew she could bring me off, which has yet to happen.
I was going to do anything I could to make it happen tonight or before this weekend was over. After her pumping me for several minutes I needed more, much more than I was getting. Just like she did with me several days ago I was going to have to directly guide her so I ran my hand higher up her back and pushed her over indicating she should get her head closer to my dick.
Not able to contain myself anymore,

"come on, put it in your mouth", I whispered in a pleading tone while keeping pressure on her back with my hand.

"I will, I will", she said.

You owe me (I said under my breath) while I moved my hips up and pushed her harder. She was resisting a little and I was desperate but I knew I couldn't push her but so much.
I eased the pressure on her back and began to gently rub her back with my hand and let her get up her courage, will or whatever it was she needed to conjure up. When she stopped pumping my shaft then brought her hand up over my cock head and rubbed the palm of her hand over my head I knew she was preparing to do it.
I breathed out in relief just because of what was getting ready to happen. I continued to rub my hand up and down her back then I felt her lean over more and more.
The anticipation was excruciating and once again I felt her breath on the tip of my cock, her hand had slipped down to the base of my shaft. I waited for several seconds then I felt her lips over my tip and before I could breath out she pulled back and I heard the smacking as she licked her lips.
She was getting a the hint of the taste of cockmeat then she leaned back down and once her lips went over my head she took me in a little further before pulling back to my tip and going back down again.

I let out a soothing breath then gently brought my hips up and once again applied pressure to her back with my hand as she went back down then bobbed up and down on my head, her lips descended to my flare then back up again while she applied a light suction.
She knew what to do and just needed to do more of it but I was in heaven and I could barely believe that my sister was sucking my dick.
With her lips squeezing my squishy head I really needed her to at least take my entire head in her sucking mouth but the feeling so far caused me to moan,

"ohhhhhh, that feels sooooo gooooood", I breathed out.

She kept up the motion while my hand went to the back of her head but I wasn't pushing rather I was stroking her long dark hair. As she went down a little more and her lips wrapped over the flare which caused me to catch a quick breath then I let out a satisfying moan.
The feeling was incredible and I wanted her to keep on until I had to squirt. To keep her going I had to verbally convey that my desire for her to keep going.

"oh sis please don't stop..........., pleeeeeease", I moaned out.

She was new at this and while my expectations were high her lack of experience would dictate. Just when it was getting so good she pulled off and I was pushing her head back towards my aching dick. I wasn't doing it in a forceful way just enough to let her now I wanted her mouth back on my dick.
I was desperate for her to continue what I have never felt before to that point in my life,

"come on, do it some more", I whispered in a completely desperate tone.

Lilly was not struggling to break from my hold, she wasn't pulling back but not going down either.

"I want you to do me too", she whispered.

I wasn't sure what she meant by that but in my young inexperienced mind I thought about having my mouth on her pussy and figured that is what she meant. I really never heard of or even thought about something like this being done in return to a girl but at this point I was willing to promise anything I needed to just as long she she sucked my dick again.

"anything you want, I'll do you as good as you do me", I said.

With that she her head eased back down and she tightened her fingers around my swollen shaft then pulled my cock over slightly to line up with her mouth.
She plunged down taking my entire head into her mouth which caused my back to arch up while taking in a huge breath and the hand I had on her head pressed her down.
My entire movement was caused by the sensation plus it was instinctual as I wanted as much cock in her mouth as I could get in there. She wasn't just mouthing my cock rather she was applying some suction as well. I knew this was the way it was supposed to be done and the tingling in my body let me know she was doing it right.
After a few minutes of this pleasure she started to slow it down and then with a suction she slowly pulled back but keeping her lips tight around my head. As I felt her lips follow my head to the point and finished me with what felt like a slightly smacking kiss on the tip of my dick when she pulled off.
I wasn't ready for her to quit but I felt she did all she could do at this time. I was breathing hard from my own muscle tension the entire time she worked on me. Her jaws were hurting and as she rubbed her fingers on each side of her face to massage them.
She laid on her back, raised her hips and worked her panties down her legs, it was time for me to pay her back.
I stayed on my back catching my breath while I wondered what is was I had to do exactly. I mean it wasn't hard to figure that I had to get down between her legs but I wasn't sure about all of the logistics of doing a girl but it seemed basic enough.
I just had to get down there and stick my tongue out and lick her snatch but what I didn't know was what it would taste like and what reactions would I get from her.
She worked hard and I knew she was laying there anticipating me to return the favor,

