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She is mine for the taking
"Claiming Lucy

"Ah John," My father greeted me as I arrived at Greatby in great haste as the summers afternoon became the early evening, "You're here at last."

"At last?" I queried as I stood in the entrance hall all filthy from the road, tired and hungry as I had ridden like a madman and quite ruined my horse in the process, "What do you mean at last?"

"I sent for you to come at once," he insisted, "Mr Braithwaite has gone long since."

"Braithwaite," I queried, "Who is Braithwaite, your solicitor?"

"No," he explained, "Oh no but he had to go."

"And what is so important that we must discuss it in the entrance hall before I have even taken refreshment!" I demanded, "Surely it can wait upon my repast?"

"Yes, No, I don't know." Father said dithering as was his way, "Oh I own this is a ticklish thing," he said, "Poor Robert is beside himself with confusion."

Robert my elder brother and father's heir, as incapable of rational thought as any without the precincts of a lunatic asylum.

"And mother?" I asked, "Where is mother?" I asked.

"Ah, that is what I wanted Mr Braithwaite to tell you, John," Father said, "Oh I own this is such a ticklish thing."

"Just tell him!" My cousin Lucy, father's brother's child, suddenly appeared from the withdrawing room, looking suddenly all grown up and womanly, her chest now adorned with delectable mounds were once had been tomboyish flatness.

"Lucille, I fear this should be spoken of soberly by gentlemen," My Father insisted.

"What father?" I asked, "What should be spoken of soberly."

"Your mother is a whore, and you are a bastard!" Lucy said triumphantly.

"What?" I demanded as my world turned upside down.

"She confessed all last evening," Father admitted,"She broke down and begged for forgiveness."

"Broke down?" I enquired.

"Fitzgibbon spurned her," Lucy said, "After twenty years as his whore!"

"Twenty years but I am," I stopped as the thought struck me, "Am I Fitzgibbon's son?" I asked as an image of the rogue appeared in my consciousness, a chancer, drunkard and womaniser known the county over for his scrapes and his excesses.

"Indeed," Father agreed, "It does seem so after all we have noted that we are remarkably dissimilar for father and son."

"I need to sit down," I suggested, "So where is Mother."

"With her mother," Father replied, "I could do no less than cast her out."

"And you should go too!" Lucy said with some considerable venom.

"Go, why, where?" I asked, "What have I done?"

"Why you deceived me into undue and improper intimacy," Lucy declared, in her naivety.

"For heaven's sake, " I exclaimed, "I have ridden like a lunatic this whole day and the least I am entitled to is a decent meal and a glass of ginger wine is it not?"

"Indeed," Father agreed, "Lucy, would you ask cook to."

"No, I am not your servant!" she snarled, "Go to the alehouse!" she insisted and she stormed away.

"I'll go after her," I suggested.

Father said, "No!" but I ignored him and stormed after Lucy though she went up the stairs and not to the kitchen.

"Leave me alone!" Lucy snarled.

"What do you mean improper intimacy?" I demanded.

"You tricked me," she said, "We have been alone together, I am ruined."

"You stupid naive unworldy wench,!" I chastised her.

"How dare you!" she snapped, "Unworldly you say, I have been presented at Court!"

"While I have been at college," I countered, "And my dear Lucy what we have enjoyed is not improper intimacy I may assure you of that."

"Indeed, well Mama says to the contrary," Lucy snapped, "Many a poor wretch has fallen from dalliance with a beau,"

"Oh you stupid child, I have never treated you improperly!" I insisted with exasperation.

"But we had intercourse John," she insisted, "Mama says intercourse is the ruination of a girl, I might have been ruined when we were together and you the son of Fitzgibbon the brute with the unnatural lusts."

"You don't have a clue do you!" I snapped back, "Intercourse means more that conversation," I explained quite improperly, "It means fornication, have you never seen a stallion cover his mare or a,"

Her hand flashed across my face, her diamond ring slashing a crimson scar across my cheek.

I clasped my hand to the wound, for a second and the blood was crimson there upon my fingers when I removed it, "Now leave me!" she said.

"Not until this matter is resolved," I insisted.

"Rape!" she cried.

"Oh for heaven's sake," I sighed, "Desist, for I have not the urge to ravish you."

