Good Luck Charlie's Teddy Duncan is healing from her breakup. But Spencer wants her, and Teddy knows she loves Spencer.
Teddy's Temptations is back! Thanks for all the views plz don't rate negative :( But sorry for the long wait. Now I'm going to post chapters more often! :) Thx!
"Teddy, please just give me a chance to talk about our breakup..." Spencer sighed.
"We're over that breakup, Spencer!" Teddy cried. "There's nothing left to say! It's over, and in the past. You can't change what you've already done."
"Look, I'm still in love with you, Teddy." Spencer said. "There is a HELL LOAD of things left to say! I'm not done with you."
"Even if you still want to talk, I don't want to listen!" Teddy snapped.
"You're over me already?" Spencer asked.
"Well..." Teddy choked on the words.
"Tell me." Spencer demanded.
"No." Teddy sighed.
"Then why can't I talk about us?" Spencer questioned.
"I don't want to get involved with you anymore!" Teddy yelled. "I miss you, but I can't go out with you!"
Spencer stopped the car.
"What are you doing?" Teddy asked.
Spencer didn't speak. He planted his gentle lips on Teddy's. She was stunned for a moment, but closed her eyes and kissed him back.
"Spencer... I-I... I think I fell in love all over again with the kiss," Teddy whispered. "I know I said that our kiss didn't make me fall in love at that Ski Resort, but I'm feeling love again."
"Will you please, PLEASE give me another chance?" Spencer begged. "I will never cheat on you again! I was drunk that night, I made a mistake with Skyler! I didn't mean to kiss her that night! She claimed we were a couple after I kissed her."
"I don't know, Spencer..." Teddy sighed. "And I have a boyfriend."
"Ryan? That ass?" Spencer angrily asked.
"He's not an ass, I love him!" Teddy cried.
"No you don't." Spencer said.
"Yes I do, and you don't know what I feel." Teddy snapped.
"Alright, fine. Look me in the eyes and tell me you love Ryan, and don't love me." Spencer said.
Teddy turned her head to look at Spencer. His brown eyes were amazing, and to those, she couldn't lie to. She didn't love Ryan. She was Spencer's girl!
"No, I can't lie to you no matter how many times you lie to me!" Teddy yelled. "I don't love Ryan! But how can I break up with the poor guy because I still love you?"
"I don't care, just don't let him drag you away from me!" Spencer cried. "Teddy, I miss you so much, and I can't sleep at night knowing you're not my girl anymore..."
Teddy gulped. Was she making the right choice to dump Ryan? But how could she live with herself if she was dating someone she didn't love? She loved Spencer, and another guy can't get in the way of that!
Spencer kissed Teddy's lips again. He put his hand on her waist and continued to kiss her. He began to pull her tank top off.
"Spence, Spence, I love you, but we're in a car in the middle of the road." Teddy stated.
"Damn road!" Spencer smiled.
"Can we go home and do this?" Teddy asked.
"Of course, baby." Spencer replied. "Are your folks at home?"
"My brother is in college now, my parents are out at a romantic suite, and it's just my baby sister and Gabe." Teddy said.
"What if Gabe notices?" Spencer asked.
"If he finds out, he won't tell." Teddy replied. "I know things about the kid."
Spencer laughed and touched his girlfriend's hand.
"Well, let's get going then." Spencer smiled.
"I should call Ryan and tell him we're over..." Teddy sighed.
Spencer was satisfied with himself.
"Hey, baby!" Ryan exclaimed. "How are ya?"
"Ryan, we need to talk..." Teddy sighed.
"Alright," Ryan said.
"I think we should break..." Teddy said.
"Break?" Ryan was shocked. "Why do you want to break us?"
"Because you remember my ex Spencer, right?" Teddy asked.
"Yeah, that football and basketball player who cheated on you." Ryan said.
"Yeah, him." Teddy said. "I'm still in love with him."
"So you're breaking up with me for that fucking idiot?!" Ryan snapped. "He cheated on you, Teddy! I've been sitting here the whole time!"
"Shut the hell up, Ryan. I know your secret. I know you're having an affair with Cynthia." Teddy said.
"Shit... I mean, I never did anything with Cynthia! We're just friends, Teddy!" Ryan cried.
"Don't fucking lie to me!" Teddy yelled. "I saw you at Josh's party kissing Cynthia! You were never at my side, Ryan. You played me, too."
"Shitballs, that damn Cynthia! I don't like her, Teddy." Ryan said.
"Get the hell out of my life." Teddy snapped. "Goodbye, Ryan."
"Why is that retard here?" Gabe asked.
"Spencer isn't a retard!" Teddy cried. "And I'm back together with him."
"Good to see you, Gabe." Spencer faked a smile.
"Why would you take back that jerkass?" Gabe asked. "And aren't you dating Ryan?"
"Gabe! Stop using those words!" Teddy yelled.
"You're not mom." Gabe stuck his tongue out at his sister.
"Well, we have a test, so we'll be upstairs studying." Teddy lied.
"Who the hell is gonna give me food?" Gabe asked.
"Here, have this food leftover from my date." Teddy replied, putting the bag on the table.
"Gee, thanks." Gabe snapped.
"Don't bother us upstairs! Don't even knock! Don't walk to my room!" Teddy warned.
"Fine, whatever." Gabe said.
Spencer smiled and they went upstairs.
next chapter is the sex scene, so stay tuned! THERE WILL BE A LOT OF SEXUAL CONTENT AFTER PART 3. Part 3 and on is actual explicit sex writing. :) SpendySpeddy forever!

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