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Mom sexting her son
I realize that I had taken things too far already, this I assume was part of my justification for not stopping where I should have. I learned so much, and enjoyed myself so furiously after my dirty chat sessions with my son that I just didn't bring it to an end like any normal mother would have. Ok, not too many normal mothers would intentionally expose their vaginas to their horny teen age sons. Neither would they shave said vagina so they could send a picture of it to same said son, just to find out what he is up to.

Since I had already crossed the line there was no point in turning back, just yet anyway. I was having fun and my son was appearing to be getting enamored with me in our texting sessions. I found myself correcting him in small ways, improving his language and focus with his conversations with me. He was growing up!

At the same time there was this tremendous vicarious sexual thrill. Well ok not that vicarious, I was sending him pictures of my pussy as I grew my hair back out. My son was spewing spunk all over himself and I was feeling like I was cheating him in the deal. I couldn't show my breasts or hands, wait a minute.

I laid down on my bed so my breasts pressed flat against my chest, lined my phone up and started taking pictures of my nipple. I could only do close ups of one nipple, or he would see too much and realize that I was no where near close to his own age. He adored my nipple shots and always wanted more. I was more than ready to show him more, at home, but I had to wait for my hair to grow back out.

I could never get my son to admit to me in text why he wanted me to grow my hair back out. In real life I knew why, and it flattered me. I was careful to always lock the bathroom door when in there. Every time I was in there when Daniel was home I could hear his footsteps creep past the door, looking for another opportunity to spy on his mom. I was getting giddy with excitement as my hair slowly filled out, anxious for the time that it was back to "proper" length so I could get this out of my system, just one last time. That's what I kept telling myself.

My plan was that I would just expose myself to my son just once more, as soon as my hair was grown out. After all, he had shown me so much more, which I had put to good masturbatory use, every night.

Finally the night came, my hair was fully back to its obscene glory. My son was complimenting my pictures, saying how good it looked being hairy "down there" and his language had improved tremendously as well. I put a fresh coating of paste wax on the bathroom mirror and finally "forgot" to close the bathroom door.

My son must have been checking the bathroom door religiously since my first escapade. The moment the shower door slid closed I saw the bathroom door open just a bit. I knew my son was watching! I soaped my breasts while holding my legs open. After all this time, the number of times my son had sprayed his spunk for me, I had never been able to send him a video of me masturbating because it would have shown my hands, now I was able to do it in real life!

I spread my legs to the mirror and went to work on my clit. I started by rubbing myself but before long I had 3 fingers up inside while grabbing my own ass from behind and humping towards the shower door. I saw my son come, well I didn't see him. I saw one glorious long spurt of sperm arc towards the counter in the bathroom. His first shot of sperm almost hit the counter top! It landed on the cabinet door with a single trail of sperm running down the door and on the floor! Oh my god, he had shot it three feet or more! He had obviously been masturbating while watching me and was pointed right at the door. It shot right into the bathroom, this put me over the edge and I nearly collapsed with the throbbing orgasm that I had.

Now what to do? The shame and anguish that I suddenly felt overwhelmed me. This was certainly going too far. I was partly to blame here, ok mostly to blame. I had to pretend to not see it. My poor son had to be mortified that he had just unloaded such a magnificent blast of sperm into his mothers private moment. I finished up in the shower, just in case he was still watching I made an effort at wrapping my head up in a towel making it appear that I had no notion of this long string of sperm clinging to the side of the cabinet or running across the floor. I wrapped a towel around me and carefully marked my step as I walked out making sure not to step in it on my way out.

Once safely in my bedroom I was able to hear Daniel creep from his room, then the sound of the roll of toilet paper spinning as he frantically cleaned up. My mind began spinning with all the various different scenarios of how that could have turned out. Me slipping and falling on his sperm with him finding me with my legs spread. Or better yet, suppose I had found the sperm and confronted him screaming in rage, my towel slipping open giving him a good close up of mommies goodies. God no, wasn't ready for that.

What if, what if I had just scooped a little finger full, off the floor. Right where it had ended. He wouldn't have noticed that would he? He would have been to preoccupied with cleaning it up. Oh my god, could have actually tasted my sons sperm, no I don't really like it in my mouth. I could have rubbed it on my nipples, or in my slit. I could have pushed my sperm coated fingertip up my anus.

