It was raining pretty hard as James went to pick up his friend Emily. Kerry was staying in that night so James had called up Emily and invited her to the mall (to have dinner and walk around idly).

Kerry had never been jealous of James' friendship with Emily because Emily was a lesbian. Though not a stereotypical lesbian, Emily was slightly masculine (but still very pretty). She had long brown hair, a cute face, 20b breasts, and a skinny figure.

In the car, the two idly talked, about the weather and graduating, and their upcoming summer. Emily didn't have a girlfriend at the moment but had had many in the past (and been quite successful in converting strait girls).

James wanted to tell Emily about Kerry's new profession. James and Emily were essentially best friends, if James was to tell anyone that he was selling his girlfriend out to other guys, it would be her. And she'd probably understand, and not be condescending.

"So, are we going to the mall for anything specific today or are we just drifting?"

"Eh...probably just drifting."

Once in the mall they went strait to American Eagle (nearly everything that Emily wore came from there and James had spent many hours in there waiting for her to pick something out).

"Does this shirt look gay on me?"

"Umm...hypothetically any shirt would look gay on you, Emily."

"Shut up."

The two of them walked back towards the changing rooms and James waited outside while Emily went in to try on a shirt.

Through the door, James said, "Uhh Emily, I gotta tell you about this...I'm umm...kinda pimping out Kerry.”


"Yeah, she's had had sex with and blown two guys for money....I'm like her pimp and her boyfriend now."

Emily opened the door, grabbed James by the arm, pulled him into the room with her and shut the door. Emily was only wearing a bra, and James had to fight to keep his eyes are off her pale white tits.



"Are you fucking serious?"

"Entirely serious"

"That's amazing, how did you talk her into that?"

"I dunno, kinda happened by accident."

"You're gonna make so much money, Kerry's pretty hot."


By now James had developed a pretty serious hard on, talking about his slut girlfriend and looking at a girl in her bra in a changing room.

Emily saw it through his jeans, walked over and rubbed her hand on it gently. James half hard cock suddenly became fully hard. Emily squeezed and toyed with it through his jeans. This was nothing too out of the ordinary, they often played sexually with each other (and it usually didn't stop at feeling each other up).

"So she fucks any guy you tell her to?"


Emily stopped fondling his cock and went to put her shirt on.

"Hey Emily...would you want Kerry?...I mean I wouldn't charge you of course..."

"Would she agree to it?" inquired Emily.

"Well, I'd just tell her she had to."

"Would it be like the three of us, or just me and her?"

"That'd be up to you..."

"I'd like her alone for a while."

"Ok, whatever you want? How about this Saturday?"

Emily's eyes widened as she realized this wasn't a joke and she was going to get this girl.

"Sounds great."

"Umm...any preference as to what she should be wearing?"

"What do you mean?"

"Well, she has an outfit that she's worn the last two times, but she should get another. What would you want her to wear when she came over?"

"Ummm..." Emily blushed a little. "I've always had a thing for punk clothing...ya know?"

"Ok sounds good," said James.

James and Emily didn't mention it again until they were saying goodbye at Emily's house.

"So this Saturday, right?" confirmed James.

"Definitely" smiled Emily.

That night James called Kerry. They chatted for a while then James said that they were going to the mall tomorrow night to pick up a new outfit for her and that this Saturday she had another job.

At the mall, James and Kerry went strait to the only punk-ish store in the mall. Quickly, James picked out an outfit: a super short fake-leather skirt, a tight mesh long sleeve top with a hot pink tank top underneath, a tiny black thong, and knee high lace up high heel boots.

Though this was not her style, when Kerry looked in the mirror she felt extremely sexy. On the ride home from the mall, Kerry asked who she was going to be with this time. James ignored the question and told her she'd find out Saturday afternoon.

On Saturday morning, James called Emily to make sure her house would be empty, then he went to pick up Kerry. In the car, Kerry was clearly nervous. She had no idea who she was going to be with.

They rode in silence. James couldn't help but notice Kerry's nipples sticking out through the tank top and mesh. This gave him a little hard on that poked his jeans slightly.

When they arrived at Emily's house, Kerry didn't say a word, but turned a little pale.

She meekly said, "I'm here for Emily?"

James nodded.

"I can't believe this" Kerry whispered.