"Rape!" she cried again as as Frobisher the Butler was aroused from his slumbers and wandered uncertainly forth from the back stairs she bellowed "Rape," once again and grasping her own bodice she tore it asunder, "Rape, for pities sake!" she cried.

Her mounds were delectable, fully the equal of any possessed by any whore or harlot, the equal and more of any mounds that I had kissed or caressed during my studies at Oxford.

"Rape, fetch the constable!" she squealed, "Have the brute incarcerated!"

She was inside the bedchamber door, so I propelled her forth and slammed the door in Frobisher's face and slammed the bolt across to secure the door firmly shut.

"How dare you!" I demanded, "Tearing you own raiment, making me out to be a lust crazed lunatic set on ravishing you.!"

She sat on the edge of the bed central between the posts, "Back I say, she insisted as she tore her bodice all the more, revealing more of her mounds.

"I have done nothing improper," I insisted.

"I am lewdly disrobed and you are present, is that not improper?" she demanded.

"At your intention," I said, "Not mine."

"You pursued me hence," she insisted, "You speak of fornication and there is lust written bold across your countenance, what could be more improper?"

"I have no desire for you!" I lied for the sight of her mounds had aroused me such that my breeches were now in extreme tightness around my swelling member.

"No?" she queried and her dainty foot lashed out and she kicked me in my most tender part where my member was curled and coiled like a spring awaiting the moment when he might spear his counter part of womanliness and effect me a release from my state of complete lust.

Fire and flame, and crushing force paralysed me as she impacted my member, "Agghhhh," I screamed, "I am destroyed!"

"Rape!" she cried, but my hands were tearing at my breeches and belt to release the poor bruised appendage and inspect him for deformity, "Rape!" she cried more urgently now and she struggled to get further up the bed, but the hem of her dress or underskirt was caught and as she moved so it slid down her delectable body and her torn dress came down to reveal the flatness of her belly and the fur that hides her womanly parts.

"It seems he will live," I said as I inspected my member.

"Oh no, for pities sake, please do not mount me," she wailed, "Your monstrous appendage will surely tear me asunder!"

"Oh for pities sake Lucy, I have no desire to ravish you!" I insisted, but my eyes were firmly upon her womanhood, I had never seen a lady in undress, maids yes, their smocks up and pants down, whores, of course, corseted, bare breasted with french silk pantaloons or their womanhood lewdly displayed but never a fine lady with her womanhood displayed and ripe for mounting, I always believed they wore silk pantaloons like whores, but she wore nothing below her silken undeskirt.

"You lie," she replied, "You are as rampant as any stallion, Mother warned me, you can not help it John, no man can, but please open the door and spare me."

"Are you all right miss Lucy?" Frobisher enquired.

"He has abused me already and seeks to mount me like a stallion mounts his mare," she cried, "Please fetch the constable before I am entirely ruined!"

"He's raped the girl already sire," Frobisher told my father, "Fetch the constable!"

"Come quietly John, or do the honourable thing," Father said soothingly, "A ball through the temple should suffice."

"I have done no wrong!" I insisted.

"He has abused me and seeks to mount me, help me please!" Lucy pleaded and her struggles revealed her womanhood. A sweet cleft among the soft golden hair of her belly, a jewel beyond price.

"You cry 'Rape', then Rape it shall be!" I declared and I kicked off my boots and breeches and leapt upon the bed.

Her dress parted easily, tearing down the centre from where she herself started the rent and her silk underskirt or petty-coat slid away also and I forced her knees apart though she resisted me in was in vain for my strength was the double of hers and she succumbed swiftly as I forced her knees apart and out and upwards as I pressed upwards and pinned her to the bed with my upper body resting on her mounds keeping her knees firmly spread as I grasped my appendage sought his target.

The moist lips of her womanhood were ripe for mounting and the silken feel of them on the fore skin of my appendage was perfection and the delight increased as I pressed him home until an unseen force impeded him, "No!" she cried but taking an adjustment of stance I pressed again ad though she wailed anew I slid further into her innards until up0on looking there was no sign where Lucy ended and I began so perfectly were we engaged together though for her part her cry went up that she had lost her maidenhood and was ruined.

Realisation dawned, "Oh, I am so sorry Lucy!" I explained inadequately.

