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Scott stared at the poster on the wall, James Bond stared back at him, he shuddered and closed his eyes. They hurt, the dried skin scrunched together as he closed them, but he didn’t want to open them again. Everywhere hurt. His head throbbed and spun as he tried to keep it as still as possible. His throat was burning and his nose felt like it was on fire. He was such an idiot, he tried to move but the pain that shot up his back made him whimper and he stopped. He led there quietly, then noticed a pillow on the floor, reaching down slowly he grabbed it and pulled it onto the bed, he wrapped his arms around it and buried his face into the soft fabric. He felt the bed shift and the soft snoring paused for a second, and then carried on. He’d almost forgot Isaac was there. He pressed his face into the pillow harder, and more tears started pouring down his face.


“Nice room” Scott said, poking his head round Isaacs bedroom door, he’d never looked round his flat properly, but Isaac told him to make himself comfortable while he got them some drinks. Isaac laughed, “It’s alright, excuse the mess, don’t tend to bring gir- people back here” Scott tried to ignore the comment; if Isaac was straight, then why had he felt the need to change it from girls to people. Scott shook it off, no point dwelling on it, it was only a comment. “Hey Scott?” “yeah” Isaac leant out the kitchen, “I never asked what you wanted to drink” he laughed, “oh, erm, what you got?” Isaac’s eyes flashed frustration, then he sighed. “I aint a bar Scotty, I got some beers, and I think some wine somewhere?” Scott shuffled uncomfortably, he was getting on with Isaac, he didn’t want to make things awkward “Beer sounds cool” Scott walked into the lounge and wondered where to sit, there was a couch and a chair. The chair looked comfier, but he worried that Isaac might want to sit there, so he chose the couch, that way Isaac could sit next to him if he wanted.

Isaac walked in and handed him the bottle, then grabbed the remote from behind Scott, just leaning gently against the side of him. Scott bit his lip so he didn’t make a sound, but his disappointment was obvious when Isaac sat in the chair. He suddenly got bored as Isaac put the football on, he was a rugby lad, footy was a girls sport. Isaac suddenly stood up and walked out of the room, Scott sat confused, trying to work out if he’d done something to bother him, “You do drugs Scott?” Scott shuddered, he’d always had an interest, but that had gone after the night with Danny. “No, not really something I’m into to be honest with you” Isaac walked back in with a tin in his hand “Oh, well I’m only gonna roll a joint, don’t mind do you?” Scott shook his head, “Nah that’s cool, your flat” Isaac flashed that grin again and Scott couldn’t help but grin back. Isaac sat on the couch next to Scott, Scott felt a rush as he sat forward, he stared at his broad shoulders, he moved his hand forwards and lightly stroked it down Isaacs back. Isaac chuckled and Scott ripped his hand back, he hadn’t realised he’d touched hard enough for him to feel it; Isaac turned backwards and looked at him, “Can’t keep your hands off me huh?” Scott went bright red and put his hand over his eyes, “Sorry” he muttered quietly. Isaac turned and carried on rolling.

Scott stared at the TV, muttering under his breath about what an idiot he was being, Isaac didn’t fancy him, but if he didn’t why kiss him and invite him into his house. None of it made sense, but as much as he tried concentrating on the TV, he couldn’t help but stare at Isaac, his soft breathing while he concentrated was beyond cute, it sent chills down Scott’s spine. “Soooo..” Isaac said, sitting back and lighting the joint, he stared at Scott as he exhaled, “How long you wanted to fuck me for?” Scott went red again and Isaac grinned “Come on, you can tell me!”

“I d-d-don’t wanna f-f-fuck you” he stuttered quietly “ohhhh, you want me to fuck you? Is that it? You’re the bitch huh?” Isaac grinned even wider and stared at him.

“Fuck off!! Don’t think so fucking highly of yourself!”

“Ding ding, we have a winner” he laughed loudly. Scott got up, and grabbed his jacket “If you’re gonna be a wanker with me then I’ll just leave now” he mumbled. Isaac kicked his leg under Scott’s foot and he fell back onto the couch. Isaac’s eyes went dark as he lent closer to him, “learn to take a joke, I didn’t say you could leave” Scott began to sweat and whimpered a little. Isaac’s face changed as he sat back, “want another beer?” Scott knew he should say no, but he accepted the beer, as well as the cigarette that was offered shortly after.

Isaac stood up and kicked over a beer bottle, he chuckled to himself and picked it up, his idea had worked out a lot better than expected, Scott was pretty drunk, and he’d even managed to talk him into a few lines of coke. Scott heard the clatter and looked up, “where you goinnn sexy?” Isaac grinned; he’d got a lot more confident as the night went on “just to get you another drink” Scott nodded and slumped back on the couch. Isaac walked into the kitchen and grabbed the last bottle off the side, he popped the lid off, and grabbed a bag out of the cupboard, rummaging through the bag he found what he was looking for. Crushing the pill, he dropped the powder into the bottle, placed his thumb over the top and shook it. Walking out of the kitchen, he sat down on the couch and shuffled up to Scott; putting his arm round his shoulders he passed him the bottle. Scott took a swig, grinned and took another; he moved up closer to Isaac, put his head on his chest and dragged his legs up onto the couch. Isaac moved his arm and ran his fingers through Scott’s hair. “I never thought you’d like me you know” he slurred “thought you were straight, and well too gorgeous for me too ever have a shot with you!” Scott knocked the bottle back and drained the last of it, then dropped his head onto his chest. Isaac pulled his shoes off, put an arm around his back and under his legs, he lifted him off the couch and carried him into his room. Scott was awake, but completely out of it, as Isaac lowered him onto the bed he fumbled at Isaacs buttons, Isaac grabbed his hand and pushed it away, then smacked him across the face with the back of his hand. Scott looked up at him and whimpered, that pathetic noise he always made when something was wrong. Isaac grinned and stared at him, “I’m in charge now Scotty, and you’re gunna do exactly what I say!”