"so was it ok" ?, she asked.

"oh my god, I loved it", I responded.

"it's my turn", she said immediately.

I was just as inexperienced as she was and I didn't really know exactly how to proceed but I got on my knee's at her waist then reached out with my hand to touch her mound.
She spread her legs as I worked my fingers over her mound then wormed my middle finger into her slit. I bent over approaching her cunt from the top and licked her mound. It smelled a little like pee when I got my face right down to it, I knew I had to get my tongue in her slot but I was wondering if it would taste like it smelled. I was hesitant and unlike a girl taking a dick into their mouth this was different. She didn't have her legs wide open but they were parted as I began to work then as I worked my way down she opened wider.
I wrapped my fingers under each of her legs to pull myself closer and to indicate she had to open her legs even more as I licked down her slit with my tongue still on the outside.
Not knowing any better I began to simply licked up and down her slit but with my head hanging down and me being arched over I was already getting tired plus I didn't feel I was getting anywhere even though she was slightly squirming.
I stopped licking and picked my head up which caused her to grunt in protest, like me she didn't like it when I stopped. I anticipated this and I had every intention of doing her like she did me,

"give me a second", I whispered.

I moved around to position myself in front of her then laid out where I could line my head up better with her pussy. I looped my arms under her legs placing my hands over the top of her thighs pulling her legs open more and brought my face up to her cunt.
I stuck my tongue out and with just the tip of it I touched the bottom of her slit then with the flat of my tongue I licked all the way up. Her back dropped down flat while she moved her hips up as I went back down again for another run.
Just like I had worked my finger deeper into her snatch I knew I needed to worm my tongue in the same way and this is where I had some trepidation.
I didn't know what it was going to taste like but the time of reckoning had come because as much as I tried to avoid it by letting my tongue pay attention to the top of her slit she kept raising her hips and putting her hand on the top of my head pushing down. She didn't want me at the top but farther down and deeper.
She didn't say anything rather she let her body movements do her talking, she brought both hand down and placed them on each side of my head, she planted her feet on the bed and raised her cunt up while holding my head to center me while using her fingers to pull me into her.
With the tip of my tongue I worked it into the spot she was wanted me to, when it penetrated her cunt lips I reached her slightly moister and softer meat. She let out a breath of relief and with her hands and hips she rocked to indicate what it was she wanted. With my tongue in now I worked up and inside her slit then just before I reached the top she pulled her hips up and pushed my had back down.
With the area defined that she wanted me to pay attention to I went to work. The taste wasn't bad at all, in fact it really didn't have mush of a "taste" that I could tell but the texture on my tongue was nice.
As I worked my tongue between her lips her hands left my head and dropped onto the bed but she rocked her hips moving her cunt up and down as I worked.

I was extending my tongue out as far as I could while I probed deeper into her hole, it was tight as hell and it was all I could do to get even the to of my tongue in but she must have liked it because when I pushed in deep she held her hips up while I probed.
There was no way I could keep this up as my tongue was starting to hurt underneath from extending it so far out for so long. I stopped going deep into her hole and relaxing my tongue but not stopping I licked up her slit to the very top.
I reached a point that caused her to buck and now she was planting her ass to the bed while I worked at the top of her slot. Again, I knew I was doing something right because of her movements, breathing and slight grunts while I licked the areas near the top of her cunt.
After less then a minute of this I was surprised when she tried to push me off given all her squirming and grunting but she wanted me to leave that spot alone so I let my tongue move down.
There was increased moisture and a specific taste that was not there when I probed her hole. It didn't taste bad or good but with the underside of my tongue hurting I had to quit licking but I had something else in mind.
With my dick feeling like it would bust open I moved up on top of her while reaching down with one hand to line myself up with the hole I had my tongue in.
Once the tip of my dick touched her cunt she brought her hands up to my chest and pushed against me,

"we shouldn't", she whispered.