She looked up at James, James glared down at her making it clear she hadn't a choice.

They got out of the car and walked slowly to the door. Emily answered, she first smiled at James, and then her eyes slipped over to Kerry. Emily's eyes focused in on every aspect of this hot little girl dressed up like a punk slut.

Emily couldn't believe how lucky she was, and she wasn't even going to have to pay for this.

"Alright, I'll leave you two alone for a while." said James.

"Listen, I owe you big time..." said Emily. With a smile, "I really appreciate this." Then she casually grabbed his half hard dick and gave it a little squeeze through his jeans, right in front of Kerry.

Kerry suddenly realized that her boyfriend had cheated on her in the past and was now giving her to Emily, the girl he cheated on her with.

James got in the car and drove away, and Kerry slowly stepped into Emily's house. Emily brought Kerry upstairs and told her to sit on the bed.

"I know this is the first time you've been with a girl, but you just have to relax, and I guarantee you'll have a good time."

Emily leaned in and gently kissed Kerry, first with no tongue, then slowly probing her tongue into the young girl’s mouth.

At first Kerry recoiled her tongue, refusing to kiss, but realizing it was no use she began to kiss back; letting her tongue slide over Emily's. She felt a slight tingle, but tried to ignore it. Then Emily's hand reached up Kerry's skirt and grabbed hold of her thong. She slowly pulled it down over her thighs and her boots and threw it across the room.

Emily was wearing a rather snug pair of jeans, a tight shirt, Ugg boots under her jeans, no bra, and as Kerry was soon to find out, no panties.

Emily then pulled off her shirt and began to motion for Kerry to suck her nipples.

Kerry didn't want to, but figured this couldn't hurt too badly. She leaned in and took Emily's left nipple in her mouth and sucked in gently. She felt it get hard in her mouth, and then she sucked harder. She heard Emily moan.

The sensation of making a girl moan in pleasure was very confusing to Kerry. She began to suck harder as she felt Emily's fingers slide up her skirt towards her pussy.

As the tip of Emily's finger penetrated Kerry's pussy, Kerry closed her eyes, almost shaking from the sensation. Not that being fingered by a girl felt any different, but to Kerry who lived a relatively sheltered life, being fingered by a girl was shocking.

She gasped in pleasure as she felt her pussy open to accommodate Emily's finger. When she opened her eyes, they met Emily's eyes, and was struck by her sweet, warm smile. As Emily began to push deeper, Kerry's pussy got wetter and wetter and she began to breathe heavily.

Kerry reached down and fondled Emily's hard nipples in her hand exactly as she herself liked to have hers fondled. Emily moaned and whispered "I'm gonna go down on you now."

"No!" yelled Kerry, she wasn't ready to be that intimate with a girl.

But it was too late, with one swift motion Emily slid her tongue along the slit and then plunged in gently, but firmly, into Kerry's pussy.

"Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" Kerry let out a sweet moan of unwilling pleasure.

Emily expertly ate out her pussy, sliding her tongue along the wall, massaging the opening of her hole, swirling around the clit, and even nibbling gently on her pussy lips.

Emily shut her eyes tightly, trying to ignore the fact that this was a girl. The notion still bothered her deeply...

Then suddenly she felt an orgasm building.

"Oh god...Oh god...Oh god..."

Kerry began to shake and scream, her eyes tightly shut.

When she opened them she saw Emily's face, smiling at her, covered in her cum. Suddenly all her feelings of disgust and uncomfortableness towards this girl were gone and all she had was desire and tenderness.

Kerry kissed Emily deeply, letting her own juices roll into her mouth and tantalize her taste buds.

In moments, her mesh and tank top were off and Emily was hungrily sucking on Kerry's nipples. Kerry was again quite horny and desiring of another orgasm, but then she remembered that she was here to serve Emily and that maybe she should do something for her.

She wanted to eat her out, but really had no practice.

"Emily...let me do something for you.."

Emily needed no more invitation. She slowly pulled down her jeans, sliding them over her ass quite sexily. Then Kerry got a delightful surprise. She discovered that Emily wasn't wearing panties and, like herself, she was shaved and clean.

"Umm..I don't know how to do this, but I'll try."