"You brute,"she snapped. "You said like Stallion and Mare, and yet you abuse my, my."

"Womb!" I suggested as the warmth of her soothed away the pain she had inflicted to my member and I luxuriated in the soft warm wetness that was her.

She gasped wordlessly in incomprehension that ravishment might be so agreeable, "This is the intercourse that ruined young ladies Lucy," I explained, "Not a chaste kiss, or gentle touch but fornication, a man and a woman conjoined."

"Get off me, you, you monster!" she protested but her inner parts joyous acceptance of my intrusion was at variance with her complaints and her hips thrust at me as strongly as I thrust at her.

"Lucy, are you there?" An older woman's voice, it was her mother Aunt Adele as I knew her.

"I am ruined entirely Mama," Lucy replied more blithely than was sensible I determined.

"Has he used his snake upon you Lucy or might you still be saved." the woman asked.

"I am impaled thereon, Mama," Lucy confessed, "I am ruined!"

"You must desist Lucy," The woman ordered, "Make him desist, claw at his eyes anything but do not let him emit girl, do you understand?"

The world was warm and white, great towers of fluffy marshmallow engulfed my appendage or so I thought and that familiar need arose within and like an overheated kettle my loins exploded.

"Ohhhh," Lucy expounded and with that cry was she lost entirely as my seed flooded endlessly, or so it seemed within her, time stopped, a second of life seemed to be a day as my lips sought her lips and for a fleeting moment our hearts were one as we conjoined in ecstasy, "Mama he has , Mama!" she said, "He has filled me entirely!"

"Oh you poor, poor girl!" he Mama opined.

Lucy lay a moment, a smile across her face, her cheeks flushed, a bead of perspiration upon her brow the look of sated contentment briefly upon her brow before her features hardened and he shouted, "I hate you, you have ruined me, you Bastard," she exclaimed spoiling the moment, for I had tasted ecstasy and believed myself infatuated, "I am ruined."

"You are a wanton whore like my mother," I opined, "You should do very well in the whore house now you are ruined," and reaching in my shirt pocket I withdrew my purse and set two pennies upon the bed side, "Payment, and more, and for a tip, well some advice, never ever fornicate without a skin!" I offered as a wisdom every whore would do well to heed and than with a swift wipe of my appendage on her dress I was dressed and I was away through her window.

The drain pipe awaited and repaying years of neglect it snapped the moment my weight fell upon it but though my descent was thus hastened no bones were broken, and when I found myself to be still able to run so I was away to my horse.

The beast was tired beyond reason but nobly waddled away at a half trot before the pursuing throng could become organised and I was away and through the woodlands far from the main road where I stopped to think.

Everything made sense, father's slow-witted-ness and timidity, I had long suspected father and brother to be fellows from some strange alien race or changed from frogs by some witch with frog brain intact, but with the revelation that I were of Fitzgibbon blood all was explained and I determined to proceed to Fitzgibbon Hall forthwith to have the matter out once and for all.

It was not far, barely six miles across the moors and I spurred my exhausted nag to his utmost until he decided throwing me off to be preferable to continuing at anything more than a trot and he lowered his head and slowed his pace accordingly.

My arrival was not of the most welcoming, I tied my horse near the water trough in the absence of ostlers and then I went to the front door to seek the master of the house.

"What do you want?" Miss Mabel Fitzgibbon, my eldest half sister I supposed demanded as I knocked the door."

"I have come to see Lord Fitzgibbon," I explained.

"Then go away, he is not to be disturbed!" she said.

"And why?" I asked.

"He has been run through with a Sabre, did you not hear," She said icily, "Are you the last man in England to be told."

"No, I knew not," I said, "But I have important May I come in?"

"What are you, Bailiff, debt collector?" she asked, "For in truth we have endured a complete legion of parasites and ne're do wells this day."

"Neither," I said, "If you are Miss Fitzgibbon and if your man Braithwaite is to be believed then it seems I am your bastard brother."

"Liar!" she said, "Be gone, I have a pistol."

"Really," I asked pushing forward unwisely and realising too late she did indeed have her pistol though only at half cock.

I lunged instinctively at her gun hand and clamped my thumb to the firing pan scattering the powder before my momentum sent us sprawling on the floor of the imposing entrance hall.

