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AUTHORS NOTE: i'm glad you've all enjoyed the series i'm still new at this whole writing thing but i'm getting better. but for those of you who keep telling me about my grammar. almost every story I've read on this site doesn't do that. so quite your bitching and just read the fucking story. thank you and enjoy

i watched my parents walk into Emily's house. i was worried about them. her dad tried to kill me what if he tried to kill them too? i waited a half an hour before they came out again. they didn't look hurt at all. they sat me and Emily down on the couch to tell us what had happened

"what happened?" i asked
"well they weren't happy if that's what your asking." my dad said
"well then what did they say?" Emily asked
"your father was more then mad that we had you stay last night... but after a little bit of discussion your father said that if you didn't want to deal with him then he doesn't need you..." my mom said sadly

"wait... what? did he just disown me? like kick me out of the house?" Emily looked at me
"i think that's what he meant..." my dad said.
"oh man... what am i going to do..." she asked
"why don't you stay here." i said.
"son i know you would love for her to stay bu---" my dad started but my mom butted in
"that's a great idea we can have you live here! you can stay in the spare bedroom" she smiled. Emily looked at me and smiled. i didn't know how this would turn out but i knew Emily was now living in my house.

"um... yeah that's a great idea." i said bashfully
"you hesitated..." Emily looked at me sadly.
"no! no no no!" i stuttered. Emily smiled.
"your so cute when your nervous" she giggled. i smiled back. the next day my parents went back to Emily's house to collect her things.

"thank you soooo much for letting me stay here" she thanked my parents over and over again as they brought in her stuff. she had so much things. i even went over to help after about 3 hours we were done packing, moving, and unpacking her stuff. the next night she came into my room.

"hey Jake?" she whispered
"yeah Emily?" i asked waking up from a light sleep
"can i sleep in here? i'm kinda scared." she said. i sat up and smiled. she smiled back. i opened up the blankets and she climbed in and snuggled up against me. after about 5 minutes of cuddling she turned over and kissed me passionately. i looked at her in the faint light and smiled. she smiled back and kissed me again. i couldn't believe she was now living here. in my house. we hugged and kissed for a while then she broke the kiss and whispered into my ear.

"i want you inside of me. i want to be your little bitch for the rest of the night." i looked at her and smiled again. she smiled back. these smiles were not like the innocent smiles we give each other every day. they were naughty smiles. she grabbed my cock through my boxers and moaned a bit
"he's awake" she giggled. i laughed a little. she gave me a little peck on the nose and then started to trail down my body wanting me more and more. finally she reached my boxers and took out my erect cock. she started off by licking the head then she started licking the shaft and twirling her tongue around my entire cock. i started to moan softly

"oh you like that?" she giggled like a naughty school girl. then went back down as licked the head some more. she finally took the head of my cock in her mouth and twirled her tongue around lightly. i started to moan more and more until she stopped. i was a bit disappointed. she came up from under the sheets and smiled. i looked at her a bit frustrated.

"why'd you stop?" i asked. she winked and then grabbed my cock. i felt something very wet touch it lightly. i could hear Emily moan. i knew then that that was her pussy. she moaned more as she let my cock go deeper and deeper into her. she was so hot tonight. hotter then she usually is. once she reached the hilt of my cock she role on top of me and started riding me slowly at first then getting faster and faster. she moaned more and more. i could tell she was going to cum soon. i grabbed her hips and began to thrust in and out of her until she came all over my bed sheets. she looked at me then kissed me as i continued to thrust in and out of her.

"you like that?" she gasped. i smiled and nodded. she started to grind on my cock and then she started to bounce. her pussy started to get tighter as she moaned louder until she came again. this time her pussy getting tighter drove me over the edge. i came into her pussy harder then i ever have before. she looked down and saw the cum dripping out of her pussy. she looked back up at me.

"i cant get pregnant! i'm only 15! and my parents would kill me if they found out. here eat me out so i don't." she jumped off and shoved her pussy in my face. i didn't want to taste myself but i didn't want to be a dad at the same time. so i started eating her out until all of my cum was either leaking down onto my bed or in my mouth. i got up and kissed her giving her all of my cum that i had just gotten. she moaned and kissed me until she was sure it was all out. she got off of me and laid next to me.

"why are you so nice?" she asked
"i dont know. i guess its cause i love you." she blushed. we both snuggled up and went to sleep.

i woke the next morning to my alarm clock ringing. time for school i guess. i got up and noticed Emily wasnt in bed with me anymore. i walked into the hallway and saw the bathroom door shut. i guess Emily was in there. i didn't mind her staying here. i knocked on the door. she opened it in nothing but a towel.
"yeah?" she seemed pepped up today. like something was about to happen. i looked at the towel and how close it was to her nipples. she snapped and me bringing me back to reality.

"yes?" she asked again.
"oh well... uh... i need to get ready for school too and uh... this is my time for the bathroom." i told her bashfully. it wasn't the first time i'd seen her naked. or even half naked. but i was so caught up in the idea of us before school that... ah forget it. i needed to get ready for school and soon or i was going to be late. she smiled and giggled a little bit. she grabbed my hand and pulled me into the bathroom.