Scott began to sob as Isaac tied his hands to the headboard with a tie. “Please Isaac! Anything you want I’ll do it, you don’t have to tie me up!!” Isaac swung his fist and caught him on the side of his head, Scott howled in pain and tried to move away but his restraints stopped him. Isaac pulled his shirt off and his pants down; he swung his leg over Scott’s chest and sat on him. He grabbed his dick and stroked it in front of Scott’s face. Scott stared at it, he felt a rush go through his body, the head was an inch of his face, leaking pre-cum. He could smell him, the musky smell of sweat and aftershave made Scott’s dick start growing against his will, he didn’t want to enjoy this, but he was seeing Isaac naked, and it was living up to his fantasies. It was about 8 inches long and 2 across, the hair was trimmed neatly, and a strip of hair led up to his navel, Isaac shuffled forwards and pulled his foreskin back over the head, “pretty sure you know what to do with this huh?” Scott nodded but didn’t move; Isaac sighed and moved forwards further, the head pressing against Scott’s lips. He pushed further and Scott’s mouth opened taking the head into his mouth, he moved further, taking four inch of Isaac’s dick, he bobbed his head up and down the shaft. Hearing Isaac groan, he tried taking more, he was scared but he liked Isaac, he wanted to make him happy. “Fuck..” Isaac’s voice startled him, it felt like hours since he’d spoken “Can tell you’ve done this before Scotty” Scott weakly smiled at him, then gagged violently as Isaac pushed into his throat.
Isaac gripped the side of his face and held his dick in his throat, he dropped his full weight onto Scott’s chest as he began kicking his legs trying to throw him off, he chuckled and held his face for a few more seconds then pulled back. Scott coughed and begged Isaac to stop, “Please! I’ll carry on sucking your dick, but don’t do that again!” Isaac smiled “I’m gunna cum in a minute anyways, your gunna swallow like a good little boy right?” Scott’s face paled, he’d given his fair share of blowjobs, but he’d never let them cum in his mouth before, “NO! That’s fucking disgusting!!” Isaac shrugged and pushed back into Scott’s mouth, he held his dick in his mouth; gradually he got frustrated, Scott made no movements, grabbing his hair he pulled his face forward, and then back again. Isaac moaned and Scott tried to pull backwards off his dick, he chuckled and held his head there, tears streamed down Scott’s face as Isaac continued fucking his face, after a few seconds he grunted and shot a spurt of cum into his face, he held Scott’s face still as he fired rope after rope of cum into his mouth. He pulled out and Scott began heaving trying to spit it out, “Don’t think so” Isaac snapped as he pushed his mouth shut and held his nose. “You either swallow or stop breathing!” Scott started going red in the face until suddenly he relented and gulped down the cum, it slid down his throat and he had to swallow more to stop it blocking his throat. Isaac flashed his grin and let go, “Let me see?” Scott opened his mouth and showed him “Good boy” he said, wiping the last bit of cum off his fingers into his hair “I’ll be right back”

Scott lent against the head board and shut his eyes, his throat hurt from the assault, he had the lingering after taste of cum in his mouth and some had leaked down his chin that he couldn’t wipe away. He had cramp in both his arms from the awkward position and his nose burned from the cocaine he had stupidly taken earlier. The most embarrassing part of this ordeal, his dick was so hard it hurt.

He shivered as Isaac walked back in; he was scared of what was coming next, but this was his chance to look him over properly. His well toned body glistened with sweat, his chest was smooth, only a few blond hairs scattered around his nipples, his stomach was flat, he worked out a lot and the ripple of muscles as he walked proved that. The line of hair that started down his navel progressed to his pelvic area, his neatly trimmed pubic hair showed off his semi-erect dick, his balls hung low, nestled tightly together, his muscular legs had just the right amount of hair on them. At 6’2 he was perfect, and he clearly knew it.
Isaac sat on the edge of the bed, Scott pulled his legs close to him to stay away, yeah he was fit, but he’d still fucked his face without his say so. He watched as Isaac lent down and pulled a box from under his bed, opening the lid he pulled out a condom and a bottle of lube. Scott’s heart sank, he didn’t want this, Isaac would rip him in two.

“Iss, please! Whatever you want, just not that!”

Isaac calmly opened the condom and rolled it onto his dick

“Iss!! You’re too big, you’ll fucking hurt me!!”

He turned and pulled Scott’s jeans to his ankles, then ripped them off

“Iss, I’m begging you!”

He grabbed a sock from his draw, and a roll of sticky tape off the side.

“ISS!!! Please, just fucking listen to me!!”

He stuffed the sock into Scott’s open mouth and placed a piece of tape across his lips. Snapping open the bottle of lube he poured some into his hand and wiped it across Scott’s hole, he lubed a finger and pushed it inside roughly, Scott whimpered and kicked his legs out, trying to pull away from the sudden intrusion. Isaac pulled his finger out and wiped the excess lube off his hand onto Scott’s shirt. He pulled his legs up, placed the head of his dick at the entrance of Scott’s anus and lent his full weight onto him. Scott whimpered and begged through the sock.

Leaning close to him, Isaac breathed down Scott’s neck, it made him squirm and try to get out from under him. Silently, he lent down to his ear, Scott stopped fidgeting and listened to what he was whispering.

“I told you not to call me that”

Isaac pushed hard and rammed his entire eight inch dick into Scott’s arse.

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