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Authors note- I had gotten told to do more of these stories, so here it goes! Plz comment and rate! Critiques welcome! This story has more of a back story in the beginning, the sexual parts are the first and fourth sections, so you can skip to those if you decide you don't want to read the back story. Enjoy :)

He grabbed my hips and slid deeper into me fast. "Ohhh dalty I love you!.... I'm about to cum!" he shot stream after stream deep into my ass. I started shooting my cum and it splashed onto his face, as I almost reached the peak of my climax he shoved his whole 9 inches into my ass and i shot the last of my squirt into his mouth. As I did this he and I heard a loud moan. "Oh shit, what the fuck is that?!"
We detached ourselves and opened my door that we realized was cracked open. On the floor with her pants down, shirt up, two fingers in her pussy and a hand on her tit sat my sister. " hehe.... Hi Dalty.... Chris..."

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Chapter 2~~Sister shock~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

"Brit... What the fuck are you doing!?" I shouted. My sister was on her knees with two fingers shoved into her cleanly shaven pussy. Her 32 C size tits were full and her nipples seemed to stick out a full inch. Her long blond hair accented her thin beautiful face. Her silver eyes glittered as she looked up at me so innocently. It remind me of the days when I was younger and I used to spy on her getting fucked by her boyfriends. She always looked so hot with that innocent about to cum face.
"I... I just came home... And I heard.... A noise... I... I'm sorry I should have left but.... It was so hot, I couldn't help it... I'll... I'll go." she tried to get up but the pants around her ankles kept her from that attempt, and she fell back onto the floor showing us her entire pussy. Her lips were swollen and her clit poked out of it's hood. Her pussy was dripping and it flowed down her legs. I couldn't help get my hard on back, and with that I remembered I was fully naked.
Suddenly something happened that shocked both Britney and I. Chris knelt down, ripped the pants the rest of the way off and started licking her bare pussy. She moaned loudly and grabbed her tits. Without thinking my hand glided to my cock and I started jerking hard watching my boyfriend eat my sister out. Her hips raised with his licks, timed perfect, so he hit her throbbing clit.
Her body started to spasm and I saw Chris shove his tongue deep into her honey hole. "unnnn I'm cumming!" She thrusted franticly and then collapsed onto the floor and started panting. Chris looked up at me and I shot my cum over the both of them. My sister got up, was beat red, and just walked into her room with out a word.
"Chris, what was that?" I asked recovering from my orgasm. He just smiled and rolled his eyes walking back into my room