With my fire lit and my curiosity peaked I had to do and experience as much as I possibly could.

"come on, just a little", I said.

She didn't push that hard and her legs didn't drop down at all while I worked my head between her lips and pushed in a little. She grunted from the intrusion while my eyes closed and I breathed out from the feel of her moist cunt on my head. There was a point when I pushed in that the very tip of my dick was in yet the hole was so small I thought there was no way in the world I could get my entire dick in.

"easy", she whispered.

On pure instinct I began to gently move in and out, well in and out was a misnomer as I could tell that when I pushed my soft head was simply flattening out and returning to it's shape when I pulled back, but it felt good.
I was doing the motion but not making any ground yet I certainly had the feeling that I should, at least I wanted to. After a minute of the motions I applied more pressure on on a few down strokes which caused her to grunt,

"take...... it......easy", she said in a strained halting whisper.

I eased back yet didn't stop because I didn't want to quit and she didn't say stop rather for me to just take it easy. I wanted to keep going and I didn't want or intend to hurt her either, she was my sweet little sister, so I eased back and kept up a light fucking motion.

"sorry, does this feel ok ", I responded while gently moving up and down.

"uh huh", she lightly grunted.

While I wasn't necessarily "in" the feeling was better and different than jacking off but not as good as when she sucked me but I felt that in short order I would squirt stuff my stuff.
There was a tingling feeling at the tip of my cock and even though I didn't try to push more inside of her I did speed up. I wanted that feeling like I had the last time I wanked it and shot off, I was close and like before I had no control whatsoever while the tingling became greater.
I was going faster and my breathing was more rapid and while I knew I better be careful making to much noise I needed to keep going until "it" happened.
With the moment of release close I threw caution to the wind and pumped in and out until I felt it happening,

"ooooooooooh", I very lightly breathed out as cum sprayed from my cock. I stopped pumping and tried to push into her while flexing my cock muscles.

Once I expelled everything I could I pulled away and gently moved over to the side and laid down while trying to catch my breath. It was kind of strange that Lilly never said anything to me then again I never said anything to her either.
We laid there quietly but my mind was reeling, I had found something that topped jacking off. To have a mouth on my dick or to be able to work it into a pussy was all consuming.
I/we found something fun, it felt good but there was some seriousness to it as well which we couldn't put our finger on. It sure was a great way to spend time in bed and it was an activity that caused extreme relaxation because the next thing I knew I was waking up to bright light filling the room.
It was Saturday morning and boy did I feel great. I woke thinking about the last thing I had done before going to sleep. I rolled over and Lilly was facing me and looking right at me.
She didn't have an expression on her face that I could read so I didn't know if things were good bad or other.

"what happened last night", she asked in a whisper.

I had a pang in my chest and thought perhaps we crossed a line that she was was now regretting. As much as I wanted to keep going and do more of these activities I flt things spiraling out of control.

"what do you mean", I asked.

"what was that stuff you squirted", she asked in a curious tone

I was feeling better now because I thought she was talking referring to us doing to but she seemed intrigued by me cumming more than she had reservations about the act.

"when it feels really good that's what happens", I said.

"so if I would have kept my mouth on it that would have happened" ?, she asked.

"without a doubt", I said.

A big smile formed on her face,

"coooooool.........(furrowing her brow), "what does it taste like", she asked.