"i haven't taken a shower yet. why don't we--" she winked and dropped her towel.
"save water." she turned on the shower and got in. i was still hard from my morning wood but i needed to get ready.
"ok but i need to get ready so i cant have sex with you right now." she grabbed me right after i was done removing my cloths. she pulled me in and gave me a kiss.

"who said anything about sex?" she said as she started to wash her body. i did the same. i was just about to rinse off when she stepped in the way and bent down. she was already wet and slippery that my cock accidentally went into her pussy. she moaned and then turned around. she smiled and started to grind on me.
"oh! no! we need to get ready for ah!" i was interrupted by her pushing me down and riding my cock. i wasn't in the mood for sex but she put me into it in a hurry. i watched her tits jiggle as she bounce up and down on my cock. we never really got to have sex in good lighting. we both came in a matter of minutes. then we both finished washing and getting ready. we were both out of the bathroom by the time my parents even noticed we were in there together. i grabbed my bag and finished my breakfast. me and Emily walked together to school.

"so are you happy i'm living with you?" she asked
"well yeah of course i am." i said scratching the back of my head.
"i'm sorry if it was too fast..." she trailed off. of course it was too fast but i didn't want to admit that to her. i grabbed her and hugged her. i had my arm around her the rest of the walk to school. when we got there we both went to our individual classes. i was bored most of the day. other then when my friends started a food fight in the lunchroom and got a months worth of detention. i was more then happy when school was over. i saw Emily walking out of the school and i went to meet her. my friends were with me so there were a lot of snide comments about us being together. it ended with me punching one of my friends in the gut because she called her a slut for already living with me. but that was the usual things me and my friends went through. me and Emily left campus and walked home hand in hand.

"so I've been thinking..." Emily started
"well its just... its weird and all that i'm only 15 and i'm living with my boyfriend... do you think im a slut?" she asked

"of course not! im your boyfriend. if i did do you think id be with you?" i asked her
"well... no... your right. your friends are jerks though" she smiled
"thats them." i joked. she stopped and kissed me passionately. we stood there kissing for a few minutes until one of my friends from school drove by in his car and screamed at us.
"love birds!" he called
"at least i got a girl!" i called back. he just flipped me off and then drove away. me and Emily laughed for a second and then started walking again hand in hand. i could tell that she was happy with me and i with her.

as the months dragged on i started to feel stronger and stronger about Emily. once her 16 birthday came in me and her went out and made love in the mountains by a camp fire. i got a car so it was easier for us to move around. after about a year of Emily living with me and my family here family moved away. we dont know where. they never told us they just up and left one day. i watched them pack their shit and get out of town Emily was sad to see them leave without her but she was happy that we didnt have to be so cautious about what we did around the house with them watching.

the months started to turn into years and before we knew it i was turning 18 and i just graduated high school. i started a year early so it gave me some props. and also some downers. i couldnt spend my days with Emily because she would be at school but she knew we both needed a little time to ourselves.

on the night of my 18th birthday i found Emily on my bed waiting for me. there were candles lit and the room wasn't lit very well i could see her but not every feature on her. i walked over to her and sat on the bed. she smiled and leaned up to kiss me. it started out as just kissing and then she finally pushed me over onto my bed and ripped off my shirt. every time she wants something to be special she usually does something kinky at the start, this time she ripped off my shirt as started to softly kiss her way down to my pants

"happy birthday baby" she moaned as she took out my cock and slowly licked the shaft from bottom to top and then vis-versa. she had really improved on skills in bed. she took the head of my cock in her mouth and started swirling her tongue around it. i felt her warmth from her mouth and breasts that were now at least a low D-cup. i was never a fan of huge boobs. i liked C-cups at least small D-cups worked too but that's just my opinion. she grabbed her tits and started to let me fuck her boobs. she licked the head of my cock every time it came out from in between her tits. i started to moan more and more until i came all over her face. she licked it all off and then got up and laid next to me.

"i'm sorry that we couldn't fuck tonight... its not a good time of the month for me." she whispered then kissed me.
"i gotta admit i am a little depressed that i don't get any sex on my birthday. but spending it with you is enough" i kissed her back and we cuddled up together and went to sleep.

i woke up the next morning to see Emily still snuggled against me. it was the summer so she didn't have school. i got out of my bed and got into the shower. after washing off i got ready for work. i got a part time job at Wendy's doing the cleaning. it was a job so i was happy. after work i came home to see my sister back from her community collage. she started going to school all the time even on weekends and summers. she was starting to shape up. i hugged her and walked into the kitchen to see Emily making dinner.

"hey beautiful" i hugged her
"hey sexy." she said then kissed me. my sister pointed her finger at her mouth and made a puking sound.
"your just jealous you don't have anyone to love" Emily teased. Emily and my sister got along great. they were like best friends.
"yeah because that's totally the problem" my sister walked away laughing. she was always picking on me for living with my girlfriend before either of use were 18. i didn't care. my parents were the one to take her in anyway. i left Emily to finish with dinner and i walked into the living room. my parents were on the couch making out.

