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Set in the future. It is about what is going to happen to Rosa when she comes to visit me in eight weeks time. When fantasy turns into reality. If you are interested contact me.
We were all pretty drunk when we got to Rosa’s house. We had just left the pub and were hoping that she or her parents could drive us back home. We were way too drunk to be driving and didn’t really want to walk another couple of miles to get back to where we all lived. Rosa had helped me out in similar situations before. We, Rob, Scott, John, Jamie and me, Bram, walked drunkenly and nosily arrived at her house and rang the bell.

A voice came through the door, “Who is it”?

“It’s me, Bram. Hi Rosa. We need a lift home. Can you help”? I said through the door.

Rosa opened the door. “Not again, what’s the matter with you lot”.

“Hi Rosa” I smiled at her “Yeah, we are useless. Can you help us, or maybe your parents”?

“I’m home alone” she said “everyone else has gone to my Grandparents for the weekend”.

Rosa invited us in and said “Wait here, I need to get ready and then we can be on our way.”

As she started towards her bedroom I reached up behind her and gave her a quick tickle under ribs, causing her to squirm as she laughed.

“Damn it, David, stop being stupid”, she cried.

When she turned around I tickled her again. She squealed and jumped away from me towards John who tickled her as well. Rosa jumped back.

“Stop it you all” she cried “who do you think I am”?

In our drunken state we paid no attention and everyone started tickling her harder and soon she was on the floor struggling against us.

“STOP IT, I won’t tell you again”! she shouted but as she struggled to wiggle away from us, her sweat pants were pushed half way down over her hips and her T-shirt had risen almost exposing her big round, firm breasts. One areola was peeking at us. We all noticed that the T-shirt and sweat pants was all she was wearing. No underwear!!

We all continued to tickle her but now our hands were under her T-shirt and moving down her pants. Rosa clamped her legs together and started to kick out and hit us with her arms. We stopped tickling her and all grabbed an arm and a leg each and held her down while I grabbed her head and held it still.

“STOP IT” she screamed at the top of her voice, “STOP IT, STOP IT, NO, NO, NO”. She wriggled harder, struggling against our grip as she realised that she was at risk of being raped. I clamped my hand around her mouth to muffle her cries.

“Hmmmmmppphh” Rosa cried as she tried to bite my hand. I clamped my other hand under her chin and held tight so she could not open her mouth. I was looking straight into her eyes which were wide open and full of hate….

“Hmmmm…..arrrgggg” she struggled even more but we had her pinned to the floor.

Rob and Scott, holding her legs, started to remove her pants while John and Jamie pulled her arms above her head and were sliding her T-shirt upwards. There was a lot of hand changing as her T-shirt passed over her head and up along her arms. The sight of her large round breasts topped by her lovely large areola and nipples encouraged Rob and Scott who soon had her pants around her ankles and then completely off. Her clothes were tossed over the other side of the room.

The boys forced Rosa’s legs and arms spread-eagled and then knelt on them. Rosa was helpless and naked. We all paused and looked at her beautiful dusky, Asian body laid out in front of us. Rob and Scott were mesmerised by her pussy. Her nipples were standing hard and seemed to be swelling as we looked (was she turned on I wondered?).

“Party time” I said, “shall we fill some holes”?

We exchanged glances, smiled and nodded to each other.

“Hm Hm hm hm” Rosa mumbled under my hand and started fighting again trying to escape her imprisonment. I slapped her breasts, hard, over and over again, first one and then the other. When Scott started to slap her pussy she stopped struggling and settled down.

John slapped her breast and then leant down and started to suck her nipple biting hard. Jamie copied with the other. Rosa’s body shuddered as though she was crying. Scott put his hand between Rosa’s legs and started running his finger in, out and along her labia.

“Damn boys…she is soaking wet! It oozing out”, Scott exclaimed and started finger fucking her pussy.

Her struggles started again so I slapped her cheek and gripped her head harder.

Rob leaned over to the couch and grabbed a cushion. We put our hands under her torso and lifted her and the cushion was slipped under the small of her back lifting her hips further exposing her pink holes to our gaze. Scott slipped between her legs taking care to keep one foot over each leg and a hand forcing down on each thigh. He leant forward and forced his tongue into Rosa’s pussy.