That next morning was one of the most awkward of my life, of course I didn't have school because it was a Saturday. We just sat there playing with our scrambled eggs not looking at each other. The silence was to much to handle, finally I had to open my mouth. "Britney... Brit listen" she looked up at me like she was frightened. "I'm not mad. I have to say, Chris eating you out was the hottest thing I have ever seen." Suddenly she coughed like her eggs went down wrong. I just watched her swallow her milk and my mind flashed to a fantasy of her swallowing my cum. I shut my eyes quickly and shook my head. I tried to ignore my quickly hardening cock. I was not falling into that trap.
"Dalty I...." I rose my hand silencing her. I knew there was one thing that would make her feel better, so I looked her dead in the eyes and was about to tell her something I swore to myself I never would. "I used to watch you fucking your boyfriends. I also watched you masturbate some times. Please don't feel bad." The look on her face was priceless. She got up and sat next to me with out a word. I just looked at her and her face said it all. I was leaning in and I kissed her softly. I had never kissed a girl before, and her lips tasted like skittles. My tongue licked her lips and she parted them slightly. Our tongues danced together. I would be lying to myself if i said I hadn't had fantasizes about this for a long time.
She pulled away looking into my eyes she shook her head and whispered "Dalty this is wrong. This is so wrong. It's illegal and we just can't. I mean I wan--" her thoughts were interrupted by the phone ringing. She took her opportunity and jumped up to grab the phone. "This is Britney.... Yea..... Oh god... No.... No.... Yes, we will be there soon" she hung up and grabbed her keys and shouted "Dalton we have to go now. Dad.... He's.... We need to go."
We sat in the hospital shifting uncomfortably. A nurse had come out to explain the problem. For about three years now, I hadn't seen my dad. I told him I was in love with a guy named Chris. He kicked me out and I moved in with Britney. It had been to long sense I talked to him, but from Britney's reports he had been diagnosed with aids about a year after he kicked me out. He had tried to make contact with me again sense then, but I would never have it. He wouldn't accept me, so I was done.
"He's not doing well," said the nurse to Britney "he maybe has two or three hours left, his body is just rejecting everything we are trying to give him. He wanted to see you two so bad. His room is number 308. He requested that we do not disturb him, but if anything happens, there is an emergency button right on the edge of the bed, it will page me directly. Don't hesitate to press it if you see he's in pain." Britney just nodded and started walking to the room. Despite my feelings I fallowed her.
"Dad...?" Britney said walking into the room, I stood at the edge of the door. She leaned in and kissed his forehead. I have never seen my sister cry, but now I had a feeling I was going to now. They spoke in a hush tone and I could only make out a few words. Then Britney looked at me and stretched out a hand. With hesitation I walked to her and let her put her arm around me. My dad looked at me and smiled lovingly. He reached up and handed me an envelope. I took it and he grabbed my hand. With tears in his eyes he said "I'm sorry"
"It's ok dad, I love you." I said back. For the first time I felt welcomed by my dad. I watched as he grabbed my sisters hand again and said "I'm proud of you, your my little girl." His eyes closed and the steady beeping of the heart monitor started to slow, then drifted into one constant beep. It seemed in slow motion nurses and doctors flooded into the room. They pushed my sister out of the way she fell back onto the other empty bed and just stared at those nurses. Finally a doctor escorted us out of the room. The ride home was the longest, quietest ride of my life.
Brit went to bed without dinner. I sat in front of the tv staring at the envelope. I grabbed it and ripped it open. In it was a bunch of pictures and a note. I selected the note and started reading it.

Dear Dalton,
Over these years I have thought seriously about what I did. I have wronged you and I wasn't a good father. Half of the reason I kicked you out was because I have always had sexual tendencies to men, and I never thought I was ok. I had lied to myself for years, and if you look at the enclosed pictures you will understand what I mean. I love you son, and there is nothing wrong with you.

Glenda? My dads name is Glen... My heart raced. I think I knew what this meant. I dropped the note and grabbed the pictures. The first one was simple, my dad looking into a mirror, the caption said "before" in bold sharpie. I flipped to the next picture. It was a beautiful woman with blond curly hair much like Britney's. I dropped the pictures and walked upstairs. I could not handle this right now.
I walked near my room and I had stopped with my hand on my door handle. I heard a strange noise coming from my sisters room. I walked to her door and creaked it open. She was sobbing in the fetal position. I walked up to her bed and laid down behind her and started spooning with her. She rolled over and cuddled into my arms kissing me. I was her knight in shining armor. I kissed her back moaning into her mouth. She pulled back and whispered "I want you Dalty, I love you." I pulled her up onto my lap. She kissed me and humped me slightly. My hard on was already throbbing. Her lacy panties rubbed my cock through my pajama pants. She pulled them down and started kissing down my bare chest and straight to my dick. Sucking the head into her mouth she moaned and licked the small triangle spot below the head. I jerked into her mouth a little.
Without warning she sucked me harder. She shoved my cock deep into her throat and licked my balls. I moaned loudly and started humping harder. I was already on the brink, and i bet she was a lot better at sucking cock then Chris. She obviously noticed that I was about to burst.
She pulled me out and kissed me again, swirling my tongue around hers. I gasped and bucked my hips into the now dripping wet panties. She slid back down and jerked me off, I burst into her mouth moaning hard. She came up again and kissed me lovingly. When I came down from my orgasm high she cuddled into my arms and started falling asleep. I reached for her pussy and she shook her head and grabbed my hand and placed it back onto her back. "Not yet little brother." and together we drifted off to sleep.


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The next chapter will be out tonight or tomorrow!


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The next chapter will be out tonight or tomorrow!

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Your stories need to be longer, because then people have wait again for you to finish the next part nobody likes to wait a long time. By the way amazing story.

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