It all comes to an end
It is highly recommended that you read Innocence Lost and Innocence Lost – Parts 2 and 3 before reading this conclusion. I freely admit that it may resemble a soap opera more than a sex story, but does bring closure to the series, so please be kind.

Holding a small piece of paper and pencil in hand, Tyler sat by himself under a tree in the park mulling over how much things had changed since the original events. He and Dillon spent the early summer basking in their love, not that they had sex every day. In fact, more often than not, they were content simply being together.

Tyler had learned that Dillon was unusually sensitive about love and sex, still obviously confused about the things he had experienced. Who could blame him? Being gang-raped and then told by your best friend that he loves you, all in one afternoon, would send anyone into sensory overload, much less a young boy. At times he aggressively craved pure, lustful sex between them, but would also withdraw into himself if he felt that his love was being threatened in any way. He was now a bit older and not the same innocent kid he had been before. Tyler was convinced that his head was a mess and, like a china cup, very fragile.

He recalled how, after the school-end “party” orchestrated by Tyler as both his and Dillon's revenge, Dillon surprisingly confronted him the next day. “Why haven't I fucked you? You fucked me.” Shocked at the near-anger in his voice, Tyler tried to put his arms around Dillon, but he stepped back, glaring at Tyler.

“Okay. You want to use plain language? Then I will, too," Tyler said forcefully. "I fucked you because you begged me to, and I wanted to do it because I love you. Remember that? You never once told me that you wanted to fuck me, even though I've been dreaming about it forever.”

Just that quickly, Dillon's cold face softened, he paused for a moment, then ran into Tyler's arms, holding him so tightly they could hardly breathe. “Everyone has done it to me, but I've never done it to anyone else. Please Tyler, let me fuck you,” he pleaded.

Still shaken, Tyler then asked a blatant question. “How do you want to do it?” “Like you fucked me yesterday,” Dillon replied.

Tyler led him to the couch, then took Dillon into his arms, kissing him gently on the lips, hoping for a sensual experience. Instead, Dillon broke away quickly and began tearing at Tyler's clothes, pulling them off as quickly as he could, then doing the same to his own. Dillon pushed Tyler to the floor and pushed his legs into the air, his small cock fully hard. Kneeling between his legs, Dillon had unceremoniously shoved his pecker into Tyler's ass and fucked him like a doll until he shot his few squirts into him, finally getting up and putting his clothes back on, all without saying a word. Tyler stood up and also dressed himself, knowing exactly what had happened. He had just been “raped,” yet Dillon held him an hour later, tearfully begging his forgiveness.

Regaining his focus, Tyler started to write. He had decided to put his feelings on paper in the form of small, gushing love notes so that Dillon could read them anytime or anywhere, especially when they couldn't be together. He gave him at least two each week.

“My love, Dillon. As you read this, know that I long to be with you more than anything else in the world. You are my one and only love. My kisses prove that because my lips will only touch another's if I truly love him. Yours are the only lips I have ever kissed, so know that my love for you is true. Tyler”


After the payback session, Paul now admitted to himself that he was gay, although choosing to remain in the closet. He and Andy continued to have occasional sex, but was beginning to sense the need to be with him more. Perhaps he was feeling the first strains of love for someone else, but it was all a new experience. He knew that Andy was bi-sexual and had a steady girlfriend, so how could he fit into this picture? When they were together, he would revel in Andy's warm body against his own, feeling his smooth skin and soft touch, wanting them to be his alone. The new-found sensations, emotions and pleasures had Paul confused but, for now, he was content to spend what time he could with him.


It was noon when Dillon popped into Tyler's house unannounced, something he now did regularly. “Do you have a note for me?” he asked with a wide, bright smile. “Yes, I do, but you know the rules. You can't read it until you're back in your own room,” Tyler said. Dillon beamed like a small child at Christmas and wrapped his arms around him.

“Will you make love to me?” he whispered into Tyler's ear. “Only if you make love to me,” Tyler softly replied. “Oh yes, you know I will,” Dillon purred. Tyler had been trying to help him understand the difference between intimate love-making and the anger and fear, yet lustful pleasure, he had experienced during the gang rape. It was a minefield that he had to negotiate carefully.

