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So after rereading the old version I also felt it was a little...lacking so I went back and fixed it. I hope it's just as good as the first two or maybe even better!
College was hard to deal with since the one person that I wanted to most was still in high school and in classes while I had nothing for the day. All through my math class I kept thinking of how her breasts looked so fuckable in the baby-top tops that she would wear when I was around her. Or how I just wanted her to fuck me just once more; one last time.
Dating each other didn’t work out so well. All we really did was fuck each’s brains out other then go on really lousy. And when her brother saw us fucking once when we were at her house we knew we had to stop before it got in a real big mess. No way in hell was I getting coped by the feds for this shit. Her brother, Ryan, was in my graduation class and just didn’t seem to know that his baby sister was a lesbian slut magnet. I didn’t think he ever saw Megan as anything but a perfect little angel, which this girl so was not. So when he happened to walk in on us fucking each other so fucking hard that we were half catatonic he flipped out dragged her off me, still naked I might add.
Now, with the school year starting to come to an end all I wanted for my spring break was Megan’s fingers in my cunt and her lips on my tits as she finger banged me into sweet ecstasy and I got to lick her velvet cunt just one last time.

The day was unusually long since I had to finish doing some math homework and then head over to Wal-Mart to get some stuff for my room. I had wanted to dye my hair back to black and this math class was interfering with that. All I could think about was some sweet fingers sliding into my already wet cunt as they finger banged me right in the middle of class. I was so caught up in my sexual fantasy that I didn’t notice that the class had ended and I was the only one in there. It wasn’t until one of my class mates asked if I was ok, that I had a funny look on my face that I realized that I had had a sex daydream and was sopping wet now.
"Um…ya, I’m fine. You got lost in thought I guess, thanks"” I bolted from my seat hoping I didn’t have a wet spot and raced to my car, not really paying any much attention.
On my way out I nearly ran into my friend Heather on her way to classes. Heather was a tall brunette with some pretty decent 34 Cs. They were natural so of course I loved looking at them. But they were nothing to what I’d already had. Maybe if they were bigger or even really small I would care more for them then just for some masturbation image. But even though Megan’s were a bit small they were like little lolli-pops for my tongue when I did imagine fucking her nice juice cunt.
I gave Heather a quick hello and a semi-accidental brush of her tit and proceeded to my car. Once in the crappy vehicle I clicked it on and raced out of the packed lot and to the main streets. I knew that I had time to get my things done; I just didn’t want to chance seeing Megan when she got out of classes. Her high school was right near the store and she always liked to get the drinks that were sold there cause they were cheap.
The streets of this fucking town were packed with cars on their way to school or from school, all from the blasted college. How I hated the traffic that I had to go through. As I sat in this traffic jam I went back to my fantasy about being finger banged and imagined how fucking great it felt to have my slit licked and my cunt tormented, in front view of all these people in their cars. It got me so hot that I actually unbuttoned my pants and slid my finger down into my oven of a cunt, playing with my little cunt button. It felt so good that I kept going to down as I fucked my own cunt right in my car as I waited for the light to turn and for me to get moving. Good thing that the light I was on was a long one, so that gave me time to really get a good rev to my pussy before having to go. The car permeated with the smell of cunt as I got closer and closer to an orgasm and just before the light flipped to green I hit the right spot and I triggered a small but still satisfying orgasm.

Once free from the group and congestion I made my way to the store and parked quickly running in to grab what I needed and to check out fast. The clock on the wall above me read 3:10 I had five minutes to get out to my car and get back to my apartment so that I had no choice of seeing Megan. After what her brother did I really didn’t want to have to face him again. Ryan cussed me out and said that if he saw me "
"violating" his little sister again he would find a way to castrate me, even thought I was a chick and a pretty awesome friend at that too. Just the thought of that possible scenario was enough to scare my tits into not thinking about Megan getting them hard.
Soon I was back at the car and almost in when I faintly heard the bell from the high school ringing, calling to release the throngs of students. I tried to ignore the bells but I just knew that I was fucked. From that moment floods of Megan fucking my body crashed my mind. How she would curl her fingers as she thrusted into me and how she bit my tits as she played with the dildo that she would use to fuck me until I screamed for her to stop or I fainted. As I thought of all that I made the biggest decision that I had made in my life so far, I was going to fuck Megan tonight, no matter what.