I shrugged my shoulders and cocked my head to convey that I had no idea what the hell it tasted like.

We eventually got up and went about our day and just like last night we played again and then played ore each successive night. We never really got to the point where I actually got inside of her no more than she ever sucked me enough to where I could squirt in her mouth.
A huge door had opened though and the fire was raging in me and all my thoughts revolved around sex. Thinking about it, gathering any information on it, looking at all the pictures I could get my hands on and looking at all the girls I could, albeit in a much different way now.
Things began to change in our life's as mom's cousin was wanting to strike out on her own, she found a place and moved out. With another bedroom opened up I moved into it and surprisingly things went back to "normal".
The things Lilly and I had done were always with me but with opportunity and circumstances gone we never talked about our sessions nor did we act on impulses anymore.
We went on like typical siblings, we had our individual interests, she had her friends and boyfriends, I had mine and all her and I had was our experimentation.
As close as we were even before we played around we sort of drifted apart for a few years in the sense that we did have our individual interests. I watched her change over the course of 4 years and while I didn't dwell on what we did or weren't doing over this period of time.
I did always sneak looks at her in various states of dress and ogled her body as it developed.
Things took a huge turn when she turned 15, I was 16. I still hadn't truly had sex with a girl at this point but I was sure Lilly had been plucked.
She was a beauty with her petite frame, long dark silky hair, nice meat on her thighs, rounded hips and a wide plump butt. At 5'6" and about 130lbs she had it in just the right places as a lot of young petite girls do. She wasn't slender rather she was curvy and the shorts she wore always looked as if they were about to burst from the strain her hips and ass put on them.

These thoughts became more evident as we started to get closer again due to some mutual friends and the goings on between some boy she was going with and a girlfriend of her's which thought I was cute.
She was always telling Lilly to give me little messages from her and wanting Lilly to tell her things back about my interest and what I thought about her, etc, etc.
Now that we had a subject in which Lilly and I could relate again we ended up spending more time at home talking and on Fridays nights while mom was out her and I would be at home watching TV when we weren't out with friends.
I was certainly open to about anything that came my way these days and if it was my sister again that was fine with me. I didn't make any moves because it had been so long.
We were kids then and feeling change over time so I didn't want to make moves and end up looking stupid nor did I want to gross her out.

It was winter and while we were in on a Friday night watching TV we were under a cover on the couch. I don't remember how the conversation started or what the subject was initially but it melded into what we had done when we were kids.
This was the first time the subject came up in 4 years and I was excited but much older myself I knew how girls thought and how they played boys.
Lilly had been the only girl I ever even attempted or was able to get to the point of performing the motions of fucking. I wanted that opportunity again, she did as well, but with both of us playing it cool it was actually bringing things to a boil.
With some inuendos passed back and forth and a few strategic questions asked we were getting back to a point where we hadn't been in a long time.
While we reaffirmed our closeness and integrity as brother and sister we were each testing the waters to pick up where we had left off when we were 11 and 12. It had come out from each of us that while we did have our individual relationships and had done various sexual acts we were still virgins. At my age I didn't want to admit that but she was my sister and we trusted each others to be able to keep secrets.
We talked about the possibility of us being each others "first". It was late and mom would not be home for hours but we felt uncomfortable in the living room so we agreed to go to my bedroom and continue to "talk".
We actually did sit on the bed and talk, she said she had been close to actually doing with with her boyfriend but was scared and she stopped. He wasn't kind about the fact that she stopped and tried to talk her into it, she didn't relent which led to an argument and certain things said.