They separated enough to look deeply into each others' eyes, then gently pressed their lips together. The kisses increased in passion as they ran their hands over each other, Dillon pulling Tyler's shirt off. He licked his nipples as he rubbed Tyler's hard cock through his shorts, then took off his own shirt, returning to a tight embrace and hot kisses. Tyler slipped his hand beneath Dillon's underwear and caressed his smooth, firm buns, finally breaking his kiss and dropping to his knees.

Tyler stripped off Dillon's shorts and underwear, then gently pulled him to the floor on his back. He kissed and licked his way down Dillon's chest and belly while grasping his stiff cock in his hand. Taking his smooth, hairless bag into his mouth, Tyler sucked gently on his balls, teasing them with his tongue as Dillon ran his hand over Tyler's ass, finally reaching over and pulling off Tyler's shorts and briefs.

He moved to straddle Dillon's face, who took Tyler's cock into his mouth and began to suck. Tyler released his bag and licked up and down the shaft, kissing the head, and slid his entire cock into his mouth. As he sucked, Dillon ran his hand over Tyler's smooth ass. Letting his cock slip from his mouth, Dillon leaned forward and kissed Tyler's creamy white cheeks, spreading them to lick his asshole. Tyler moaned as he felt Dillon's tongue dance around his pucker, then insert a finger into him, taking his cock back into his mouth. Both whimpered softly as they greedily sucked each other with increasing speed. Dillon let out a low moan as he came in Tyler's mouth, who shot his own gushing load just a moment later. They continued to suck feverishly, swallowing each drop of sperm they could possibly produce.

Tyler moved around to lie next to Dillon, pulling him to his chest and kissing him. Dillon nestled himself close and put his head against Tyler's neck as he stroked his light brown skin. “I love you so much,” Dillon cooed. “I don't know if I can stand being away from you for two weeks.”

Since he was a child, Dillon had gone to be with his grandmother for two weeks during the late summer. His father's mother, she lived in a beautiful Victorian house on the coast where there was lots to do. He could swim, fish, sail, walk the beach and be terribly spoiled by his granny who he loved very much. When Dillon was a tot, his parents would take him there by train, enjoying the trip much more than flying. The tradition continued when he grew older and was able to go by himself. Dillon enjoyed the four-hour ride as much as being there.

However, this time he would be separated from Tyler, the thought making Dillon hold him even tighter. “It's only two weeks,” said Tyler, “and I'll write you a note every day that you're gone.” That brightened Dillon's spirit and reminded him that he had one already waiting for him. They dressed, and Tyler handed him his latest note. Dillon kissed him and ran home to view his newest treasure.


A couple of weeks had passed when Paul received a text message from Andy. “Need u bad,” it read. Andy had changed of late, distancing himself from Paul. He walked the few blocks to Andy's house where he answered the door wearing only a short, terrycloth robe. Once inside, Andy said, “man, do I need you,” as he started tearing off Paul's clothes, as if crazed.

Andy fell to his knees and, holding Paul's limp cock, put his mouth over it and began to suck as hard as he could. Although dazed by the aggressive onslaught, the hot mouth and furious suction soon had Paul as hard as rock. Andy didn't say a word or make a sound, other than the slurping noises as he slobbered on the hard shaft until Paul grabbed his head, arched his back and shot his entire load of goo into his mouth. Andy then stood up and guided him to the dining room, where he bent him over the table, pulling off his robe.

Pre-cum was running down Andy's stiff cock as he spread Paul's cheeks and rammed the beast into his asshole. Grabbing his hips, he fucked him like an animal, slamming his balls against his ass. “Oh, yeah, that's the way I like it, you bitch!” he grunted as he hammered into him until blasting a huge load of cum deep inside Paul's little ass. Andy pulled out, panting like a stag in rut, and used the robe to clean up his dick and Paul's ass, then plopped down on the couch in the living room, still trying to regain his breath.

Paul sat next to him and leaned his head against his shoulder. “Andy, “ he said quietly, “I think I might be falling in love with you,” and put his hand on his chest. Andy pulled his hand away and pushed Paul's head off of his shoulder. “Stop it, and quit clinging to me!” he said harshly. “Look, I don't care if you love me or not. I don't love you and never will. You have a sweet cock and a nice ass. When I'm in the mood for some guy action, you make a great fuck,” Andy said plainly.