I looked up at a tired looking woman, once a great beauty now worn down by sorrow, "John Mottram I presume," she said icily.

"Lady Fitzgibbon," I replied, as I climbed to my feet, "Delighted to meet you!"

"You have his eyes," she said, "And the lies fall as easily from your lips as from his."

"Madam?" I queried.

"It is no secret any more, you are my husband's son," the woman insisted, "My husband's bastard, you will have us thrown out in the gutter I have no doubt!"

"And how shall I do that?" I asked.

"Did not Braithwaite inform you, you are acknowledged as my husband's heir," she continued, "When he dies I get nothing, my girls get nothing."

"Surely not!" I expounded, "That cannot be!"

But Lady Fitzgibbon was not to be mollified, "The powder Mabel," she wailed, "Dispatch the rogue!"

I recoiled like a snake and knocked the pistol far from Mabel's grasp whereupon another sister, Adele as I later determined grabbed at it so in turn I knocked her away and then a third and even a fourth sister joined the onslaught until I had the pistol safe.

I stood dishevelled and perspiring looking over the sea of sullen faces, "Are there any more of you?" I demanded, "Is that all of you?" I demanded.

"All of mine," the mother agreed, "Adele, Elizabeth, Clara, Mabel," she pointed to each in turn, "But of his issue there are legion."

"Indeed?" I queried.

"Oh I dare say a thousand," she said airily, "And he chose you!"

"What?" I queried.

"You don't know?" Mabel asked, "Oh you are father's heir right enough," she said, "Poor Harold Beasdale thought he was the heir, and he was until," she paused, "Until father heard of your evil deeds."

"What evil deeds?" I demanded.

"The duel!" she expounded.

"Oh that," I laughed, "That's one card sharp who won't try it on with John Mottram again!" I said, "I never even fired, just withstood the ball on my arm and aimed and."

"Nerves of steel!" she said.

"Iron drain pipe in my sleeve!" I laughed, "But what of it, Sallersby fouled his breeches, I had a small flesh wound."

"Father was delighted, a fellow who would rather risk his life than pay a gambling debt," Mabel sighed, "You had better meet him before he succumbs."

"What?" I asked.

"He is dying," she said, "He is in the small parlour, come."

I was unprepared indeed for the sight that regaled me, a make-shift bed within a small sitting room, a haggard man, old before his time laying under a thin sheet, his jet black hair now greyed, his forearms thinned until the veins stood out, his chest sagged and yet bound around with a bloodied dressing where the sabre had pierced him and below I saw to my horror that his appendage was fully rampant and being attended to by a pretty parlour maid, who was suckling at his balls even as I entered the room.

"John, Mr Mottram has come to see you," Lady Fitzgibbon introduced me.

"John, you came," he husked, "My strength has ebbed," he said sadly, "My end is nigh!"

"Liar!" I said, "For pities sake you won't have any strength with a wench munching at your gonads, will you?"

"But I'll die happy lad," he said with a smirk, "Oh, tis time, the chamber pot Fanny!" he ordered.

"Oh no sir," the maid insisted, "It would be a sin to waste it sir!" she averred and she leapt forth and straddled the invalid and sank down upon his manhood in the nick of time before his eyes bulged and his loins convulsed and he pumped his juices within her willing womb.

"Good lass," he said, "Here's your shilling."

"Shilling!" I demanded.

"Hush sir," the wench cautioned as she climbed from him, her womanhood all slimed from his emissions, "Tis a penny really, but tis a tidy sum to a wench like me, shall I serve you later sir?" she asked coyly.

"Ah no, I thank you." I said.

"And what's wrong with sweet Coleen?" he demanded, "There will be no five fingered Mary in this house my lad," Fitzgibbon insisted, "I'll not have you blinded for the want of a wench."

"Nor shall I be," I insisted, "Indeed I was drained this very afternoon by Miss Lucy Dowling!"

"Miss Lucy," he said I thought he was impressed but no, "What possessed you, you Idiot!" he said, "Pork the married ones and maids, leave the daughters alone, they are no use but for ornaments."

"You are evil!" Lady Fitzgibbon insisted.

