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Please read the disclaimer for more info!
DISCLAIMER** This story contains graphic materials that might not suit you. If you do not like rape or violence, please do not continue reading. However, if seeing girls get tortured makes you cum, feel free to move on.
BDSM is not for everyone. Make sure your partner is up for it before doing the deed.
Rape is a crime. Do not ever commit it. You will be arrested. This is clearly a fantasy.
Sex Rings are ILLEGAL. Do not ever try to do this. This is based upon what really happens in sex rings so while it is a story, it is also a teaching one.

I remember the first time I saw her. A sex shop had just opened up down in the valley. It was hidden from the highway and the main road by a hill to keep young eyes away, for one because there was a giant naked girl on the front. When I first walked into that sex shop, I felt a very warm, happy presence. Until I saw her. She was about 5'5 with long blonde hair and blue eyes. Her tits had to be at least 42DD's. I would ocassionally flirt with her but she would always flip me off.
I then realized where I knew her from. Her name was Bethany and we went to the same high school together. She was the cum slut in her senior year. Always sleeping around with a bunch of guys. But she never slept with me. So during the last week of school, I grabbed her after class and dragged her into the empty girls locker room. I pulled out my camera phone and recorded her stripping saying "I'm a bad slut". I then posted it online and ruined her life.
Luckily, my looks have changed since then so nobody has recognized me, not even her.
My business had currently gone down, due to the feds being out a lot and me getting arrested for sexual harassment. But the "Victim" never showed up in court so I was released.

Chapter 1 - Preparing For The Bitches

One morning I got a call from an old co-worker of mine named Greg. Now Greg was about 6'2 with a lot of strength. Probably could hold two girls down at one point. His cock was a monster but I don't think he every measured it. And yes, he was black.
Greg wanted to invite me over to his new place and show me around. He also said we would have a little "fun". So I stripped myself clean and drove over to his place on the East Side. When I walked up to his front door and he answered, he laughed.
"Dude, I did not mean that kind of fun!"He said, handing me a pair of boxers."
I slipped on the boxers and he let me inside the house.
"Sorry man. When you said fun, I honestly thought you had gotten back in the business"I said."
"Well, I sort of am"Greg explained"I bought this house about a month ago after it foreclosed. The basement needed some renovation so renovation I did. Come on, I'll show you."
He led me down some stairs and into a large hallway. He flipped on the light switch and along each wall were two jail cells. So four jail cells in all.
"This is where the victims are being kept."
Then he led me into the main room, which he called the "Torture Chamber". He had three wooden tables set up for the victims to be fucked and tortured on. And then he showed me the command center.
"Already got the website up and running. Each slut has her own page with a live feed in her jail cell. I already have 100+ members just waiting to see what happens to them. We have live feeds in here and the water torture chamber.
"Water?!"I exclaimed"Your gonna drown them?"
"Hell no! Just if they disobey, they get put in the water for about 10 seconds"Greg said"I know I'm missing the supplies. And a partner ---- Which is what I wanted to talk to you about. Listen, if you want to get back in business with me, you can live here and you can help me capture victims."
I thought about his proposition for a moment and then shook the black man's hand. We were back in business.

The next day, I moved into his house and got a call from my mom. Apparently, my mom divorced my Dad and got re-married. My new "step-dad" had a 19 year old daughter named Dana. My mom asked me if I wanted to come down for a week and visit. I clearly accepted the offer to see this beauty named Dana.
So I drove back home, which was only an hour away. When I arrived, I was greeted by my mom and the sexy beauty known as Dana.
"Your step-dad and I are going out for diner tonight"Mom said"I figured you and Dana could get to know each other while we are gone."
I grinned, knowing how perfect this was going. When my Mom and step-dad finally left, Dana went outside on the patio. The patio was clearly hidden from neighbors.
"So Dana, what do you do for a living?"I asked."
"Nothing that you need to know about"She said, grinning."
"Oh! That must mean your a prostitute for a living! What do you do? Sneak out while everyone's asleep and fuck random strangers for $300-$400?"
She seemed shock that I knew everything. I walked up to her and grabbed her arm.
"Listen slut, you are my slave now. If you want to be spared, you better listen carefully."
She nodded and waited for instructions.
I stripped her clothes off clean and felt around her inner thighs. 
"Your wet whore!"I yelled at her."
I rubbed my finger across her wet clit and dragged her inside the house, completely naked. I threw a towel at her face. 
"Put on your prostituting outfit! Now!" 
She went up to her room and slipped on a naughty outfit. I dragged her to my car and tossed her in the passenger seat. I tied her to the seat and climbed in the driver's seat. 
As I drove off, I asked her questions:
"So I'm assuming your not a virgin?"
"Have you been fucked in the ass before?"
"Ever been fucked by a girl?"
"WTF? What kind of question is that?!"she demanded."
"Answer the question whore or I'll drown you!"I yelled."
"No, I've never been fucked by a girl."
"This will be fun then!"I said, smirking."
Dana was scared now. Tears were rolling down her face and she was trying to break free but instead the ropes burned her skin. 
"Calm down. Listen well and you'll get out fine."

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