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Hi, this is is my first sex story (I write all the time) and I'm a virgin so if it's not great I'm sorry, I'm just going off of what I've seen in porn. I have an idea for another one after this that I plan to write right away. If you likethese comment and I'll try and write more.
Dylan and Lily have known each other their whole lives. They went to the same school for 10 years. They grew very found of each other, but never would never admit it to each other, so they remained strictly friends.
Just before they went into grade 11 Lily was told that she was being sent to a priavate school on the other side of the city. She packed up her room and said good bye to Dylan. She ran before before he could she her cry.

Dylan begged his parents to send hik to the same school, but said that it was to expensive, so Dylan got a job and saved every penny so he could go to the school next year.

Lily pretty much stuck to herself at the new school, she missed her friends, but mostly she missed Dylan. She regretted not telling him that she loves him.

Every day she did the same thing, she went to school at lunch alone in the library and read in all her spare time. When the final bell rang she would go to her favorite tree sit under the shade and studied and did her homework. Dinner was on the table by the time she got home, but she didn't care, she still hated her mom for forcing her to move. She usually grabbed her plate and took it to her room, and blared her music so that her mom would know not to disturb her.

She did this every day not knowing what really went on in the school. After the final bell went everyday a bunch of guys would grab a bunch of girls take them to the roof and would rape them. They weren't interested in her at all so she went the entire school year with out seeing them.

She had planned to visit Dylan over summer but as fate would have it her mother took on a huge vocation all over Europe, Lily figured it was a way to appogize for making her move, but she didn't buy it.

When she got back school was starting in a week and it wasn't worth going to the other side of the city.

Dylan was counting every dollar and was shocked when he had the perfect amount for school, he would of course have to stay in a dorm room, but he didn't mind, as long as he was with Lily. He went to pick up his uniform and was shocked to see how skimpy the girls uniforms were, they were a tight white blouse blue tie (optional) and a blue plaid mini skirt that barley cover their asses. Dylan couldn't wait to see Lily in it.

When the first day of school arrived Dylan had just found his locker when he was cornered by bunch of boys.

They all introduced themselves and offered for him to join their club, and they told him that it was the best club in the school, and they only offer it to a few guys. Dylan agreed and they handed him a year book and told him to select 1-3 girls. Not knowing what they were think her looked for Lily's picture, found it and told them he only wanted her. They said no problem, while they were thinking that they have no idea who she was.

They spent the day rubbing girl's pussies under the skirt to get information on her. When they found out she spent her lunch in the library everyday, they went and watched her read. One of the guys was sent to follow her as she went to her locker.

When the final bell went the guys went to grab her, but she was the walking down an empty hall, on the way to her tree. As she was walking she heard moaning and screaming come for a locked room, she went to see what was going on. Just before she looked through the window she was grab by five sets of hands and being dragged up to the roof.

They through her on a chair and tied her to it with her arms behind her and her legs ties to the legs of the chair. They taped her mouth and blind folded her, then she heard five sets of feet walk way then a door slam.

The guys found Dylan just as he was leaving, they told him that they Had a surprise for him on the roof, and took him up, when he saw Lily tied up he was shocked, but had no idea who she was, he started getting hard looking at her. They guys told him that this is an audition to see if he belonged in the club, they told him to rape her. They went I the other side of the roof and watched them. Dylan took off the blind fold and they swapped shocked stares.

Dylan called over to the guys, and asked what if he doesnt's they replied that they would all rape her at the same time. So Dylan untied her and stripped her, staring at her body and took off his pants and boxers followed by hos shirt, he whispered in to her ear that he was sorry for everything, and took the tape of her mouth. He kissed her as he played with her tits, holding them and twisting her nipples. He did this for a few minutes then forced her down on her knees and forced his rock hard cock into her mouth deep making her gag on it. He thrusted it faster going deeper each time.

Lily was gagged and wondering why this happening to her. After a few minutes he came in her mouth made her swallow it and took his cock out and grabbed her hair and threw her on the chair, and pulled of to the edge it and started to lick her and flicking her cilt. He mad her so wet so fast and drank her juices as she came in his mouth.

He pulled her up again bye the hairand made her stand, he started to tease her with the tip of his middle finger then slowly inserted it then tool it out, then her did the same with two then three, then her stopped feeling how wet she was, his finger soaked, he forced her mouth open an made her clean his fingers off.

Her then threw her to the ground and slowly inserted the head of his cock in her soaking wet pussy.

She yelled at him to stop, and he asked why and she whispered that she was a virgin. But he couldn't hear her and went a little deeper, what ws that? Say it louder. She repeated it so only he could hear her. He went a little deeper. Say it so that they can hear you. She screamed it and all the boys looked in shock at her.

Dylan put an evil grin on his face, and chuckled that he was going to enjoy this.

Then he gave one hard deep thrust, popper her cherry, and making her scream in pain.

He kept fucking her pussy hard and faster making her moan and scream. Short after this she started the cum on his cock, as soon as the cum hit the head if his cock he shot a load in her making her moan louder. When he finisher. He pulled his cock out, it was covered in blood, and so was the spot where he was fucking her, he felt bad, but didn't want Lily to be raped by five guys at once do he kept it up. With out giving Lily a break he shoved his cock in her ass making her scream out again.

He thrusted in and out hard and fast making her scream with every thrust. After a few minute he came in her ass, and pull his cock out and asked te guys if that was good enough for them they nodded and left the roof, leaving them alone.

He walked up to her gently picked her and apologized for everything. Her only reply was "I'm glade it was you" as she slowly got dressed and went home, leaving Dylan alone, he got dressed at lighting speed and caught up to Lily just as she walked out the doors. He grabbed her arm spun her around an kissed her with great passion and told her that he loved her, she said that she loved him to and they spent the rest of the year dating and got married and they lived happily ever after.

(sorry I just had to add that happily ever after part, or stopped it when Dylan is alone on the roof, but I like this ending better)

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2013-07-10 22:41:44
Amazing and so awesome keep up ur good work


2012-08-19 03:12:31
hey hey hey enough with that talk just cause shes a stranger on the internet doesnt mean you should be mean and just to let you know ill be a returning fan of yours vamp :)

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go back to the whore house you dumb bitch.

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How about you bend over and then I will let my rottweiler fuck you .

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hunny that was great its ok to be a virgin... it means u want to give it up to a special guy keep writing ill read all your stories i promise

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