I signalled to John and Jamie and asked them to take over holding Rosa’s head. Hands clasped Rosa’s head on the forehead and mouth and pushed down leaving her wide and wild eyes free to see what was happen around her. I stood up and stripped naked. My penis was harder than I had known it before. I had always fancied Rosa and she appeared in many of my fantasies. Secretly I was hoping that she would enjoy this rape as I really would like to wake up with her in my bed as lovers. I stood over Rosa’s head with my legs apart and saw her looking at my stiff member getting larger and larger in front of her despairing eyes. This RAPE is REAL I thought – not a fantasy this time!!

Rob was standing up, slipping his shoes off and pulling his T-shirt over his head. He kicked his shoes away and threw his T-shirt onto a seat. He then came closer so Rosa could see his muscled and tanned torso as he started to unbuckle his belt. He unbuttoned the top button and pulled his jeans and underpants down at the same time. His cock jumped out hard, stiff and wide with throbbing veins along its length. He kicked his jeans aside with his foot. His cock was nearly as big as mine. He started masturbating his cock making it larger and harder. He moved down and pulled Scott aside. He then placed his cock against the pretty pink labia and pushed in deep. Rosa’s body shuddered as his length penetrated to its full length and his balls slapped against her arse. He started pumping his length backwards and forwards, plunging his thick knob faster and faster into the wet and dripping pussy.

I took my place behind Rob and waited for my turn rubbing my cock, keeping it stiff and ready. Rosa had her eyes closed and low, deep moans were coming from her throat. I realised that the boys were now standing up and taking their clothes off while keeping one foot only on Rosa’s outstretched limbs. She was not really being held down any more and she seemed to have stopped struggling.

Rob groaned and pulled his cock out and a long stream of spunk spurted out from the end of his cock, splattering over Rosa’s breasts and stomach. Another spurt, another white line of semen, then another. Rob plunged his cock back in for a last fuck then pulled out and stood up, sperm dripping from his cock head as he continued to masturbate the last drop.

“Over to you Bram, won’t be as tight now” Rob said. I grabbed Rob’s shoulder and pulled him back and took his place. I bent down and licked Rosa’s pussy. She was wet and I could taste the saltiness of Rob’s sperm on her quim. I picked up Rosa’s thighs and placed her ankles on my shoulders and leant forward forcing her pussy higher into view. I plunged my cock deep into her vagina in one thrust. Rosa GASPED as I started my thrusting. James and Jamie each took a leg and pulled them further back and wider causing Rosa’s sperm covered stomach to ripple. I rammed my cock deeper, back and forward, in and out, quicker, faster into my fantasy’s snatch. I looked up and saw Jamie kneeling above Rosa’s head. He lifted Rosa’s shoulders and sipped a cushion underneath. Rosa’s head tilted back so her mouth was directly opposite his outstanding, stiff and very long cock. Rosa’s mouth was open and Jamie moved his hips forward and slipped his cock deep into her mouth.

John and Scott were kneeling either side of Rosa. They each picked up a hand and placed them on their cocks. Rosa started to masturbate them feeling their hardness and desire. My fantasy girl was thoroughly enjoying her rape. She had direct control of 4 very stiff cocks while a 5th was quickly restoring itself back to full length. The two cocks penetrating her quickened their pace as erotic and deep moans escaped Rosa’s mouth past Jamie’s cock. It was too much for me and I shuddered as my first spurt emptied into Rosa’s cunt. I pulled out and let the secondary spurts sail over her body.

Rosa’s body tensed and with a massive shudder, jerked off the floor as an orgasm racked her body. Jamie came at the same time filling her mouth with his cum. The sperm escaped from the side of her mouth and started to dribble down her cheek. Jamie scooped it up and massaged it in and around her breasts joining Rob’s and my sperm.

The boys changed places and the party continued. More orgasms, more sperm flew from the tips of cocks. Rosa was enjoying almost continuous orgasms as we continued to fuck her in her own home.

Change places, and yet more sperm covered Rosa’s body.

We stood back and looked down at the most erotic and beautiful sight. My fantasy lady covered in sperm as her body writhed erotically.