Lilly leaned into me and wanted me to hold her when she told me how he hurt her feelings after their incident. I could understand the frustration as I had been there with a couple of girls, they bring you right up to the point then abruptly stop things just about the time things get to a proper boil.
I could sympathize with the guy but this was Lilly, my little sister, so I had more sympathy for her has I held her. I couldn't ignore my own ulterior motives concerning this situation though since I wanted to do it BAD and I wanted to with her.
With our heads in such close proximity we brought our faces to each other while we hugged and lightly pressed our lips together. We were testing the feel of brother and sister kissing on the lips as more than just a sibling gesture.
It was somewhat strange and under other more benign circumstances it would likely have been flat out weird. She began to lean back pulling me down on the bed with her. She wasn't really pulling me rather I was willingly following her.
On our sides facing each other with our arms wrapped around one another we kissed again only a little longer and with more contact. I felt I could go into full make out mode, or at least try it to see if I got weirded out, but my ultimate goal was to get some.
With the stops and starts with other girls plus the fact that Lilly herself has admitted doing the same thing I hated to get to worked up then not be able to do the act.

It may seem terrible but I didn't want to put in all the time involved then hit an impenetrable wall when it come time to getting the top prize. I reached down and ran my hand down to feel her cunt through her pants, she didn't resist at all so I knew it wasn't to soon but then again there was still the time for her to stop this thing.

"I want to do this", she said.

I was extremely excited to hear that yet I have been to this point with girls and it was all a go until we got naked.

"Are you sure about that", I asked.

"Uh Huh, I've always wanted to do it with you", she said.

We kissed again even harder while I reached down trying to unbutton her jeans. I wasn't having the easiest time with one hand but she rolled away from me taking her arm from under me so she could use both hands to take her pants off. This was actually happening and much faster than I anticipated so to keep up I began to take my clothes off.
We laid down again and merged our naked bodies as we hugged, kissed and groped each other. I slide my hand down her back then over the curve of her plump butt and squeezed a handful of her cheek.
Once that was done I worked my fingers into her butt crack and followed it down to her cunt and let my middle finger slip between her lips. She was wet which made it easier for me to wiggle my finger up and down her slit. She reached down and grasped my cock as we continued to kiss, I ran my hand around the front of her body and worked between her legs so I could get deeper into her soaked cunt
I let my finger full run the length of her slit and once I reached her hole I inserted my finger inside.

She pulled away got onto her knee's and bent down to take my cock in her mouth. I let out a satisfying moan and brought her over to get into the 69 position. With her on top of me and her sweet pussy above my face I wrapped my arms around her waist to pull her down to me while I raised my head slightly to lick her cunt.
She had obviously acquired the taste of cock meat and I had tasted a few girls jizz before while lapping at their pussy. Lilly was doing great and taking me deep in her mouth while tickling my balls. I was burying my face in her pussy and licking long and deep, her cream was dripping from my nose and had completely coated my chin.
This was my sister and her pussy tasted just like any other but it was better in my mind because this was my sister and there was no doubt this would be the best pussy I ever had because it was Lilly and it would be my first.
I was amazed and pleased at the increased fervor and attention she was paying to my dick. It felt better than anything or anyone I could remember. I wanted to moan out loud but I was just as intent to thoroughly eat her pussy and suck up her juices. Even though I loved the attention my dick was getting I was ready for her to stop so I could get inside of her.
To move things along I pulled my face out of her cunt and pushed against her side to indicate she should stop and roll over onto her back. I knew I was excited and simply wanted to mount her and get my dick in but I fought the urge/need to just get on top put it in and bang the hell out of her. This was going to be our first time EVER and I knew that for girls this was much more emotional and special than it was for guys. I also knew I had to walk a fine line because this was going to hurt her and the emotions afterwards could go in many direction because we are brother and sister.

The thought crossed my mind that perhaps I should be the one to stop things now and not let this get out of hand. There could be a hell of a tailspin after the deed was done since this is my sweet little sister. I wanted to get some pussy so bad and I thought for sure I would have accomplished this with one or both of my the last couple of girlfriends.
I couldn't believe myself, I was really thinking of stopping this but I was caught between both heads fighting each other. My aching dick wanted so bad to be ensconced inside of a warm wet gripping cunt, I prayed it would be as good or better than my imagination.
My brain was telling me the potential emotional downfall of this could be devastating and lead to all kinds of terrible things because this is Lilly.

