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sexting with my son
This is a fantasy, every once in a while you read comments from readers that talk of the readers or writers going to hell, or jail. But, they read the whole story first, before commenting. This blurb is just to those people, you are almost the same as everyone else whom reads these stories. Just your own personal dementia has you justifying your voyeuristic cravings by passing personal judgement on the other innocent people who are ALSO reading this same story. When we meet in hell I will be seated just above you, with diarrhea, for eternity. Why? Because I am at least honest about what I am doing, you are not.

My name is Janet, I like my name, its part of who I am. I could not have imagined writing this story just a few years ago. But now that it has all happened, in hind sight, I would have started having sex with my son when he was 12 . Ok maybe not 12, that's too young, but I was ready then, and I bet he thought he was. Starting when your lover is ready is a good thing, trust me on that.

See here is how it is, or was, whatever. I am a mom, a good mom, overall. At least I was, then I decided to "check up" on my son. Hey, I'm divorced, who isn't nowadays, judge me on that this year and then look back next year. Anyway, I had heard of stories of kids "sexting" and wanted to know how honest my son was being with me. Face it, we all lie about sex, especially to our parents, like you didn't?

I decided that I would learn the truth first, then if it was bad I would find a way to learn it honestly. I cheated, big time. I bought a pay by minute cell phone, cash up front. No tracing me. I decided going in to this, that since there was no way my son could ever find out it was me, that the rules were different. Not sure what my limits would be, but I wasn't setting any. I was hoping that his sex life sucked as bad as mine.

I texted my son Daniel pretending to be a girl in his school, that I'd gotten his number through a friend and I knew who he was. But I didn't want him to know who I was, and I wanted to know more about him, or guys in general. His answer shocked me.

Sorry babe, don't buy it, this is the kind of psycho thing my mom would do to check up on me. U gotta prove Ure not her.

Me. How.

Daniel. Send me a pict.

Oh crap, think fast time, I am at work, he is at school, I need to buy time.

Me. Later, in class now.

Daniel. Cool.

Ok I bought time which gave me a distracted day at work. What will I do, what can I do. I just paid for the goddam phone, I am going to learn something. Teenagers learn about sex, with or without parental help. There is no way I can get caught. I have a reasonably good body, for a 40 something mom. Not gonna pass for a young teenager.

Ok, decision time, no face shots, obviously. My breasts sag, normally for a mom my age, not gonna pass for a 15 - 17 year old girl, that's for sure. For gods sake, I have to show him my pussy. Ok I steeled myself for that, plenty of teenage boys have "peeked" I had caught him doing the same, was it 2 years ago? Oh my god, he has no idea what my pussy looks like now so he'll need to compare it to reality to be sure it's not me on the phone. Well at least I caught that mistake before doing it. So how do I "accidentally" expose myself to my son? Before sending him a picture of my pussy after I "clean up" down there.

I hit on the solution, I decided that the mirror was fogging up too much in the shower. So I used some car wax to polish the bathroom mirror. Then after pasting it on I realized this was for his benefit, wasn't it? Why not make him do it. So I had Daniel finish polishing the bathroom mirror, plus he was now aware of its intended purpose.

No time like the present, right? That night I "decided" to take a shower, to see how the anti fogging worked. Yes I forgot to close the door all the way. Yes I kept tabs on its position. It took about 30 seconds from when I slid the shower door shut for the bathroom door to creep open about an inch or so. The little perv was watching me, well ok I had planned it. I had not planned for the thrill I felt by knowing that I was being watched while I was naked. I knew that I had to show him my pussy. I never in a million years would have anticipated the thrill I felt at knowing that my son was watching me, that I was knowingly exposing myself to his eyes while he thought me unaware.

I soaped up, really well. I was thinking about how I was showing off my pussy to my un seen viewer and forgot how long I had been rubbing my soapy tits. While facing the clear mirror, with my son watching. I had to fight the urge to finger myself, this was insane! I had no inkling of how turned on this would make me but here I was, naked, being watched by my son, and getting more turned on then I have in my last three years of dating. Ok, I guess this was a bad mom day, get over it, I know I did.

Well my son had seen my goodies in all their natural hairy splendor. On to the next step. I didn't get real detailed, but I shaved all the readily visible hair anyway. Then started taking cell phone shots of my pussy till I got the angle right. It showed the top of my slit, my hooded clit sticking out just a bit. None of the hair that I left un shaved around my hole. Buying some story telling rights I added text that my sister and I shared a room so I couldn't just send off pictures, but I got this one. I hit send.

Daniel. Kewel, you really are for real, I expected much less, tell me if you not like.

Then my son sent me a picture of his cock. Ok I am his mother, I may be prejudiced, but my son has a magnificent cock. This was a cock a girl could curl up to, or impale herself on to. Oh god what am I thinking? I am looking at a picture of my sons cock and loving it. I clearly understood that this was wrong. But wait a minute, how wrong is this really? I am just doing undercover work right? None of this counts because he is never, and I mean never going to find out that his mother is looking at his cock. His naked erect, rather attractive young looking cock. A girl could ride that thing all afternoon and still put on her librarian glasses for dinner. Or motherly reading glasses, ok stop it right now. This is my sons sex organ, he is young and flirting, I will behave, I think.