Time to make this rape complete.

Boy’s …. One more hole needs some filling…. 5 cocks, 3 holes two hands… let’s go.

Rosa said “No…No….”

We all grabbed her hands and legs again and held her tight. We lifted her and forced her onto her hands and knees. I knelt between her legs, placed my hands on her buttocks and spread them wide revealing a beautiful anus (just like I imagined). I licked the ring with a stiff tongue, forcing it past the resistance and let my saliva provide lubrication. I took a finger and worked it into Rosa’s anus. Then I opened her anus wider with a second finger and worked them back and forward until I felt her ring relax (or maybe it was Rob who was mouth fucking her; or maybe Scott and Jamie’s nipple pinching and sucking).

Rosa started moaning again. She was ready. I stood up and lowered my throbbing cock head towards its target. It touched. I pushed slowly. The head paseds the initial resistance and then sliped in.

Rosa squealed “Yeeeeesssss…..”.

She moaned some more as I eased all the way in. The rumours were right ass fucking was a tight experience (this was my first time)..amazing, lovely, erotic.

In short order I was fucking her ass for all I was worth and she was moaning for me to fuck her harder. Rob continued forcing his dick deep in and out of her mouth.

“I want that ass next when you’re done Bram” Rob said as he continued to force his dick as deep into her throat as he could get it.

Rosa came again just as I grabbed her head and pulled her back so she was squatting. Bob’s cock left her mouth with a pop leaving a trail of cum and salvia between his tip and her lips. I put my hands under her thighs which were wet and slippery from her cum juice and sperm. I stood up, still with my cock buried in her ass. I lifted her up and down on my cock.

Rob came forward and slipped his cock into her vagina as I held her legs wide open to all the spectators. Rosa’s head was lying on my shoulder with her face towards me. I turned and kissed her forcing my tongue between her lips, exploring her mouth. I held the kiss and continued thrusting feeling Rob’s cock moving with his own rhythm on the other side of the thin membrane.

The others came closer and helped with lifting Rosa up and down the two cocks that were penetrating her holes.

The kiss was enough for me… I tensed and pumped a gallon of cum into her ass.

My place was immediately taken by another stiff cock and Rosa’s rape continued as cocks were making squishing sounds as they slipped in and out of her sopping pussy and cum filled anus. Her orgasms were getting wilder and she was now screaming quite loudly so we had to clamp her mouth again so as not to disturb the neighbours.

We continued until we had each had a turn at both her vagina and ass.

Finally we laid Rosa down on the floor and all stood around looking at her as she moved her hands over her body smoothing our sperm over her stomach, breasts, between her legs, around her face. She looked even more beautiful than in my fantasies.

We continued massaging our cocks into one last stiffness watching Rosa looking in anticipation at the 5 cocks surrounding her. Her mouth was open and she was licking her lips.

More sperm flew from my cock and landed on her breasts and across her face with some entering her mouth. I squatted next to her head and kissed her tasting the saltiness of my cum in her mouth and felt her swallow. A grunt was followed by more sperm splattering on her body. Some landed on my shoulder. Another grunt followed. I broke the kiss and looked up and saw Bob was masturbating hard right next to our faces and Jamie was manoeuvring his cock back into her pussy. I bent back to the kiss and soon Bob’s sperm splattered across our faces as we continued to kiss. I lifted my head and allowed Bob to put his dribbling cock into Rosa’s mouth. Before she had sucked him dry yet another stream of sperm hit Rosa directly in the face and filled her eye sockets. John’s cock slid into her mouth and she licked him clean.

I wiped the sperm out of her eyes with my finger.

“Rosa…. You are the best FUCK ever” I said.

“Yeah, dead right” the others coursed.

“Next time tell her to bring some friends” Bob laughed.

I telephoned for a taxi while the boys went to shower.

“Bram, you need to stay. I’m going to need a little help in the shower” Rosa said.

The boys left. I heard the sound of the shower.

“You are going to want to get me nice and clean” was the last thing she said as the water ran over us and my fingers slid back between her legs…

“Hmmmmmmmm….” My fantasy lady closed her eyes.

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