"Or the mothers," Fitzgibbon suggested, "They are very grateful in my experience John, yes take Lady Fitzgibbon for your bedmate with my blessing, and you!" he said, "Esmarelda, lay down for him!"

"I am sated," I explained, though my appendage reared at the sight of the maid as she wiped her womanly parts with a cloth.

He saw me looking at the maid with her parts lewdly displayed, "Simplicity John, just a black dress and an apron for a maid's attire, no under things," he cautioned.

"And your daughters?" I asked, "Or do you allow any passing rogue to sample them

"Our blacksmith Mr Stephenson makes excellent patent chastity belts!" he laughed and this made him cough.

"Rachel!" Lady Fitzgibbon, called, "The treatment please, quickly."

A maid appeared from nowhere, "Sorry Madam," she said and she climbed swiftly into position and began to lick Lord Fitzgibbon's member clean.

"It was magnificent," she said, "He was magnificent, I really should have married a dullard and take him for my lover."

"But you have three beautiful daughters!" I said.

"Four," Esmarelda corrected.

"In total, yes," I agreed and then bit my tongue, rather than suggest that one was, as she manifestly was, ugly.

"Three tolerable beauties and poor Clara," Fitzgibbon opined, "Poor girl."

"I shall make it my business to find her a faithful husband," I promised.

"Business," Fitzgibbon retorted, "It would be a life long career, no sir, open a brothel that they might be an income not the incessant drain on my funds that they have become."

"He is demented with fever," Lady Fitzgibbon explained.

"Possibly," I agreed, "But I have neither eaten nor drunk since breakfast."

"Then you must repair to the kitchen forthwith," she agreed, "Have you really been relieved?"

"Oh yes," I agreed, "My cousin Lucy Dowling obliged me."

"Oh like father like son," Lady Fitzgibbon opined, "She is unmarried I take it, and pretty?"

"Very pretty," I admitted, "It was a confusion, the fornication was accidental."

"Exactly like your father," she agreed, "Come take sustenance before you ravish me entirely

The cook awaited me, she of great cow eyes and great cow udders, "Food for the new master, cook if you please!" Lady Fitzgibbons ordered and I was presented with a hot meat pie and a tankard of mead that tasted like nectar.

Braithwaite the elusive agent as he was known, came to find me, "Mottram," he said gruffly, "Are you determined to relinquish title to your father's estate and accept that you are Lord Fitzgibbon's heir?"

"Hold hard," I said, "I relinquish nothing until I am assured of my new position!"

Braithwaite shook his head, "The title of Lord Beasdale and the manor of Beasdale shall be yours for the application of a single signature."

"Indeed, so show me?" I insisted.

"Tis in Latin," he averred, but I took it and read it, and there was Lord Fitzgibbons signature already so I appended mine, and not before time as within the hour the constable was without.

"Where is the rogue, the cuckoo in the nest?" a strident voice demanded, it was Roderick Dowling, known to me as Uncle Roderick, Lucy's father, with a constable and two sidesmen, "The rapist who deflowered my beloved daughter!".

"Allow me sir," Braithwaite offered as they burst in amongst us.

"What!" Braithwaite bellowed, "Is the meaning of this?"

"That snake in the grass, that blaggard!" Roderick said meaning blackguard, "Rapist!"

"And you are sir?" Braithwaite enquired.

"Dowling sir, from Beasdale," Roderick explained, "That's him, seize him."

"Is that right," the Constable asked.

"Yes," I agreed.

"No that is John Lord Beasdale." Braithwaite replied, "My master has bequeathed the title not a hour since."

"Liar!" Dowling cried and lunged forward.

Braithwaite stopped him, "The document is here," he averred, "Read it!"

Lucy was with them and she rushed forth, "No tis a sham!" she cried, "Let me see!" and she grabbed at the parchment, and read down the page, her expression turning slowly from anger to utter fear, "It cannot be!" she protested, "Father!"

"See, there is no offence," Braithwaite insisted, "For John is Lord Beasdale,"

"Father!" Lucy cried, "This cannot be!"

"Lucy," he said, "I am so sorry," and he pulled out a chair and sat heavily, "Fitzgibbon has no son, so I though nothing of it," he said, "But yes, Lord Beasdale has the right to any unmarried common maid residing in Beasdale."

"Then there is no offence!" Braithwaite averred.