Casually I pulled into the school parking lot, avoiding students racing to get to their cars. Cruising into a spot I pulled my phone out and dialed a long forgotten number. Quickly I sent the message and waited for the reply. As I waited a short skinny girl strolled up to my car, wearing the skimpiest skirt I had ever seen on a high school student before. I swore I could have seen her pussy lips hanging out from the thin fabric of her see through panties.
"Hey! I think I know you." Her voice was cool and calm. She knew what she was doing. Calmly I arranged myself and tried to answer back without sounding like I wanted her pussy in my mouth and her hands on my mounds, when I already did.
"Oh!? You do? Where?"
"You went to Ridge High, last year?"
Slightly I saw her smile when she made the connection and her fingers curled around her bag on her slim shoulder. "You’re Trisha, Megan’s fuck buddy." My face dropped. How the hell did she know? And who could have told this bitch. "I guess I guessed right. Bet you wanna know how I know?" her smile shown on her pale, flawless face. Cold green eyes stared at me through the glass of my windows at me, burning my soul. "You see, Megan and I are good friends. She and I share everything. And I mean everything. Well, except for you. You were the only thing she ever had that I wanted. She only got to you first." Now I knew what she wanting…me
I was about to force my keys back in the ignition and race away when the ringer of my phone rang out and the spell of silence was broken. Carefully I reached over and read the flashing screen. Megan had answered back telling me to wait where I was.
"Aren’t you gunna tell her that I’m here. She might want to know that." Her eyes flickered on my tits and then to my unbuttoned pants. A smile forming on her lips as she gave them a little lick and winked at me. I now too thought that I knew her from somewhere. But of course all I was really focused on back in high school last year was fucking Megan and doing it whenever and wherever we could and for how long. Hell we even did it during one of the Pep Assemblies while everyone was on the bleachers and we were under them.
I tried to say calm as this girl looked at me, but my cunt knew what I wanted and it wanted to be fucked and damn! High school girls were like my kryptonite and this one knew just how sex manic I was and wanted it. She shifted a little to the left and pulled her shirt down enough so that I got a show at her tits and a good look at what she had. Damn she had a nice pair of tits and I could sense that she was as much of a sex kitten as Megan was, maybe even more of one.
"Wanna let me finish what you started?" she indicated to my pants and how they still though all this were unbuttoned.
"Nah, I’m good." It was a little tense and it defiantly showed.
Soon Megan showed up and was almost to the car when she locked eyes with this girl standing next to me. Except she didn’t do what I thought she would have, instead she raced forward and hugged her, kissing her on the lips and grabbing her ass. When they had greeted did they cast their attention onto me. I carefully got out from the car and walked around to them. I was first greeted by Megan with a French kiss and a feel of my left breast. She was back "Hey Meg, you know this chick?” I was slightly confused.
"Ya. This is Nan. She and I have been friends since third grade. She was who I told you about awhile back." She beamed with delight.
"You were right Meg. She is a nice piece of ass and a pretty cute lesbian."
By now I was confused enough for all that I just kept my mouth shut. Soon Megan spoke again. "Trish, I thought that maybe Nan could join us. I mean, I love fucking you and you just seem to be getting board of just me fucking you. So I’m bringing Nan." She got close to my ear and sexily whispered to me. "I wanna make you cum so bad that you can’t stop screaming my name and squirt pussy juice all over the room." instantly I was turn on.
Whispering back, "Then get your pretty little cunts in we’re going to my place."

