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This is my first story on here, and really the first ive written like this.
Jeremy pulled is truck into a parking space outside of the coffee bistro he’d heard about form his friend Peeta. Looking at the building he shook his head and hoped he was right.

“Doesn’t look like much.” Jeremy’ best friend and co-worker Theodore said.

“Well Peeta said it didn’t, but the inside makes up for it.”

“That’s good ‘cause I’m hungry.”

Jeremy laughed. “You’re always hungry Theo, Let’s go.” He said opening his door and got out of the truck.

Meanwhile inside the coffee bistro they were standing in front of.

“Marie, come here quick!” Aélita, Marie’s best friend and business partner who stood at 5’4 and had bleach blonde hair that was natural, yelled from the front of the store.

Marie, who was 5’1 average body style with fiery red hair and owner of the bistro, sighed and got up from her desk. “What is it Aélita, I’ve got to cook this morning Jane isn’t feeling well and called in and Michael is on vacation. So I can’t come running every time you holler today.”

“Look what’s about to walk in the door.”

Marie looked and what she saw left her speechless. Two men who looked like they could be military were getting out of a black truck. They both looked ruff around the edges, they could go for a shave, one had blonde hair and the other had jet black, both appeared to be around 6’5 and 195 pounds of pure muscle. “Whoa.”

“That’s what I’m saying.” Aélita replied with a sigh. “Which one do you call dibs on?”

“WHAT!” Marie gasped, and then started to laugh. “Have I ever told you you’re a slut?”
“Yes, but I still love you baby doll and you still love me.”

Marie laughed and headed back to the kitchen when she turned and said. “The driver is off limits.” Continuing on to get her apron she heard her best friend and business partners’ laugh right before the door jingled.

“Hello there, what can I get you two fine gentlemen this morning?” Aélita said sultrily.

(Before Jeremy and Theo walked inside)

Jeremy smiled to himself he noticed everything, mainly because that was what he was trained to do, so he noticed the two woman inside checking him and Theo out. “Hey Theo, we have a couple of admirers.”
Theo chuckled, “I noticed that also. Which one would you claim dibs on if you could? The blonde or the redhead”

“The redhead” Jer said with a chuckle opening the door.

Going inside they sat down at a booth in the corner of the bistro.

Aélita walked over to them, “Hello there what can I get you fine gentlemen this morning?” she said in a sultry voice.

“I’ll take some coffee, and the steak and eggs medium rare on the steak and toast.” Jeremy said.
Aélita nodded and turned her gaze to Theo.

“Hmmm, I’ll also have coffee, but I want some chicken and waffles, then I would like a side order of bacon and toast, some sausage patties not links. Then top it off with a slice of that chocolate cake I saw in the fridge thing over there.”

Aélita chuckled and nodded then read back their orders. When they nodded she walked behind the counter and handed the slip to Marie. “Oh my god Marie, both of their voices are so sexy.”

“I’ll take your word for it.” She took the slip and looked it over while Aélita made their coffee, “they sure do have an appetite.”

Chuckling Aélita nodded. “Yeah they do, but they’re so hot!” Taking the coffee she walked back over to the guys. “Is there anything else I can do for y’all”

“Nope I think we’re good.” Jeremy replied.

Nodding she walked back behind the counter and talked with the cook.

“I don’t know about you but I really need a lay, and I don’t care how cruel I sound.” Theo said with a chuckle.

Jer shook his head but he had no choice but to smile. Leave it to Theo to pick up on the woman’s subtle hints. “I’m not bailing you out if anything goes wrong.”

“What could go wrong, I got protection and I’ll more than likely never see her again.”

Walking back over Aélita handed them their food and checks since Jeremy went ahead and asked for them.
On Theo’s there was a little side note. If you want a little fun meet me out back by the stairs. -Aélita

Theo chuckled and left the money for his tab and told Jer where he was going.
Meanwhile Aélita told Marie what she was about to go do and laughed when Marie yelled slut after her. When she turned back to cleaning the grill she saw the other man was standing on the other side of the counter in front of the window. “Your waitress left before I paid.”

Marie smiled and said I’ll be right there. Finishing wiping off the grill she wiped off her hands with a towel and went out front. “Sorry about that, but I take it you’re just as used to it as me.”

“Yeah, I am.” He chuckled. “I’m Jeremy Mcbride.”

“Marie Sims.”

“Nice to meet you

“Same to you. Where you headed?”

“Colorado, to see my family, Same with Theo. He hopes to rent a vehicle when he gets to my parents and head on up to Montana to see his. We just got back from a two year deployment about three months ago. We’re in the process of retiring now probably.”

“That’s really awesome. There’s nothing special like that really for, except I own this place. And yes I know the outside doesn’t look to promising. But hopefully the food changed your mind?”

“Sure did that steak was excellent.”

Marie Blushed. “Thanks.”

Meanwhile Theo finds Aélita waiting for him by a set of stairs out back.

“I’m glad you came.” Aélita said. Then grabbed him and gave him a scorching kiss. “Let’s go upstairs”

“Sounds good.”

Once upstairs both of them started ripping at each other’s clothes whiling making out. Aélita got his shirt over his head and was working on his belt when he shook his head. “Not yet. I want to see you first.”
Smiling she nodded and walked over to the bed. “Come and get me big boy.”
With that Theo walked over and stripped off his pants leaving his briefs on and then worked on getting her naked. When she was he kneeled over her and took her nipples into his mouth one at a time and suckled. “Oh that feels amazing Theo.”

“Glad you like it.” He said sliding his hand over her panties. Pulling them off he gave her a kiss before tri=ailing his way down her body and dipping his tongue into her sweet honey pot. He heard her moan and knew she was getting close so he slipped to fingers inside of her and started to wiggle them around. This set her off immediately. While she rode her orgasm he stripped off his briefs donned a condom, and kissed her as he entered her. This sent her into another fit of spasms. “Yes Theo! Right there, Harder.” She screamed.

Not needing to be told more than once he started pounding her for all that he was worth. He was glad she was so verbal made him feel good himself. He could feel himself nearing release; it’d been awhile since he’d been with a woman, a very long while so he wasn’t surprised. “Babe, I’m almost there.”

“Me too, cum in my pussy!” She shrieked then went into a wild fit of spasms that triggered his own release causing him to slam into her and shout.

To be continued tell me if you enjoyed it or not, please no hateful comments. This is my first time.

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2016-11-09 08:56:07
it was a good storie short but good

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D,This story is a romance read the top.the boobster

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A little more detail during the sex would be great, this reads more like a romance story :D

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small story atleast write long 1

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That was wonderful for a first story, can't wait for part 2

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