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My first attempt so please enjoy
My cousin... THE BOSS part 1

So where do I start, do I say this is a real story and have half of you call me a liar,
or do I say I made it up and have people say i'm a pervert, you know what either way
work's with me so make up your own mind.Please feel free to leave comments wheather telling me
you loved my story or even to tell me you think im a prick it's all good. This is my first story
so please be kind, or tell me I suck, I dont care either way, because before i get straight into
the sex and trust me there's plenty i want you to get to know the main character first so anyways.
So his name is Sam he's 16 and is a virgin and he's 5'6 and even though this goes against every
story on here he has a 4 and a half to 5 inch dick when he's hard which is below average and
definately below the size's i've read about in every other story on here anyways he has a fair
build with short brown hair which he was forced to by his mum which might sound odd but if it
wasn't for her he'd just let it grow because he really fussed and is a bit of a geek, but he
still has plenty of friend's so he's kind of a cool geek, which even he doesn't understand
that's all for now but if you need to know anything else I will tell you later, with that bull
out of the way let's start where it may or have may not begen...

My nan's house...
''Have a nice weekend'' called Sam's mum.
''Fat chance'' thought Sam.For the third weekend on the run i've been dumped here, im 16 for god
sake im hardly going to blow up the house. But when ever Sam brought it up his mum just waved him
away saying ''when your an adult you can be left on your own, or when you move out'' A chance
would be a fine thing, but she was going 'away' with her new boyfriend again, he was a nice guy...
Compared to the last three, but still his mind was only on one thing just like his mothers always
was, if only dad was alive, a thought his mind often jumped to in these situations, but he quickly
pushed the thought's of father from he mind because even though he was 16 the sbject of his dad
was still a soft subject.

''You going to stand there all day?'' Sam's Nan had come out to see what he was doing, if there
was one thing he didn't mind about being stuck here was his nan and grandad they always treated
sam nicer than anyone else in his family, ''god you look like a retard standing there''as if to
prove the point Sam was just thinking Adam his younger but much cooler (chavier) 15 year old
cousin made his presance known, ''nan when are we going to my house i'm so fucking board''
my nan just ignored the swearing, in a minute ''Sam can I twist your arm to come this week''
As with the last 2 times she had asked him to comee with her while she babysat his 13 year old
cousin sarah sam was about to tell her no when another voice came
from inside the door, ''of course he's coming he needs to come and spend some time with his
favourite cousin'' Sam suddenly felt very flushed as adams older sister and his couin linda
stepped out of the door.She was about the same height as Sam was which is abot 5'6 and she had
Size B tits (how Sam knows that you will find out later) and shoulder length brown hair and had little
need for make up because of her naturally good looks and she wasn't skinny by any means she had
curves but in all the right places which made her a very desireable girl by most of the lads in
there school. She had always been very picky and as far as Sam knew was still suprisingly a
virgin because even though She was only 2 months younger than Sam and had missed out on being in
the same year at school as he had by a matter of weeks (which he saw as both a positive and a curse)
people had a hard time believing they were related.

The reason Sam was blushing was because the last time he went to his cousins house he had been
watching a dvd in Lindas room when she had come home she walked into her room unaware he was there
when she took off her vest top and was abot to remove her pink bra when Sam let out a very quiet
''hey''Linda span round with a face like fire, then she realised it was Sam and her face quickly
turned into a smile, which Sam thought was odd seeing as she wasn't expecting him to be there,
''Hey Sam what do you think?'' Sam was confused so replied ''about what?'' ''My new pink bra of course''
and pushed her boobs in Sams direction, sam was taken a back all he could let out was a sound that
sounded like the air coming from ball, Linda looked confused and replied ''don't you like it?''
''how do I answer that without getting a slap.'' Thankfully some of Sam's confidence was returning
''well tell me you like it and tell me how it makes my tits look good'' Sam stared at them admiting
to himself they did look good when he caught what he was doing, this was his COUSIN after all,
''well Linda it's very nice but your my cousin so i think i should leave and let you get changed''
As Sam stood up the leave there was suddenly a very big smile on Linda's face ''Did I do that?''
Sam didnt even need to ask his eyes shot down and saw what he feared a raging hard on ''Linda i'm''
''It's fine in fact that has just made up for my shitty week'' ''why what's'' ''ooo just another
prick who just wants in my pants'' all Sam could reply was''o'' ''Why can't guys be more like you
Sam, i mean im standing here in my bra and you wont even look at my tits'' she pulled a very funny
face one that Sam only ever seen in porn which made him feel both scared and more turned on at the
same time, ''well that's because im your cousin linda'' Linda suddenly got a twinkle in her eyes
''so if i were to remove this bra and ask you to rub my tits you wouldnt be interested'' This was to
much for Sam he couldn't formulate any words because half his brain was screaming ''YES!DO IT!''
while the other half felt sick and just kept repeating ''she is your cousin, your cousin!'' Linda
had a smirk on her face Sam had a feeling she was getting the response she wanted, '' if i offered
this to any other guy we'd be fucking by now im sure. Maybe this will help.'' Linda reached around
and unclasped her bra and dropped it to the floor in front of Sam's eyes were the most sickingly
beautiful boobs he had ever seen and they were much better than he had fantasied about. He had
masturbated thinging of his cousin a few time's but that was all he had never intended to do anything
about it or get the chance for that matter her nipples were erect and were a much darker colour
than Sam would have ever expected and they fit her body perfectly, Sam started to reach out his hand
when Linda jumped on him, had Sam have been expecting this he could have braced himself but because
he didn't they ended up falling onto Linda's bed where before Sam had a chance to catch his baring's
he suddenly realised there was a tounge in his mouth, it was his cousins she was full on making out with
him, Sam pushed her away to tell her to stop when Linda said something that stopped him dead, ''I've been
waiting for this chance for years but someone always gets in the way'' Sam was shocked was this why she was
still a virgin? Had she been waiting for the chance to FUCK her COUSIN all this time? Before Sam could
say anything he heard a shout from down the stairs ''Sam we can go now Sarah's mum is back''

Sam pushed Linda off and was out the door and down the stairs before she had chance to do anything more and he hadn't
been their for 6 weeks and he had managed to avoid getting into a one on one conversation with Linda at school.
But now he had her asking him to go to her house with his nan and Adam both standing there as well, so Sam couldn't
think of anyway out of it so he simply sighed and said ''why not'' Sam looked at his beautiful cousin and saw that the
twinkle was in her eye again... TO BE CONTINUED

I really hope you enjoyed this story and if you didn't im really sorry but i would like to point out
from now on there will be much more action and by action i mean sex so give me chance. By the way
if there are any grammer error's or spelling mistakes im sorry but I am using notepad it's all I have
at the moment so please over look it. I will write the next part when i have chance which could be a week
or 3 haha...

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2012-08-18 19:13:41
Need to use spellcheck tongue not tounge, bearings not barings for example. Get an editor and your stories will flow better. Overall a good story keep it up!!!

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2012-08-18 10:40:54
this is a great start of a great story cant wait to read more about it please do carry on with the rest of the story


2012-08-17 21:49:25
Great story my I be so bold as to inquire that Linda was harassed by her older? Younger? Brother I miss small details sorry. Over all great story I see that this could be come a great story or was a great memory which ever a good story is a good story. Chow b001 out

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2012-08-15 14:08:46
Good start, however, you do need to use punctuation marks. Notepad should be equipped with them.

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2012-08-15 07:08:48
was good but i wish it had have been longer?

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