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This is dedicated to a lovely little 18 year old boy at my place of work who just seem to inspire this little piece of fantasy. It isn't true, God I wish it was, but it's still nice to think about the possibilities!
Casually I sat at my bench at work and put together one of the frames for a client. I worked at a frame shop in town and was one of the few people that worked here. Across from me sat a newbie to the trade. He was fresh out of high school and was working here for the summer. From the first day I had been instantly attracted to him. Maybe it was his man boy face or how he was a total jerk off, but that boy soon became my fuck fantasy at work when things were slow.
I had caught him a couple times looking at my chest while I was working away. I had a habit of in the summer wearing some lower cut shirts so I always ended up with a lot of cleavage showing. And I guess to a horny 18 year old it was a God send.
So as I worked on this frame I found myself staring out of the corner of my eye as I watched him work. He didn't seem to notice my stare while he had his ear buds in listening to his music just working away on some matting for an 18 X 24 picture. Slowly I let my gaze travel down from his face and slightly linger on his chest, imagining just grabbing those nipples while kissing him. My gaze continued as I looked down to where his crotch would be. If only the table was lower or his stool high I could see it. How I wanted to grab his dick he so praised about and make him feel torment at my hands. Make him cum only to stop right before he got that blessed release.
I kept looking over at him as I kept my work going only breaking that trance to change a song on my iPod. In one of those instances he had gotten up and moved to the back storage room to get the bonding glue we keep in there. Now was my chance.
I finished up my nailing and quickly walked over to where he was. He had almost left the room when I got his attention. "Hey, did you see if we were out of poxi yet? Kellie wanted to know cause she ordering right now."
"Um...I didn’t look but I can look again.""
"Ok." I followed him in closing the door behind us as he climbed up a step stool to look.
"Why’d the door close!?" his face was barely seen in the dim light of the single bulb, just a few days from going out. From my angle I could see just how thin he was compared to me. Now I wasn't any size two blonde bimbo, I had curves and 38 D boobs with a frame to support them.
He was at the perfect angle that he would be helpless to me grabbing him from his slight height above me.
"I just wanted to talk to you."
"Ok?" he now came down from the small ladder and right to me, now face to face. "What is it you wanted to talk to me about?"
Reaching back I shoved the other ladder under the knob and started to purr as I got really close to him. "I just wanted to get you alone finally. You've been bugging me all week with how you work. "
"How do I work?"
"You look so innocent and sweet behind those cute little glasses of yours and your funny little way you look so helpless. Like a child. Makes me just want to...mmm!" I was now so close I could have licked his glasses with my whole tongue. My boobs were right against his chest and my pelvis was arched in towards his dick, like I was inviting him to thrust forward himself.
"'re really close..." he tried to back up but he was pinned by the shelves. There really wasn't much room in this place; making it perfect for trapping someone.
I curiously brought my hand up and poked his chest as I managed to move my semi hard nipples against his body, clueing him into what I was wanting. "You know how much I wanted to get my hands on you from the minute you got here. How fucking adorable you looked in your little shirts and glasses. The boy beard doesn't hurt either." I was now on top of him, my face so close to his we could have kissed. "You make me horny."
He tried to move from under my boobs, pressing against him so hard that I could feel his heart beat through my tits. He was scared but turned on by my forwardness. He tried to swing at me to get me off of him but I caught his arm and flung it up, pinning it. He tried to hit me with the other but I was ready and ended up getting it pinned too. Soon he was helpless and I was back in total control. Slowly I moved in and kissed him, getting it all started. He tried to move his face to impede my kiss but instead just gave me entry to his ear as I licked the outer part sending shivers down his body.
"I just want to play. You boast all day about how many girls you seem to get that are my age so I thought I'd just move on it."
Keeping his arms above his head I shoved my right hand down his pants and latched on to his warm fleshy sword. He twitched a bit when I grabbed him but grew stiff as the seconds moved on. "Your hard just from this." he tried to struggle against me but I quickly moved my hand up and down, causing him to stop and his hip to slowly copy my hand movement. "Feeling good isn't it? You're still a perve."
By now he was already going weak from me stimulating his cock that he relaxed his body and I let his arms go. Quickly I pulled my shirt off and watched as he froze at the sight of my melons.
"They're nicer in person hu?" he only nodded as I continued to stroke him up and down, his pants now on the floor with his boxers. I used two hands as I tormented his shaft with one hand and slapped his balls with the other. He grew so hard that I could barely get him to even bend a centimeter.
Without even thinking I dove right at his hard dick and started sucking his head and licking the precum from it until he couldn't hold the moans in any longer. I could feel his balls tightening as I played with them; giving each a swift slap as I clawed the other. Slowly I tortured his balls until I could feel he was ready to shoot hard, but I wasn't going to let him cum just yet. Abruptly I stopped licking the juicey shaft and unhooked my bra, shoving my engorged tits in his face. He took the hint and stated sucking on my tits so hard I felt like screaming.
By now he had gotten the message and had his hand down my pants, fondling my clit with all he had. The pressure of his finger on my labia was almost too much for me, that I was inches away from cumming myself. Thinking fast I shoved my pelvis down and forward getting him to end up shoving his finger into my cunt as I kissed him to keep us quiet.
He took my act as an invitation to start slamming his finger into my cunt at full force and getting me to buck so hard against his hand that I lost control of my orgasm and quickly came. Juice streamed down his hand as I now was the one slamming my hips onto his hand.
"So I was the one who got you off first. How's it feel to be finger banged by an 18 year old?" his face was so close to mine, inches. I was too absorbed in my pleasure journey that I didn't answer him, but I think he could tell.
As I came down to earth again I remembered his now throbbing member by my hip. Animal like, I peeled my sweaty pants off my legs and swung my left leg over his shaft, sticking up, and impaled myself onto his cock. He gasped just as I gasped, wrapping my arms around him as he pulled my legs up. I was being held in midair as I seemed to be fucking myself on his now rocklike dick, giving it every ounce of lust I had. His mouth found its way to my tits and latched onto one biting down hard on it. I gave a cry of pleasure as he hit what I liked and continued shoving my hips forward to fuck myself.
From his face I could tell he wasn't getting the least bit tired but he was close to coming. "Tell me when you are about to shoot." I whispered into his ear as he gave one last shove at my now dripping cunt; the floor around us getting slicker by the second. A shock wave rippled through my body as I felt every nerve ending fire with blinding white ecstasy as sound became frozen to my deaf ears. He kept pumping savagely in and out of me, creating friction on my already numb pussy. And just as quickly as this whole thing started I heard him cry that he was cumming and found myself becoming his cum dump as he unloaded shot after shot into my womb, biting down on my tit as he tried to compress his grunts of pleasure. I in turn tried to suppress my own moans as I felt warmth radiate from my groin and up into my now burning tits.
Slowly the rhythm we had slowed and his grip started to loosen. I fell to the floor, so weak from his pounding that it hurt to just breathe. He leaned against the shelves, rubbing his now purple cock of its last few drops of cum. His gasping breaths matched mine as the time moved forward and life started coming back to my legs. Awkwardly I rose from the floor and pulled my pants back on forgetting to put my panties on. He too awkwardly got dressed as he tried to clean the cum off the floor. We never exchanged looks, just cleaned our mess up and walked out as if nothing had ever happened, going back to work. Only now, there was not music to keep us occupied and cum could be smelled though out the whole store.

No one else ever found out why or what happened and he soon went off to school back east and I stayed working there still. But we do still keep in touch on the off chance we want to ever rape each other again.

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2012-08-17 21:04:36
how the fuck is this rape? Label your shit correctly so we don't waste time reading it.

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