Emily laid in the bed and spread her legs. Kerry took a deep breathe and put her face between Emily's legs. She smelled Emily's pussy, quite strong and intoxicating.

Well, I guess I should just start, thought Kerry. She closed her eyes, stuck out her tongue and plunged it in.

She was shocked right away by the power of the taste and Emily's immediate reaction: tightening her thighs together (locking Kerry's head there) and putting her hands on the back of her head.

The taste was at first so overpowering that Kerry didn't like it, but as she was kind of stuck between Emily's legs, she got used to it and began to like it. She probed and swirled her tongue like Emily had done to her and Emily responded very positively. Then she began to lick her clit.

Emily went crazy and began screaming for more. Kerry continued licking her clit, while alternating with tongue fucking her which also drove her crazy.

As Kerry continued, Emily got wetter and wetter and Kerry did her best to suck the juices out of her pussy into her own mouth.

Suddenly, seemingly without warning, Emily came and fluid flowed into Emily's happily waiting mouth.

The two rolled over on the bed, and held each other tightly. They kissed passionately and deeply, letting there hands run over their sweet bodies. The feeling of Emily's tits running and tickling her own drover Kerry crazy.

Emily gently bit Kerry's ear and said "I'll be right back"

"No don't go..." said Kerry flirtily.

"I'll be right back, promise."

Emily ran out of the room and came back moments later holding a double sided dildo.

"What's that?" asked Kerry, knowing that it must be a sexual toy.

Emily giggled and told her to bend over. Kerry was nervous, she was a little afraid of another anal encounter, but she so wanted to make Emily happy that she did it. Emily gently put the dildo, which was at least 3 inches wide, at the base of Kerry's ass.

"Alright, hunny, take a deep breathe and relax your ass." Kerry did what she was told.

Emily plunged the dildo in her ass. Kerry let out a moan of pleasure and pain, she felt a little moisture drip from her pussy down her leg.

Emily pushed the dildo in about 6 inches. Kerry's breathe was knocked out by the intensity of the feeling. Then Emily got on her knees and bent over, facing the other way.

She gently glided the dildo in her ass. She moaned a little and breathed heavily as her ass took the dildo.

Kerry turned around and saw the dildo, beginning in her ass and running into Emily's. She smiled and got even more turned on.

"Ok, now we have to push against it gently. Going back and forth, so when you’re pushing, I'm pulling."

Kerry didn't really understand but went along with it and was soon wailing in the most intense pleasure she'd ever had, so intense that it was probably pain. Each time they pushed and pulled they absorbed a little more of the dildo. They rocked back and fourth, moaning and screaming in agony and pleasure.

The pleasure was almost more than Kerry could handle. She began to finger herself, occasionally sticking her pussy juice covered fingers in her mouth to satisfy her insatiable horniness.

She stopped as she felt a tingling sensation on her ass, she turned around and saw that he ass was not up against Emily's. They had absorbed the whole dildo.

Kerry moaned and waves of orgasms racked her body.

Emily giggled.

Emily then slowly slid the dildo out of her own ass, and then out of Kerry's and threw it on the floor.

Kerry was incredibly sore and in pain, but so happy and sexually fulfilled that she didn't care. She curled up in a ball, but wasn't able to relax because Emily emerged with a vibrator, not as large as the double sided dildo, but still quite large.

Emily deep throated the dildo and then stuck it in Kerry's pussy, turning it on and off causing Kerry to convulse and squeal.

Then Emily jumped on top of Kerry, pushing their little pussys together. Kerry didn't know what she was doing. With their pussys pressed together, Emily put the dildo between their pussys, so that it was inside neither of them, but both could enjoy the vibrating on their clits. The two girls pushed their crotches together hard, enjoying the warm sensation of the vibration. They made out deeply and sweetly until they both came.

Emily turned off the dildo and discarded it with the double sided dildo.

The two girls, both exhausted, held each other tightly, cupping each others tits, and rapping their legs around one another, fell asleep in a state of sweet bliss...

James coughed, and cleared his throat. Both girls woke with a start.

"The door was unlocked, so I let myself in...It looks like you two had a good time." James smiled.

The two girls smiled and giggled at each other.


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You need to pay attention to the name's.

Otherwise, a great story.


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i agree wit big d you shoulda included clit-ford the big red dog


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