My dick wanted it and in my mind I loved my sister so somewhere in between this just had to be alright. My cock overpowered any other coherent and rational thoughts as Lilly pulled off of my cock and rolled onto her back.
I immediately positioned myself between her open legs and leaned over her and held myself up with a hand on each side of her. I was intent on asking her if she was absolutely sure about doing this thing, even though I didn't want to her anything but YES.
While I hovered over her and paused to ask my question she brought her hand up to my chest then ran them over my shoulders and around my neck.

"What are you waiting for, TAKE ME !", she pleaded.

I didn't need to ask anything at this point and before she, or I, could change our minds I reached down and grabbed my swollen cock and lowered my hips down then touched her drenched cunt with the tip of my cock.
Working it up and down her slit I found the mark and pushed in, her cunt lips enveloped my cockhead and I was in instant heaven. There was NOTHING at this point which could stop me now as I pulled back slightly and pushed in again until I hit resistance.
Her hands went from around my neck to the top of my shoulders and she lightly pushed against me but I stopped my advance.

"Are you alright" ?, I asked.

"UH Huh", she responded.

Despite that I felt I had to go extra easy or at least I felt it because this was my sister. Would I have thought this or tried to be easy if this was some other girl, I don't know. I am gentle by nature but in this situation being the first time lust simply takes control then it is just satisfying a need and/or fulfilling a curiosity.
I pushed in again until I felt the choking feel of her hole around my head, when this happened she drew in a breath and dug her nails into the back of my shoulders.
I eased off because I knew it was hurting her but with what I was feeling I thought it was impossible to get my cock through what felt like an opening the size of my thumb.
Lilly withdrew her nails from my skin then she ran her hands down to my butt and wrapped her hand around each cheek then she brought her legs back a little more.

"Just do it. Know matter what I say don't stop, OK", she said.

"OK", I responded.

I leaned more onto her and held myself up with my forearms then worked my hand under her shoulder and wrapped my fingers around to hold and pull her when I pushed in.
She tightened the grip on my butt and began to pull me into her as I tightened my fingers on her shoulders and pushed my hips forward. I knew this was going to be it, there was no stopping this time and we were intent on getting this done. As I pushed and she pulled the squeeze her cunt had on my cockhead was more than I imagined it would be as we both tried to get me fully inside of her.
I dug my knee's into the bed to gain traction as I rocked my hips forward and even though we were both pulling to make it happen she was instinctively tightening her cunt.

"relax", I softly said to her.

I didn't ease off rather I kept up the pressure against her maidenhead but I was not making any ground and wouldn't until she relaxed her cunt muscles.
I could imagine how hard it was for her to simply relax her cunt when invasion was imminent so to get her to relax I eased my cock back a little. With the indication she had a break coming she eased the grip her cunt had on my cock and at that point I instantly pushed in and fully buried my head inside of her and as the top of my shaft went through her opening she clamped down on it.
In my mind I was screaming "I"M IN, I'M IN" but Lilly's reaction was different. With her breath caught in her throat, her hands quit pulling my butt then she began to pant.
Crazy with desire I started very short strokes to work my cock through her hole. Beyond caring now I dug my fingers into the the top of her shoulders as I felt my cock inching it's way through then I felt increased wetness and knew I had broken her cherry. I was in absolute first time teenage heaven on earth as I began to get my very first piece of pussy.

Now that she was broken and I was starting to fuck her she had apparently gotten past the initial sting and was bringing her knee's up higher. She let her hand dropped from my butt while she brought her knee's all the way up to her chest. With a better alignment and full access I continued to work my cock inside of my sweet little sister's newly deflowered cunt.
I worked with vigor now and was pumping her while forcing my cock in more and more with each stroke. She grunted each time I pushed and I worried I was hurting her however, I just couldn't stop fucking her but I had to know,

"Are You OK", I asked.