Not even a few feet into my apartment Megan was ripping her clothes off and Nan was slipping her skirt off, clothes flying everywhere and I was still stunned at what was just about to go down. Quickly I found myself flung against the wall and two sexy teen blonde girls touching my body, peeling my clothes off one layer at a time. First Megan pulled my shirt off over my head trapping my arms up and blinding me as the two girls licked my chest and one pulled my boobs out of their confines. Their warm mouths on my icy tits felt so good I was ready to just cum already. But they held off and pulled the rest of my pants off and ripped my panties off me, still keeping my arms trapped and me blinded. Their fingers found every point that could be touched and teased me until I wanted to just fuck both of them until they cried. But I didn’t get the choice Megan shoved me more against the wall and thrusted her tongue down my throat while her fingers shoved their way into my soaking wet cunt. As soon as she connected a jolt of electricity shot through my body and I was in heaven. Nan had not taken control over the tits and was biting and twisting them so hard that I thought she could have been trying to get them off.
Megan’s fingers flew swiftly in and out of my burning cunt as Nan bit my left tit and grabbed at my asshole, pushing in and out getting me hotter. I wanted to get the shirt off of my head but the tow girls kept it on tightly and I felt exposed and helpless, but they kept fucking me as I fell closer and closer into pleasure. Soon Megan added a finger and she was flying so fast that I was bucking against the wall as my hips got in sync with her speed. I was getting fucked so hard that my mind just went blank and all I could feel was her fingers in my cunt and how fucking great it felt to have her pounding me.
All this time of being fucked by Megan I didn’t realize that Nan had left and moved to my bed room as I was finally allowed to pull the shirt from my face. It wasn’t until she had come back with my large purple vibrator and the small pink one did I realize what was going on. I was about to be part of a little teen threesome. Nan quickly handed the purple vibrator to Megan who pulled her hand from my now dripping cunt and proceeded to shove it into where she had just been fucking. Nan shoved the other one into Megan’s pussy and tuning it on full blast. The pure jolt of the power was enough to bring Megan to the ground, writhing in pleasure at how the small pink object hit right where her button was. Nan quickly took her place in fucking me as she grabbed the purple monster and started skewering me with it.
I bit on Nan’s ear as she shoved the dildo in and out of my already throbbing cunt at an incredible speed. Not in my dreams had I thought that was going to be getting fucked by two slutty teens and that was going to be the bitch. Her own hands kept plunging into her own cunt, also dripping from all the action that was going on around us. Megan was to busy frantically fucking herself to notice that Nan had switched from just fucking me to sucking my tits, getting both of us hornier as she learned all that made me hot.
I couldn’t take it any longer and pulled Nan off my body and dragged her to my bed, pushing her to the sheets as I grabbed the vibrator from my own cunt and threw it to the side. Her legs flew up and I dove right into the warmth. Her lips were wet and she was soaking the covers from the sheer joy from my tongue and all the foreplay that was just done in the past half hour. I licked the clit of Nan, showing her what she had been missing when she said that had wanted me from Megan all that time. From her reaction I knew that this was her first time being given oral from another girl like this. Tears filled her eyes as she came for the first time this day. Her small frame shaking like a loose board from a powerful orgasm and squirting all over my face. I just continued to lick her slit until the orgasm passed and she came back to reality. Slowly I cleaned her pussy up from all the cum that was coming out from it and pulled her up to make out. To my surprise when I was kissing Nan Megan had come up from her own fantasy with a vibrator and started licking my asshole, edging me along. Her tongue was like fire to my gasoline. As soon as she hit that right spot I let out the hardest orgasm that I had yet to feel, Nan bit down on my lip to soften her own second orgasm of the night as she fucked herself.
As I came to I found Megan and Nan making out, each playing and pinching the other tits as they basically face fucked each other with their tongues. I decided that they were missing me so I swiftly got between them and slammed a finger into each of their wet vaginas and started finger banging each of them until Megan cried out in pleasure, "Fuck me more! Oh my God! Fuck! Fuck! Fu-ck!" she came screaming from my fingers and Nan wasn’t far behind. Each letting a cry of passion escape their bodies as gush after gush fell from their bodies.
As Nan sunk into the lust from all of this Megan grabbed the purple vibrator now laying on the floor after being rolled off in all the finger banging and started pounding it into my frail cunt, savagely ripping me apart from the inside out. A smile creased her lips as she whispered into my ear through trusts and pounds into my sore cunt. "I’m going to fuck you until you cry out my name…bitch!" her words made me hot and I knew what I wanted. I wanted her to fuck me so fucking hard that I forgot how to walk the next morning.
Quickly the friction in my pussy was getting to be too much and I could feel a powerful orgasm coming from deep within me. To help hold it off I grabbed my tits and started twisting at them, as if they could come off or turn down the intensity. But all it did was make the coming orgasm feel twice as good and three times as fast.
"I’m coming! I’m coming Meg!" I cried as she just dove the thick rubber member right back into the rhythm of before, but going a bit faster. Nan, now woken up had now gotten into it, was now sitting on my face forcing me to eat her out. The added sensation of Nan’s cunt in my face, with my tongue fucking her little asshole was enough to finally push me over that edge and into the biggest and longest orgasm I had ever had.
Squirts of cum shot from my cunt as I cried a muffled yell into Nan’s cunt. I just kept licking and eating her out until my whole world went dark and I could just feel the pulses of the vibrator still in my cunt. Nothing on my body seemed to work and I could only watch as Megan and Nan now went at it on each other. Megan eating Nan out as she Nan shoved the pink dildo to Megan’s cunt, fucking her so much they both were bucking, and Nan eating Megan out with Nan getting anal raped by the same pink dildo, now so lubricated that it slid in with ease. Both fucked the other until both screamed in passion and fell back onto the bed in a heap next to me, the purple vibrator still on in my dripping cunt.
Soon, as the excitement faded and I came to looking at the time I realized that I had to get these two out of my apartment before someone thought to look here for them. But yet, in the back of my mind a small voice told me to just let it all be. I look over and glance up at Megan.
"So we done with this whole thing now since your bother thinks I’m a perve?"
"Hell no. I quite like having you as my fuck toy, no matter what that ass says."
"And her?" I motioned to Nan who was still a little out of it.
"She’s ok. I fuck her all the time." She smiles a sly smile and rolled over to me as I cuddled with her. Cum still dripping out of all our cunts and the smell becoming too much.
"Should be wake her?"
"Nah. Let her sleep, we're at my house and I’m at her house. I have all night."
"Then wanna go again?"

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I came many times reading this...Thank You

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Not too shaggy, but still a wee bit difficult to follow up on what's happening. Hang in there and try again babe.

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