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Continuance of part 1 :)
Chapter 2:

A note from author:
Those who liked my story so far, thank you. Those who didn’t, please leave a note WHY you didn’t like it. I may help me write better. Those who simply do not like deions of like sex, don’t read my stories, simple as that. So, the story continues……..

Actually, I was feeling bad. As Thia served my dinner, I looked at her with a mixture of shame and excitement. Kids went to sleep, and I didn’t want to think how much of my rape of her mother they overheard, because, that what it was. A pure rape. So, why I was looking at her with my cock aroused? I was dominant all of my life, but this crazy moment of sadistic pleasure was new even for me. And I felt strange because part of me wanted her and kids out of my house, so I can bury myself in my shame. But another part was aware that my shame would be much deeper if I kick her out because not that I only rape her, but I was thinking about doing it again, and again. I was totally confused. So, I tried something else instead:
“Yes, Master?”
“Does it hurt much?”
She looked at me in shock:
“Be honest with me, Thia!”
She nodded:
“Master…” she almost whispered: “…I love when it hurts…..I always loved that.”
I was surprised:
“You do?”
“Yes, Master. And I love your cock….And I promise I will learn to swallow it all…….I promise.”
I looked at her, and something new awoke in me.
“Thia, take of your clothes, and sit on the table.”
She was naked in a moment, and took a place of my plate. There was a mixture of fear and excitement in her eyes, but this time I decided to do something different. I leaned to her pussy and licked her clitoris. She moaned. I grabbed her buttocks, and passed a whole length of her slit, and started to combine licking her depth and her clit. In sudden inspiration I raised her a little and licked her asshole. She almost screamed, and I pushed my tongue inside. She had so tiny and tight asshole, like a little girl, and it was obvious that no one licked her there, because she started to shiver uncontrollably. I pressed my finger gently inside her ass and went back to licking her marvelous cunt. In about five minutes she screamed in fire of orgasm.
I stood up and looked at her tiny but obviously a full woman body shivering in orgasm, a tiny sparkles of sweat all over her tanned skin. And I asked myself if she ever had a real orgasm in her life. And, deep inside me, I knew that I will use and abuse that marvelous body; after all she was a masochist. But, I also knew that I am the one who will also give her something back. I took her in my arms and took her to my bed. And that night I made love to her.
When I woke up in the morning, she was already in a kitchen, preparing my breakfast. As I came, she smiled shyly:
“Good morning, Master. I hope I didn’t wake you up?”
“No, Thia. I have to go to work. “
I ate my breakfast in silence, and left house without another word to her. Too many things were happening in my head, and I needed to sort them out. And, also, I was in Thailand for a project, so I couldn’t allow that anything stand in a way of it.

During the lunch break, I met with a girl from the renting company. She came in yellow shirt, black leather mini skirt, and high heels. She was also stunning peace of woman, and, somehow, I knew that she dressed like this for me:
“Miss Sora, tell me why you picked Thia for a job in my house.”
She looked at me in surprise:
“Is there anything wrong, Sir? Thia called me yesterday that you took her and kids to live with you…..”
I waved my hand:
“Nothing is wrong, miss Sora. But I would appreciate of you answer my question, and answer it truthfully.”
She sat there for few minutes, obviously mulling the answer in her head, and then she pulled a pack of slim cigarettes from her purse and lit one. She pulled and exhaled a smoke, and looked me straight in the eyes:
“Sir, Thia is my friend. Life was not so fair to her, and to be honest, money she gets working for you is threefold she could get working for anyone else. And….” She hesitated for a moment, and I said simply:
“You are…big and handsome….and foreigner…… And Thia is…….free with her body……”
I smiled, lit my own cigarette and waved to her to continue:
“Please, miss Sora, tell me everything!”
“Sir, please, just call me Sora. And, yes, she called me this morning again and told me everything what happened last night….In details.”
I felt stupid, but I couldn’t help myself, I was red as a lobster.
She laughed a silvery laugh:
“Don’t worry, Sir. She loved every moment of it. EVERY moment of it….and….to be honest, I envy her.”
A beast in me kicked my head stupid, and I smiled:
“Well, Sora……if Thia is so close friend, why don’t you come to dinner one evening?”
She looked at me in shock:
“You…..are serious?”
I leaned back in my chair, intentionally passed every inch of her body with my eyes, and smiled:
“Of course I am serious. But, I have more questions and one task for you.”
“Yes, Sir. Anything!” she said a little too fast, and I couldn’t help but to laugh. My Thailand days will maybe be dedicated to my work, but my evenings and weekend just jumped to a brand new promise.
“Ok…questions first. Yesterday she almost gave me her kids. What is the deal?”
I saw her turning red now:
“Just answer, Sora!” I said with steel in my voice, and she nodded. She lit another cigarette, and looked me again:
“Sir……as much as I know, they are both virgins….But……I feel so bad telling you this……”
“Just tell.”
“They both are experienced in licking pussies and sucking cocks…….Thia will kill me for saying you this…….”
I smiled:
“Don’t worry. I wouldn’t tell her anything….If you won’t”
“No, Sir….But, please, talk with Thia if you want something with Mya and Donny. Please?”
I nodded:
“That I can promise….And now the request: I want you to take Thia and buy her modern outfits…..You know, heels, stockings, skirts, lingerie… Do you think you can do that?”
Her eyes shone:
“Sir, every woman likes to shop…..And how much money you have in mind? And….do you trust my judgment?”
I smiled an evil smile, and took my wallet. As I gave her a credit card, a whispered in her ear:
“You are one sexy hot bitch….And you know how to dress to arouse man. So, yes, I trust that you both will look your best for me.” Then I kissed her cheek, left money for drinks and walked away.

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2012-08-16 00:46:41
fuck you! why id you have to do this to me??? pls, oh god pls! make more, make many, many more! and longer!!!! I...Love...This...Story <3

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It holds promise for the next chapter but chapter 2 as it is is too short & the only sex is oral. Lame.

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