Ok, I needed to get a grip on myself. Just a hard start to this, investigation, nice and hard start. Ok, he is into sexting, but how far will he go? Dammit I am thinking wrong here, good thing Daniel has no clue what is going on. I could have fun with this and nobody but nobody could get hurt. There, I feel better.

Me. Wow, I kinda like that. Did you like my puss?

Daniel. Awesome, you are awesome, what's you're name?

Me. Oh no, I can't say that, not after this.

Daniel. You are killing me and making my life better times everything, I want to know who you are.

Me. Sorry, but thank you.

I shut off my phone, I had thinking to do. What is it they say in those romance novels, sleep was elusive that night? In my case that was because I was both horny and satisfied at the same time. I turned my phone back on and I got myself off three times while looking directly at my sons cock. While I satisfied myself, and congratulated myself on a game well played, I ended the night feeling that I needed more then I had gotten. And I had not gotten myself off three times in one night, in my life. This game I was playing was waking up a level of desire I had never known.

I guess I lost focus for just a bit. Hey boys do it all the time anyway don't they? Just that this mom had a better idea what her son was thinking while he was getting dirty with himself, that was all I was admitting to. I sent and received more pictures from my son. But at the same time I was limited, I could not show my hands because they showed my age. Same with my breasts, so I had to show him my slit.

But at home, this is what concerned me. Our text life was fantasy, home was reality. I had a fine line to walk, my son needed to know that he was not sexting with his mom, to do that I figured I needed to give him just one more show. I had kept my hair down around my slit, I was shaving up top so it only made sense to me that either I should shave it all, or show it and then shave it. Right?. Ok my mind was clouded by fantastic voyeuristic orgasms at night so I was not thinking clearly.

How does a good and proper mother exposé her hairy vagina slit from behind while maintaining her dignity? I put a lot of thought into this delema. I knew the answer wasn't going to pop up on Dr. Phil, I had to solve this one on my own. I think I did pretty good. I was moping the floor and then swore suddenly. This caused my son to pay attention, but not come in from the other room. My panties were already pulled askew and I was wearing a short enough skirt. I kicked the mop bucket and banged a cabinet door. Daniel came running. Water had slopped but not enough for my plan. As I heard his footsteps round the corner I grabbed the mop bucket and turned it over. I bent over with my ass in the air towards my son and spread my knees. I was on total display from behind, I heard him suck air in while I feebly slid the mop bucket around to gain my stability.

Hairy open slit, I know he saw it. I asked for his help in cleaning up, he was dumbstruck and useless. I had to mop up the mess myself, with my red face hidden. Partially because of what I had done, and partially because I knew that now I could shave myself bare. Daniel fled to his room and I yelled at him "thanks for nothing" then I started muttering about getting help around the house. He had absolutely no idea that I planned out the whole thing.

That night I got a double surprise from my son. His text to me was a suggestion that I grow my hair out "down there" and he sent me a video he took of him masturbating himself off to completion. He shot his spunk almost up to his chin, I saw three long ropes of cum land on his chest with a few more shorter spurts landing closer to his cock. Totally obscene and not what he should be sending. This is where I should have stopped it. This is where any proper minded mother would have brought it to and end.

Problem is I had just shaved it for him, he had just seen my hairy slit from behind, so I needed to prove to him that it wasn't me he was sexting with, right? I sent him a totally obscene shot of my pussy from behind asking him if he really thought I should grow my hair out, for him.

He had a rather immediate response of YES! My god I was so flattered, he wanted his imaginary lover to look like ME! He didn't know it but he was flattering his mother. This I reasoned would give me a better chance to get to know him as the person he was around kids his own age. So that I could better help him, as his mother.

Ok, shitty justification, nobody's perfect, I was honey and single and this was just untraceable fun

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2016-03-10 10:54:43
Sooo hot, has me hard n grinding. Too bad the now 47 y/o mother below din't leave any contact info; I'd love to follow-up on her experiences
Ben Bitten

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2015-09-22 15:28:28
Your opening paragraph is awesome! I thought I could throw words together pretty well, but you just carve 'em up with your linguistic brilliance. Well done!
Trouble is, will these twisted, pious morons have the intelligence to understand what you are trying to tell them?
I'm going back to read the rest of your stories; nearly there!

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2013-06-19 09:03:59
When I was 34, (about ten years ago) I went out to a party one Friday night with a couple of my girl friends, and two of us had just got divorced and were celebrating,, drank more than I usually do and we were laughing so hard I peed on myself and went into the ladies room to freshen up.
Took ooff my panties, wrapped them in a paper towel and stuck them in my purse. When I got home I kicked off my shoes and crashed. Later I felt my 15 yo son feeling my pussy, but I kept my eyes closed to see how far he would go. he fingered me, soon, my pussy started dripping, he ate me through two orgasms then I helped him fuck me like I've never been fucked before and we still do on occation and his wife knows it and joins in.


2012-08-19 11:15:03
I'm not a hater but, it needed something. I don't know what though. On a positive note you did make the characters very real though

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2012-08-18 04:03:16
I am betting those negative comments came from the flamers that the first paragraph referred to

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