"YEEEEEESSSSSS, please don't stop", she breathed out.

She didn't have to tell me that because I didn't think anything on this earth could stop me right now but knowing she was enjoying herself and I had full consent I went at it harder and pushed through and had about 3/4 of my cock buried inside of her.

"UHHHHHH, OH My God", she blurted out in a grunting/moaning voice.

I raised myself up off of my forearms and had my hands planted on each side of her to get an even better alignment while she brought her knee's all the way up into her chest.
With a final push I was completely inside of her which caused her to grunt louder than she had before. I moaned out in complete pleasure form the sensation of her cunt choking my cock as her cunt convulsed.
I was pounding her now and hitting her pelvis hard each time I hit bottom and all I thought about was getting all I could, all I needed, all I wanted and all she was willing to give me. I had jacked off many times while thinking about getting my first piece and would have brought myself off by now so i was surprised I hadn't squirted already.
Not wanting this to end I tried thinking of anything else while I fucked my sisters pussy but my balls were betraying me. I felt the familiar tingle down below that slowly rose up my shaft as a column of cum rose towards it's exit. I closed my eyes tight and fought the urge while not slowing my strokes.
My body went rigid, muscles locked in my arms legs and back while my hips remained free to continue the motion of sawing my meat in and out of her.
I started to loudly groan from the strain of holding back but I only pumped her faster while my other muscles only got tighter. I was in torment and bliss at the same time, this was excruciating. I groaned and began to shake then as a last attempt I held my breath until I couldn't hold it anymore then let out heavy moan before holding it again. I had to let go, this was the only way to end the pain I was experiencing.
When I couldn't hold my last breath anymore and let it out with a loud grunt Lilly spoke up,

IT'S OK, LEAVE IT IN", she screamed.

I was worried about pregnancy and if this was any other girl telling me to cum inside I would likely pull out but this was my sister and I trusted her.
While I continued to pump in and out I released my cock muscles, when I felt cum begin to spurt from my peehole I shoved in deep and held,

"OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH", I groaned out in long breathing relief.

I let the flow go until my cock seized up, I willed it to loosen up again and convulse as streams of brotherly cum flooded deep into my sisters cunt,

"UHHHH, UHHH, UHHH, UHHH", I moaned as my muscles milked every possible drop of warm sticky spunk from my tube until I expelled every trace.

I felt like I was on the verge of passing out while I held myself off of her and kept my cock buried deep in the heavenly feel of her hot love tunnel. With my relief and the veil of lust leaving my mind and body I felt her cunt convulse around my entrenched shaft.
I was hovering over her with my head hung down while trying to summon the strength to keep myself up and pull out of her. She had her hands around her knee's holding them against her chest.
When I started to be able to breath evenly I raised my head a little and opened my eyes, Lilly opened her eyes and had her lips puckered breathing through and lightly breathing out,

"whew, whew whew", she breathed as she was catching up from our action.

I think we both wondered if everything was still OK and if things changed for the bad now that we actually did it. I continued to look at her with wonder as I tried to read her eyes, she was searching mine and was looking for a sign as well.
The flood of relief and emotions that followed were mutual, we smiled at each other and another sense of relief descended upon us. I leaned down and kissed her flush on the lips and when the kiss broke I gently pulled out my now softening cock.
I leaned in and kissed her again then rolled to her side and laid on my back.
We did it, we broke each others cherry and there were no regrets only relief and the same yet enhanced sibling love which always existed.
This would be something I would never ever forget and would always be special to me. Since this was with my sister it made it so much more memorable because it was as fantastic as it was taboo.

A special and permanent bond was established with a silent understanding that we would and could be there for each other as needed and as circumstances dictated. Little did I know at that time that this would be the beginning of "A Life Long Affair" which would transcend time, relationships, marriages and various situations......................

(To Be Continued)

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