"No, I see that!" Dowling agreed, "Come away Lucy."

"Hold hard," I said, "Any unmarried common maid?"

"Indeed sir," Braithwaite agreed, "For your own use only sir, not for your friends, or father!"

"My own use." I considered.

"Just the maid sir, not her possessions!" Braithwaite cautioned.

"Then have her stripped of her possessions and delivered to my bed chamber if you please!" I ordered.

"No!" Lucy cried.

"You unspeakable beast!" Dowling snorted, "I challenge you to a duel!"

"You Mr Dowling," Braithwaite insisted, "A are not a titled gentleman sir and thus cannot challenge Lord Beasdale to a duel, now come away sir!"

"Hold a moment," Braithwaite suggested, "Take the maid's possessions and go sir."

"No I shall not permit it!" Lucy cried but Lady Fitzgibbons knew what to do.

"Come child disrobe, it is the custom," Lady Fitzgibbon assured her, "I shall chaperone you but undress."

"But the constable!" Lucy pleaded.

"A necessary witness that undue force is not utilised, come child disrobe." Lady Fitzgibbon insisted, "And shall your father take them or I shall have your things freshly laundered for the morrow."

Lucy stared angrily but she knew the game was up, "You are indeed evil!"

"And the thought of his prong causes you juices to churn does it not?" Lady Fitzgibbon teased.

"My Lady, desist!" Braithwaite protested, but she merely shrugged.

"Disrobe girl!" Lady Fitzgibbon insisted, "Show the constable my Lord Beasdale takes nothing but your flesh!"

"I cannot!" Lucy protested.

"Braithwaite, your sword if you please," Lady Fitzgibbon requested, "Slice the raiments from the wench f you please, or would you rather disrobe decorously that you might have something to hide your nakedness wen you ride home in the oxen cart of the morn as is the custom."

"No!" Lucy wailed so Lady Fitzgibbon stood away and Braithwaite inserted his razor sharp sword down the nape of Lucy's neck and her raiments parted though she clasped them to her.

"Stupid child let them fall!" Lady Fitzgibbon cried, and Lucy father turned away distraut yet disturbed at the lust he felt for his own child now as curvaceous and womanly and indeed as she stepped from her ruined clothing she was as lewdly displayed as any whore and yet for a recently innocent maid she was strangely calm.

"Take these rags Mr Dowling and leave us," Lady Fitzgibbon ordered;, "And you wench come with me to the bed chamber, it seems you are to enjoy My Lord Beasdale's prong this eve so prepare yourself well, my dear, bathe well."

Lucy swallowed awkwardly, "Come!" Lady Fitzgibbons suggested and Lucy followed.

I for my sins consumed a whole apple pie and then made my way towards the bed chambers. "In here," Lady Fitzgibbons ordered and as I stepped inside she winked at Lucy.

Lucy was a vision in virginal white, freshly bathed, her lips rouged and as I was to discover, the down scraped from her womanhood, "For freshness," as it seemed Lady Fitzgibbons had recommended.

"Come," Lucy said and held out her hand to me.

"What mischief is this?" I asked, "This clumsy attempt to seduce me?" I declared.

"Well what other choice have I?" she simpered, "Your whore, or," she paused, "Lady Beasdale."

"My eye married!" I declared, "When neither of us are yet twenty and one years!"

"Then you spurn me?" she said.

"No, indeed not, but show me, a trial Lucy, you shall have a sennight to show you are perfection!"

"You evil pig!" she snapped and I dodged her flying fist and cast her upon the bed whilst I wriggled from my raiments.

"Am I thus second best?" I asked.

"Yes!" she said, "Third and less!" she agreed.

"So stop pretending," I insisted, "Lie there!" and I pointed to the bed.

"Is everything satisfactory?" Lady Fitzgibbon asked moments later as she opened the door.

"No, not at all, I am afraid Lucy seeks to resist." I explained.

"Oh why Lucy?" Lady Fitzgibbon exclaimed "I told you to accept your fate, my husband has deflowered tens of young maids since we were wed, 'Esmarelda,' he would say, 'Stay with the maid and reassure her, hold her hand while I take my pleasure,' and I would always remain, and indeed when maids he shown resistance I myself have tied the knots to tie them to the bed frame and extinguish their last hope of resistance and watched as their horror turns to joy, for there is no finer prongsman than my Lord Fitzgibbon, none at all."