Where did that thought come from? I have never let a man do anything with my behind. How could I have just imagined that? That totally obscene thought took hold of my mind. What if I had scooped some sperm onto my finger and worked it up inside my ass? This was the most obscene thought I could have possibly imagined, and I could have totally done it. I could hear my son finishing up, how could I have missed such a chance? He has now cleaned up all of his sperm, none left for me. God if I had just thought of that when I had the chance then I could have brought this obscene game to an end.

Obviously now, since I've already gone this far, I was going to have to get him to spray for me again. Just once, then this all comes to an end. This was insane but I felt driven. I was going to have to masturbate for my son some more until I could collect just a dribble of his sperm.

The next three nights ended in frustration. I was masturbating for my son, I knew that he was watching, hell the last two nights I closed the bathroom door without locking it. I was hoping that he would have one hand on the door and the other on his cock so that it would go off inside the bathroom again. No such luck, he was obviously taking precautions. My desire for his sperm up my ass was driving me insane, I began fingering my anus while masturbating in the shower. I thought I heard him make a sound that first time when I spread my legs and hunched down so I could diddle both holes at the same time but I never got a drop inside my bathroom. I had to come up with a plan.

I realized that the only way that I could get my sons sperm up my ass was for him to put it there for me. But how to do that without his knowing? I hit on an idea. My sons "phone friend" had a moral dilemma. She had been "snooping" she found out that her mom had a friend. Might be a married friend, who wanted to cheat on her husband. But didn't know how, so on some Saturday's she would rent a room at the local Super 8. She would strip naked, or wear something flimsy, and a mask. She just sat in the room waiting for someone to knock on the door. She never set anything up, and no one ever knocked. If I could somehow find out what room number she had, would you, Daniel go over there and do it to her. Or with her, whatever you want? You could probably even put it up her ass and she'd never say a word.

I had my Daniel so hot for an older woman that he dropped his phone, I know, I was standing on the other side of his bedroom door when I sent the text.

Daniel was beside himself for the next two days. I could tell there was something he wanted to say but wasn't. He finally blurted out that he might be going out with some friends on Saturday. It was so blatantly obvious that he was concealing something that I would have confronted him on that. If I wasn't the one who was setting it up.

Daniel seemed kind of relieved when I told him that I had some shopping to do on Saturday. To keep it real I even offered to take him to the mall with me, knowing he'd say no. He said no. I did go to the mall, Victorias Secret is there and I bought a flimsy see through thing to wear. I found a novelty shop and bought a feather mask as well. I had an epiphany at the mall and bought long thin gloves, and a dildo. I now had a way to masturbate for my son! He couldn't see my hands with elbow length gloves!

I texted him telling him saying that I wasn't sure if my moms friend was going or not but it was hard to get access to my moms computer. He sent back "keep trying"

I pulled in to Super 8 and backed up against the brick wall in the back of the lot, got checked in, room 108. Not much of a view but I was keeping the curtains closed no matter what. I texted my son the room number then stripped naked and put on my things, then hid all my clothing in the drawers. The wait was agony and ecstasy all rolled into one stomach turning knot. The turmoil destroyed my intestines and my stomach rolled, I ran to the bathroom and emptied myself into the toilet. All the better for what I had hopes for, I was cleaned out now and could let my son rut himself off in my anus all afternoon without mishap.

Bathroom door was shut, fan is on, I heard a front door jingle a bell letting some one in. My stomach flipped, I could feel it, I knew it was him. I adjusted my mask for the umpteenth time and was almost able to count his soft steps in the hall. There was a soft tentative knock at the door, the handle was already in my hand. The door seemed to just open in front of me. I really don't remember doing any of that part myself. I do remember smiling, even though he couldn't see my face. I stepped aside, he froze there. It dawned on me I hadn't told him that his moms friend was not going to talk. I motioned for him to come in, thank god he did. I would have died if he left!

He followed me in, I boldly slid my hand between his legs, he was soft. Oh my, he must really be nervous. I thought about sucking his cock but was wary of letting him look at the top of my head, what if the mask tilted while I tried to get his cock in my throat. I couldn't let him see his mothers face on his cock. Even if that was what he was thinking! I brought one of his hands up to my left breast. I began palming my right breast, he began to mimic my moves. Now I moved my hands between his legs and felt his growing member. Of his own accord my son put his hand between my legs and softly said "your hair is like my moms" I nodded my head while feeling his cock grow hard and strong.