"mom! dad! why here?!" i asked
"well because--" my mom started but i stopped her and sent them both to their room so we didn't have to see it. 5 minutes later the ceiling was shaking and my mother screaming. i could hear my sister say 'they're at it again?' my parents fucked like rabbit's it was weird coming home to it from school or work. i sat on the couch and started watching TV and work on my computer. putting in job applications and such. i was working on a job application for a car dealership when Emily called us all for dinner. at the dinner table we were all eating in silence until my sister started to talk

"hey daddy? since Jake has his girlfriend living here can i have my boyfriend move here too?" she asked in a high pitched childish voice. she always did that when she wanted something
"we that depends. does he have anywhere else to go? is he a good kid?" my mom asked
"oh yeah hes a great kid he never did anything wrong. but his parents just got divorce and his mom doesn't have a job and his dad moved to Florida. can we?" she asked.

"ill consider it darling." my dad said. we all went back to eating. i didn't want another person living here. i mean i'm happy with Emily here but another guy? and with him being a guy and with how my sister is. he would be having sex with Emily no matter what time of the month it is. i tried to stop thinking about it and continued eating. i finished and excused myself. i went into my room and started watching TV while laying n my bed. Emily came in and looked a bit worried she walked over and sat on the bed down by my legs

"hey baby? whats wrong?" she asked. i shrugged letting her know nothing was. she laid next to me and we watched TV together until Emily noticed the time and went to bed. it was early but Emily didn't have anything to stay up for so she kept her school sleeping schedule on track. i turned off the TV and went over to her room. she was just getting into bed when i walked in. she turned around and smiled

"baby i'm sorry but this isn't a good time of the month for me." she was about to say something else when i kissed her and hugged her. she broke the kiss and fell onto her bed. she looked up and smiled
"i love you. you know that right? i would do anything for you." i told her. she smiled again and pulled me down onto the bed. we kissed for a few minutes then i left because it still wasn't a good time. i went to bed.

a few weeks later my sisters boyfriend moved into her room. Emily and i talked it over with my parents and i got Emily to move into mine. we all lived together happily until one day my sisters boyfriend and her got into a fight. i don't know exactly what happened but i think he hit her. i walked in after hearing the slapping noise and my sister was on the ground crying. i grabbed her boyfriend and punched him in the face until he was bloody. he was on the ground and crying. i picked my sister up and brought her out to the living room.

"he needs to leave." i told her
"i know. i thought it'd be easier for me to have a boyfriend living here instead of 25 minutes in the other direction of the campus but that isn't working out." she started to cry again. we both sat on the couch until her boyfriend walked out with a backpack and a suitcase. it was silent but we all three knew he was leaving. he walked past me and out the door. i heard his truck start and drive away. my sister was mad about not having anyone for her living here but it didn't matter. this was a family home. i got up and left to work. Emily kissed me goodbye and then she went to comfort my sister.

after a few months i had finally got a new job and was making enough to get my own place. Emily was finally starting to make her own friends so Emily and I moved into a small 1bedroom apartment and had a small party for our friends. after a few more months of living there Emily finally graduated so her and i were stuck together again. we figured living in our own place and neither of us in school then we could become more intimate. we both were really horny because Emily had just finished her period. so we skipped anything romantic and just went to kissing like animals. we formed a 69 and we did that until both of us came into eachothers mouths. she got up and started to jack off my cock until it was hard again. she aligned it with her pussy and slowly sat down on my cock. she was kissing me while she did this.

"i love you so much." she moaned into my ear.
"i love you too" i moaned into hers. she started moaning more and more until she came onto my cock. i moaned and started to suck on her nipples. she started to lactate. wait... what? Emily got off of me and rushed to the bathroom to make sure she was really having milk come out of her nipples. she got scared. the next day i bought her a pregnancy test. it read nagetive so we stopped worrying.

as the months passed Emily's belly started to get bigger. we knew now that she was pregnant. we didnt know what to do so we packed our things and moved back to our parents place. we were hapy to be having a baby but not when we were both so young. i am really worried about what might happen within the next 9 months...

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2017-11-29 00:08:56
If you all don't like the way he writes don't read pt. 4 when it comes out. their will be a pt4 please

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2016-04-12 17:45:39
Come on man! Using capital letters is not a fucking grammer problem its yor FUCKED BRAINS PROBLEM AND WHAT THE FUCK U MEAN BY "I am not good at typing!" IT ONLY MEANS YOR AN FUCKED IDIOT!!!!!

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Make a part 4 please

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2013-04-10 21:31:44
marinda - well, the past five years for me, as you know, were totally life chignang. some of which, i thought for a while were bad, a test, punishment.. but thinking back, now i know it was all worth it.for the past five years i am thankful for: being in the air force, meeting and marrying derek, for our kids malia and auren. and im super super thankful that on the 28th of this month, derek will be getting baptized and soon after that we will be able to offer malia and auren!

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I think you should do a little research into a pregnancy timeline. A woman wouldn't start lactating until the last trimester of the pregnancy. You also were talking about her just having a period and in the same paragraph said it was a few months later. How long was her period? Basically, you're an idiot.

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