If Andy was expecting some kind of scene, some tearful outburst, wailing or begging, he was in for a disappointment. Paul looked at him and softly said, “I understand.” He got dressed and left without saying another word.

Paul was deep in thought as he walked home, then altered his course, taking him to Tyler's house instead.

Tyler was surprised when he opened the door and found Paul standing there looking sullen. “Hey, Paul,” he said. “Hey, Tyler. Could I talk to you for awhile?”

A bit suspicious, Tyler let him into the house and they both sat down on the sofa next to each other. “Tyler, I don't know what to do. Andy just told me I'm nothing more than his fuck-buddy, and will never be anything but that,” Paul began. “What a prick. He didn't need to be that rough on the poor guy,” Tyler thought to himself.

He looked at Paul and saw his eyes begin to well, and put his arm around his shoulder. Paul leaned into his neck and put his arm across Tyler's chest to hold his shoulder. “I think I was beginning to love him, but now I have no one,” he whimpered. Tyler couldn't believe what happened next.

As he felt Paul's hot breath on his neck and his warm body next to his own, his cock began to stiffen. “Only you can understand. You've known that you were gay for a long time, but not me,” Paul sighed. Looking down, he noticed the growing bulge in Tyler's shorts and slid his hand under Tyler's shirt to run it over his smooth chest.

“No, Paul, don't,” Tyler said as he felt tingles coursing through his body. Paul moved his hand down and gently squeezed Tyler's crotch, causing him to jump. “Oh, Tyler, please don't make me stop. Don't kick me aside like Andy just did. I need you,” Paul crooned, starting to kiss his neck. Perhaps it was the fact that this was someone other than Dillon that made him begin to lose control. Tyler had never been with anyone else, adding a forbidden lust to his emotions.

Paul slid off of the sofa to the floor and pulled Tyler's shorts down to his ankles, spreading his knees. “No, Paul, it isn't right,” Tyler protested, but did nothing to stop him, closing his eyes and resting his head against the back of the sofa. Paul leaned forward and took Tyler's cock into his mouth. Tyler moaned as Paul started to suck, then released it to swirl his tongue around the head. Taking it back into his mouth, he sucked with lustful intensity.

"No, Paul, no!” Tyler yelped as his hot cream gushed into Paul's hungry mouth, sending jolts through his loins. It couldn't be possible, but Tyler erupted as never before, blasting loads of boy batter into Paul's mouth that were only meant for Dillon.

After draining him, Paul got up and again sat next to Tyler, pressing his lips against his. Tyler put his arms around Paul's back and held him as they shared long kisses, touching their lips together in passion and lust.

It was a shock when Tyler finally opened his eyes. He sat bolt-upright and pushed Paul away from him, staring in disbelief. Dillon was standing at the entrance to the living room. With a quivering lower lip and tears streaming down his face, Dillon turned and walked away, without saying a word..

Dillon was due to leave in two days, and Tyler tried in vain to contact him, but couldn't. He wouldn't come to the phone, he wouldn't answer the door, and his mother told him that he was too busy packing and didn't want to see him. Although Tyler fully knew that he was equally at fault, he held Paul responsible for what had happened, and hated him for it. How could this ever be made right? Knowing that Dillon had now left, Tyler sat down and began to write another note.

Sitting alone on the train, Dillon paid no attention to the scenery as it flashed by the window. He had read, and re-read, the notes he had so carefully kept in the order Tyler had given them to him, pulling one out to place at the top of the stack. He got up and slowly walked to the forward-most car, stepping out onto the platform. He read the note he had placed on top one more time.

“My love, Dillon. As you read this, know that I long to be with you more than anything else in the world. You are my one and only love. My kisses prove that because my lips will only touch another's if I truly love him. Yours are the only lips I have ever kissed, so know that my love for you is true. Tyler”

Dillon slowly tore the stack of notes in half and, holding out his arm, opened his hand. The pieces were sucked into the vacuum created by the train and fluttered away. Lowering the chain, he stood in the platform gate tightly holding the rail on each side, and looked at the tracks roaring past below him. He wanted to cry, but there were no tears left.

Closing his eyes, Dillon leaned forward, and released his grip on the rails.

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