Daniel asked me "are you going to talk" I shook my head no. He took my gown and pulled at it, I knelt before him and showed him the ties, he began un tying me while I worked on his belt. He had me untied before I got his belt open. I shrugged my shoulders forward and the gown fell. I was now naked in front of my son, nothing but my mask protecting my identity. He paused long enough for me to get his belt open. I stood naked in my glory in front of my son, then went to pulling his pants down. He helped and soon he was as naked as I, I walked to the bed. Instead of climbing in I bent forward giving him access to my behind. He took no note of the KY jelly on the night stand, he did take hold of my naked hips. Then he let go with one hand to guide his cock to me. This was it! I felt his cock nudging around my pussy opening. I really wanted him to be my first, up my ass but I couldn't tell him what I wanted. I spread my legs more and began to reach down to guide him up higher but he found what he wanted first. He wanted his mothers slit, he began thrusting forward, tentatively at first. I was wet enough that he found his entrance easily enough. Soon after my son was rutting himself off in my slit while my breasts swung and slapped back and forth in an obscene display of sex and lust.

All too soon I felt my son thrusting forward without pulling back, I could feel his cock grow even more stiff, as if that had seemed possible. The head seemed to swell a little inside me as he began to grunt. Then I felt it, I felt my son start spurting off inside me, jets of sperm that could fly unseen from the bathroom door to the counter top were now going off inside of me. Oh yes I felt it.

My knees trembled and I'm afraid I gurgled or made some sort of un feminine sort of sound. No matter, he never called me mom. Once he was done he never went fully limp. I reached between my boys legs and from the safety of my feather mask began gently massaging his ball sack. I turned and guided my sons hands to my naked breasts then took his wet cock into one hand while gently manipulating his ball sack. In no time I had him ready for round two. I didn't want him looking at me from the front for fear he might recognize me from all the times I had masturbated for him in the shower.

I bent back over and started to guide his cock, no my cock, towards my nether hole to no avail. My son grabbed my prize from me and immediately found my sloppy wet hole that was still drooling with our combined wetness, most had to be his with the unbelievable load he had just pumped off in me.

There was nothing I could say, no "honey, mommy wants it up her ass" nope, that was not coming out of my mouth. My boy wanted a pussy to fuck and I was bent over a bed in a Super 8 about five blocks from home with no hope of making my fantasy come true. Daniel did last longer in round two, I was able to look down at least and see my sons ball sack slapping forward as he thrust home into the sperm soaked slit that gave birth to him. Soaked with his sperm, his ball sack looking to empty itself, again, into the womb that bore him to this...

Unnggg, I collapsed forward onto the bed with a toe curling orgasm, Daniel never let up. He continued thrusting into his mothers unprotected slit until unloading a second torrent of his youthful spunk inside of me. I stayed in my prone position while he dressed. He thanked me and I wiggled my naked ass to him while his sperm slid down my legs. My son left the room, I cupped my hand to my gaping slit to hold his load in as best I could while I ran to flip the door lock at the door. Then I was back on the bed, on my back holding my ass up. Then I grabbed all the pillows on the bed and piled them up. Then laid on them keeping my ass in the air to hold my sons spunk in me. I started scooping his sperm out on two fingers at first and began working it into my ass. Then I scooped with three fingers and forced them into my rectum. I got to where I was scooping and dribbling with my right hand while trying to force a fourth finger from my left hand into my anus. It hurt too much so I just pushed what I could tolerate into my dirty little hole. I felt my orgasm coming, then I woke up on the bed laying next to the pillows. I could still feel some after affects of coming so I doubt I was out long. I took a perverse satisfaction in wiping my sperm and pussy coated hands off on the sheets, showered, cleaned up and I was done.

This was it, I was finished. My game was done, everything had gotten out of hand. My wild side was fulfilled and I was never sending or receiving another text with my son again.

I drove home thankful at least that this was all over with. I met Daniel in the driveway still on his bike. He should have been home long ago. He had an odd look on his face and said "hi mom" but the way he said that seemed like it meant something else. I said "hi, what's that supposed to mean". "thats what I wrote on the back of your car in the dirt" I walked around to the rear of my car and sure enough, written in the dirt was "hi mom" instead of "wash me" I laughed, that was cute. I asked him when he wrote that.

"when your car was parked up against the brick wall at the Super 8"


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Amazing yarn spinning talent. What a lucky young man to have you looking after his ...interests. I couldn't stop jacking through the entire tale and I thank you for that.
Instant Classic!

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a great way to get "busted" and win in the end (which you haven't told us about yet)
Ben Bitten

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You have an incredibly lucky son, I'm sure I would've done your tight little ass for you. By the way you are a very talented writer, and I Will enjoy reading the rest of your stories.

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