"Then I have a formidable task to maintain tradition," I accepted.

"My Lord ordered that I should be at your service, should you need me!" Lady Fitzgibbon reminded me, "For if you have not the sense to leap on Mr Mottrams rampancy then I shall!" she opined and reaching around behind her back said, "One moment, and her entire skirts peeled from her bodice and she stood in the candle light her womanhood displayed as she unwrapped the bindings from her teats.

"You are well rampant already shall we conjoin?" she asked and added, "You had better use one of these," as she handed me a skin, "I am not quite barren yet," she said and she ordered, "Move aside girl," and she lay down beside Lucy as holding her arms out to receive me we embraced and she slipped the skin over my appendage she spread her aged but still shapely legs, spread her womanly lips with her fingers and with the other hand took my appendage and guided it within her.

"You disgust me!" Lucy cried.

"You inflame my passions," I told Lady Fitzgibbon as with eyes tight shut imagining it were Lucy I claimed her and began to grind against her.

"He imagines it is you beneath him," the older woman confided as I began to gallop within my Step Mother as it seems she had become, "He is so virile," she said, "I own I cannot long preserve my decorum," and then she grasped my backside and shouted "Use me, grind yourself against me, poke me, abuse me sate me, do you hear, boy sate me!"

I exploded and cast my seed within the skin.

"Acceptable," Lady Fitzgibbons agreed after a moment's reflection,"I own you'll do," she said and added, "Come slip between us John and give the skin to Lucy that she may lick it clean."

"You disgust me!" Lucy protested.

"Lick it," the older woman ordered and she peeled the skin from me and thrust it in Lucy's face.

Lucy tossed it aside, "Then lick his appendage clean," she ordered and grasping Lucy by the hair she thrust Lucy's face into my crotch.

"Lick," she said, "Suck," and she forced Lucy to open her mouth by holding her nose and then
was my appendage within Lucy's sweet mouth.

"You see," Lady Fitzgibbon averred, "Had you consumed his seed with your womb this might have been avoided, now suck." and unseen to me Lady Fitzgibbon had grasped sweet Lucy's womanhood and she was easing a forefinger then three fingers within Lucy's womb whilst her thumb played lightly over Lucy's hard nub within the cleft above her womb's entrance and then my appendage was swelling anew.

"Oh, oh," Lucy was gasping as Lady Fitzgibbon enraged her womanhood and then quite suddenly Lady Fitzgibbon moved aside and said, "Cover her, make love to her, take her to heaven, and do it now sir!"

Lucy rose from licking my appendage, "Uh?" she said bemused.

"We are to make love," I said.

"Yes," she agreed and rolled onto her back, "Make love to me."

I too rolled to be atop her and buried my appendage deep inside her softness for she was already moistened to excess and beyond and then my head descended to kiss her with a passion matched only by my appendage as her explored the very outermost limits of sweet Lucy's innards until with an army of purple caterpillars advancing upon an orange field the now familiar sensation that my emission had started seeped within my brain and she and I were sated.

We lay wordlessly until I commenced to kiss her mounds, and her neck and, "Yes," she said, "Take me to paradise anew!" and again my appendage slid seamlessly within Lucy until neither knew where one ended and the other began and neither cared for the love was so profound and the emission just a precursor of more kissing and re engagement.

"My turn I think," Lady Fitzgibbon opined.

"No!" Lucy protested, "He's mine!"

"It sounds like you are betrothed," Lady Fitzgibbon opined, "But we share him, do you understand girl, when my husband succumbs I shall require your husband's services, and he shall have the maidenhead duty, while you shall remain faithful and take no one except whom your husband shall instruct, is that clear?"

"No, he is mine, tell her John!" Lucy pleaded.

"I thank you, yes I shall have you for my pleasure Lady Fitzgibbon and you Lucy shall be my wife and shall bear me fine sons, but for now, you shall play the whore and pleasure my Lady Fitzgibbon whilst I," I explained, "Seek my breakfast!"

To be continued.

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Loved it ! Please stop the to be continued ? teases unless you're going to . Thanks Luvsalik xx

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